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Summary:  Post Eve Saga, Celesta tries to save the Greek Gods, Hades most of all - though at an extremely  high price


Author's note:  Archangel Gabriel not to be confused with Gabrielle.



Rating - PG - Drama





                                                          LEST WE FORGET




  "Are you prepared, Celesta?" asked Archangel Gabriel.

The Goddess took a deep breath.  "Yes.  If I must die to save them, then that is what I shall do."

Gabriel smiled warmly.  "That is very noble of you, but death is not your path."

Celesta's blood ran cold.  "Hades will be resurrected won't he?"

  "Yes," Gabriel said.

Celesta relaxed.  "Then what must I do?"

Gabriel told her.

Celesta swallowed.

  "Do you still wish to continue?" the Archangel asked.

  "What choice have I? Celesta said.  "I will do what I must."

  "You are brave, Celesta," Gabriel said.  "Not many would do what you are about to.  I give you permission to resurrect the Gods."

  "Thank you, Archangel Gabriel."

  "And this time let us hope they do not abuse their powers, lest the twilight come again."

  "Let us hope not."


The Spirit of Death began to resurrect the Gods.  Hades was the last to come to.  Celesta helped him up.

  "Thank you," he said, recovering.

Athena looked over at Hades, relieved that he was all right.


                                                                     *    *    *


Xena learned that the Gods had been resurrected and became anxious.  Archangel Gabriel appeared before her.

  "You need not worry, Xena, the Gods have learned their lesson."

The mortal woman saw Celesta attending the Gods.

  "Who's that?"

Gabriel didn't answer her as he disappeared.


Hades approached Xena.  She readied her Chakram.  Gabrielle stood by her. 

The Lord of the Underworld opened his hands in a friendly gesture.  "I guess we owe you an apology," he said, "though we were fighting for our family as you were."

Xena lowered her Chakram and nodded.  "I guess I was a bit rough on you guys."

  "A bit?"

Xena smiled, then she saw the same Goddess she had seen before, dressed in white, attending the other Gods.  "Who's that Goddess, helping the Gods?" she asked, "the one holding the candle?"

  "I … I don't know…" Hades said.

In the distance, Celesta heard and a tear rolled down her cheek.



The Spirit of Death had saved the Gods, her family, and her beloved brother, Hades, but she paid a high price.  For over three thousand years, the Goddess Celesta was forgotten.



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