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Summary: Stormer has *had enough*

Authorís note: This story has a very slight crossover with Transformers.

 Rating M - Drama - Self realisation






Takin' It Now!

I'm takin' it now

Don't care how

Don't care who gets hurt

Along the way

It's mine

And I want it now

Gotta have it now

Gotta get it right now


Why should I wait

I want it on a plate

Delivered to my door

I'm takin' it now

Don't care how

Don't care who gets hurt

Along the way


It's mine

And I want it now

Gotta have it now

Gotta get it right now

So get off my road

Get a load

Of Me!


I'm Takin' it now

Don't care how

I'm takin' it now!



Hot and sweaty after the Misfits latest concert, Stormer entered their apartment, wanting nothing more than a hot bubble bath and peaceful night's sleep, but that wasn't to be.

Pizzazz burst into her room with less subtlety than a wrecking ball.

"STORMEEEEEEEEEER!!!" she screeched.

The blue haired Misfit cringed, almost deafened. She didn't want to face Pizzazz.

The irate Misfit kicked a chair out of the way and grabbed a lock of Stormer's blue hair. Stormer cried out, but Pizzazz wasn't in the mood for sympathy. Was she ever?

"You botched up your lyrics and my cue!"

Stormer shook herself free. "The audience loved us ... They didn't know..."

"That's beside the point! *I* know!"

"It won't happen again ..."

"It better not! I'm not putting up with incompetence!"

"Gee, Pizzazz," Jetta said. "Didn't know you knew such a big word."

"Shut up, Brit, or you're next!"

For a brief moment Stormer thought the other Misfits had come to her rescue, but alas not.

"But yeah, Stormer, you almost stuffed everything up!" Jetta said. "And you got your keys all wrong..."

"Oh yeah ... I forgot about that," Pizzazz said, turning to her indigo haired colleague.

"You're losin' your touch ..." Jetta said. "Not that you Ďad any!"

Stormer sunk lower.

"Yeah, Stormer," Roxy niggled.

They laughed.

"All right!" Stormer burst out. "So I screwed up! Big deal! I'm not prefect."

"Ya can say that again!" Pizzazz said.

"I'm sorry," Stormer said, feeling crushed under the pressure. "It won't happen again ... My guitar just needs a tune up and-"

"Your brain needs a tune up more like," Jetta snorted.

Again they laughed.

Stormer fought to keep her tears back, feeling as though she was being eaten alive.

"I had things on my mind ... Craig and ..."

"I don't care about your problems!" Pizzazz screamed. "If you stuff it up like that again, yer out!"

Stormer stared up at Pizzazz. "You can't mean that ... Pizzazz..."

"I sure do!"

Stormer could hold back no longer and burst into tears. In a burst of strength she pushed past the other Misfits and fled the apartment.

"Hey ... she's real upset," Roxy said.

"So?" Pizzazz looked at her questioningly. "She better not stuff up again."

"Poor wittle Stormer ..." Jetta mock sobbed, then laughed.


The blue Misfit fled into the night, to find somewhere ... somewhere she could be alone ... She hadn't realised how cold it was and slowed down, rubbing her arms.

She entered a club and seemed to blend into the crowd, but she felt more alone here than outside. She ordered a drink and paid with what little money she had in her purse.

In tears, she drank her mint chocolate and cream grasshopper cocktail, but it did little to alleviate her soul. This had happened before. Pizzazz had threatened her before ... The other Misfits had berated her before. Why did now seem so different?

With Eric's charge card, she spent the night in a motel.

"Hope he doesn't get too mad..."

* * *

"She's been gone for three days..." Roxy said, trying to hide her concerns.

"So? She'll be back. Remember that time she ran off with Kimber?"

The Misfits laughed.

But Stormer did not return the following night.

* * *

"Eric ..." Pizzazz said, "Stormer's been gone almost a week now..."

"Worried, Pizzazz? That isnít like you."

"Of course not! We need her for the concert in Sydney next month."

"You think she's run away for good?"

"Like even, the little brat," Pizzazz said, rather irritated, "but if we don't practice, she'll fuck it up like last time."

"You kiss your daddy with that mouth, Pizzazz?"

"Eww! Eric, do something! Find her!"

"All right ...I have an idea where she is..."

* * *

"Eric!" Stormer exclaimed, opening the motel room's door. "How'd you find me...?"

He smiled, seemingly pleasantly.

"When I got my charge card statement."

"Oh ... Eric, I can explain ..."

"There's no need to, Stormer." He sat on the bed.

"Oh?" Eric's seemingly kind voice made her nervous. "What do you want, Eric?"

He laughed softly. "What makes you think I want anything, Stormer?"

She gave him a look. "Are you going to tell me that everything's okay and it was a big misunderstanding and you care about me and don't mind that I charged three hundred dollars to your card and you'll give me a big hug and a kiss and make it all better?"

Eric laughed again. "You know me too well."

"I can pay back -"

"Don't worry about it Stormer. It's drop in the ocean. I don't care about that ... But you need to come back."

"They don't want me ... And don't try to tell me you care."

"Care has nothing to do with it, My Dear. May I remind you that you're under contract and if you break that contract, My Dear Stormer, it'll cost you a lot more than three hundred bucks - money I know you don't have, and then there's all the legal costs ... I'm sure you don't want to go there. Now, if I'm not mistaken, you have a concert to prepare for."

Stormer sighed, defeated once again. "I'll get my things..."

Eric smiled. "That's my girl." He placed his hand upon her shoulder.

"Don't touch me."

Triumphant, Eric left the motel with his prize, entering his Limmo.

"Misfits Music," he said.

When the car was in motion he turned to Stormer. "When the concert's over, I have a deal for you."

"Why ... does that make me nervous ..." Stormer said.

Eric smiled.

Stormer shivered.

* * *

"Australia sure was beautiful, wasn't it?" Stormer said, upon their return.

"Yeah, who would thought they have Summer in December!" Roxy said.

"That's because it's in the Southern Hemisphere," Stormer said.

"Does that mean they have Christmas in July?" Roxy asked.

Jetta shook her head.

Stormer hated to take advantage of her dim witted friend, though Roxy did try one's patience.

"A pity Jem was there too ..." Pizzazz snorted.

"And more people went to their concert," Roxy said, miffed.

"Donít remind me..." Pizzazz grumbled.

She pulled out Jem's music video.

"You bought a Jem single?" Roxy asked, incredulous.

"Bought?!" Pizzazz scoffed. "Like even! It was a five finger discount!"

"Why would you even want a Jem tape?" Roxy asked. "You goin' soft on us, Pizzazz?"

//Soft ...// Stormer thought. //Ten tonnes of bricks dumped on your head are softer than Pizzazz...//

"Soft?! Are you losin' it? We gotta find out what makes the fans like her better ... Perhaps it's her equipment ... Or the lights .. or somethin' ... Get your barf bags while I play this..."


On Top of the World


Enchanted Land

I love a sunburned country


Island of culture

Universal appeal

You may be down under

But you're on top of the world


Nature Abounds

Your home girt by sea

Waltzing Matilda

Home and free

You may be down under

But you're on top of the world


A free country

A beautiful land


Forest touches desert

So much beauty to see

You may be down under

But you're on top of the world


You may be down under

But you're on top of the world!


"That's so sappy!" Pizzazz exclaimed.

"Maybe that's what audiences like..." Stormer said.

"Oh sure, Stormer ... What do you want us to do? ... Sing some *nice* songs? ... Ergh!"

Roxy laughed. "Yeah, I can just see it now ... Love .. ohh love... Oh hug someone... Hug a tree!"

Stormer scowled. The others laughed, before they played their own concert song.

If Ya Ain't Got It Ya Nothin'


If ya ain't got it ya nothin'

If ya ain't got Style

If Ya ain't got Money

If Ya ain't got Connections

Ya nothin'


Nobody likes a loser

Nobody likes a wuss

If ya ain't got it

Go Home!


If ya ain't got Pizzazz

If ya ain't got Finesse

If ya ain't got Rich Friends

Ya Nothin'!


I got no time for losers

I got no time for wusses

If ya ain't got it

Go Home!


If ya ain't got Status

If ya ain't got a Big House

If ya ain't got a Fast car

Ya Nothin'!


If ya ain't got Cool Hair

If ya ain't got Cool Clothes

If ya ain't got Expensive Make up

Ya Nothin'


You gotta be Rich

You gotta be Cool

You gotta have Cool Shit

If ya don't

Go home and cry!

If ya ain't got it

Ya nothin'


If ya ain't got it

Go Home!


Stormer sighed. //No wonder no one likes it ... Itís terrible!// She didn't agree with a single word in the song, Pizaazz did on the other hand, but then but then the leader of the Misfits was no Oscar Wilde. But she daren't tell her older colleague that.

* * *

Stormer longed for a momentís peace, but knew that was wishful thinking as she and the other three girls entered her apartment.

"So our Australian tour was a washout," Pizzazz snorted, "no thanks to Stormer."


"Your tune was off, no wonder it sounded like shit."

"The song was shit period!" Stormer stormed, having had quite enough.

"Ooo! Well who wrote it?"

Stormer said nothing. "If I was allowed to write what I wanted to write ..."

"Weíd all be unemployed," Jetta snorted.

Stormer threw down her music book and stormed into her room.

"Let the baby cry," Pizzazz said loudly.

Stormer bashed her pillow, refusing to take Pizzazz's bait.

She sat down hard on her bed and thought. This was not what she wanted. For six years now she had put up with taunts from the others. She had always hoped things would change, but hope had brought nought these long six years. Stormer had tried to leave once before, but was convinced she was needed and she convinced herself that things would change and so she had come back. Things had not changed one iota. But they were going to. Stormer left her room, and snuck into the bathroom, grateful beyond measure that no one else was using it.

The blue haired rocker sank into the old deep bathtub, warm bubbled waters surrounding her and she sighed to herself. This was the one solace, the one luxury she could have, if it wasnít interrupted. It didnít seem right, a popular member of a world renowned rock band, miserable and broke. This was not the life she had dreamed.

Pizzazz banged on the door. "Hurry up, Stormer!"

"Use the downstairs bathroom," the other snapped, trying to stand up for herself and on this rare occasion it worked.

* * *

Stormer took out her battered old suitcase and began to pack some things, some clothes, trinkets, she didnít have much that she really wanted, most of it was rock clothes form old concerts, but she did pack Foo Bear, a big brown bear sheíd had since she was a child, now gathering dust at the back of her cupboard, thanks to being teased by the other girls. Stormer left things fans had written to her and given her, most of it was trash, but it had made her feel good. But she wanted to leave that life behind now, though part of her was screaming to stay the other was screaming to go, and she would go, if even for a while. She wasnít going to take it anymore. Something had clicked inside of her, a light turned on. She gathered some make up, perfume she liked and up and her infamous blue hair dye. She could not believe how much crap she had accumulated and was pained to leave some of it, but it had to go. The one costume she packed was her main one and she wanted to keep her guitar. She also took a CD of the best of the Misfits. Some of the better songs.


1} Makin' Mischief

2} Takin' It All

3} Designing Woman

4} You Oughta See the View From Here

5} How Does it Feel?

6} Free And Easy

7} It Takes A Lot To Survive

Also she took her and Kimberís Single, Iím Okay along with the singles, Stingers Singles You And Me, It's a Hard, Hard Life, she quite likes those songs, and her two favourite songs, Share a Little Bit of Yourself and This is Farewell for the Misfits and the Holograms had teamed up to sing these songs, in peace if only for a moment. And unbeknownst to the others she had hidden away, her CD of the Best Of Jem.


1} Jem Theme

2} She's Got The Power

3} Like A Dream

4} Dear Diary

5} Show Me the Way

6} Friend Or Stranger

7} Can't Get My Love Together

8} People Who Care

9} Open a Book

10} Go The Distance

11} We Can Make a Difference

12} Something is Missing in My Life

13} Love Unites Us

14} Love is Here

15} We Can Change It

16} How You Play the Game

17} Set Your Sails

18} I Believe in Happy Endings

19} Believe in Yourself

20} Imagine Me

21} The Real Me

22} Nightmare

23} You're Always in My Heart

24} Take the Time

25} Good things don't come easy

26} When It's Only Me And The Music

27} Land Of The Midnight Sun

28} Safe And Sound

29} To the Rescue

30} Flowers In My Hair

31} Music And Danse

32} Falling In Love With A Stranger

33} MidSummer Night's Madness

34} Love's Not Easy

35} Only Between Me and You

36} All Is Right With The World

37} Straight From the Heart

38} Let's not forget the Past

Under all that she found some Enya and whalesong tapes, covered in dust. She had always been too scared to show the others lest they ridicule her. Stormer coughed at the dust and wiped them clean.

She did not want any of her magazines, old make up, old hard rock tapes, though she kept her discman and walkman, severely in need of a few batteries.

Pizzazz and Jetta came into the room. Stormer had already prepared what she was going to say.

"Iím going to Craigís for a couple of weeks."

"Aww and youíre takiní Foo Bear."

"I just found him when I was cleaning out," Stormer said. "Anyway what do you care?"

"You have a *Jem* CD?!" Pizzazz said, incredulous, going through Stormerís stuff.

Mary quickly came up with an excuse. "You said you wanted to know what the fans loved about Jem, I thought I might get some ideas..."

Pizzazz calmed down. "Your brain will explode."

"Like it hasnít already," Jetta said.

Stormer smiled. Soon she would never hear torments like that again. "Iíll be back soon," she lied.

"Stay a while," Jetta said.

//Oh, I will.//

Stormer crammed her bulging suitcase shut and walked out of her room. She took a wad of money from the bill jar.


"Dock it from my Australian concert money," Stormer said. "I need to get a taxi."

The blue haired almost ex-misfit rang the cab company and was told it was an half an hour wait. She decided she would rather wait outside and left the girls. She almost turned back, like metal to a magnet, but forced herself and struggled to keep going. After a colossal effort, she left the building and waited outside for her taxi, with not even a goodbye from the others.

Stormer sat in the gutter and cried.

"Why does it have to be so hard ..."

Unbeknownst to her, a white Lamborghini was listening to every word. This was the Decepticon Transformer known as Breakdown. Despite his allegiance, his heart went out to this young woman, as he knew just how she felt.

"Donít cry," he said, before he knew he had.

Stormer gasped and looked around. "Whoís there?"

Breakdown swallowed. "Itís all right, Iím not going to hurt you... Iím a Transformer."

"One of those robots ... " Stormer said, nervous.

"Yes, one of those robots."

Stormer stood, letting her suitcase fall to the footpath.

"My nameís Breakdown. Not that I do that often, mind you."

The human smiled.

"Whatís your name?"

"Stormer ... Mary."

"That's nice ... Iím sorry if I startled you."

"Thatís okay, I guess... You look lonely, like me."

"Thatís because I am," Breakdown said, admiring the humanís perception. "Why were you crying?"

Stormer took a deep breath. "I donít know if Iím doing the right thing ... I was in an all girl band for six years, the Misfits, you may have heard of us ... them."

"Vaguely, sorry."

Stormer smiled. "Thatís okay, it wasnít a very nice band, they were always so mean to me ..."

"And you left?"

"Trying to ..."

"But youíre here waiting for someone."

"Yes, my taxi to my brothersí ... I still donít know if Iíve done the right thing."

"Trust me, you have. I only wish I had the courage to do the same."

Stormer placed her hand gently upon his hood. "You will." She sounded confident, but far from felt it. A light in the distance told her that her taxi was coming.

"I guess this is goodbye," Breakdown said.

"It was nice talking to you, Breakdown."

"You too Stormer Mary."

She smiled. "Just Mary."

The taxi driver helped her with her luggage as she told him her brotherís address.

* * *

It was raining elephants when she arrived on Craigís doorstep.

"Mary!" Craig exclaimed. "What happened?! What did those bitches..."

"I ... I ..." She dropped her suitcase and hugged him, in tears. Most of what she said was unintelligible, but Craig managed to make out the words ĎIí, Ďleftí and Ďoh my God.í

Inside, he warmed his Sister up with a large mug of hot chocolate and a change of clothes.

"You are *not* going back to them."

"But Craig Iím not sure if Iíve done the right thing..."

"Of course you have! Leaving those bitches is the best thing youíve ever done. Donít get me wrong, I love and respect you, but you canít go back to them, just look at how they treated you, Mary please..."

"I ... I ... Eric said I had a contract ... "

"There must be a way around that ... Weíll think of something, but I am not going to let you get hurt."

Mary placed her arms around her brother. "I missed you..."

* * *

In over three weeks, Stormer still hadnít returned. The Misfits were getting antsy, Eric was getting worried.

"Thereís a concert on in three weeks! Where is she?!"

"She said sheís gone to her brotherís for two weeks."

"Itís been almost a month! Has she called?"


"Written? E-mailed?

Pizzazz shook her head.

"I think I know whatís going on. Iíll have her back soon."

* * *

"Eric ..." Stormerís voice quivered over the phone.

"Itís high tine you returned, Young lady, your vacation is over."

"It ... it ... it isnít a vacation..." Stormer stammered.


"Iíve had enough!" the ex-Misfit blurted out.

"Oh so thatís what this is all about. "Stormer, may I remind you, you have a concert in two and a half weeks."

"No ... I donít." Stormer almost burst out of her skin.

"May I remind you of your contract? Trust me, you don't want the legalities of a breach of contract, but Iíll tell you what, just one more concert."

"Just one more?"

"Just one more. And Iíll let you out of your contract. Come on, Stormer, itís not like you have anything else.

Stormer sighed. "All right, Eric ... Just one more."

"I knew youíd wake up. Come to my office and weíll work out the details."

Stormer knew if Craig was here heíd try and stop her, but what could she do?

She grabbed had handbag and set off for Ericís, knowing full well it may be a catapult back into the horror she was desperately trying to escape.

* * *

"Stormer my dear... Come in, sit down."

"Can the pleasantries, Eric ..."

"My, so touchy ... Listen I know the others have been hard on you of late and I canít say I blame them, your performances havenít been wonderful."

"Iím sorry, Eric ... I just ... I guess I just ... needed ..."

"And what exactly *did* you need?"

"Some time to myself..."

"Youíve had three and a half weeks. Look Iím willing to put the past behind us if youíll pull your fishnet stockings up and do this one last concert, oh and one more thing."

Stormer looked up at Eric, dreading. "One more thing ... Eric ..."

"Just one last thing I want you to do for me and then youíre free as a bird."

"Whatís that?" Stormer asked, nervous.

Eric stood and walked behind Stormerís chair and placed a hand on her shoulder. Slowly his hand crept don, inside her blouse, underneath her bra. Stormer gasped softly. Eric smiled.

"Donít tell me youíd never thought about it ..." His hand ventured further.

Stormer stood in a hurry, Eric grabbed her hand.

"Where do you think youíre going? You have a contract, remember?"

Stormer wrenched her hand free. "And as I remember this wasnít in it..." she backed off.

Eric came closer. "You want out, Iím offering you a way out." He began to unbutton his shirt.

Stormer shook her head. "No ... And to tell you the truth, Iíve never thought about it."

"Careful, Stormer, itís not like you have a choice."

Eric ripped off his shirt and began to loosen his trousers. Stormer backed off, terrified.

" Yes ... I do ... have a choice..." she stammered.

Eric stopped for a moment. "What was that?"

"I do have a choice."

"No you donít and if Iím right youíll do exactly what I want you to do ... Youíre such a pushover... And if you want freedom, itís going to cost you."

His trousers dropped to the floor. He grabbed Stormerís arms.

"No! I do have a choice!" she screamed. "Sue me if you want but I wonít, Eric, I wonít!"

He grinned, but the grin was short lived as Stormer kneed him in the groin. Eric gasped for breath, clutching his nether regions.

"Youíll pay, I swear you will ..." he rasped.

"Iím not the one with the bad karma," Stormer retorted.

Eric tried to grab her. Stormer screamed and kicked him, running out of the building. Eric screamed her name, but she did not look back.

* * *

"He did what?!" Craig calmed his almost hysterical sister. "Iíll have his guts!"

"No, Craig, we canít prove anything ..."

Stormer took some deep breaths. Craig comforted her.

"Iíll help you fight this, Mary, that bastard wonít ever touch you again."

* * *

Stormer tried her luck finding work. Finally she got a job in an office, dressed her best in a white shirt, short black skirt, a small black briefcase, though her blue hair got lots of whispers behind her back. No one recognised her as Stormer, many of them hadnít even heard of ĎThe Misfits,í but Stormer wasn't here for autographs. She sighed ... she didnít fit in here either. The people were stand-offish, and if you put one teaspoon of sugar in their coffee instead of two, you were evil incarnate.

Within two days, Stormer was out of a job. The office didnít seem to want to give her a chance, and again no one even said goodbye, not so much as an insult even, she mused they probably did behind her back.

"What happened?" Craig asked,

"I got fired..." Stormer said behind tears. "They didnít even give me a chance ..."

"Youíre too good for that stupid office anyway."

Mary managed smile. "Thanks, Craig, you always make me feel better."

"You donít need to find a job if you donít want to," Craig said, "I can provide for both of us."

"I canít ask you do to that ..."

"You didnít ask."

Stormer placed her arms around her brother. "I don't know what Iíd do without you."

Craig smiled. "If you wanted to do something why donít you stick with what you know? You love to write, write your own songs."

"You really think I could do that?"

"Sure you could. And you donít have to sing about taking it all or making mischief."

Stormer laughed for the first time in ages. "Can you help me?"

"Sure, I know a producer, Barry English, and donít worry, heís nothing like Eric."

"Thatís a relief."

"And Iíve got a surprise for you."


"Your sisterís coming over."


Stormer hugged her brother again.

* * *



The two blue haired sisters hugged.

"I havenít seen you in ages ... Iím so sorry I was so mean to you, Madilyn."

The younger sister smiled. "Itís okay ... I guess you needed to work things out for yourself."

"I did ... though some part of me misses them and wonders if Iíve done the right thing."

"Sure you have and part of you will always miss The Misfits, they were a big part of your life, but Iím so glad you left them."

Stormer sighed.

"You are so not thinking about going back."

"I donít know ... Itís all been so sudden..."

"Stormer, please, you don't need them. They used you. Every time youíve Ďleftí theyíve drawn you back like a metal to a magnet. And it hasnít been sudden. Theyíve been treating you like shit for years."

Stormer sighed again. "I know ... but Iím so ... Iím so scared..."

Maddy embraced her sister. "Of course you are, but you can make it on your own."

"You think so?"

"I know so."

"Iím keeping the blue hair though."

Maddy laughed. "Good on you."

"I got the idea from you," Stormer said, playing with her sister's light blue hair.

"What was our natural colour again?"

Both sisters laughed. "Thatís right," Maddy said, "red, like mum!"

* * *

Stormer shifted uncomfortable in the new recording studio.

"Donít worry," Craig said. "Heís not one bit like Eric. Trust me."

The ex-Misfit smiled. She did trust her brother.

"All right," Barry said. "Take it from the top!"

Stormer began to sing.

A New Life


After I left you

I felt so alone

Like the world had

Chewed me up and spat me out

Like you used to do

I feel so alone


Now that Iíve left you

I have no idea what

Iím gonna do


Iím gonna start a new life

A life without you

Free from your insults

Free from you


I feel so scared

Now that Iím alone

But Iím not goiní back

Not after how you treated me

No, no, no

Why couldnít you be nice?

Why was I abused

Why didnít you care for me?

I was your doormat

I was your punchin' bag

I may be alone

But now Iím free



"Thatís great! Beautiful!" English exclaimed. "A sure chart stopper."

"You think?í Stormer asked, brightly.

"Honey, you gonna make it biiiiiig. You sing with such feeling."

Stormer smiled, although part of her was still shaking. She felt free, but what if she did go back? What if their pull was too strong?

"Now we have to think of a name," Craig said. "Stormer has too many ties with the Misfits."

Mary twiddled her fingers. "Well I have thought of one ... I thought of it a long time ago."

"What is it?"

"Promise you wonít laugh."

"I promise, whatís your new name?"


"Thatís beautiful, Mary."

Craig placed his arm around her. "I hope that song makes the Misfits cringe, and baby, youíre not alone."

Stormer embraced her brother.


* * *

"So what you think of her single?"

"Trash," Pizzazz snorted. "Like sheís trying to make us feel guilty, well forget it. She left us."

"I wonder why?" Roxy asked, sarcastically. "I suppose you

got a copy of the single at a five finger discount."

Pizzazz snorted. She had actually paid for it and no one had seen her guilty look when she had listened to it.

* * *

"Nice to see Stormerís *finally* left the Misfits," Shana said.

"Good for her!" Kimber said with a smile. I knew she had it in her. I always liked her."

"She had to find the courage within herself," Jerrica said.

"Letís hope she doesnít go back." Aja folded her arms.

* * *

Mary was just about bursting with excitement. Craig hugged her, shortwinding his smaller sister. "Oop, sorry, Sis!"

Stormer didnít seem to mind. "Number one, can you believe it?!"

"Of course I can, Mary."

* * *

"Number one, can you believe it? She sings a sappy song and all of a sudden sheís number one. She pushed Jem to number two!"

"Perhaps we should sing a sappy song?"

"Iíd rather die."

Pizzazz sat heavily in a chair and scowled.

"Do you think sheíll come back?"

//After what we did to her?// Roxy thought. //Not this time.//

* * *

"Eric asked me to come back ... He told me if I didnít write one more song, heíd have me for breach of contract."

"Oh, Mary, please tell me you didnít ..."

"I wrote a song and faxed it to him."

Craig chuckled.

"I took full artistic license too."

Craig smile as he read her song.



No one understands me

Iím a sad lonely girl

Somebody help me please

Iím drowning

Throw me a lifeline

So that I might survive


Thank you, my Angel

For you have saved me

Saved me from the

Turmoil of this world

Hold on, hold on

Thereís a lot to live for

Love and happiness

The wind in the trees

Joy and laughter

The whales and dolphins in the sea

You are never alone

For your Angel is there

Everywhere you go


Your Angel is there.


  * * *

"We canít sing that!" Pizzazz exclaimed. "Itíll ruin our reputation.

"Sing it, Pizzazz, itís what audiences want these days."

"Okay, Eric, but if I get so much as *one* tomato thrown at me, youíre in for it."

The older man smirked.

To the Misfitsí surprise, the song did quite well.

"Donít expect any more sap from us," Pizzazz said to Eric.

Eric shrugged. "Youíll do whatever your producer wants you to do."

* * *

"Can you believe the Misfits latest song? They were actually nice!" Shana exclaimed.

Jerrica handed a Kimber $20 note. "I believe I lost the bet. The Misfits sang a nice song after all..."

The holograms laughed.

"Stranger things have happened ... I think.." Kimber said with a smile.

"Times *are* changing," Aja said.

* * *


Avalon began her latest song.

Your Guardians Your Guides


They are there

They are there because they care

You need only call

Break down the wall

And they will help you

And guide you

Through the thick and the thin

Troubles youíre trapped in

Wonít seem so bad

Now that your guides are here

Holding your hand


I know

When I hear the spirits call

Itís my time to show the world

Who I am


Gentle and kind

They take you in

Loving and wise

Like Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn

Playful and fun

They laugh with you

Peaceful and serene

Their light is true


I know

When I hear the spirits call

Itís my time to show the world

Who I am


Always by your side

Your gentle and loving guides

When your path is unclear

And you know not which way to steer

Ask them and hear them

And feel their love

Inside you

Around you

Like a peaceful dove

They are here for you

To hold you

And guide you

Through the good and the bad

Through the happy and sad


I know

When I hear the spirits call

Itís my time to show the world

Who I am


Feel them around you

Caressing your soul

More precious than gold

All that they do want

Is for you to be free

So look around and see

See the beauty of your world

See what the guides see

A world loving and free

Love them and hold them

Close to your heart

And see your soulís part

In this tapestry

The Universe is sewing

For you and for me

And they will help you

And guide you

Through the thick and the thin

Troubles youíre trapped in

Wonít seem so bad

Now that your guides are here

Holding your hand



Craig had tears in his eyes. "Mary, tat was beautiful."

She smiled warmly. "I thought so ... I wrote it years ago, but never had a chance to sing it until now."

Gently, Craig embraced his sister.

"We have another winner!" English said. "Mary ... Avalon, youíre a rare gem."

* * *

Tears streaked down Stormerís cheeks, as Craig held her.

"I canít believe this is happening...!"

Craig smiled. "Believe it ... itís a worldwide hit!"

Avalon dried her happy eyes.

* * *

Mary Phillips could hardly believe her ears when she was asked to play Queen Titania in a production of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Nightís Dream.

"Craig ... I canít believe this is happening ... I hope I donít botch my lines..."

"You wonít, Sis. Iíll help you."

And they began to rehearse.

* * *

Opening night ...

"As they say, break a leg."

Mary kissed her brother on the cheek.

"You look lovely."

She was donning a short purple dress, with purple stockings, with the most gorgeous pair of crystal glitter wings.

Craig sat in the audience, feeling very proud indeed and his sister didnít mess up one single line.

Mary sighed autographs, mostly for the children after the production had finished.

"You were terrific, Mary ..."

"It was wonderful ... I felt like I was really there in that forest with Puck and all the fairies ..."

Craig smiled. "You were magnificent, my Queen."

Mary giggled.

Craig went to all five productions, and they went off without a hitch. Mary was grateful to have him in the audience, grateful to have such a caring brother, as she kissed her on stage beloved, Oberon.

* * *

Avalon had two onstage performances in the following months. She was somewhat bewildered that some of her fans had taken to calling her "Virgin Mary" as a token of respect.

Mary was as nervous as hell, for both concerts but seeing her adoring fans, thousands of them she smiled, heartfelt at how she had touched so many people. She wore tasteful, shining see through and very new age style clothing as she performed and her special trademark, to perform on stage barefoot. She began somewhat nervous, but as she stepped into her songs, the music took her and her fans to another world.

"This song is dedicated to a friend known only as Breakdown."



Thank you, oh thank you

For your kind words

You were a lot like me

Alone and lonely

And trying to break free

Every time I hear your name

I breakdown and cry

For your insight helped

Me to be free

I hope you had the courage

To break free too

For when you do

Donít look back

And you will be free

Thank you, oh thank you

For your kind words

You were a lot like me

Alone and lonely

And trying to break free

Every time I hear your name

I breakdown and cry

For your insight helped

Me to be free

I hope now that you are free too


Silently, out in the parking lot the white Lamborghini smiled, thanked Avalon and almost cried and then and there Breakdown made the decision to break free.

* * *


Mary looked bewildered when she was asked to play Ďthe Ice Queení in an upcoming movie.

"You donít have to if you don't want to, Mary."

She took a deep breath. "Iím not sure ... I want to ... and I guess I shouldnít be ashamed of my body ... but still itís scary."

"If you want to, then do it, but don't feel you have to. No oneís pressuring you."

"Itís only semi nude, after all ... And they say a woman should be proud of her body ... I want to do it ..."

"Good for you. I hope itís not too cold on set!"

Mary laughed. "Well I am the Ice Queen!"

* * *

Although nervous, Mary was a complete professional and she was glad to note it wasn't cold on set at all! And on a more important note, the movie was very tasteful. Despite being scantily clad in a crystal blue irregular skirt, her character was a gentle woman, helping the hero across a barren ice world, to make it to his landing dock, where he was to be rescued. The hero falls in love with the Ice Queen, forgoes his rescue to stay with her and she gave him special powers to withstand the cold and they remain on her world forever.

The movie was a box office hit and Mary was glad to note no one thought any less of her for doing it, her fame in fact, increased.

* * *

"Craig, Iím so happy ... Everything seems to be happening so fast ... and it's all good ..."

He smiled. "See, I told you you could do it ..."

Mary embraced her brother. "I never thought I could ..."

"Yes you did, otherwise youíd still be taking Pizzazzí and the others' abuse."

Mary sighed. "Perhaps ... part of me still misses them ... but I feel so much freer now ... And I have money for the first time in my life! ..."

Craig laughed. "That always helps."

"But seriously, I have to look into finding my own place ... I canít impose on you forever."

"Stay as long as you want, Sis."


* * *

Avalon jumped up and down with excitement, her blue hair bobbing with her as she showed Craig and Maddy her first solo album Isle of Avalon with all of her songs. They both hugged her at once.

"That's great, Mary!" Craig exclaimed.

"It's so wonderful," Maddy said, admiring the mystical, enchanting cover. "You must be very proud."

"I am," Mary said. "But I couldn't have done it without you."

"Hey," Craig said with a smile, "you did all the hard work..."

* * *

Avalon was on tenterhooks as she walked down the red carpet at the annual Grammy Awards.

"And here comes Avalon..." the Entertainment Tonight guide said. "And yes, folks, sheís got her trademark of wearing no shoes."

Mary smiled, and blushed a little, her blue hair done up in two cute and fluffy pigtails. She wore a pastel mesh green gown over a pastel green satin dress, that sheíd never be able to afford had she stayed with the Misfits.

"So how does it feel to be out on your own?"

Mary was nervous, but she answered the question. "At first I was scared as hell, but itís been great."

"And how does it feel to be an overnight success."

Avalon laughed. "It's taken almost twenty years to be an 'overnight success.'"

"So ... Any words for your former girl band, the Misfits?"

"Hi, Girls, hope youíre well."

"Come on, after what they did to you, not even a snark?"

"Negativity begets more negativity. They went their way and I went mine."

"Coolies, well tootles!"

The ET guy left to interview Enya and Sonique.

Mary sat next to her brother.

"Donít think you wonít win," Craig whispered, holding her hand.

Mary smiled, then bit her lip as Shakira announced.

"The next category is the best female vocalist and the nominees are,í she chuckled, "Shakira ... for ĎWhenever, Wherever,í Sonique for ĎSky,í Kimber Benton for ĎWhat a girlís gotta Doí and Avalon for ĎYour Guardians your guides ...' Shakira opened the envelope. "And the winner is ... Avalon!"

Mary let out a short scream and became short-winded. She could almost not stand.

Craig shook her hand, furiously. "Congratulations!"

"I ... I ... I ..."

"Get up there ..." He urged and helped her up.

Mary didnít even know how she made it on stage.

"I ... I havenít prepared a speech ... I guess I want to thank everyone, especially my brother Craig and my producer, Barry English, for giving me the courage to go out there and do it."

Shakira hugged her. "You go, Girl!"

Avalon accepted her award, and sent a silent thank you to the Universe.


"Congratulations, Stormer ... sorry, Avalon." Jem said, holding the Grammy that Jem and the Holograms had won.

The ex-Misfit smiled. "You too."

"I always knew you could do it," Jem said.

Kimber hugged Avalon.

Mary returned the embrace. "Itís been great."

As Mary left, the Misfits pulled up in a convertible. Avalon braced herself for a barrage of insults.

Pizzazz got out of the car with something wrapped up.

"Well congratulations." She seemed reserved.

Roxy nudged her. Pizzazz handed Mary the gift.

"Itís not going to explode is it?"

Pizzazz smiled. "Na, itís something you left."

Mary opened it and saw a multicoloured striped toy. "Doggie!" I thought I lost him!"

"We found 'im when we cleaned out your room."

"Thank you."

"Donít mention it." Pizzazz tried to sound nonchalant.

"We came to say weíre sorry," Roxy said. "So if Pizzazz wonít say it, I will."

Mary seemed genuinely surprised.

"Apology accepted," she said, "but you did make it really hard for me."

"We know," Pizzazz said, looking down.

"Iím not coming back," Mary stated, folding her arms.

"I realise that," Pizzazz said ."I ... I guess I knew this time you would leave for good. Though weíre not the same without you," she admitted.

"It's good to know Iím missed."

Pizzazz smiled. Craig came to his sister and he looked annoyed to see the Misfits there.

"Itís all right," Mary said. "They came to apologise."

Craig looked genuinely surprised. "They did? Well whaddya know? Wonders never cease."

Pizzazz gave him a look. "This is hard enough as it is, Craig so donít make it worse."

"Hey Stormer, Mary or Avalon, whatever it is now, wanna come for a drink?"

"Hey, why not, but youíre not gonna get me drunk and agree to come back," she said with a smile.

"Wouldnít dream of it." Pizzazz grinned.

* * *

Mary sipped a Malibu and milk while the other girls had some harder alcohol. Craig drank a Guinness.

"So whatís Avalon mean, anyway?" Roxy asked.

"Glad you asked," Mary said. "Itís the name of a magickal and mystical isle off the coast of England somewhere, near Glastonbury where all the faeries meet. Itís from the legend of King Arthur, Excalibur and Merlin."

"Is he the wizard dude with that sword that was in the rock?"

"That's the one."

"I saw Harry Potter," Jetta said. "That was kinda cool."

"Yeah," Roxy said. "I even started to read the books!"

Then she looked embarrassed as the other Misfits looked at her.

"Well ... it's good .." she protested.

Stormer/Avalon smiled. "I loved it too."

And she and the Misfits caught up till the wee hours of the morn.

* * *

When they arrived home, All Mary and Craig wanted to do was crash. Avalon placed her shiny Grammy award on the mantelpiece.

"It looks good there." Craig said, proud of his sister.

Mary smiled. "Iíd always dreamed that Iíd win one someday."

"Good dreams have a habit of coming true."

She smiled again, grateful for how her life had turned out for the better.

After her long hard and bitter struggle, Mary Phillips had finally discovered her inner strength. She knew who she was now.

She smiled and embraced her brother, and they slow danced for a while, before crashing on separate beds and letting sleep take them into the dream world.




Please see below for pictures that go with the story. I had a lot of fun dressing up my Stormer doll! The rest was courtesy of Photoshop! (The other doll with the blue hair gave me the idea for Maddy.)



{You can't see it well, but she is holding a briefcase}








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