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Summary: Sailor Moon/Transformers Crossover

Author's note: This was based on a dream I had, so don't blame me! LOL!

Rating - PG





"Megatron, attention!" calls Soundwave, rather abruptly.

The Decepticon leader turns, just about to exit.

"What is it?" he snaps.

"I have detected a rather unusual, but powerful source of energy, emanating from the Second Universe."

Interested, Megatron approaches the main computer. "Mmm. Sounds interesting. Have you any more information?"

"It seems to be emanating from a crystal of unknown origin. I am sorry I cannot be more specific. I have pinpointed its location."

"Excellent, Soundwave. You have a knack for cheering me up."

Soundwave seems to smile. "Shall I contact Shockwave?"


Soundwave does.

"Greetings, Megatron. How can I be of service?"

Megatron gives a small smile. "That bored, are you? The female Autobots lose their appeal?"

"Hardly ... Though I hate to admit it, they're worthy adversaries. Now what can I do for you?"

"Have the Trans-Dimensional Pothole operational ASAP."

"Just a second ... Done, Megatron, Is there anything else? Something that may require my attention on *Earth* perhaps?"

"You really *are* that bored?"

"Not bored exactly, just.."

"*There* you are, Shockwave...."

Elita One can clearly be seen in the background, with the business end of her gun clearly pointed at the one-eyed Decepticon.

Shockwave blinks his eye. "Ahh, Elita. Just a moment."

Megatron can barely contain his amusement.

"I'm afraid your vacation will have to wait, Shockwave -- ladies first."

Shockwave does not look amused.

"Have a good journey, Megatron, Soundwave, ... while I ... ahhh... deal with .... matters at hand." The poor Decepticon looks clearly embarrassed.

"Now," Elita says. "That business with Alpha Trion ..." She blasts Shockwave. "If you so much as touch my father again,I'll..."

The communication at Decepticon Undersea Headquarters on Earth cuts off.

"I'm sure he can handle her," Megatron says to Soundwave.

"Handle her ...." says Starscream walking into the control room. "I *envy* him."

Megatron gives him a mock dirty look.

"Yes, I'm *sure* you do. Listen, Starscream..."Megatron briefs him on Soundwave's findings. "And I want you to accompany us."

"Traipsing all around the known Universes after a crystal...Are you sure it's worth it?"

"Would I be this concerned over nothing?"

"I guess not. So when do we start this little sojourn?"

"You don't sound that excited. I could just as well take Skywarp along."

"Well, actually, I'm ... very excited. Yes, let's find the Crystal thingy."

//Hmm, maybe this Crystal will finally be my answer to leadership of the Decepticons ... Haaaahahahahahah!!//

"What is it, Starscream? You've got that twinkle in your eye again..."

"Do I? Nothing, Megatron. I'll be happy to accompany you.I've never been to the Second Universe before. Been to the Third though. That Princess Leia's a babe..."

"Soundwave," Megatron whispers,"keep an optic on him."The tall, slender blue Decepticon nods.The Trans-Dimensional Porthole opens, and the three Decepticons step through.

"Where Are we?" Megatron asks when they emerge on the other side.

"The Twilight Zone?"

Megatron ignores Starscream.

"We are on the outskirts of what is called Crystal Tokyo," Soundwave replies.

"Just as I suspected. The Outer Limits."

"Shut Up, Starscream!" Megatron snaps.

* * *

Meanwhile, five girls are gathered at a temple, sitting by a fire.

"I'm sensing a disturbance..." Raye says, concentrating. "And it's definitely come for the Imperium Silver Crystal."

"It must be from the Negaverse," Amy confirms.

"Hmph! I thought they'd have the sense to stay away after the butt whipping we gave them last time," Lita snorts, fording her arms.

"Well whatever it is, we'll handle it!"

"That sounded almost heroic, Serena."

"Shut up, Raye!"

Hair tugging, face pulling and tongue waggling follows.

"Scotty, beam down some maturity, please," Luna says.

Artemis backs Luna up. "Come on, girls, if this really is the Negaverse, we've got a problem."

"You're right," Venus says, standing.

"Yeah, I suppose so. Why do they have to show up now? Why not after I've had a chance to read the latest Super Tuxedo Man comic? Or tomorrow or next week or-"

"Sure, Serena, we'll ask them to take a number."

"Ohh, do we have to fight them *right now*? Oshifujiama has a new chocolate soda ice cream sundae,*only* for today..." Serena drifts off.

"Come off it, Serena! All you think about is comics and your stomach!"

Serena scowls. "All right then! Let's go! Are you happy now?!"

Raye snorts and the girls go off.

"Ohmigosh!" Serena jumps into Raye's arms as she sees the three large Decepticons."Tell me it's a mirage, please..."

"No, they're definitely what I sensed. Strange ... I don't think they're from the Negaverse."

"What 'verse are they from?!" Serena says, her voice trembling, and going all high.

Amy activates her visor computer. "They're definitely from another Universe, not the Negaverse, but.."

"But they want the Imperium Silver Crystal and that's all we need to know!" Lita says.

Serena is shivering."Do you suppose we should give it to


"Serena!" Both Raye and Luna exclaim.

"Well they're so big and ... scary ..."

"And if they take the Crystal, where will that leave us against the Negaverse?" Raye asks in a testing voice.

"All right ... If we all get killed, don't blame me."

Soundwave begins to hear female voices and stops.He motions to Megatron, who also sees the five girls not too far off in the distance.

"They have the crystal," he informs.

"Moon Prism Power!"

"Mars Star Power!"

"Mercury Star Power!"

"Venus Star Power!"

"Jupiter Star Power!"

The Scouts Transform, their hair taking on lives of its own.

"So," Megatron says. "This Universe has its own form of Transformers... How interesting." He approaches the Sailor Scouts. "Give me the crystal and you will be free to go."

Sailor Moon tries to hide her sheer terror.

"No.It's my crystal and I need it. I don't know who you are,bud, but you can't just waltz into our Universe and--"


Sailor Moon winces and she shuts up instantly.

"I am warning you, humans, my patience is definitely not limitless."

As hard as it is, Serena musters up some courage.

"I am Sailor Moon! Champion of Justice!I will right wrongs and triumph over evil -- and that means you!"

Megatron is partially amused by the little girl's ranting. Sailor Moon grabs her Tiara, and throws the transformed disc.

"Moon Tiara magic!"

Megatron effortlessly flings the little thing away.Sailor Moon looks horrified.

"I have no time for your little games!" Megatron snaps. "Give me the crystal --***NOW!***"

Sailor Moon is at a loss for words.

"No Way! Mars Fire Ignite!" Sailor Mars presses her hands together and hurls a huge fireball at Megatron, which, luckily for the Scouts, disorientates him for a short while, allowing them to fall back, behind a large building.

"*GET THEM!*" Megatron yells, despite being surprised at the abilities of these humans.

"As you command, Megatron!" Starscream transforms into his F-15 jet mode and soars into the sky,amazing the scouts.

"They're transformers too!" Venus exclaims.

"Yes!" Starscream hisses. "Give me the crystal!" //This is my chance .....//

He blasts at the Sailor Scouts,and they scatter,Jupiter hits the dirt on a rather sharp rock, which tears her Scout uniform,and slits part of her skin, and she winces.

"Mercury Bubbles Blast!"

"Ahh!" Starscream yells. "Can't see!"

"Venus Love Chain Encircle!" The chain surrounds Starscream.

"Love! Yuck!" And he crashes into a nearby glass building."Damn, that smarts..."

"These girls are beginning to annoy me ...." Megatron says."Soundwave, which one has the crystal?"The other does a brief scan.

"That one." He points to Sailor Moon, and approaches her.

"Give me the crystal and you will not be harmed."Sailor Moon withdraws the wand."Cosmic Moon--"

Soundwave uses his shoulder mounted cannon and blasts at her feet, causing the Moon Wand to fly out of her hand and clatter to the ground. Sailor Moon yelps and makes a dash for it, but Megatron shoots a warning blast at her from his fusion


"Eeep!" Sailor Moon collapses to the ground due to the shock of the blast, which levels a sky rise building. Sailor Moon grimaces.

"How are we supposed to fight these guys?" She asks Mercury as the others help her up.

"You're not," Megatron states with a smile.

Soundwave is about to get the Moon Wand with the Imperium Silver Crystal. "Ravage, eject, mission retrieve."

"Venus Crescent Beam Smash!"The Beam hits the black jaguar, and sends him sprawling.Soundwave looks in Ravage's direction. Ravage is not hurt badly. Soundwave turns back to the Wand and goes for it.

"One last chance..." Jupiter ignores her flesh wound and faces


The Decepticon is not concerned.

"Jupiter!" cries Sailor Moon.

"I call upon the great power of Jupiter!Jupiter Thunder Crash!" The powerful lightning bolt hits Soundwave full on and he is thrown backwards, making a dent in a nearby hill.

Jupiter grabs the wand, reels backwards and is rescued by the Sailor Scouts.

Megatron blasts after her for blasting his friend, Soundwave.

"He should be okay," Jupiter says."At least he didn't get the crystal.

She hands Sailor Moon the Wand.

However, Soundwave is the least of their problems, now in a blazing fury, Megatron's after Sailor Jupiter.

"Get the green one!" he yells.

"Jupiter, we can change your clothes," Sailor Moon says

"No way! I'm not runnin' and I'm not hidin'!"

Soundwave starts to sit up, with his hand on his head.Megatron can see Soundwave isn't badly hurt and is silently relieved.

"See, he's okay," Jupiter says.

"Fine," Megatron snaps, inwardly respecting the human's bravery to step forward, knowing that he is not in the best of moods. Megatron gives the Scouts a dirty look. "Give me that damn crystal or--"

"Megatron..." Soundwave says, standing. "According to my scans, the power in this Imperium Silver Crystal is not compatible with us. There was no way to tell that from our Universe."

"You're sure? Of course you're sure. Damn."

"I apologize for-"

"No need, Soundwave."Starscream transforms and stands.

"Of course if it was *my* mistake you'd never hear the end of it."

"Shut up! Soundwave, remind me not to take him along next time."

Megatron looks at the Sailor Scouts, hiding his embarrassment.

"So I guess the Crystal's yours then."

"Phew," Sailor Moon pants.

Megatron turns to leave with Soundwave and Starscream.

"Now, Shockwave." Nothing happens.


"I'm ... uhh, sorry, Megatron... Yes, there we go. Sorry, just... Owww... I can't bend down..." He's clearly in pain.

"Still want to be handled by Elita?" Megatron gives Starscream a wicked grin.

"Shut up."

The three Decepticons enter the Trans-Dimensional porthole and are gone in a flash of bright crystal light.

The Scouts transform back.

"Wow," Serena says. "They were somethin', guys, weren't they?"

"Yeah," Raye admits. "Good job they didn't want the Crystal after all that."

"What are you saying? Are you saying that I couldn't beat them?"

"Here we go again," sighs Luna.

"Well I might've beaten them with the Wand, but I didn't need to, did I?"

"I guess we'll never know, will we?" Raye says with a sly grin.

"Shut up!"

Artemis looks toward the dark grey cat.

"Y'know, Luna, sometimes I think they do this on purpose."

"Come on, guys! I just realised! Oshifujiama is open late! Yippee! We can still get the chocolate soda ice cream sundae!"

Raye rolls her eyes. "Yip-pee."

Serena runs off and trips. "Waaaaahhh!!!I hate it when that


"Well if you payed more attention to what you were doing..."Raye says, annoyed.

Amy helps Serena up.

"Some Chocolate will probably do us all good. I could use the caffeine. I have got to stay up and study. I have a test tomorrow."

Serena slurps her sundae.

"Ahh this is the life ... fighting the Negaverse,big robots and a Mega Chocolate Sundae to top it off... I wonder if we'll ever see those robot guys again. That Starscream was a babe!"


* * *

Back at Decepticon Undersea Headquarters ...

"Soundwave, you all right?" Megatron asked.

"Affirmative. Quite a blast, though not intended to be fatal."

"Yeess, not intended for young children, either, I'll wager."

Through years of friendship, Soundwave could tell when his friend was upset.

"Never mind. I'm sure there are other power crystals out there.We can always try the Crystal of Power or the Ruby Crystals of Burma again."

"Oh, yes ... I'd forgotten about them. Soundwave, I love you."

Soundwave seemed to smile. "The feeling ... is mutual."




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