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Summary: Sailor Moon/Transformers Crossover - A story about Soundwave and Sailor Mercury

Rating - PG





He had been uncertain at first at how he arrived here, but then it slowly came back to him. The Autobots and Decepticons had both been developing secret weapons which they had utilised in the last battle. Both had activated them at the same time and he had ended up here. He wondered if there were any other Transformers here, but his scan proved negative. He wondered if any others were transported to other places as he had.

            * * *

Raye sat by the fire, with her four friends, and clasped her hands together.

"I sense a strange new power here," she warned, gazing into the fire. "We must be careful, Scouts. Although I don't sense negative vibes, it may be a Negaverse trick - and if they're not behind it, they may use this strange power against us ..."

            * * *

It had to be an alternate Universe, he decided. He felt strange here - the vibes were very different ... and then he began to hear voices - human voices.

"Amy ... all ya ever do is study ... doncha ever get bored?"

"No, Serena. Do you ever get bored of eating chocolate?"

"Like even."

Amy smiled. "I enjoy studying. It's relaxing."

"Well at least someone likes it I suppose. See ya at the meeting ... after my detention."


"Yeah. Like it's my fault I miss Darien?"

"So you skipped class to be with him?"

"Yeah - and since when did love become a crime, huh? I ask you ... And I would've gotten away with it if my teacher wasn't late for class. Like it's okay for the teacher to be late..."

Amy smiled. She was used to Serena.

"If I'm late," Serena continued, "the whole world yells at me."

"I wonder why?" came Raye's sarcastic voice, her violet eyes flashing.

Serena scowled.

"I'll be a little late for our meeting too," Amy said. "I have a test tomorrow and I've got to study after school. I'll see you both there. I have to go now, otherwise I'll be late for class. Bye!" She ran off.

"Bye, Amy, see you after."

Amy continued down the footpath, hearing Serena and Raye arguing. It was then, she noticed a small, dark blue tape recorder, against the beige brick wall. Amy stopped.

"I wonder who could've left this here?" she asked, examining the tape deck. "Doesn't look broken. I'll take it to Lost & Found after school." She placed the tape recorder into her bag and continued walking, then began to feel something strange. She stopped, but there was no one else around. She couldn't shake the feeling that something was amiss. It was not a bad feeling, and even although it was subtle, she could not quite put her finger on it, as she made her way to science class and tried to put this strange feeling to the back of her mind.

Soundwave knew he could easily transform into robot mode, but thought it would be better and safer for him to wait. This universe had strange energies and until he was sure what he was dealing with, he felt it would be wise to remain concealed.

The one who had picked him up, Amy seemed quite logical minded and so Soundwave felt he may be able to reason with her, given the right circumstances. There were too many other people around now.

Soundwave waited patiently until he felt the sack he was in being picked up and carried for a short while and then set down again. Amy reached into her bag and pulled out a folder. All the while she studied in the library she still could not determine what the strange feeling was. She tried to drown it out with her studies.

It was another two hours before Soundwave felt something stir again.

"Oh," Amy said. "I completely forgot ... The Lost & Found department is closed now. I'll have to take you there tomorrow."

Soundwave was certain her referring to him as 'you' was coincidental. She took him out of her bag and looked at him.

"Quite impressive. I've never seen a model as advanced as this before. Must be expensive."

Part of Soundwave felt flattered, but he really needed to know where in the universe he was and how he was going to get back. At least Amy seemed reasonable, for a human so young, but he did not want to frighten her.

Amy began on her way to the Sailor Scout meeting, the strange feeling still nagging at her. Suddenly she began to feel cold and shivered and it was not due to the weather. She looked up ahead and her fears were confirmed.

An evil looking woman hung in the air, blasting the terrified humans below.

"I want it!" she screamed. "Give it to me or Nalavres will kill you all!!"

"She's from the Negaverse!" Amy exclaimed, thinking that's what the vibes were. "What does she want?"

A blast fired near her. "Time to even this score." She dropped her bag and Soundwave fell out. Amy grabbed a golden wand from her bag, made sure no one else was about, then raised the wand into the air. "Mercury Power!"

If Soundwave had not seen the following event with his own optics, he may not have believed it.

The one called Amy began to transform, though not in the way Transformers do ... Ripples of light and dark blue light surrounded her, and her clothing changed. Instead of her school uniform, she now wore a one piece white suit, with light and dark blue trimmings and light blue ribbons and a short dark blue skirt with and in place of her school shoes, she wore stylish knee high blue boots.

She stood in the street. "Stop terrorising these poor people!" she demanded. "On behalf of Mercury, I will stop you."

Nalavres spun around in the air. "Ah, a Sailor Scout! This must be my lucky day!"

She blasted and Sailor Mercury leapt out of the way and touched down on the tarred road, then she stood. "Mercury Bubbles ... Blast!"

She used her disorientating bubbles to confuse the Negaverse agent, but apparently they had no effect. Nalavres simply blew them away.

"Yeah ... I like to play with bubbles too! Pathetic! You're finished, Mercury!"

Nalavres blasted her and Sailor Mercury fell to the ground. She tried to reach her friends of the Scout Communicator, but it had been shorted out by the blast.

Nalavres pointed to Soundwave. "Give me that device and I might just spare you."

Mercury looked over at the tape recorder and realised it was the source of those strange vibes and not Nalavres, as she'd thought ... and the Negaverse wanted it.

"Never!" she said, standing, knowing if the Negaverse wanted it, the scouts didn't want them to get it.

"Foolish girl!" Nalavres snapped. "Oh well, have it your way. I will claim it for the Negaverse anyway! Its power are tremendous!"

Soundwave became partially amused by the woman's ranting. Mercury defended herself. "Mercury Bubbles Freeze!"

But that wasn't enough to stop Nalavres.

"She's so powerful..." Mercury thought. "My friends, I need you." She hoped her friends had also sensed the danger and weren't too late in getting here. The Sailor Scouts future was in jeopardy. Nalavres blasted Mercury again. The Scout fell backwards and grabbed Soundwave from her tractor beam.

Nalavres laughed. "You fool! You'll never defeat me!" She raised her hand to blast Mercury again. At that point, Soundwave transformed into robot mode, startling both women.

"Whaaaat?!" Nalavres screeched as Soundwave grabbed her in his hand and threw her to the ground. Nalavres took to the air again, a little shaky. She blasted at Soundwave. The Transformer swerved, the blast hitting the wall. He blasted her with his shoulder mounted cannon.

"No!" Nalavres shrieked as she was thrown backward into a wall. She groaned, then took to the air as Soundwave blasted her again.

Nalavres glared at them. "I'll be back for you ... to finish the job ..."

She disappeared back to her Negaverse realm.

Strange Universe, Soundwave thought.

Fortunately, for Sailor Mercury, the Sailor Scouts were on their way.

Sailor Moon saw Soundwave and jumped into Sailor Jupiter's arms.

"Ohh, please tell me I'm hallucinating .... too much chocolate, that's what it is ... No more chocolate for me-ee. Yes, I'll give it up."

"Hah!" Sailor Mars looked unimpressed. "That'll be the day."

"Come on," Sailor Venus urged. "Mercury needs us!"

Soundwave turned toward a wounded Sailor Mercury. She straightened her golden V shaped tiara on her forehead and looked up at him, her bluish hair out of sorts.. "Who ... who are you?..."

"Mercury!" Mars, dressed in the same uniform, but red, exclaimed her name.

Soundwave could tell the girls were uneasy with his presence, due to his size, he could understand that.

"My name is Soundwave," he told them. "I appear to be trapped in your Universe."

"We caught the tail end of it," Sailor Jupiter, dressed in green, said. "Ooh, I'd love to give that Negabitch some."

Soundwave helped Sailor Mercury up. "Thank you," she said. "Perhaps we can find a way to help you return to your Universe."

            * * *

Her tight hugging purple dress, fangs, baring, and long red hair flaring, Queen Beryl was about to explode.

"I use a great deal of energy to create a powerful warrior and what do I get? FAILURE!"

"You saw what happened, My Queen," Nalavres said. "That thing changed into a robot and was so powerful..."

"Exactly why the Negaverse must have it ... or him ... or whatever! Imagine what an entire army of them could do to the Sailor Scouts!"

Nalavres grinned unpleasantly and snorted. "Make 'em look a lot less prettier ... Let me 'ave another crack at 'em..." She said in her most unladylike voice.

            * * *

Meanwhile Soundwave stood in the street with the Sailor Scouts.

"We'd better leave now," Mercury said. "Someone might see us and get suspicious."

"Agreed," Soundwave said, transforming into his tape recorder mode.

"Wow!" Serena exclaimed, holding him. "Cool! Ya do that all the time?"

"When it is necessary. All my people transform."

"Into tape recorders?"

"Negative, some into jets, guns and various other vehicles."


"Thanks for helping us, Soundwave," Venus said, her orange uniform and long, thick blonde hair blowing in the wind.

"Yeah, we need all the help we can get," Jupiter said, admiring Soundwave's strength.

The Scouts arrived at Raye's Grandfather's Temple.

"We'll be safe here," she said. "I can use the fire's power and insight create a field to prevent the Negaverse from penetrating."

At first Soundwave was unsure - he'd always believed in science, rather than magic, but the Universe had many secrets - even if it wasn't his own universe.

Mercury sat him down on the table. "You saw me transform," she said.

"Affirmative," Soundwave said. "Judging by your tone, your transformations are secretive."

"Yes," Mercury said. "Only we know."

"I shall keep it that way."

"Thank you."

"Well no point in hiding it," Mars said, and the scouts transformed back into their human selves.

"I'm Raye, Sailor Mars."

"Serena, Sailor Moon, leader of the Sailor Scouts."

Although no one else heard it, Soundwave hears a slight 'hmph!' from Raye and deduced that she obviously did not think much of Serena's leadership qualities and perhaps she was right, but Soundwave felt it wasn't his place to intervene. He felt uncomfortable in this Universe. There was a lot of strange energies in this Universe, but none compatible with Transformers and he hoped he got back to Earth - in his universe before he ran out, and he thanked the stars that he didn't need much power in this mode. Soundwave he sensed these five girls bore him no malevolence. He was more intrigued with Sailor Mercury than the others. She had risked her life to keep him out of the Negaverse clutches and felt he had to repay that debt.

Raye had finished creating the field and Soundwave thanked her.

"Well we can't have the Negaverse getting hold of you."

Soundwave appreciated the concern, but was quite sure he could take care of himself, but these five girls seemed to be his only ticket back to his Universe. He didn't fancy his chances with the Negaverse. It was obvious they wanted to use him to defeat these five Sailor Scouts. Obviously these two forces were feuding - a fight on which he had no intentions in getting involved, but he had become involved, inadvertently, hadn't he?

Mercury, however stayed in Sailor Scout mode and activated her transparent blue eye-band computer.

"You're amazing ..." she said in awe.

Although Soundwave was a private person, he felt it prudent that he give her some background on the Transformers. He told her how they had come from a mechanical planet called Cybertron and how the factions had split in two, becoming the Decepticons, and their enemies, the Autobots. After five million years of war, taking the planet to the brink of destruction, the Transformers left in search of a new energy source, and crashing on Earth, becoming dormant for a further four million years, before and eruption of Mount Saint Helens, sixteen years previously, and awoken the ship's computer, the ship being embedded at the base of the volcano. Mercury enlightened him, by telling of the history of the Sailor Scouts ... about the Silver Millennium, one thousand years ago how all the planets were at peace, the Earth's Moon and Moon Kingdom being the centre ... then it was attacked and destroyed by the Negaverse, evil forces from a universe of negative energies. Serena's Mother, Queen Serenity, used the last of her powers, to send Serena, the Moon Princess, her love Prince Darien, and her court, Amy, Raye, Lita and Mina, all princesses of their respective planets, and their guardian cats, to Earth, to be born again, in one millennium, and be able to revive their powers should the Negaverse strike again. They had forgotten about their past, until it was renewed once more.

"It looks as if we both have interesting backgrounds," Mercury said.


The two then began to share information on their transforming techniques.

"Hows Mercury?" Raye asked.

"Talkin' about circuits and stuff with Soundwave," Jupiter said.

"I think she likes him," Serena said with a wink.

Venus smiled. "That's good for her."

Soundwave conserved energy wherever and whenever he could. He had no idea how long it would be before he could return to his world, and he refused to believe he'd be trapped here forever. He didn't hate it here, nor feel so uncomfortable, now that he'd learnt more about this strange Universe.

            * * *

In the coming days, Soundwave and Amy spent a lot of time together. She liked him. It was good to have someone to talk to who understood extremely technical terms and the importance of furthering one's education and didn't yawn when it came to arithmetic! Soundwave too appreciated her company. It wasn't often he'd found such an intelligent and insightful human. Her friends were an intriguing lot too. Serena, Sailor Moon, despite being a clumsy whiner, cared for her friends and stuck with it when it really counted. Raye, Sailor Mars was very spiritually insightful, and as well as aggressive and hot tempered. Mina, Sailor Venus, appreciated the beauty in all things and people and was all heart when it came to fighting for love and justice and Lita, Sailor Jupiter, was a warrior, brave and honor bound and would never back down from a fight to protect others, and the Scouts were aided by their intelligent talking Guardian cats, Luna, grey and Artemis, white. Luna in some ways had reminded him of Ravage, although she sounded nothing like him! Soundwave could tell that Artemis rather liked her, but she seemed oblivious to him in that sense.

Soundwave found Amy's presence more comforting and pleasurable than the others, although he did not dislike any of them. He'd gotten used to Raye and Serena's arguing, Serena's whining, comic book and chocolate obsession and her constant sighing about Darien, whom the Scouts also referred to as Tuxedo Mask, who had apparently gone to Europe for a month. Soundwave realised the Negaverse, perhaps Queen Beryl was a lot like Megatron in a lot of respects, but he didn't fancy his chances with her and he had grown quite fond of Sailor Mercury ... Amy. She had given him so much information as well as her trust and friendship. Even though Soundwave had some very close friends in his Universe, he did not have many and it was a pleasure to find another one after so long, even if he may never see her again when he returned home.

Amy's voice, although slightly high pitched and very feminine sounding, was very calming. Some may have called it girlie, but Soundwave found it very becoming and comfortable.

Amy sat down at a desk in Raye's temple to do some homework and pulled out a cassette from her bag.

"Sometimes I find calming music helps me study. Do you mind if I play this on you?" She showed him a New Age tape.

"Not at all ... it will make a pleasant change from Serena's music ..."

Amy laughed. Soundwave ejected his tape deck door. Amy took out a tape, CHOCOLATE OBSESSION, by THE DEWBERRIES and smiled. That was Serena all right! Amy inserted her tape. Soundwave closed his door and began to play the soft, pleasant, soothing music. He watched Amy as she began to complete her homework. She was quite pretty, he thought, looking at her pale skin, short hair and large blue eyes, and, like her friends, possessed long legs and a very shapely feminine body, but that was not the reason he appreciated her. Her beauty went far beyond skin deep.

            * * *

"I've got some good news for you, Soundwave," Mercury said, coming to him. "I've been up most of the night ... and morning and I think I've found a way to send you back to your Universe. "I can use my computer to perform the calculations and Serena can use the Crescent Moon Wand to give us the necessary power."

"I thank you. That is excellent news."

            * * *

Mercury informed the others of her plan.

"Well we'd better do it quick," Jupiter said, her rusty brown ponytail whipping around. "I'm getin' major Negavibes, and they ain't come for donations!"

The Scouts transformed.

"I will assist you," Soundwave said.

Mercury took him outside.

"It's her again!" she exclaimed, pointing to Nalavres.

"Yeah! And this time I play for keeps, little girls! Give me that robot!"

"Never!" came Mercury's forceful answer.

Nalavres created an energy web with her hands and threw it over the Mercury, Mars, Venus and Jupiter. Sailor Moon tripped, clumsily, but it worked to her favour, as she tripped herself outside the net. Her friends groaned as their energy was being sicked from them.

"I am Sailor Moon, Champion of Justice and Princess of the Moon Kingdom. I will right wrongs and triumph over evil - and that means you!" Her long blonde pony tails, with their meatball style tops, bobbing up and down.

Nalavres feigned a yawn. "Do you always babble so much?"

"No one does that to MY friends!" Sailor Moon bellowed in anger.

"Oh yeah, Miss Lovely Legs? I just did!"

Sailor Moon raised her Crescent Wand. "Moon Power!" She screamed. The wand glowed and the net disintegrated.

"Blast!" Nalavres yelled. "Well no matter - you'll never defeat he in your weakened condition!"

Sailor Jupiter weakly stood and did the best she could. "Jupit..er .... thunder .... crash ..." She used what she could muster of her planet's great power. The lightning blast hit Nalavres, buying the Scouts a little time. Soundwave transformed into robot mode and blasted her, giving the Scouts a little more time to recuperate.

Mars stood, her long, thick black hair flaring. "Mars Fire Ignite!" She pressed her fingers together and shot a beam of fire at the Negaverse woman who screeched as the flames scorched her, but she managed to blow them off. "You'll have to do better than that! I want that robot!"

Soundwave was above feeling offended by her goings on. In fact he was feeling rather bored with her banter and he'd be damned to Silicon Hades if he'd let her have him.

Nalavres blasted at the Scouts again. Soundwave had to use his power sparingly. He only had enough energy for one more shot and he needed to make it count.

"Venus Crescent Beam Smash!" Venus yelled, using her burning crescent.

It his Nalavres in the stomach. She made a loud 'oogh' noise, before composing herself.

"Come on, Scouts!" Mars urger. "Together we cam beat her!"

"Aww I'm touched ..." Nalavres sneered.

The Scouts began signalling each other and Soundwave. Although a little confused, Nalavres didn't let it bother her.

"Okay, Scouts," Sailor Moon said. "Now!"

Each of them, including Soundwave all blasted Nalavres at once. She screamed as her body disintegrated to dust.

"A job well done," Jupiter said, brushing her hands together.

"You could say that again," Moon said.

Sailor Jupiter looked up at Soundwave. "Are you sure you don't wanna stay? You'd be an invaluable asset to our team."

Soundwave appreciated her spirit and faith in him. "Thank you, but no. I do not belong here. I have my own dimension and friends to return to. Like you I must continue my own fight."

"I understand," Jupiter said, sadly. "Good luck."

Soundwave nodded. "And also to you in your quest ..."

He turned to Sailor Mercury, carefully picked her up, then opened his hand and she climbed onto his shoulder. "It is time, Amy. I am sorry I have to leave."

"As am I, but we both know you can't stay here."

Soundwave gently clasped his hand around her, then opened it.

"I have something for you," Amy said, holding a beautiful golden star shaped locket. Embedded lay a brilliant sapphire crystal. The face of the locket was clear, and inside lay a brilliant star scape and it played a most charming, moving melody. "It is my Mercury Star locket," she said, "from my home planet, when it was inhabited by my people, before the Negaverse attacked. I'd like you to have it."

The Scouts below, were very touched by her offering. Soundwave could tell this locket meant a lot to Amy and didn't want to refuse it, in fear of hurting her feelings, but part of him didn't want to take it - he could tell it was very special to her.

"Thank you," he said, sincere.

At first he thought he had nothing to give her for her precious gift, but then thought of something he could give her in return. He took the Decepticon symbol from his chest. "Here," he said, handing her the silver plaque with the purple insignia on it. "It is the symbol of my people."

"I am honoured," Mercury said her voice sincere.

"Many consider us evil," Soundwave said. "I am glad you do not share that opinion."

Mercury held the plaque. "I shall treasure this always."

"And I your gift. Farewell, Amy, and thank you."

"It was my pleasure, Soundwave. May the planets guide you in your journey."

"And you in yours."

"All right everyone," Sailor Moon said. "It's now or never! - hold your breath!" She held her wand up, and made a circle around herself. "Cosmic Moon Power! Now Mercury!"

Sailor Mercury activated her computer and the two powers merged. A large shimmering porthole began to appear

"It worked!" Jupiter exclaimed.

Sailors Moon and Mercury could barely hold it, as it drained their powers.

Soundwave took one last look at his new friend, before walking through the porthole. It closed behind him.

Sailor Moon and Mercury collapsed and were helped up by their friends.

            * * *

The Scouts had walked with Amy to her house.

"It's always difficult to say goodbye to a friend," Venus said, "especially when you may never see them again."

She put her arm around Mercury.

A tear rolled down Amy's cheek and she nodded. "I'm happy that he found his way back home, but I'll sure miss him."

"I think we all will," Jupiter said, "but you most of all. We know what you're going through - and hey, we're not going anywhere."

Mercury smiled. "Thanks guys. I don't know what I'd do without you."

Mina smiled. "Hey, that's what friends are for!"

They all had a group hug.

"Why don't we all go to a movie?" Raye suggested. "Amy?"

She smiled. "Sure, but first ..".

She placed Soundwave's Decepticon symbol plaque above her computer.

            * * *

Soundwave appeared back on the battle site.

"Soundwave!" Megatron exclaimed. "I thought the Autobots' weapon had killed you ..."

Soundwave shook his head. "Negative. The use of both the weapons simultaneously transported me to another dimension..." Then Soundwave became confused. Surely the battle couldn't have gone on for so long. "How long was I absent?"

"About ten minutes."

At first it was quite a shock, but then Soundwave reasoned that the passage time in the Sailor Scouts' Universe ran differently to this one.

"Where were you?" Megatron asked.

"I shall tell you all about it when we get back to base ... It was most intriguing."

"Can't wait to hear it."

Meanwhile Bumblebee appeared back with the Autobots.

"Bumblebee!" Optimus Prime exclaimed. "We thought the Decepticons' weapon had vaporised you."

"No, thank Primus ... I got transported to a world called Etheria with a pretty, strong, devoted woman called She-Ra, Princess of Power and her rebel friends, against the Horde..."

            * * *

The Decepticons arrived back at their undersea headquarters in the middle of the Atlantic and as he had promised, Soundwave told Megatron of his interesting sojourn and of Amy - Sailor Mercury.

"She must've been quite intriguing."

Soundwave knew Megatron wasn't offended that he'd given her his Decepticon symbol in return for her locket. She had given him something that meant a great deal to her and he wanted to do the same. Megatron had given him a new insignia, which Soundwave was proud to display. His Cassettes had also been intrigued by his adventure Soundwave had never thought of himself as a story teller, but their attention never faltered and so he assumed he'd told it well.

            * * *

Soundwave wanted to spend a little time by himself, away from the base. He sat on a deserted grassy plain near the ocean and ran his hand along the soft green grass. He looked up at the twinkling stars in the dark night sky and wondered how Amy and her friends world fare. He looked at the planet Mercury and the other planets knowing the special powers each of these planets, stars and asteroids possessed special powers and significance, in every Universe.

Soundwave opened his hand, revealing the beautiful Star Locket Amy had given him, and it started to play its lovely melody as, Soundwave turned his gaze out toward the stars.




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