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Page Mum's Note: I *adored* how they portrayed Hades, Charon and Celesta in 'Hercules ~ The Legendary Journeys' and 'Xena ~ Warrior Princess.' He was hard working, complained when his workload increased due to wars, plagues and famines, murders and loved Persephone. He was friend to both Hercules and Xena and on several occasions, relied on them and helped them.  I adored Erik Thomson as Hades.  When I heard they had replaced him as Hades in season five as he was working on the Australian medical drama 'All Saints,' I was very upset. Although I loved Stephen Lovatt as Hades as much as Erik, I *despised* how the writers made him and the Gods the bad guys in season five.  Rob Tapert said he had no qualms in killing the Gods.  Shame, shame shame. The Hindu people got an apology for the episode 'The Way.'  Why didn't people who still honour the ancient Gods {millions still do, myself included,} get an apology for that GODawful episode 'Motherhood?" and the entire series five.

Hades in real  mythology is also the God of Justice and would not have attacked a pregnant woman and her child. He would have helped Xena find a peaceful solution to the whole Eve dilemma. As for Hades 'death' - How can one kill the Lord of the Dead?  I think he just said 'fuck this shit' and went back to the Underworld for some much needed time out :}


I adore Hades as he's so quirky and different.  I also love Celesta as she's so sweet and wise.  Persephone is cute and loves her Hades!





ETERNAL ELYSIUM - Hades has to rectify a mistake - my very first Hades fic!


ANY DREAM WILL DO - Hades is in need of a 'pick me up' ... My second Hades fic!


WET, WET, WET - Hades evens the score


LEGACY - Hades discovers why Cerberus was running about like a mad dog. Set shortly after the movie Hercules in the Underworld


ISLE OF AVALON ~ Hades needs Xena to obtain the Orb of Serenity to restore balance to the Underworld. A journey of mysticism and magick. (A script I submitted, unfortunately rejected :(


ONE LAST DRINK - Hades invites Xena to the Underworld for one last drink


ETERNAL FLAME - A certain Goddess' reflections on Hades


IMMORTAL LOVE - Hades has to save Celesta


IMMORTAL SOUL - Hades journeys with Xena


WISDOM OF THE AGES - Hades endeavours to find a peaceful solution to the Eve fiasco


POMEGRANATE MAGICK - Hades returns to the Underworld to discover there seems to be something amiss with Persephone


CHILD OF FATE - AU - Xena goes to rescue Eve from the Underworld, knowing Hades will stop at nothing to stop her


DEATH BECOMES HER - A more realistic ending to the Eve saga


ELYSIAN DESTINY - Xena is set to bring about the Twilight and Hades has to stop her


A LOVE UNTOLD - A certain Goddess realises her love for Hades


PRIDE AND PREJUDICE - Ares has a proposition for Hades


WHEN TARTARUS FREEZES OVER - Xena has captured Hades ...


FAMILY - Hades and Xena comfort one and other


DEATH'S EMBRACE - Hades comforts Celesta


LEST WE FORGET - Celesta saves Hades and all the Gods, but at a high price


  HADES DREAMS - Dreams I have had about Hades (My dreams read like stories and most of them are quite a good read!)






SLUMBER PARTY - Aphrodite tries to cheer up Celesta - Yes, Hades makes an appearance!  :)


WARRIOR OF VIRTUE - Hades has a new arrival


DAMSEL IN DISTRESS - Hades has to rescue Persephone


LORD, WHAT FOOLS THESE GODS BE! - To teach them a lesson, Zeus switches Ares and Cupid's places and Hades is caught in the crossfire


PEACHES AND CREAM - A hilarious and very tasteful parody of the Godawful series 5 finale


DEATH TAKES A HOLIDAY - A humourous look at the horrible Eve Saga from Hades' POV




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More Hades & Celesta fics to come!




~ Other Hades Goodies ~


Hades, Persephone and Celesta Pix  


~ The Priestesses of Hades ~


Hercules & Xena Eps starring Hades, Persephone and Celesta


Custom Hades {and other Underworld} figures, Hades Cos Play & Custom made Underworld   {Hades *would* be proud! ;} 




~ Hades & Celesta Sound files ~   {.WAV}


   "God of the Underworld, at your service..."  {Hades ~ Erik Thomson}


"I'm the King of Sweetness, My Dear.” {Hades ~ Erik Thomson to Persephone}


  "As long as my flame continues to burn, Death will remain a part of life for eternity."     ~ {Celesta ~ Theresa Healey}


 "My Beloved brother Hades" ~ {Celesta ~ Theresa Healey}


"It's not in Death's nature to discriminate." ~ {Celesta ~ Theresa Healey}


  "Make yourselves comfortable.  You'll be spending eternity here."   ~ {Hades ~ Stephen Lovatt}






This banner is a souvenir I kept from the now defunct 'Asphodel' Yahoo Group, which I was honoured to proudly co-moderate,

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Sadly, the 'Asphodel' group died and went to ... well Hel or Hades, along with the rest of YaHell's groups. Very sad :( May they rest in peace.

 I was with them since Onelist in 1996! Then they became Egroups, then Yahoogroups in 2001, disbanded sadly in December, 2020.

{Please note, I use the Norse Spelling of the word~place~Goddess Hel}





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