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Ancient painting of Hades and Kerberos (Cerberus)*

*There was no letter 'c' inthe ancient Greek alphabet


Hades is not the devil nor is he Hell, as is commonly believed. In real mythology Hades was never evil.


In Ancient Greek mythology, Hades was the Lord of the Dead, Sovereign of the Underworld. He was not an evil God, for he punished the evil and rewarded the good. Hades is also the God of Justice. Contrary to reports that Hades was unhappy with his realm, the Underworld ~ Hades created the Underworld as he believed the souls of the dead needed a place to spend eternity, as opposed to oblivion, the Underworld be either their sanctuary or their prison, in accordance to how they lived their mortal lives. Hades was often misrepresented by those he punished, but he would not punish someone unless they were deserving of that punishment.


The ancient Grecian Underworld consisted of three major parts. Tartarus, a fiery place of torment for the wicked, where they would pay for their evils. Asphodel, a barren realm of nothingness, for those who gave nothing and did nothing in their lives would receive nothing in the Afterlife, and lastly, the Elysian Fields, (known as Summerland in modern times), a place of eternal paradise where the kind and virtuous would be rewarded in the afterlife. The Underworld is not a place of death. It is a place of life, as death is the next stage of life. A soul can never die.


A Map of the Underworld 


Cerberus was the three headed dog who guarded the gates to the Underworld. Kharon (Charon) was the ferryman who ferried souls across the River Styx to the Underworld, where the mortals were judged.


The ancient Romans named Hades Pluto, meaning wealth, (Hades had many other names), and they called the Underworld Hades. The early Christians had more dealings with the ancient Romans than with the Greeks and since Hades (the Underworld) was under the Earth, it was assumed that this was the Roman version of Hell and it stuck, hence the modern misconception of Hades.


Even in his own time, Hades was misunderstood. Mortals were terrified of him. They feared that if they said his name or invoked him he would kill them and take them to the Underworld. Hence, they hated him. However, Hades would only ever escort a mortal to his realm if it was their rightful time to die. He would often send the souls of deceased newborns and infants back up into the mortal world, to give them a chance to live.


Hades did not rape Persephone, the Goddess of spring. The word 'rape' back in the time of ancient Greece referred to abduction, not forced intercourse and even then Hades did not abduct Persephone as the patriarchal telling of the tale goes.  In the older matriarchal telling, Persephone as the maiden Kore was desperate for change and when Hades appeared when she was picking flowers, she was terrified but chose to go with him as she knew this was the catalyst for her life to change.  She was not tricked into eating the pomegranate seeds; she choose to, knowing full well what that would mean.  Persephone dearly loves Hades, as his love for her was genuine and she chose to remain with him.


The 1981 cartoon series Ulysses 31, was a retelling of Homerís Odyssey, set in outer space in the thirty first century. It was very well done. Hades made only one appearance in the final episode The Kingdom of Hades where he is portrayed as a just God as he gives Ulysses his final and most difficult test, Will Ulysses remain in Hadesí realm to free his companions, or leave them in the Underworld to go back to Earth to his beloved Penelope? Ulysses decides to stay and thus passes the test and Hades frees him and Ulysses and his companions to return to Earth.


Hades was also featured in Disneyís Hercules, 1997 where he was portrayed a fast talkiní villain, voiced by James Woods. As funny as the Disney version is, the real Hades was never a bad guy.


  "Name is Hades, Lord of the Dead. Hi howya doin?" wav. file

He was so funny! :) Though the real Hades was nothing like how he was portrayed Disney, Hades isnít really a bad guy and he doesnít talk like a used chariot salesman! J Though this movie sparked me into learning about real Greek mythology, especially Hades.


Hades was also in television series, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess . Hades was portrayed very differently again. He was played by three actors, Mark Ferguson, Erik Thomson and Stephen Lovatt. Although I preferred the latter two actors, all three portrayed Hades extremely well. A God with a sense of humour, though with fierce principles, devoted to his duty and his family and he was very good looking too! :) Sadly, they made him a bad guy in series 5 :*( and although I loved Stephen Lovatt's portrayal of Hades in series 5, as Hades is also the God of justice, he would not have attacked a pregnant woman and later her child, so Hades was mischaracterized.


"God of the Underworld, at your service..." (Erik Thomson wav. file)


In the television series Myth Quest, Hades was portrayed as a powerful god, though with a sense of humour! I have read books and surfed many websites on Greek myth both fact and fiction, and itís interesting to read how differently Hades is portrayed. In Roberta Gellisí romance novel Dazzling Brightness, for example, Hades was portrayed as a Mage with a fierce love for his beloved Persephone.

The way I see Hades is different again, though it is interesting to see how others portray him.


 Hades and Persephone




~ The Planet Pluto ~ 


Pluto is the planet furthest from the sun and is the coldest.  He's the smallest planet in the solar system, though one of the most important in astronomy. He  helps us connect with our deep innermost feelings and assists us to release that which no longer serves us, such as old belief systems, mental and physical clutter, to release them and lead a rich and rewarding life. He was discovered later than the other planets, (in 1930) as this is when humanity was growing en-masse to go deeper within.  Much deeper than Neptune could take us as the Underworld is deeper than the sea.  Pluto is the Roman name for Hades, Sovereign of the Underworld.  When they were still calling planet Pluto "Planet X," a 10 year old girl wrote in saying that the planet should be named Pluto - and he was.   {Walt Disney named Mickey Mouse's dog Pluto in honour of the planet Pluto - not  the other way around.}  On his deathbed, in 1934, Gustav Holst said his only regret was not being able to compose a piece for Pluto.  Much later Colin Matthews composed a beautiful Holst-style piece (available on CD)  entitled Pluto ~ The Renewer

 Note that I still refer to Pluto as a planet. I do not hold with the utter and nonsense regurgitated by some trumped up scientists that he is not.    The notion is ludicrous and downright offensive - And I'm far from the only one who feels this way.


~ Pluto is a planet and always will be ~


Please check out this Website for information and history on Planet Pluto:




An artist's beautiful impression of the surface of Pluto (Charon orbiting)



Gorgeous Picture of the heart on Pluto taken by the New Horizons Flyby, July 14, 2015


I had my very own fun Pluto Palooza at home with  green tea and salt & vinegar chips!



I SO WANT this sticker!!!!!! Any ideas where to get one? :)




Want these stickers too!



The AWESOME New Horizons team!!!


YES! On both counts!


Even Google celebrated the New Horizons flyby!!!


Cool wooden Pluto phone case - not sure what model it's for



 Pluto & Charon





Surface of Pluto B&W




Artist's impressions of the surface of Pluto



My favourite



This one is nice too





This one is nice too








Gorgeous, serene and wise Sailor Pluto (Setsuna~Trista) from 'Sailor Moon'




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