Hades & Celesta Pix



Cute Hades {Erik Thomson} and Celesta sprites

Another cute Hades sprite {Stephen Lovatt}


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Headlines I collected


Mark Ferguson as Hades from 'Hercules ~ The Legendary Journeys' movie 'Hercules in the Underworld'


~ Erik Thomson as Hades ~

{Steven Lovatt and Celesta pics below - scroll down}



From 'Death in Chains' ~ In the Elysian Fields





Hades in 'Intimate Stranger'




From 'Young Hercules ~ A Lady in Hades'



Hades & Persephone {Andrea Croton}



Think these are from Hercules ~The Legendary Journeys - The Other Side' - GORGEOUS!!!



From 'Mortal Beloved'


A funny story. In 1998, I was holidaying in Bangalore, India and in my there was an episode of Xena on TV in my motel.

My plane back home to Sydney was due in 2 hours.  We had to be at the airport 2 hours in advance ... I thought if it's a Hades

episode, I'll stay, if not I'll go ... And it was MORTAL BELOVED!!!!!  So I stayed!!! And watched my *beloved* Hades

and risked missing a plane flight back home. I had already called a taxi to pick me up after the episode and all was well.

So there's a dose of fun craziness for you! ;}



From 'Adventures in the Sin Trade'




Erik Thomson in 'Hercules ~ The Legendary Journeys' episode 'The Vanishing Dead' as king Daulin, before he played Hades. 

This episode should have starred Hades!  Interesting.  Hades is practically looking at himself!


Hades' glove costume!


Hades Trading Cards



Hades with Viola.   Looks like a teenage God. Cute!







Hades' name and one of his Roman names came up in a Wordscapes game I play. The names were not there :(


Got these yummy Pluto Rock cuties in 2005 at Sydney airport, before I went to a pilgrimage to Glastonbury in August ,2005

for Witchcamp.

Pluto is STILL a full planet as far as I'm concerned!!!!





Erik Thomson Pix


Spelt differently, but cute all the same.







Erik was one of the runners with the Sydney 2000 Olympic Torch.

I got to hold the torch later on!


Engarde! Cool pic!!!

{Would appreciate knowing what this production is}


Sorry - I don't have a bigger one. {Am on the prowl for this article.}


I found Erik in my wordscapes game!!!  Sadly, he wasn't really there :( Damn it to Hades! ;}








Yay! Should have won one for Hades.



Beautiful coffees. My fave cafe used to print pictures on your coffee/chai. Sadly they closed down during COVID. I hope Hades is looking after them. :*(

Here are pix of Erik Thomson as Hades, Andrea Croton as Persephone and both Kate Hodge and Theresa Healey as Celesta.




Hades Optimus {red bear} followed by Ari and Carli, named after Aro and Carlisle from 'Twilight'



Thomson places in Singapore




~ Stephen Lovatt as Hades ~



I also loved him as Hades, but *hated* with a passion  how the writers made the Gods evil.  They're not. 

Hades in real mythology was also the God of justice.  The writers *should have taken that into account.  Wish they did.  Totally out of character.

They totally ruined the series.  :*(





Great image.  I am on the prowl for a clear version of this pic.


That's Athena appearing beside him.


Could *not* resist making this cool manip!


The Gods appearing. Left to Right {Discord, Strife, Hephaistos, Hades, Artemis}



Stephen Lovatt as Phalangus in 'A Good Day {Before he played Hades} ~ Warning! Sad episode!



Stephen Lovatt as Hades on Viola app.   Also looks like a teen. And also cute!




Awesome Stephen Lovatt Hades costume that went on auction (cannot remember the site but it wasn't eBay, about 15 years or so ago.


Sadly it went for over $3000 US and at the time, I could not afford it :*(

My dad {may he rest in peace now} had a similar one made for me.


Cute behind the scenes pic of the Gods, Hades, Athena and Hephaistos


Stephen Lovatt





Celesta Pics



Kate Hodge as Celesta from Xena episode Death in Chains'


Belinda Waymouth as Celesta in 'Young Hercules ~ Regrets... I've Had a Few.'


Theresa Healey as Celesta from ;Looking Death in the Eye'


Adding pix of Athena and Artemis 'cos they're cool.

I think this version of Athena may have been in love with Hades.



Josephine Davidson as pretty Artemis


Paris Jefferson as pretty Athena


Michael Hurst as Charon.  A quirky character. {Michael also played Iolaus}


The beautiful Elysian Fields in the Xena/Herc verse


Other portrayals of Hades



Raplh Finnes ~ 'Clash/Wrath of the Titans' - characterised better in second movie. Interesting seeing Hades with very long hair.



Steve Coogan ~ 'Percy Jackson' - charcterised well. I didn't like how they made Persephone slutty in the movie. I like the actress though.

Persephone was played by Rosario Dawson.


Hades was not in this book a lot :{



Greg Germann ~ Once Upon a Time



Gives a whole new meaning to HOT as Hades!














Cheyenne Jackson ~ Disney's 'Descendants 3'


Again, HOT as Hades!







I made a Hades ember, though not how the website says with FIMO, I painted a nice rock my mother brought back for me from Finisterre, Spain

which means 'the end of the Earth' ~ fitting!

I used iridescent white paint for the top and opalescent glitter.


No idea who this cute guy is.  He looks like how I picture Descendants Hades son, Hadie









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