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Summary - Xena and Hades comfort one and other.


Rating PG








Xena sat in a heap, cradling Gabrielle's body, gently rocking back and forth, the air shivering, hearing her painful melody of death.


Xena's gaze drifted from the lifeless body of her friend to the sky.  In her pain, she did not see the beauty of the wispy clouds.

  "I won't let it end like this ..." Her voice was quiet, yet brooked no argument.

Gently Xena lay Gabrielle's limp body down, covering her wound.  She had killed the warrior who had run her friend through, but that brought little consolation.


Xena carried Gabrielle's body into the woods, and wrapped her friend in a blanket.  Argo gave a sad whimper as Xena placed the Bard inside the hollow of a large tree.

  "I'll come back for you, I promise."


Xena composed herself, walking out into the clearing as though there were no tomorrow.

  "HADES!!!!" the Warrior Princess bellowed.

No answer.

  "HADES!!!!!"  Her voice broke.

Still nothing.

  "You owe me, damnit!  Show yourself!!!"

The world could not have been quieter.

  "All right, you bastard!  Have it your way!  Don't say I didn't warn you."

The Warrior Princess ran and dived into the nearby lake.


Yet again, she thumped down hard in Tartarus and grunted.

  "I hate this place ... Ohh ... Gabrielle ... "

She knew her friend was in the Elysian Fields, safe and serene, though she wasn't to be in the Land of the Dead for long ...


Xena kept cover, avoiding any unwanted surprises, or an impromptu visit from Hades who was none too fond of people dropping into his realm uninvited.


As the Warrior Princess made her way through the depths of Tartarus, she began to hear weeping.  Not just any weeping, weeping of a shattered heart and soul.  She knew the sound well.  Her heart made the same sound.

  //Tartarus is supposed to be torment...// she thought to herself, though the cries of this soul began to eat into her own.

He may well deserve the suffering, she thought - he may be a murderer, rapist, a paedophile and Hades knew what else, but she felt she had to do something.


The desperate lonely, cries became louder as Xena neared, echoing in every chasm, Xena was sure even the cries could be heard over the peaceful plains of the Elysian Fields.


Bunched up, near a large rock, she saw a man, in dirty tattered red clothing, his legs curled up beneath him, as he clutched himself and cried.  Her sixth sense told her that this man was not evil.

  "You don't belong in Tartarus," she said, her voice gentle.    "Let me help you."

The man did not turn to look at Xena, his cries became louder, piercing the Warrior Princess' very soul, cries of hopelessness, despair, a world lost, like hers was.

  "Hades would never punish a virtuous, kind soul like your own..."

The cries became louder still and the man vomited, his face still hidden from Xena.

  "Let me talk to him.  He'll escort you to the Elysian Fields.  You don't belong here."

With an effort, the man stopped sobbing, his gentle blue eyes wrought with pain as he turned to face Xena, the Warrior Princess reeling back in shock.

  "And where do I belong, Xena?"

Xena stared, regarding his face, dirty and streaked with tears. 

 "Hades ..."

The Lord of the Dead used the rock to stand.  Xena helped Hades steady himself.


It took an effort to walk.  Both God and Warrior Princess said nothing as Hades lead Xena to his castle.

  "I don't suppose you're going to tell me what the matter is?"

  "And I don't suppose you'll believe me if I said my eyes were watering."

  "Uh, no."

  "Well in short, I pissed off big brother Zeus and he ... well... fired me."



  "That's why you were crying?  Do you expect me to feel sorr-"

Hades looked embarassed.  "I don't expect you to understand, Xena, you're mortal ... The Underworld is my home, it's all I have."

  "What about Celesta and Persephone?"

  "This place is all we have."  Hades bit his lip.

  "When did it happen?" Xena asked.

  "A few days ago ... Zeus said he'll give me a week to get myself together."

Hades gestured as they entered his castle.  He lead Xena upstairs.

  "Where will you go?"

  "Haven't the foggiest.  Don't suppose you've got room for a deposed God?"

Xena smiled.  "I've learned men on the rebound can be fickle."

Hades tried to make himself smile.  Looking at him, Xena sensed he wasn't telling the whole story.

  "You've come for Gabrielle," he said quietly.

  "Yes," Xena said.

Hades waved his hands gently through the air.  "She's back, alive, healed.  Badda bing."

Hades waved his hand, showing Gabrielle waking up in confusion inside the tree, Argo peering down at her.

  "There you go, Xena," Hades said.  "Good as new."

Xena stared at him.  "I at least expected a protest form you."

  "Sorry to disappoint you."  Hades gave a smile, though Xena could tell it wasn't a happy one.

Hades reached for an encrusted silver chalice, filled with a dark green substance.

  "How much of that have you had?" Xena asked.

  "I've hardly started."

Xena took the chalice out of his hand.  "This isn't what you need right now."

Hades grumbled something incomprehensible.  "And what do I need?"

Xena looked at Gabrielle, now standing with Argo.  "Won't Zeus-"

  "I'm fired, remember?"

  "You want him to give you a good reference?"

Hades gave a humourless chuckle.  "I don't give a fimus."

  "And what about you?  This isn't like you, Hades, deposed or not.  What about the natural order you care so much about?"

  "Restoring one being to life isn't going to disturb it."

  "And if everyone said that?"

Hades gave that same humourless smile.  "You're starting to sound like me, Xena."

  "Thank you for restoring Gabrielle, Hades, though I'm concerned...“

He paced around.    "Don't be, Xena.  I'm still a God.  It's not like Zeusy's taken my powers... I can restore every person here if I damned well wanted to..."

Xena did not miss the tear rolling down Hades' cheek.

  "But what's the use of power when I can't even ... save…" His voice broke, as he sat, in tears again, swiping whatever was on the table off, the chalice's contents spilling onto the hard floor.  Hades bit his lip, but the tears didn't stop.

Xena regarded him with sympathy.  "Hades, what happened? ... You didn't get fired, did you?"

  “Almost ... and ...”

  “Surely Persephone would have-“

Hades bit his lip.  “She ... she ... she left me, Xena ...” Hades paused for a moment.  “It was my fault ... I ... I ... fell in love with a nymph and ...”

  “I see.”

  “Don’t look at me like that, Xena ... She was so beautiful, so innocent ... I love my wife and I always will, despite what happened ... Zeus almost killed me and Demeter would have if she could have... And now she hates me even more... Xena, I don’t know what I can do ... Nothing I’ve said seems to make any difference...”

  “Did you really love her?”

Hades nodded.

  “What was her name?”

The God smiled.  “Minthe ...  She had this luscious green hair and...”

  “And can you see why Persephone-“

  “Of course I can!” Hades snapped.  "And I can do nothing ..."

  "Welcome to the mortal world, Hades."

"Perhaps you should go now," he said quietly.  "I've kept you here long enough."

   "I'm sorry," Xena said, sensing Hades' pain.  Gently she touched his shoulder and began to leave though Hades kept hold of her hand.

She barely heard what he said.

He repeated his quiet words.  "Don't go... please..."

Xena turned, looking sympathetic, though also a little weary.

  "Persephone didn't leave you did she?"

Hades shook his head.

  "Am I going to get a straight answer?" Xena asked.

His hand shaking, Hades pointed to a stony ledge, covered by a thick white cloth.  Xena looked over and shivered as she walked over and pulled the cloth back.  Eyes wide with shock as she stared at the motionless bodies of Persephone and Celesta.

  "By the Gods..."

Hades began to sob again, Xena turned to him, feeling his pain.

  "What happened to them?"


It took a while for Hades to respond.  "Food and ale were left in one of my Temples ... Little did I know they were tainted with Hinds blood… It was meant for me, Xena ..." His tears flowed like the river Styx.  "... And now they're gone ..."

Xena placed her hand on the grieving God's shoulder, feeling his pain, as she shared it for her slain Gabrielle… Hades shut his eyes, tears splashing on the stone table. he Lord of the Underworld sobbed a little louder as he held Xena's hand. Hades shut his eyes tight, tears streaming down his pale cheeks.

  "Can't you restore them?" Xena asked.

  "I have neither the power or the authority to restore a God or Goddess to life.  Only a mortal can do that."

  “A mortal…” Xena sighed.  "What do I have to do?"

Hades managed a small smile.  "Thank you, Xena."  He took her hand.  "That's three I owe you."

  "You restored Gabrielle, and I can't let you go on like this, can I?"

  "You must retrieve ambrosia and revert it to its liquid form.  Only in the fires of Tartarus can you do that."

  "Swell.  Looks like I have my work cut out for me."

  "Thank you, Xena," Hades sighed with relief, as the Warrior Princess left.



She found Gabrielle sitting by the tree.

  "Xena? … What happened?  I felt myself run through."

  "You're the only family I have, Gabrielle.  I can't bear to lose you, so I paid Hades a visit."

  "Oh?  And he restored me?  You twisted his arm?"

  "It's a long story."  Xena told her.


At the end, Gabrielle’s eyes glistened with tears.  "That's awful … He loved them both so much."

Xena nodded, with a warm smile.  "And that’s why I'm helping him."


            *    *    *



Hades appeared before a man, sitting on a rock. 

  "I've been waiting for you," the man said calmly.

  "Any last requests before I send you to Tartarus, Borus?" Hades said, his teeth gritted.

  "The poison was meant for you."

  "I know that!" Hades snapped.  "Damn you!  Celesta and Persephone were all I had!"

  "And Joni and Dela were all I had!" The man shot back in tears.

  "Excuse me?"

  "My wife and daughter.  They were taken from me when the Warlord Jax burned my village to the ground.  I was the only survivor."

Hades didn't think it was possible, but he began to pity the man.

  "And you thought you'd get revenge on me."

  "Yes, you took them, damnit!"

  "I did not kill them if that's what you mean.  A mortal never comes to the Underworld until it is their rightful time."

  "I miss them so much …"

  "How do you think I feel?  Do you think a God is incapable of feelings?  Incapable of love?"

Hades forced back tears with a vengeance.



Meanwhile, Xena gone to great lengths to acquire the ambrosia, now to melt it in Tartarus…



  "I'm so sorry," Borus said.  "I know that means nothing to you.  There's nothing more you can take from me, bar my life which is meaningless without them.  Send me to Tartarus. It’s what I deserve.   At least I'll be closer to them."

Hades sighed.  "I came here to kill you, but I must assume my responsibility as a God.  It's not your rightful time.  As furious as I am, you will have to wait."

  "When will my rightful time be?"

  "I cannot tell you that and committing suicide will get you sent straight back up here."

Borus sighed.  "And when my rightful time comes you'll send me to Tartarus because I killed your wife and sister."

   "No – not because you murdered my wife and sister and tried to kill me.   Because you committed both murder and attempted murder.  I would do the same if you had done this to a mortal family. However, if you do enough good with what's left of your mortal life, I might just be lenient."

Borus looked into Hades eyes and took his hand.  “I am ashamed that I wronged you, and your beloveds, Lord Hades.  I am truly sorry for what I have done and you have my word that I will make amends. 

  "Good. For your sake.  I must tell you that Joni and Dela are safe in the Elysian Fields, hoping you will join them someday."

And with that Hades disappeared to his realm.



  "What took you so long?" Xena asked, holding a chalice of liquid ambrosia.

Hades sighed.   “Some unpleasant business.”

  “You killed him, didn’t you?”

Hades signed.  “I wanted to, Xena, believe me …”

  “You didn’t?”

Hades shook his head.   “As furious as I was, Xena.  If I murdered him in revenge, I would not be worthy of the title of the God of Justice.  He told me the poison was meant for me.  He told me that his wife and daughter were murdered by a warlord …”

Xena took his hand.  “Any other God would have killed him without a second thought. You’re a good God, Hades and a good man.”

Hades smiled warmly.   "Thank you, Xena."


The Warrior Princess poured the glowing orange liquid over Celesta and Persephone's mouths.  Hades held his breath.  It was a while before the two Goddesses came to.  The Lord of the Dead let out a breath of relief.

  "I cannot thank you enough, Xena."

  "Nor can I for resurrecting Gabrielle."

Hades smiled.  "It was the least I could do."

The Goddesses sat up, somewhat bewildered.  Hades told them what had happened.

  "We are indebted to you, Xena," Celesta said, her beeswax candle once again alight

Xena smiled.  "Just happy to help."

Persephone stood, walked to Xena and kissed her on her forehead.  "You have a long life ahead of you, Warrior Princess, and I know you will do good with it."

  "That I will," Xena said, then she turned to Hades. "So wont Zeus get mad at you restoring Gabrielle?"

The Sovereign of the Underworld smiled.  "What's he gonna do?  Fire me?"




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