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2017 marked the 40th Anniversary since 'A New Hope' was released at the cinema! Incredible!

I was 5 when ANH first came out at the movies.

I first saw at it and 'The Empire Strikes Back' at their cinematic re-release when I was 11 in 1983 to celebrate

the release of 'Return of the Jedi.' They screened the trilogy each weekend for moths! LOVED it!!!

I saw the extended versions in 1997 when they were released. Such a joy to see them on the big screen again.



   ~  One With the Universe  ~    

  ~~  Seawave's Tribute to and Insights and  musings on Jedi Master Qui~Gon Jinn ~~ 

~ Seawave, keeper of Qui-Gon Jinn's hair tie and verdant lightsabre ~


Candles for Qui~Gon





Please click here for the lyrics and link to a you tube video of the beautiful tribute song 'The Way of Qui~Gon Jinn' by High Adventure.

One my all-time favourite songs.  You can buy it on itunes.



Here is the beautiful.  Qui-Gon Jinn Tone Poem, released at the time of Episode I.  I first saw it on TV.

He is talking to Anakin Skywalker, but he could have been talking about my life.


One Destiny Ö



"It will be a hard life Ö

One without reward; without remorse; without regret.

A path will be placed before you.

The choice is yours alone.

Do what you think you cannot do.

It will be a hard life.

But in the end you will find out who you are."




Author's notes:  I depict Qui~Gon Jinn how I see him ~ wise, gentle, light hearted, with a good sense of humour. I see him as open~minded, loving, firm but kind, only fighting when there is no other alternative.  I write him as an unorthodox, yes not unethical maverick and a rebel, with a good cause, highly attuned to the Living Force and the Universe, a wise and gentle Soul.  Also, although this is mainly a Qui~Gon page, other characters feature as well.  Obi~Wan features predominantly in most fics.  Other Jedi, as well as Darths Maul and Sidious feature in some.  

Please note my stories are stand~alone, unless stated otherwise. As I explore many different themes in my stories, some may not follow~on or be consistent, for example in (two yet unwritten...sorry, fics) I have Qui~Gon having an Elven mother, in another she's a feisty human, inspired by the women of Ireland, no less ... ;)  ... {I'm part Irish, Welsh and Scottish by my father's ancestry :)

In some fics, I give Maul the pre~Sith {birth} name of "Aren" ~ this name is not canon.  I needed a name for him, and this one, came to me and for some reason seemed to suit very well.





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GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER ~ The Sith try to poison Qui~Gon. (My very first Star Wars Episode I fanfic!)


UNIVERSAL LOVE ~ Qui~Gon learns something quite remarkable


DELIVERANCE ~ Reluctantly Darth Maul helps Qui~Gon bring peace to two worlds


FLIGHT OF FANCY ~ Qui~Gon and Anakin escape Tatooine after he told Obi~Wan aboard the Nubian to take off


HOLIDAY BUSINESS ~ You help Qui~Gon escape the Sith


LIFE LESSONS ~ Qui~Gon is captured by Darths Maul and Sidious and learns something


MAGICK HAPPENS ~ Qui~Gon and Darth Maul are trapped on a world and must work together to restore balance before they can leave


ONE FINE MISSION ~ A seemingly routine mission goes awry


MOVING ON ~ Qui~Gon decides he needs to get on with his life


ONE FORCE ~ About Qui~Gon and Tahl (Spoilers: Jedi Apprentice novels) ~ What I think Qui~Gon would have done


ONE WITH THE FORCE ~ A poem about Qui~Gon


RUNAWAY ~ Your love saves Qui~Gon.  (My first Qui romance :)


TWELVE DAYS OF SOLSTICE ~ Qui~Gon is banished from the Jedi Temple


THE PERILS OF SPACE ~ Qui~Gon goes to have peace talks with the Sith


A BEAUTIFUL SOUL ~ Obi~Wan tries to come to terms with Qui~Gon's death


REMINISCE ~ Obi~Wan and Anakin reminisce about Qui~Gon


HIGHLANDS ~ Epic Qui~Gon fic ~ AU ~ Qui~Gon and Maul survive the battle on Naboo. Qui~Gon settles on Naboo and starts a family.


MAY IT BE ~ Obi~Wan feels he has failed in his promise to Qui~Gon


AN OCEANíS CARESS  ~ Qui~Gon is stranded on a planet and makes a lifelong friend


DO WHAT YOU THINK YOU CANNOT DO ~ Obi~Wan grieves after Qui~Gonís death


THE WISDOM OF QUI~GON JINN ~ A compellation of Qui~Gonís wisdom


SILENT STRENGTH ~ Obi~Wan stages a daring attempt to rescue his Master from the Sith


ONE WITH THE UNIVERSE ~Why Obi~Wan never mentioned Qui~Gon to Luke


INNOCENCE ~ It's Qui~Gon's birthday and Darth Maul has a nasty surprise in store for him


PROPHECY ~ Qui~Gon finds a new Chosen One, but that's only half of it and the Sith are interested in the Chosen One too...


THERE IS NO DEATH ~ THERE IS THE FORCE ~ AU ~ Qui~Gon Jinn is over 500 years old and it is time for Obi~Wan to say farewell ...


   A CHILD'S HOPE ACROSS THE GALAXY ... Qui~Gon becomes very troubled and distraught and travels to a distant planet, to where the Living Force draws him to right a heinous wrong.



  QUI~GON JINN DREAMS ~ Dreams I have had about Qui~Gon (My dreams read like stories and most of them are quite a good read!)



Please click here for CROSSOVERS PAGE for Star Wars Episode I {and other fandom} X/Overs



{See below for Qui Humour & Parody fics} ~ and below that for pics, sounds, etc


Many More Qui Fics to come!  





FOR CHARITY ~ Obi~Wan tries to get his Master to do something ~ for charity


SECRET MEDITATION ~ Qui~Gon needs some time alone


THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE ~ The People have chosen! And we chose Qui!


PANACHE ~ Qui~Gon and Obi~Wan are captured by the Sith


THE RESCUE ~ Qui~Gon rescues some pathetic life forms


ARE WE THERE YET? ~ The Jedi and Sith have to team up to escape hostile aliens


THE URGE ~ Just what shampoo does Qui~Gon Jinn use? ... ;)




Qui~Gon Song Fics


Tribute to a Jedi Master  (To the Tune of Candle in the Wind ~ and tastefully done!)


Jedi Rap  (To the tune This Beat Is Techntronic ~ Done for a challenge)


My Qui     (To the tune of My Guy)




~ QUI ART, PIX, CUTSIES &  OTHER GOODIES ~    HEAPS of    pix & stuff here!!


Special Qui~Manips  {Non humorous}


My Qui Art & Creations


Gentle Jedi Master ~ Qui~Gon Jinn Images {& Some of Obi~Wan}


The Master Himself ~ Liam Neeson Images (& some of Ewan :)


Cutsie Pics of my Qui and Obi Toys & Other Cute Qui Stuff


~ Legacy of the Jedi ~


Qui Yummies!


Qui Goodies!  ... Figures, Toys, Cool, Cute & Interesting Stuff!


Please click here to see my 'Green Things' Pages ~ made in honour of Qui~Gon Jinn


Qui~Gon Jinn Appearences ~ Movies, TV, books and magazines Qui~Gon has appeared in or mentioned in



QUI FUNNIES ...  Lots of  pix & Goodies here! too!!



Around 200 Reasons Proving you Love Qui ;) ... { Started as a Top 10 ... ;}  *Hysterical laughter*  ;}


Funny Qui Pix  {& humorous Manips ;}


     Please click link below to see my pal Malachite's Star Wars & Other Funnies





Qui~Gon Jinn Sound Files {Wav. format} ~  A Few  ones here too!


"Concentrate on the moment ..."


"The Force is unusually strong with him"


"Be Mindful of the Living Force..."


"May The Force Be With You"


"Stay close to me and you'll be safe."


"It is our pleasure to continue to serve and protect you"


"Our meeting was not a coincidence"


"You are no longer a slave."




Qui~Gon Jinn & Obi~Wan Kenobi Groups/Lists


QuiObiWriting ~ https://discord.com/channels/649467513238716426/661764415854739469






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~ Qui~Gon ~ Obi~Wan, Liam & Ewan Links ~ 


Sadly some very good Qui~Gon sites are now gone :*(  Here are some one that stood the test of time.


https://www.facebook.com/groups/268860626567224/  ~ The Travelling Qui~Gon Facebook page ~ very cute!


http://www.starwars.com/search?q=quigon ~ Brilliant and insightful Qui~Gon Jinn essay ... {Now why couldn't we write essays like

    this at school ... :*}


http://gonwiththejinn.freeservers.com/gonwiththejinn.htm  ~ Gon with the Jinn ... {Ahh bliss :}


http://home.earthlink.net/%7Ejadee/ttt.html   Jade's Twisted Toy Theatre {Funny Qui & Obi toy pix}


http://jedijenn0.tripod.com/qui-gon.htm  {Padawan Jen's page dedicated to Qui~Gon}


http://www.angelfire.com/movies/obithekid/ ~ Obi the Kid's Qui & Obi Fanfic Page


http://monicawankenobi0.tripod.com/index.html  Obi~Wan Kenobi ~ Ewan McGregor page {Has a lovely video tribute to Qui~Gon, bless :*)

   and Qui wallpaper also}


http://us.imdb.com/name/nm0000553/ ~ Liam Neeson Internet Movie Database entry


http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000191/  ~ Ewan McGregor Internet Movie Database entry


http://www5b.biglobe.ne.jp/-jinn/dqgj/ ~ Daily Qui~Gon Jinn


http://www.esquire.com/news-politics/a9370/liam-neeson-0311/ ~ Nice Liam Neeson Interview



Please feel free to send me links to other cool Qui~Gon/Obi~Wan, Liam and Ewan sites




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~ May The Force Be With You ~





A candle tribute for Natasha Richardson, Liam's beloved wife, who passed from this world to the next, March 18, 2009





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