Disclaimer: The Sailor Moon Universe is created by Naoko Takeuchi.

Summary: Sailor Pluto’s Eternal Quest.

Rating – PG

Drama/Self Realisation




~ The Unseen ~


By the Gates of Time she stands eternal. Unyielding, defending the Universe, her power as great as her responsibility.

By the Gates of Time she stands alone.

She knows she cannot falter, for there are those who exist simply to destroy. Those who would destroy the very essence of time, the fabric of the Universe, unravelling the Tapestry of the Fates ... Even if their reign of destruction destroys them.

Mercy is a quality she cannot afford, the entire future of the Universe rests on her shoulders. It is a great honour. It is a great burden.

The mists of Time, her only comfort, her only companion, consoling her, caressing her, weaving through her dark verdant hair. Her ageless beauty hiding her years.

In times of need, she calls out to the Universe, in silence, and receives a silent answer only her Soul can hear.

She smiles when she remembers the gifts of friendship, the Sailor Scouts, especially Chibi Usa, the adorable little girl, so much like a sister, so much like a daughter that she will never have, though it has been many years since she has seen them, heard their words of comfort.

Her staff gripped in hand, as she senses an intruder, her comfort will have to wait.

In seconds the shadowy daemon is upon her. In a flash, she kicks out, the beast sent flying into the mist.

The staff whirls in her hand. "Dead Scream!" And she fires.

And as quickly as the threat appears, it is gone. The dark daemon screams as it disintegrates.

She takes a breath, centres herself, and senses there are no more who will oppose her this night. She closes her lilac eyes, wishing such violence and death not be necessary, though, that she knows is a fantasy.

She senses the beast’s tormented Soul as it is dragged from this place, to Hades, to Tartarus, where it will forever dwell in the Realm of the Dead.

Many months at a time can pass, uneventful, though she never falters, never sleeps, never plays.

A silent tear escapes. Her life is a solitary one, one which she accepts with all her heart, as she is the only one who understands. The Universe herself stands alone, no one to hear her cries, no one to dry her tears, though in this unfaltering Sailor Senshi, she has a friend. A Guardian.


* * *


A Realm away, he senses her silent pain and knows he can do nothing to ease it. He can only give words of comfort, for he feels as she does. Alone.

In silence, he appears; the mists ripple ever so slightly.

She cannot see him, but her senses are alerted; someone is near, though she senses no hostility, holds her staff at the ready.

Slowly he approaches, his thick robe of crushed black velvet blowing gently in the mists. His eyes, the first thing she notices, the ocean just before a storm.

He is much closer now, though makes no move to attack. His face looks kind, and she senses no harm, though still, she is weary.

He reaches out and takes her hand, with a reassuring gentle smile.

"I am you and you are me."

She is unsure of what he means at first, as she listens to his words, his soft, gentle voice seeming to come from the mists themselves.

"I am Hades," he says. "Lord of the Dead."

A pause before she speaks. "Hades..."

He smiles warmly. "Yes, Gentle Setsuna, and I feel your pain."

Another pause. Gently, Hades wipes a tear from her cheek.

"As I yours, Lord of the Underworld," she says, understanding her voice soft, realising the bond shared.

He smiles again. "Do not despair, Guardian of Time. Your sacrifice does not go unnoticed."

"Nor does yours," she pauses. "The mortals fear you, yet you give them comfort in Death. Without the Underworld, and its place for the Souls of good and evil mortals, they would forever enter oblivion. The other Gods ridicule and look down upon you, yet in Death, you are their only friend."

She smiles warmly and wipes a tear from the gentle God’s cheek.

"Thank you, Setsuna." Softly, he kisses her hand. "There are few in whom I can confide." He paused before he spoke again. "Our calling is Timeless"

She smiles warmly, this powerful God, feared by mortals and Gods alike, his touch as warm and gentle as a kitten, though Setsuna senses, though their bond, that should any threaten his family or Realm he would fight to the death and give no quarter. He, like she, could not afford to.

"And there are few to whom I can give comfort." Her voice seems to carry on the mists, as Hades softly clasps her hand.

"I must return," he says. "Farewell, Sailor Pluto, Guardian of Time."

"Farewell, Hades, Sovereign of the Dead."

He gives a warm smile. "Remember, Gentle Setsuna, Silence is a blessing. Cherish it. Although it is gratifying to confide in a friend, solitude is a gift."

She nods to him in respect. "As is understanding and love."

Hades smiles again. "When you feel alone, as I do, cherish your gifts, and your friends, though they may not be with you, their Spirits are with you always ... And If ever you need me, I will be here."

Again Hades wipes a tear from Setsuna’s pale face.

"When it is your time," he speaks softly, "do not fear, as I will never leave your side." Gently, he embraces the Guardian of Time and kisses her, before disappearing to his Realm.

Sailor Pluto wipes a tear away, holding her staff as she stands alone, by the Gates of Time, guarding the Universe, knowing should she ever feel forlorn, she need only call his name.

For they are forever bonded in the oceans of time




Hades and Sailor Pluto




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