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Summary: A Star Trek: TNG / Space Rangers crossover. Stranger things have happened ... Haven't they?

 Rating PG





Inside the fort, Chennault is racing toward her office. She barges in and hits the intercom.

CHENNAULT: (Urgent) Captain Boon, report to my office for immediate assignment. Captain Boon ...


BOON is sitting with a shapely female colleague. He rolls his eyes, hearing Chennault's order.

BOON: Gotta go Babe. See ya later.

ANNE: Bye. Don't stay away too long.

Boon smiles, then hurries off.


Chennault is sitting with Col. Weiss.

BOON: I'm here, gentlemen. Whaddya want?

CHENNAULT: (ignoring 'gentlemen') A disturbance has been detected in the Quayann System. It could have drastic ramifications for Fort Hope.

BOON: Lemme guess - you want me and my team to check it out, and save the day.

Chennault gives Boon a 'no nonsense' look.

WEISS: This is no comical matter. Triple hazard pay plus more.

BOON: (considers and nods) We'll go, just as long as you don't ask us to bring back a Banshee for your birthday.

Weiss scowls.


Jo Jo's sculling a Zulu, while Doc's scarfing a space burger. Danny and Mimmer chat about how to avoid 'space sickness.'

BOON: (Hurries in) Yo, Guys ... C'mon, we got an urgent one.

JO JO: How urgent?

BOON: As urgent as they come. Triple hazard pay + more.

JO JO: That urgent.

DOC: Always when I'm eatin!'

BOON: Where's Zylyn?

Jo Jo points to the far corner of the bar. Zylyn is sitting by himself at a table, eating some kind of furry creature, and thoroughly enjoying it. Boon approaches him. Zylyn tears off the last bit of skin, swallows it, then looks up at Boon.

BOON: Not Weiss' cat ...

Zylyn smiles, bearing teeth.


All crew take their relative places. Jo Jo climbs into the cockpit, adjusts a few controls and flattens her sexy man poster.

JO JO: All set to go, boys.

DOC: Y' hear that, Lizzy? This's the big one.

Doc plays 'Shake, Rattle and Roll' over Lizzy's speakers.

BOON: Let 'er rip!

LIZZY soars along the runway shaft, leaves Fort Hope and soars into outer space. The LIGHTSPEED circle is seen ahead.


JO JO: Lightspeed, here we come. Tighten your G-strings, boys.

Danny and Mimmer try their best not to puke. Doc laughs at their efforts as Lizzy rattles and rolls.

LIZZY comes out of Lightspeed.

JO JO: Well, Boys, here we are.

BOON: What do you see, Jo Jo?

JO JO: My god! It's full of stars!

Boon smiles. A few moments later ...

ZYLYN: Captain, someone's trying to contact us.

BOON: (Surprised) Out here? Put 'em through.

ZYLYN: The message is coming through in text only. (beat) It is from a certain Lieutenant Commander Data of the USS Enterprise, inquiring of our business in this sector of space.

BOON: Well, advise this ... Data, that our presence here is none of his business.

ZYLYN: (nods) This is Zylyn of Slingship 377 to Lt. Commander Data of the Enterprise. Our presence here is not your concern. (pause) Captain, he says that being here could be viewed as a hostile act by the Romulans. (mutters under breath) Whoever they are ... Captain, they're changing course to intercept us.

BOON: Hostile?

ZYLYN: I do not think so.

BOON: Hold and wait for their arrival.

The Enterprise comes into view. The LIZZY crew stare in awe.

JO JO: (Eyes wide) My god! Look at the size of that thing ...

DOC: (Quiet) Don't worry, Lizzy. She's on our side. I hope ...

ZYLYN: Data says there is no time to explain. Captain, I do not believe they have hostile intent.

BOON: (resigned) Do as he says.

ZYLYN: Data says we have to stand together to be transported.

BOON: Transported? What? Who the hell does he think he is?

ZYLYN: I suggest we obey. Oh, and he also said we have to stand very still.

Boon reluctantly obeys.

The transporter beam grips them. The crew dematerialise.


Lizzy's crew rematerialise and take a while to realise what has happened. Boon looks at the pale faced officer.

BOON: How did you do that?

DATA: It is called molecular transport. It is a common means of transportation in this century. I am Data.

BOON: And what *Century* is this?

DATA: The 24th.

Boon stares.

DATA: You have come through a temporal rift in time and space. I realised what had happened when I saw your archaic vessel.

DOC: (Defensive) What's wrong with Lizzy?

DATA: Her design does not match anything in our data banks and she is ... an older model. (Data refrains from saying anything that might offend the human. He made that mistake when he downgraded the Enterprise NCC 1701 in front of Scotty and was decked for it). What century are you from?

JO JO: The 22nd. Do all humans look like Snow White here?

DATA: (Half smiles) No. I am an android.

JO JO: You mean a machine?

DATA: (Nods) Do you have androids in your universe?

JO JO: Yeah, but you're more, well .... advanced.

DATA: Of course.

MIMMER: If you don't mind me askin', what type of brain ...

DATA: Positronic, but it is an improved model from the original design created by Isaac Asimov.

Mimmer nods, impressed.

BOON: Who's the Captain of this ship?

DATA: Captain Jean-Luc Picard and First Officer William Riker are away. I am Acting Captain until they return.

JO JO: You mean they put a machine in charge?

Data, even though he hasn't got and feelings looks somewhat offended, then realises.

DATA: Ah, I see. In your century, androids are merely machines. In this century, we have, how shall I put it? ... Evolved. We are alive. I am the only one in Starfleet at the moment, but my Father ...

JO JO: Father?

DATA: My creator. Dr. Noonian Soong.

They are surprised at how human Data is for an android.

DATA: I shall lead you to your guest quarters.

BOON: How long do we have to stay here?

DATA: Until we are sure that the Romulans, our enemies, are not planning an assault against the Federation. But please, do not think of yourselves as prisoners. You are our guests and the ship is at your disposal.

BOON: Thank you.

DANNY: (to no-one in particular) So what do you think caused the time rift?

MIMMER: I don't know exactly, but I have a theory. Outer space contains millions of atoms and particles, a very delicate balance. If these particles become unstable or an unknown force upsets them, they condense, hence disrupting the delicate balance of time and the universe, hence causing unstable rifts.

DATA: I could not have put it better myself.

Data begins telling the newcomers about the Enterprise's facilities. Boon, and Danny head straight for Ten-Forward. Data leads the others to the Holodeck.

DATA: (Taps combadge) Data to Worf.

WORF: (Growls) What do you want, Commander?

DATA: I am sorry to disturb you, Lieutenant, but I have a visitor, you may wish to meet.

Worf comes out of the holodeck and sees Zylyn.

WORF: (Reluctant) You may join me.

ZYLYN: Thank you. I am honoured. (Enters holodeck).

Data takes Doc and Mimmer to meet Dr. Crusher, who's all keen to create better body replacement parts for him.


Data lets Jo Jo sit at the helm.

JO JO: Wow ..... this is just .... (studies the console) Well, more advanced than anything I've ever seen.

Data smiles and teaches her how to fly a 24th century ship.


WORF: (To Zylyn) What is that you are wearing?

ZYLYN: It is my collar.

WORF: Why do you wear it?

ZYLYN: It tones down my emotional responses.

WORF: It curtails your freedom?

ZYLYN: No, it doesn't. I don't resent it. Grakka emotions are more intense than human, but I am learning to control them.

WORF: I had to do much the same thing.

A holodeck creature jumps out and attacks Zylyn. Zylyn fights it off, but it seems to be winning. Zylyn rips off the collar and hurls it away. He growls and attacks the creature with a vicious ferocity that almost frightens Worf. Zylyn kills the creature, and is hungry for more. He sees there are no more creatures to attack and forces himself to calm down. Worf sees fire burning in Zylyn's eyes.

WORF: Admirable.

ZYLYN: We are alike, you and I, both blood warriors, fighting for what we believe in. It is part of us.

WORF: (nods - confesses) At first I was not happy about you being here, but now, Zylyn I have changed my mind.

ZYLYN: (Smiles and picks up collar.) I wish we had a facility like this back at the Fort. It is good ... exercise.

WORF: Exactly.


Beverly finished with Doc. Mimmer stands nearby.

BEVERLY: There, that does it, Doc. Your heart and liver should be more stable now.

DOC: Thanks, Doc. Never felt better.

Beverly smiles.

GEORDI enters Sickbay. Doc and Mimmer look at him and frown.

GEORDI: You're probably wondering what this is. (He taps his VISOR) It's my VISOR. It enables me to see.

MIMMER: Can you see without it?

GEORDI: Without it I'm as blind as a bat, born that way.

DOC: Is it painful? How can you see with it?

GEORDI: (Smiles) I love inquisitive guests. It hurts a little, but I've grown to accept the pain, as the rewards outweigh the discomfort. I can't see like you do. My VISOR enables me to see things like gases and details that a normal eye would miss. It separates heat sources and distinguishes between people and objects, as you give off different heat patterns.

MIMMER: Amazing ... (After a few moments ...) Is there anything we can learn about Commander Data? He fascinates us. In our century, androids are no where near as advanced and certainly not alive. How do you feel about having an android on board?

GEORDI: Data's my best friend. I don't see him any differently. He's a great friend to all of us. He's not the ship's handy-android.

MIMMER: Sorry. Didn't mean to offend you.

GEORDI: (smiles) Don't worry. You didn't. This is all new for you. (Taps combadge) Data ...

DATA: Data here, Geordi.

GEORDI: Doc and Mimmer have taken an interest in your abilities. They want to look around your lab. Is that okay?


Data looks doubtful at first.

DEANNA: I sense no deception from our guests, Commander.

JO JO: (frowns) How can you sense that?

DEANNA: (smiles) I'm half Betazoid. I'm empathic and can sense what people are feeling. I can't read your exact thoughts, but I can sense you don't mean us any harm. (smiles) Don't worry. I'm not a sticky beak. I won't probe your deepest darkest secrets.

JO JO: Phew.

DATA: (Taps combadge) Data to Geordi. Our guests have my permission to explore my lab.

DOC AND MIMMER: Thanks, Data. It'll be a unique experience.

DATA: My pleasure.


DANNY AND BOON sit at a table.

DANNY: Boy is this place different from Fort Hope.

BOON: Say that again. You'd be able to hear a pin drop.

GUINAN: (from behind them) You didn't hear that, did you?

BOON: (startled - looks around) What?

GUINAN: I just dropped a pin. Can I help you, gentlemen?

BOON: Who are you?

GUINAN: I'm the bartender.

BOON: Got any Zulus?

GUINAN: I take it that's a drink. I've been around for a long time and I've never heard of that one, but I'll bring you something special.

Guinan turns and is behind the bar before Boon could say 'where'd she go.' A few moments pass, and Guinan returns with their beverages.

GUINAN: This is a speciality of my people. My mother introduced me to it six hundred years ago.

Boon and Danny's eyes stick out on stalks.

DANNY: Six *hundred*? How old are you .... sorry ... I didn't mean to ....

GUINAN: (smiles) No offence taken. My people live for a long time, compared to you humans. That's one of the joys of being out here. You get to meat many different kinds of people, and people are sometimes the greatest teachers.

BOON: You sure look good for your age .... By the way, have you ever thought about becoming a philosopher?


Doc and Mimmer are looking around in awe at the technological wonders and begin to take notes.

MIMMER: There's so much! We've been here for hours, and barely scraped the surface! I could take up permanent residence here.

Doc smiles and looks at Data's schematics on the screen.

DOC: I know what you mean. It's amazing how androids can really be alive, isn't it? I mean here they're more than just machines. They're people.

MIMMER: (smiles) I understand how you feel, Doc. You're half machine yourself.

DOC: Don't get mushy on me, boy.


Jo Jo and Deanna enter. They see Danny and Boon and walk up to greet them. Boon sees Deanna and is almost mesmerised by her. He stands up and walks to her.

BOON: Hi, my name's ....

Deanna slaps Boon across his face.

JO JO: (Laughs) You put your foot in it there, Boon. She's empathic. She knows what you're thinking.

BOON: (Holds hand over face) Why didn't anyone tell me? (Looks at Deanna - apologetic) I'm sorry .... It's not everyday I see a beautiful woman.

JO JO: (mock offence) Boon! I'm never gonna talk to you again!

BOON: (smiles) Shut up, Jo Jo.

Deanna half smiles and sits down with the group, sensing that Boon's hormones have calmed.


Data is sitting in the Command Chair. His combadge chirps.

DATA: (Taps badge) Data here.

DOC: Data, we've been looking around your lab, and we've found the parts to another android .... Uhh, we were wondering if we could repair it.

DATA: I do not think that would be possible. I have tried to repair the android you speak of, and failed. And ... I have to inform you that the rift you came through is fluctuating. We must get you back through it in case it closes.

DOC: I see .... Could we take it back to Fort Hope with us and try to repair it there? Being an alternate universe and all, we might have something that will fix it.

Data considers this. He never thought it was possible to repair Lal. He had tried his best more than once. To be honest with himself, he didn't think that Doc and the others would be capable of repairing her, but could he take the chance not to let them try? What if they succeeded? What if they took Lal's parts back through the rift and it closed before he could get her back? Data decided to have Lal alive in any universe was better than not at all.

DATA: You have my permission to attempt repairs.

MIMMER: Thanks, Data. You got no idea how grateful we are. We'll get to work as soon as we get back. When we've repaired it, if the rift's open, we'll give it back to you.

DATA: Thank you.

DOC: I'll round up the others ... Thanks for everything, Data. You've a fine ship. Her captain must be mighty proud.

DATA: (smiles) He is.


Data is sitting in the command chair.

WORF: 'Lizzy' has safely entered the rift, sir and I have confirmed no Romulans present.

DATA: Which would eliminate the threat. Thank you, Lieutenant. You have the Bridge.

WORF: Aye, sir. Commander, the rift is now stabilising.

DATA: Thank you, Worf. (Stands up) Geordi, I would like you to accompany me to my lab.

GEORDI: Sure, Data.


GEORDI: (Enters with Data) What are we looking for?

DATA: Our guests from 'Lizzy' requested that they take Lal's parts back with them to try and repair her. I am afraid I do not hold much hope.

GEORDI: (Smiles) But you didn't want to pass up the chance.

DATA: I am glad you understand. You are a good friend, Geordi.

GEORDI: (smiles) Thanks, Data. You too.

DATA: I came down here to check if that have taken all of her parts. I was too busy at the time our guests departed.

Data walks to the compartment storing Lal's parts and opens it. Lal's head is seen inside, and all of her other parts.

GEORDI: (frowns) What the?

Data looks confused, then his eyes widen, and he stares at Geordi. He rushes to the compartment on the other side of his lab where he'd stored Lore's parts. Data hesitates for a short moment, then opens it. It's totally empty. Data and Geordi stare at each other.

DATA: Geordi, I believe the correct term is 'Oh excrement.'


Mimmer and Jo Jo stand with Chennault and Col. Weiss. Boon has already informed them of the encounter with the Enterprise.

MIMMER: Using Data's schematics we should be able to put this one together.

CHENNAULT: An android captain?

JO JO: (nods) A polite one too. This must be his brother.

WEISS: That's a very sentimental view to have toward androids. They're just machines.

JO JO: (Rolls eyes) Androids are like people there. Not zombies. But then again, some people in this universe....

WEISS: (Ignores Jo Jo) The android was created by a human?

JO JO: Yeah.

WEISS: Then ....

CHENNAULT: You are a stubborn man.

JO JO: (smiles) You had to be there, Weiss. I hear they have a Banshee officer.

Chennault stifles a smile.

WEISS: (scowls) Inform me when you have it assembled.

JO JO: Him.

WEISS: Whatever. (Exits with Chennault.)

JO JO: How long'll it take, Mimmer?

MIMMER: I'll be finished by tomorrow. If I ignite the midnight petroleum that is.

JO JO: (Smiles) Call me. I've got to change my poster. There's a gorgeous poster of a guy called Brent in this month's 'Space Man.' magazine.

Mimmer smiles as Jo Jo leaves.


Data is sitting in the command chair.

DATA: Set co ordinates for the rift. We must stop them before they reassemble Lore. Ahead full impulse, until we reach the rift, then increase to warp nine.

DEANNA: Data ....

DATA: (lowers his voice) There is no telling what damage Lore will do if he is reassembled again ... and in that century, they will not be able to stop him.

DEANNA: You're blaming yourself for this.

DATA: I assumed that they were going to repair Lal. The thought of having her back, just... I did not think.

DEANNA: It's a mistake any of us could've made in your place. But what if Lore doesn't cause any harm. What if he changes ... for the better?

DATA: (pauses) I agree, that would be pleasing, but somehow, Counsellor, I do not believe it is possible.


Mimmer stands proud by the bed. Under the covers, lies the fully assembled android. The rest of the crew are also present.

MIMMER: (big smile) I've done it, carefully following Data's schematics. I also noticed some anomalies in this one's positronic brain, hence, making him unstable, but using the scan of Data's brain, I think I've managed to straighten the neural pathways and positronic links.

BOON: Now I wish I hadn't ditched science class.

Mimmer walks to the android, gently presses his side, turning him on.

LORE: (Sits up, looks around, startled) Where ... where am I?

MIMMER: You're on Fort Hope, Planet Avalon.

LORE: Where the hell's that?

The people start explaining to Lore what happened (ie- the rift, meeting Data and being on the Enterprise.)

MIMMER: You should be stable, now, I think.

LORE: You fixed me ... stabilised me?

MIMMER: (nods) Took a while, but I've done the best I can.

LORE: (smiles) Thanks. I didn't think I'd ever become stable again, y'know, for a biological bunch, you're not all that bad. (Looks at Doc) Have you ever heard of the Borg?

DOC: The who?

LORE: (smiles) Doesn't matter.

Lore climbs off the bed, and the blanket falls away. Jo Jo has a *huge* smile on her face. She tries to stop, but can't help it. Her smile grows wider.

JO JO: They sure don't build 'em like *that* in this universe.

Lore looks down and becomes instantly embarrassed, realising that he's starkers. He grabs the blanket.

LORE: Do you mind?!

JO JO: (Shakes her head) No.

Lore half smiles.

ZYLYN: (Looks at Lore) Would you care to exchange poetry?

LORE: What? .... You guys are weird.

BOON: You're so human .... uh, do you need to eat?

LORE: No, but a chocolate mousse wouldn't go astray.


WEISS: (sarcastic) An android who likes chocolate mousse.

JO JO: (smiles) And that's not all ...

Boon elbows her.

WEISS: I want this android, whether it likes chocolate or not.


Lore is sitting, sipping a drink and eating a large bowl of chocolate mousse. Weiss and Boon enter.

BOON: There he is.

WEISS: (frowns) Androids are supposed to be bald.

BOON: Well they obviously realised that they looked better with hair.

WEISS: It shouldn't be in the bar.

BOON: (sarcastic) Well, why don't you ask him to leave?

Weiss walks to Lore, and sees his golden skin and eyes.

WEISS: You look more like an android from the front.

Lore looks at Weiss, then carries on eating his mousse.

WEISS: You will pay attention to me. I am Colonel Weiss and I order you to assist repairing the slingships.

Lore swallows his last mouthful of chocolate mousse.

LORE: (To Weiss) Why should I?

WEISS: You are an android, programmed to do as you are told.

LORE: Stupid human. Don't you listen? I was not programmed to be your slave. Go and do it yourself.

WEISS: (Stiffens) If you disobey, I'll have you disassembled.

Lore bashes his fist on the table, smashing the bowl.

LORE: (Angry) That's always the way, isn't it! (Upset) It's not fair! Everyone wants to disassemble me. Fine! I admit I'm not perfect, but neither are you. (Sniffs) I'm here, trying to improve, and still get threatened with disassembly. How would you like it if every time you did something wrong, you were taken apart for it? (Tears begin to well in Lore's eyes) Well?

Weiss is speechless.

LORE: Exactly. Humans don't give a shit. We're just like you and we deserve to be treated that way. Not like machines. Lore sulks.

WEISS: I ... I ... I ...

LORE: (Snarls) You what?

Weiss just stands there, feeling like an idiot. Lore scowls at him, throws his glass on the floor and storms off, everyone giving him a wider berth than they give Zylyn.

WEISS: (Guilty, quiet and bewildered) Well ... Sorry ... I ...

Weiss turns at the sound of footsteps, and sees Ringer there.

RINGER: I would say that serves you right, sir. (Pokes tongue out, then gives his little smile.)


Lore is storming down the corridor in high dungeon, when he sees a bald woman, sitting alone in a room. He stops and enters the room. The woman just sits there, not moving.


LORE: What's the matter? Did you look at Medusa?

The woman's face turns to him, and Lore sees she's not quite human. Her face is a murky white, with glassy eyes. She stares at him, not focusing.

LORE: (Eyes widen, and his tone softens) My god .... You're an android ...

ANDROID: That is correct.

LORE: What is your name?


LORE: Can't they give androids decent names? (Looks at LCCC etc) How about I call you ... Let's see now ....

LCCC...: Let's see now.

LORE: (Smiles and gives a little chuckle) No ... Um ... How about Krystal? Do you like that name?

LCCC: I am not programmed for such a function.

LORE: This is going to be harder than I thought. And I thought Data was bad. Do you mind if I take a look inside your head, Krystal?

LCCC...: My new title is Krystal.

LORE: No, not your title. Your name.

LORE: (Gently opens her head) Jeez! This is primitive. No offence, Krys. (mutters) This is so old, I wouldn't be surprised to find cobwebs. (Louder) I think I can fix you up, but it'll take a while.

KRYSTAL: I am already operating at maximum efficiency. What makes you think there be cobwebs in my head?

LORE: (smiles) Sorry ... How would you like me to improve?

KRYSTAL: I did not believe that to be possible, but to be improved would be desirable.

LORE: (thinks) Okay, she said 'desirable' which means she's not a total zombie. That's a start.

INT. ROOM - A few hours later.

Lore is sitting down in the chair, with a lot of Krystal's wires around him. Then we see the new Krystal. Her face is a gentler white and her eyes are not so glassy. She has long wavy, silky brown hair. She smiles at Lore.

KRYSTAL: Thank you, Lore. I owe my life to you.

LORE: Nah. It was nothing. I couldn't leave you like that.

KRYSTAL: (Smiles at Lore) You upgraded my CPU and reprogrammed me. I can think an act for myself now. I never knew what I was missing. (She's so happy, she begins to cry. A few tears roll down her cheeks) Oh, I won't rust, will I?

Lore smiles, shakes his head and puts his arm around her.

LORE: (Stands) I'll be leaving soon. I can't stay here.

KRYSTAL: Oh, please don't leave me here. Take me with you.

LORE: (smiles) I thought you'd never ask.

KRYSTAL: I love you, Lore.

LORE: (Holds his hands up) Please ... If there's one thing I can't stand, it's mush.

Then he takes Krystal melodramatically into his arms and kisses her.


Data has arrived and is with Chennault, Weiss and Boon's team. He has explained to them about Lore.

DATA: He was disassembled because he was dangerous. He caused the deaths of many people. We must capture him and disassemble him again. He is completely unstable. I will make a report on this to my fellow crew mates.

MIMMER: When I repaired him, I noticed some anomalies and corrected them. He's stable now ... mostly...

DATA: That may be so, but I must be sure. I do not want any more lives lost.

JO JO: (Upset) And I thought he was cute ....

CHENNAULT: I understand what you're saying, Commander, but Lore hasn't been violent.

DATA: Nevertheless, I need to see him.

WEISS: That's going to be a bit difficult. I ... upset him and he stormed off.

DATA: It is fortunate that he did not kill you.

WEISS: (Swallows) Well ... he said he was trying to improve, if that's any help.

DATA: Thank you. I hope it is true.


Lore walks into the bar with Krystal. He introduces her to her first drink, and chocolate mousse.

LORE: Try it. I hope I've got your taste buds right.

Krystal tries the mousse, and a wide smile creeps across her face. She has another, and another and another and ...

KRYSTAL: This is wonderful ....

LORE: Be grateful androids can't get fat.

Krystal smiles and kisses Lore, on the cheek, leaving a mark of chocolate. Lore wipes it off and smiles. He turns Krystal toward him and gives her a gentle, lingering, affectionate kiss. At that moment, Data and the crew walk into the bar and see Lore. Data motions the others to stand back. Lore breaks away from Krystal and sees Data.

LORE: (swallows ...quiet) Smeg.

Lore knows he can't escape and he sees that Data has a phaser. Data walks to him. Lore stays put.

LORE: (quiet) Krystal, I think you'd better go. I need to see my brother alone.

Krystal looks worried. Lore smiles.

LORE: Don't worry. I'll be fine. (Thinks) I hope ...

Krystal leaves. Data stops when he gets to Lore.

DATA: (Orders) Come with me.

Lore says nothing and stands, realising it's better to obey. He follows Data out of the bar. Data leads him into a room.


Lore slowly turns around and nervously glances at the phaser in Data's hand.

LORE: Why don't you just set the thing to vaporise and get it over with?!

DATA: What makes you think I am going to shoot you, Lore?

LORE: (Scowls, angry tone) You didn't seem to have a problem with that before!

DATA: I acted in self defence. You reached for a weapon.

LORE: It was set on high stun. I just wanted to disable you long enough so I could get away. I didn't want to kill you.

DATA: How was I supposed to know that?

There is a long pause. Lore breaks the silence.

LORE: You've had everything I always wanted. You're accepted, you've got friends and .... Well, I never had anybody. That's why I was jealous of you. I tried my best to forget it. Do you remember the last thing I said, before you deactivated me?

Data says nothing, but nods.

LORE: Whether you believe it or not, it's true. I tried to help you, but what I did was wrong. I realise that now, and I'm sorry.

DATA: (surprised) Sorry, Lore?

LORE: I know I was wrong, now. It's taken me a long time to admit it. I don't expect you to forgive me. I know I caused the deaths of all those people. I was unstable .... I know it's still wrong, but I'm trying to change. I haven't even swatted a fly since I got reassembled and I helped Krystal.

DATA: Krystal?

LORE: The lady I was with. She's an android here. I helped her and gave her a name.

DATA: You mean you reprogrammed her to be your concubine to serve you like you did with the Borg.

LORE: (Hurt, offended) No I did not! She's grateful to me - for making her into more than a mindless automation. I didn't program her to love me, she just did.

DATA: I apologize.

LORE: It's all right ... Look, I'm trying my best, Data. I felt like snapping Weiss' scrawny neck, but I didn't. I wanted to change and I have. I need another chance to prove that, but no one cares.

Lore sits down in the chair and sulks. Data looks at him.

DATA: I see you have already started to change your ways.

LORE: You have?

DATA: Yes. I realised that when they told me that you had not performed any malicious acts, you did not kill Weiss and then I saw you with Krystal.

LORE: Then what's all this about?

DATA: I wanted to hear it from you.

LORE: Well?

DATA: (gives a small smile) For the first time, I believe you.

LORE: (eyes widen) *You do?*

Data nods.

LORE: (stands) Thank you.

DATA: The Federation's reasons for disassembling you were because you represented a danger, and ...

LORE: (interrupting) I know, I know. I understand, but I don't have to like it. You wouldn't want to be disassembled.

DATA: (continuing) No, I would not, but since you no longer represent a threat, I am happy to say, that ...

LORE: What? You mean you're not gonna take me apart again?

DATA: No, I am not. This has turned out for the better. At first we prepared for the worst, but now I am glad that they repaired you. I hope someday Lal will be repaired.

LORE: (smiles) I hope so too ... Yeeech, now I'm gettin' all sentimental.

Data smiles and leads Lore out of the room. Lore is greeted by Krystal, who gives him a gentle kiss.

DATA: (to Lore) Now you can stop complaining that no one likes you.

Lore smiles and shakes his head.


ZYLYN is dressed in full Grakka priests gear, while Lore is dressed in a tux and Krystal in a wedding dress. Zylyn takes them through the Grakka wedding ceremony, last few lines from the Earth ceremony.

ZYLYN: I now pronounce you android ... man and wife.

And they kissed.

WEISS: (quiet) I don't believe this.

Chennault is close to tears. Ringer is also touched.

CHENNAULT: I always cry at weddings.

WEISS: Sure.

CHENNAULT: Oh, come on. Can't you see the beauty in this? No, of course you can't.

WEISS: (offended) I resent that. Okay. It's .... different.

Chennault gives a snort and walks away.

WEISS: Women ...

CHENNAULT: Colonels!

Zylyn looks at the married couple, gazing lovingly into each other's eyes. He senses what Lore's feeling and smiles, then realises what he's been missing. He sees a human woman walk past. Zylyn's smile grows larger and he's off in pursuit. Lore is preparing to leave with Krystal. Weiss approaches them.

WEISS: I'm afraid I cannot let you have this android.

Lore looks at Weiss, questioning.

WEISS: It ... she is needed here.

LORE: Oh, I see. Hands off, pal, she's mine. She's a married woman.

KRYSTAL: I'm not your toy anymore, Weiss.

LORE: What?! You mean he .... (to Weiss) You're disgusting!

WEISS: No, ... it's ....

Lore laughs to himself. Weiss scowls at being played the fool.

WEISS: All right, you can go.

KRYSTAL: (Smiles and gives Weiss a small kiss) Thank you.

Weiss smiles, and lets them leave.

WEISS: Androids ... they're worse than women.

Data comes to Lore and Krystal.

DATA: Where will you go?

LORE: I've got a ship.

Data looks at Lore, questioning.

LORE: I had it when I was with the Borg and I have programmed it to rendezvous here. I can control it, with my brain. I guided it through the rift, when I was reassembled here. I don't know where I'll go, Data. Who knows how long the rift'll stay open? I might stay in this century, or return to my own.

DATA: (smiles) Good luck, brother.

LORE: (smiles at Data calling him brother) You too.

Data walks away, joining the Enterprise crew.

DATA: (to himself) I have an interesting personal log to write when I return.


The walls are a warm brown colour. Lore walks in with Krystal.

LORE: Where do you want to go?

KRYSTAL: Anywhere you take me, but first, I would like to learn just how 'fully functional' I am.

LORE: (Devilish smile) So would I ...


Weiss is busy cleaning up. He's nowhere near finished. Ringer enters, bearing his coffee.

RINGER: Really! I must protest. I am not your Android Friday.

WEISS: No one makes coffee as good as you.

Ringer gives his trademark smile.

WEISS: Have you seen my cat?

Ringer shakes his head.

WEISS: Doesn't matter. I never liked it anyway ... always piddling and poo-pooing behind my desk. Have you seen the command papers? Central officials are due here in a week and I can't find them *anywhere.*

CHENNAULT'S voice comes through the com panel.

CHENNAULT: Weiss, get all the paperwork ready. General Kincade and the Central officials are coming here in two days.

WEISS: Acknowledged.

Weiss sits hard in his chair and mocks pulling his hair out. He thumps his head on the desk.

RINGER: Are you all right, sir?

WEISS: Why me? Why me??? Can't she tell I'm snowed under? That woman ... Two days! They're due here in *two* days! And I can't find the papers! (Stands, in a total panic.)

RINGER: May I suggest you calm down, sir?

WEISS: *Calm down?!* If I don't find those papers, Central will have me for breakfast!

Weiss' cat comes into the office and starts rubbing against his legs. Weiss groans.

RINGER: (Looks horrified) Well, then, sir, I hope you do find them, for your sake. (pause) Sir, I came to ask you a personal question.

WEISS: (Runs his hand through his hear, messing it up) What?

RINGER: I would like your permission, sir, to get married to Model DA-AANIA-486.DOS.EXE. She wants her new designation to be Daania.

Weiss stops dead and stares at Ringer.

RINGER: Uhh, maybe I caught you on a bad day ... I'll come back tomorrow, but if you say no, we could always elope ....

Ringer smiles.

Weiss faints.





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