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Author's Note: AU. In this story, there is no Eve and instead it is Xena who is destined to bring about the ‘Twilight.’ In this story, Xena does have the power to kill the Gods.

Summary: Hades battles Xena to save his family. Although he is not ecstatic about fighting his only mortal friend.


Rating PG - Drama





The Lord of the Underworld stood regal in his deep vermilion cloak, his dark silver crown glinting in the sparse sunlight, as the two opponents circled each other.

"I wish it were otherwise," Hades started to say, but it seemed the Warrior Princess wasn’t interested. Hades looked annoyed. "I don’t want to kill you, Xena."

"And I don’t particularly want to kill you, Hades, I rather like you. You’re not bad – for a God. So why don’t we put down our swords and have a nice cup of herb tea."

"Love to, but there’s this little prophecy in the way that’s going to kill my entire family."

Xena became annoyed. "I didn’t ask for this, Hades!"

"Neither did I!" he shot back.

And their swords clashed. Sparks flew, metal against metal. Both were determined not to lose, but they both knew one thing – there would only be one victor. Neither gave or got any quarter and neither let up. Hades wasn’t about to make any foolish mistakes, despite the fact was Xena mortal, she was a formidable opponent, even for a God.

Hades’ sword clashed with Xena’s, his strength sending her back, though she recovered and came at him again full force, driving him back. Xena smashed her sword against his and kicked him. Hades sword flew out of his hand. He narrowly missed being sliced by his opponent’s weapon, as she kicked out again, her foot colliding painfully with his stomach, sending him onto the ground. Xena wasted not a moment in striking, her sword stabbing downwards. If Hades had been a second slower, he would have had a one way ticket to the Elysian Fields, as he rolled away the instant the sword slammed into the dirt. In the next instant, Hades had retrieved his sword, his hair a little messier. His face remained impassive and didn’t show his relief, or shock at how close he’d come to losing his life as again he clashed swords with Xena, intent on ending the battle as he pressed his attack without mercy, he couldn’t afford to show. Xena struggled to remain on her feet, but it didn’t show, until she lost her footing. In the next moment Hades plunged his sword into her and almost couldn’t bear to look at the pain and shock on her face. Despite her pain, the Warrior Princess slowly reached for her Chakram, though Hades saw the slight movement, guessed what she was up to and drove his sword in further.

"I’m sorry," he said softly. "I didn’t have a choice."

Hades didn’t know if Xena had heard him before the life drained from her face and she lay still.

The Lord of the Dead withdrew his sword, stained with Xena’s blood and he heard a scream. He didn’t have to turn to know it was Gabrielle. She dropped the parcels she was carrying and ran to her felled friend.

"Xena ..."

The Bard looked up at the God, anger and hatred in her eyes.

"How could you, Hades? You were the one God she considered a friend."

"And she, my only mortal friend, Gabrielle. I-"

"I don’t want to hear your excuses!" The Bard yelled. "You killed her!"

"I had no choice! The prophecy would have brought about the destruction of my entire family ... Persephone ... Celesta ... I couldn’t let them die ... I know that isn’t any consolation to you and I don’t care if you hate me for all eternity for it." Hades stood his sword on the ground and leant his hands on the hilt.

Gabrielle’s tears soaked the Earth below, as she stood.

"I didn’t fight for power, Gabrielle," Hades said, his tone softer, "as some of the other Gods did."

"I ... I know ..." she said softly and then spoke a little louder. "But that doesn’t change the fact that Xena is dead, Hades. She did so much good in this world."

"I know, and she will be taken to the Elysian Fields," Hades promised. "Her good deeds have far surpassed her evil, many times over." The God paused and took the Bard’s hand. "Please believe me, it wasn’t something I wanted to do."

Slowly, Gabrielle nodded, trying to stop her tears. Gently, Hades wiped them away.

"I know how much she meant to you, Gabrielle," he said softly, "which is why I’m giving you a choice."

Gabrielle looked a tad confused as Hades continued. "You may join her now ... or you may visit her, but only once. It is your choice."

Taken aback, the Bard gave herself a moment. It wasn’t an easy choice to make.

"Choose wisely, Gabrielle. Your decision cannot be reversed. I am breaking the rules as it is."

The young woman nodded and closed her eyes for a few moments.

"If I choose to join Xena, how will you ..."

"I promise you will feel no pain," Hades said. "It will be over in an instant."

"But if I join her ... Who will carry on her legacy, Hades? Who will right the wrongs of this world?"

Hades gave a gentle smile. "You act like Xena was the only decent person in it. There are many good souls on this planet, Gabrielle, and eventually Gaia will be at peace although it will be a long time coming. Peace is never easy. And as Spirits, you may be able to do more good than you can now, though if you chose to live, you may only visit Xena once."

The Bard nodded, pondering what Hades had said as he waited patiently for her to decide.

The Bard took a deep breath and turned to him. "I’ve made my decision, Hades."

He met her eyes as she continued.

"I want to join Xena."

The Lord of the Underworld regarded her. "Are you sure that is what you want?"

Gabrielle nodded. "Yes, Hades. I need to be with her."

"Very well. Stand back."

The Bard did as Hades told her. The God created a green fireball in his hand.

"Close your eyes."


Hades gave a nod of respect as he released his fireball into Gabrielle’s chest, killing her in an instant, sending her body flying.

Hades took a deep breath and rested his hands once again atop the silver hilt of his sword.

In a gentle white ripple, Celesta appeared, looking sad. Gently she took Hades’ hands into her own.

"I may not have agreed with the violence," she said, "but I know you did what you felt you had to do, My Brother." Gently she wiped a tear from his cheek.

"I didn’t want to kill her, Celesta ..."

"I know," the Spirit of Death said, her voice soft. "You are the Lord of the Dead, Hades. You as well as I know that Death is only the next phase of life."

Hades managed a smile. "If only the mortals saw it that way."

"They will in time. Death is a change, and change is hard for them."

Hades nodded. "As is loss."

Gently, Celesta touched her brother’s cheek. "I must take them."

Hades nodded again. "Charon," he said, contacting his ferryman, whom he sensed was about to depart. "Wait. Two more for the Elysian Fields."

By the banks of the River Styx, Charon sniffed the air. "They have no coins. I don’t-"

"You and your bloody coins!" Hades yelled. "Forget your damned coins for once! Take them to the Elysian Fields! *NOW!*"

Charon jumped. "Uhh ... yes boss ... Express."

Hades’ tone softened. Celesta hadn’t flinched. She had grown to realise Hades would only lose his temper when he cared.

* * *


The Lord of the Underworld felt obligated to greet the latest two arrivals. He expected to be greeted with hostility, but he was not.

Xena wore her hair loose, with a plait encircling, and Gabrielle’s hair was once again long.

"Thank you, Hades."

The Lord Of The Underworld was genuinely surprised.

Xena smiled. "I realise now you did what you did to save those you loved. I would have done the same. You didn’t kill me for power, glory, nor was it out of anger and hate. I’m ashamed to say, when I fought you, I-"

Hades took her hand. "It is easy to see your animosity toward my people, Xena. The Gods have hardly been fair to the mortals over the aeons."

"But you were, Hades. You are the God of Justice, and if it wasn’t for you, the Souls of Mortals would have no place to go, and may I say you’ve done a nice job."

Hades smiled. "I doubt the guests is Tartarus would feel the same."

"Hell, they deserve it."

Gabrielle stood and smiled, then to Hades surprise, placed her arms around him.

"Thank you ... I feel like my lost innocence has returned."

"It has, Gabrielle. Death is a new life. And in Death, we have learned form the mistakes we made when we were alive."

Gabrielle smiled and gave Hades a bright yellow flower.

"Thank you." Touched, the Lord of the Underworld took it and held it gently.

Xena leant closer to Hades and kissed him on the cheek, surprising him yet again, and he smiled warmly. "Thank you Xena."

* * *

"You did what you had to do," Persephone assured him. "As Celesta said, the mortals fear death because they do not understand it."

Hades gave a smile. "I know," he took his wife’s hand. "Though I wish it could be easier."

Persephone smiled warmly. "No one said life was meant to be easy. Not even for Gods."

"Ain’t that the truth ..." Charon entered Hades’ chambers and wiped his brow. "Just ferried 3000 souls over. Took the better part of me day ..."

Hades looked over at his boatman. "Charon, I’m sorry I yelled at you. I can get you some coins if you like."

"Ahh, forget it boss ... Bad hair day, know what I mean?" Charon shook his jet black dreadlocks about.

Hades smiled. "I’ve had a few of those."

Persephone took his crown off and ruffled his hair. "You look cuter like that."

Hades smiled as she began to remove his vermilion velvet cloak "You look better with this off too..."

"Oo ..." Charon said. "I think I hear some lost souls calling." And quickly he departed.

Hades smiled. Persephone placed her hand on his chest. Her betrothed held it gently.

"I’m sorry, but I can’t ... Not right now."

Persephone knelt down and smiled. "That’s all right. I just wanted to make you smile."

Hades smiled once more. "And you succeeded."

The Goddess of Spring leant her head in his lap and Hades began to stroke her gently.

He looked through his large clear quartz crystal at Xena and Gabrielle playing in the Elysian Fields and wondered if the other Gods realised that their immortality was a gift and if they continued to abuse it, the Twilight would once again come upon them, but for now, Hades cherished his gift, his life, his gentle wife and sister, and his Realm, a safe haven for the Dead, and gave silent gratitude that his family was safe and thanked the Universe for the second chance he was able to give them, as he gently combed his hands though Persephone’s soft wavy hair.




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