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Author's Note: Set shortly after the Hercules Movie "Hercules in the Underworld."

Aeida pronounced I-ee-da

Summary: Hades discovers why Cerberus was running about like a mad dog.

Rating G - Enjoy!





Grateful, and as promised, Hades returned Deinaiera to Hercules, the Demigod having returned a wayward Cerberus to his place, thus restoring balance to he Underworld. Hades had been too busy dealing with the recent casualties to chase after Cerberus as well. These rifts in the Underworld were embarrassing to say the least, Hades returning the mortals killed by the rifts, as they were not meant to have died this way or at this time.

The Lord of the Underworld did not want to have to punish his usually faithful hound, but he saw no other alternative. He sighed to himself as he appeared at Cerberus' lair. A deep growl emitted.

"The feeling is mutual," Hades glowered. "Show yourself."

Reluctantly, Cerberus appeared from within the shadows.

Hades folded his arms. "You caused a lot of trouble," he scalded.

Cerberus emitted a small winge.

Hades shook his head. "I'm afraid that won't get you out of this one. You know you're supposed to stay put. You're supposed to guard the gates of the Underworld, not go gallivanting around."

Cerberus winged again. Hades did not look sympathetic in the least. The three headed hound wiggled his chains.

"If you would do your duty, you wouldn't need those."

Cerberus grunted.

"What was that?"

The dog stifled a growl. Hades wasn't usually this tough on him. He wanted to tell his Master why, though he had no human voice, and Cerberus wondered. What would Hades do? It was strictly forbidden. He refused to believe the God of the Underworld would harm them, but he was afraid and kept his silence.

"Have you any idea the mess you caused?" Hades said. It was not a question. "The upset you caused the mortals and their world? And to the other Gods ... I would have looked a fool if Hercules hadn't helped and saved an otherwise awkward situation form getting worse. I would have looked weak in the eyes of the other Gods and you know how much Poseidon would love to get his hands on my Realm. And have you any idea how much time my staff spent cleaning up dog poop? Luck for you, you didn't go in the Elysian Fields."

Cerberus grunted again.

"Is that all you have to say for yourself?"

Cerberus said nothing more.

"In that case," Hades said, "I've no choice but to keep you chained here. You may not move from this spot, until I am sure you can be trusted. If you try and escape, Cerberus I will send you to Tartarus to teach you a lesson."

A winge emitted.

"No," Hades said. "I'm not going to be swayed by-"

Cerberus looked in horror as a little three headed puppy emerged from the shadows, approaching Hades. The Lord of the Underworld stared as the clumsy puppy trotted closer. Cerberus growled, lunging himself at Hades, slicing his claws, savagely biting the God's hand, throwing Hades backwards, the God smashing into the rock wall. Cerberus, terrified, could barley bear to look at his Master, fearing what he would do. Hades stared at his hound, holding his injured hand. The puppy winged again, Hades looked over to it, than back to Cerberus. Cerberus saw he looked hurt, and not from the claw and teeth marks. Hades waved his hand over his injuries, healing them. Cerberus stood, still afraid.

Silence ensued as Hades stood and dusted himself off.

"I see," he said softly. "You were protecting ... But ..."

To answer Hades unasked question, a grey she wolf emerged. Cerberus stood close to her. Hades looked at him.

"You thought I would hurt them, didn't you?" Hades tried to hide the hurt in his voice, but he couldn't.

The three headed hound winged slightly.

"Cerberus, I would never ... Why didn't you tell me ..." Hades sighed. "...Because Zeus forbade you to mate."

Cerberus' gave a gesture akin to a nod.

Hades sighed again. "Yes, he did, fearing your offspring would wreak havoc with the mortal world ... You realise you've put me in an awkward position - again."

Cerberus winged.

Hades spike after a short silence. "You love her, don't you?"

The wolf approached him. Cerberus looked worried, but only for a moment. Hades knelt own to her and stroked her gently.

"I see now," he said softly. "You saw Aeida in the mortal world and you knew she was going to die, so you brought her here."

Cerberus silence confirmed Hades findings.

"Which is also forbidden." Hades stood. "And when Aeida and your young got lost in the Underworld, you tried to find her and when you couldn't you lost control."

Cerberus winged, as if to say "yes."

His six eyes pleaded.

Hades sighed yet again. "Cerberus, I'm not going to punish you for falling in love, even if it is forbidden love ... And I can't punish you for worrying about those you cherish. You relent the consequences of your actions an I accept your apology. Will you accept mine?"

Cerberus licked his master's hand.

Hades smiled. "I take that as a yes."

Gently, Hades stroked Aeida, then looked at Cerberus. "Cerberus ... I can sense how much you love Aeida, and her love for you. Please don't think I would have forbidden it." Hades paused. "...You didn't really think I would hurt them, did you?"

Hades' hurt tone made Cerberus want to cry. He offered an apology, giving his master one of his paws. Hades smiled and Cerberus realised Hades was as kind as he was firm.

"You may all stay together, provided you behave, don't go in the Elysian Fields or Asphodel. Tartarus okay. Actually, yes, go there. Do wonders for the atmosphere. Can't think of anything worse than smelling dog poop for all eternity."

All three of Cerberus heads barked, akin to laughter.

"And what Zeus doesn't know won't hurt him," Hades said. "But what he does know could hurt me, so keep quiet about this, okay?"

Cerberus rubbed his heads against his Master. Hades smiled as he picked up the tiny three headed puppy.

"Reminds me of you when you were young."

Hades tickled the small chocolate coloured dog, much to its delight and he felt something. Before he looked down, he realised what it was and dreaded to look down, but he did. Another puppy ... and another.


The dog gave an innocent winge.

Hades stared as yet another three headed puppy emerged from the shadows, this one ash coloured like her mother.

"What have I gotten myself into ..."

* * *

Cerberus winged and cried loudly. Aeida howled.

"I'm sorry,' Hades said. "I can't, Cerberus, you know the laws of the Underworld."

He took a breath as he bent down to pick up the two limp puppies. Their brother and sister sniffed them, and nudged them, wondering why they didn't want to get up and play, not understanding they had been taken ill and never recovered.

Sadly, Hades picked them up. "I'm sorry," he said, softly.

Cerberus and his love followed the Lord of the Underworld.

"I'm taking them to the Elysian fields," he said. "You may see them as often as you wish, but only in the Fields."

Gently, Hades placed the lifeless puppies down, their spirits becoming alive, yapping and playing in the soft Elysian grass.

Cerberus nudged Hades as if to say, "thank you."

* * *

"He's needed elsewhere. I know you will both miss him," Hades said, "but I will not take him without your permission, Cerberus."

The Guardian of the Underworld listened to his Master's words. True, he would miss his little one, but what choice had he, if he was needed elsewhere, that is what he Fates had decreed. Softly, he nudged Hades then nudged his son, saying his goodbyes. His sister, Chibi playfully knocked him over, winging her goodbyes.

Aeida licked her baby farewell before pushing him in Hades' direction.

"Thank you. Gently the Lord of the Underworld picked up the puppy and vanished.

The Lord of the Dead rarely visited the mortal world. This was one of those times. He sat opposite a very large and very hairy man.

"You say you need a guard dog?"

"Oh yes, of the most ferocious kind, but he must be soft hearted mind you."

The cloaked figure smiled.

"And what will he be guarding?"

"Oh, that I can't say."

"Then I cannot give him to you."

The furry man sighed. "Ohh all right ... Yer promise yer won't tell anyone?"

"Trust me."

The large man did. "The Philosopher's Stone. The stone of Dreams."

Hades gave a warm smile. "Then he is yours, Hagrid."

"Yer know my name."

"I know many things and I know you will take care of him."

A three headed dog poked out from under Hades' robe.

"Ooh he's sooo cute!" He took the puppy from the ancient Greek God. "And so fluffy! Ah, that's what I shall call you."



Hades smiled again. "Fare you well, Hagrid. Good Journey."

The large man nodded his respects. "Thanking you, Hades."

"You know *my* name too."

"I know many things." Hagrid winked. "But if anyone asks, I'll just say I got him from a Greek chappie."

Hades chucked as he vanished.

* * *

The Lord of the Underworld retired for the night after a months work, wars, famines, natural disasters ... And finally after ushering all the Dead to their rightful places, he undressed, donned a black night robe and lay down, grateful for some rest. He sighed as he lay his head down on his soft pillow and closed his eyes.

No sooner had he wafted off to dreamland, he felt wet noses upon him. He opened his eyes to find Chibi happily licking his face with all three mouths. He used his powers to ignite a candle, illuminating the room. Hades sighed, smiled, then chucked as she play bit his hand

"I'm happy to see you too." Hades said, "but can I get some sleep? Hmmm?"

Chibi wouldn't budge. Hades sighed. "All right, you can stay, but wet the bed and you're out."

Chibi winged.

"And no winging."

Chibi barked. Hades growled, then he laughed as Chibi began to play with his hand again. The Lord of the Dead gently stroked Cerberus' daughter, before she lay down next to him. Hades smiled as he used his powers to put his candle out and lay down on his pillow for some much needed rest.

"You better not snore."

Chibi snorted as if to say 'same goes for you.'

Hades chuckled. "I don't snore ... Though if I talk too much, just jump on me."

And he fell asleep in the next instant.





No three headed puppies or their parents were

harmed during the writing of this story.


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