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THE LIGHTSABRE AND THE SWORD - Star Wars Episode I / Xena Crossover (Hades is in the fic too!)


TWILIGHT SONG - Xena (Hades) / Star Wars Episode I Crossover. Mainly a Hades fic


Please click here to see Biographies, profiles and pix of THE PRIESTESSES OF HADES - Priestesses from both Star Wars and King Arthur Universes  {Fic coming at a later stage}


AIDONEUS - Sailor Moon fic about Sailor Pluto, Guardian of Time, which crosses over with Xena/Herc Hades


CHILD OF THE EARTH - A crossover with Xena/Herc Hades and Charmed. Mainly a Charmed fic


SECRETS OF THE PAST - A very slight crossover with Xena/Herc Hades and She-Ra Princess of Power. Mainly a She-Ra fic. Hades and Celesta are only mentioned once. Also briefly crosses over with Lion Force Voltron


THE SOUND OF MERCURY - Sailor Moon/Transformers crossover - A story about Soundwave and Sailor Mercury


IN THE EYE OF THE STORMER - A very slight crossover with Jem and the Holograms and Transformers. Mainly a Jem (Stormer) fic


CRYSTALS, SCOUTS AND DECEPTICONS, OH MY! - Sailor Moon/Transformers Crossover


THE END AND THE BEGINNING - A slight crossover with Sailor Moon, Transformers and Star Trek . Charmed and Buffy are mentioned too! Mainly a Sailor Moon fic/parody.


 ANDROIDS - THE MECHANOID SOAPIE - A Red Dwarf funny fic with mentions of Transformers, Star Wars, Star Trek, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Mutant on the Bounty, The Iron Woman and Galaxina. Phew!


THE BALLAD OF WUNTVOR - Wuntvor from the Ebenezum Wuntvor saga, Ballad sung to the tune of Joxer the Mighty from Xena


SPACE RANGERS: THE NEXT GENERATION - Space Rangers / Star Trek TNG Crossover


INTO THE LIGHT - Star Trek TNG / Disney's Pocahontas / Little Mermaid Crossover. Mainly a TNG (Lore) fic



More Crossovers to come!




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