Custom Made Hades {and other Underworld} Figures

and my Underworldly goodies ;}



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My very first attempt at making custom Hades, Celesta and Persephone dolls.  


Hades is made from a small doll, his head is from a generic Hercules doll. I got him a black 'leather' outfit, his belt is a thick rubber band painted silver.

 I painted some of his suit silver. Celesta, again is a small doll.  I based her on Belinda Weymouth's blonde Celesta, as she was the only Celesta I had seen at the time. 

She's wearing a bridal dress.  Persephone, I had not seen at that time, so I used a small green fairy doll to make her look like a Nature Spirit. 

I made a sparkling green garland for her head.










Well, what can I say?  I *really* wanted a cuddly Hades doll, {I got the urge to make one while I was making my Qui-Gon doll see here for pix - Qui's nice to cuddle too ;), so I made me a Hades dolly! ;)  I made the doll from a template of a rag type doll I had.  His "hair" is made from brown material.  His gorgeous face, I had printed on calico at a T-Shirt printing place and stuck on.  His robe was made by Isis Moon, a talented friend of mine.  He's so gorgeous, soft & cuddly.  A little known fact about Hades ;)



Welcome to My Underworld ... 


Won't you come and play?  ...  ;)


My Underworld Setting


The doll with the brown hair is Celesta, the spirit of Death from 'Xena: Warrior Princess' {wish they had not ruined that show.}





Atop the Underworld. The temples are actually designed for fish tanks, though I got them as I loved them.



My Underworld which I created {4 years in the making ...  Took two years to find a doll that even *remotely* resembled Hades!!!} 


My model isn't conventional. I'm not copying Hades, rather being inspired by him :)  


I wanted to put Celesta, Kharon, Persephone and Cerberus in it too.  Persephone is sitting Hades' Chariot, Celesta standing in the Underworld

 and Kharon in the ferry full of dead people.  My Cerberus is Harry Potter's Fluffy' ~ when I saw this toy in 2001, I just *had* to make a whole Underworld... ;)

Hades is a Max Steel action figure.



Here are close ups of the pictures of the three realms of the Underworld




The Elysian Fields is a beautiful picture  from a Greek wisdom book which reminded me of Elysium


Asphodel is a greyscaled picture of the surface of Mars


Tartarus is a picture of hell fire



I had to lose the bookshelf when I moved :{   Used a portable altar I made in 2005. 

Shwoing Persephone as Queen of the Underworld.    I will take a picture of her as the Goddess of Sprig come springtime.







This is with the new Persephone doll which I think looks a lot better. 

She  is 'Holly O'Hair Spring Unsprung' from 'Ever After High' {One of the daughters of Rapunzel.  She has a sister called Poppy}

I used a pastel green {Spring}  and {Dark blue with black streaks} Autumn {Fall} small 'Dollfie' wigs.  Her autumn dress is a spider dress I bought on eBay.

The Spring dress is one the doll came with.

I bought a pair of 'Holly O'Hair Dragon Games' Pants as I could not stand the discombobulating pants the doll came with.


This is the Tyrptic Altar I made at Witchcamp, Avalon, 2005.  The top is a whale.

The rune I got is ' Dagaz' meaning 'spirit.'


Please click here for the complete details of making my Underworld {PDF}







My Hades Shrine and altar




Now for Hades Cos Play!  This is always so much fun  :}



Okay ... so Erik & Stephen look better ;)  I don't look too bad tho!  ;}


{This background pic is an actual trail up to Mount Olympus in Greece.  Fitting, ah? ;}






Another of moi as Hades  :}  The candle I used when I cos-played Celesta from Xena



I actually Cos Played out my Fanfic 'Twilight Song' in under cover of darkness one evening in my back garden.   Who says adults can't enjoy themselves, & play & have fun?!  ;)


{The above image I photoshopped myself into reminds me of the entrance/exit to Hades, under the light of the full moon. I really love this pic!  :}


{With thanks to a neighbor whose name escaped the Underworld of my subconscious for taking the pix}




Me as Discworld's Death.  Notice the skeletal hand by my face ~ the photo tuned out like that!




Me posing again as Death.  Way cool staff courtesy of Mother Nature {Gaia) . Found it whilst I was bushwalking. It almost touched the ceiling!

With thanks to my mum for taking these two pictures and the many, many costumed pix she took of me over the years!






Me at Witchcamp, August 2005 in Glastonbury, England.. I'm standing on a beautiful pentagram that was mowed into the grass. Notice the stream of light blessing me.

They honoured Hades, Persephone and Demeter. I just *had* to go and things just fell into place and I saved up and went over from Sydney!

I only had two months to prepare and I only had a part time job.


This is a pic of me wearing 'Hades helmet,' a black leather cap that they used in the re~enacments. It was bought by a friend of mine who kindly let me borrow and wear it.

{Photo courtesy of 'N'}



Got these yummy cuties in 2005 at Sydney airport, before I went to a pilgrimage to Glastonbury in August that year for Witchcamp

Pluto is STILL a full planet as far as I'm concerned!!!!  And this *proves* it ~ They found chocolate rocks there!  ;)






A beautiful Mabon centerpiece my mother and I made for our Autumn Equinox circle with the elements and pomegranates.  Autumn {Fall} where Persephone descends to Hades. 



The Persephone and Demeter plate the pomegranate seeds was on.  Unfortunately it has now gone to Hades, breaking in a move :*{




A Persephone bath, to welcome spring.  Both my mother and I shared it {not together}  I mindfully walked around our garden, collecting wildflowers and leaves, mindfully chanting the Kore~Persephone chant "She changes everything she touches. Everything she touches changes"

The organics were composted after the ritual.




My Goldfishes Hades {black) and Osiris {white) Both have sadly joined their namesakes now.

Hades was so lovely and one of my favourite goldfishes.  The otehr


He'd swim up to the top of the tank for a pat and loved having his belly stroked gently. If you cupped your hand in the water,

he'd swim up and sit in it for a pat.  I loved him very much and I miss him very much.  He is with his namesake now.








The maiden on the jug reminds me of Persephone as the maiden 'Kore' so cute and pretty!


Got it at a Greek shop.   Same place I bough the plate and amphora in the background of the first pic.








My Persephone statue.  I was ecstatic when I saved up and got her.  She rung up as $275 {AUD} rather than her tag of 324!


The plate is an offering of Earth and pomegranate seeds and me offering the Goddess a pomegranate





A the front graden of a place I used to love, which I called 'The Underworld.'  I miss it.  I used to do lots of meditations and rituals there.





A picture of a Hades pendant I designed that want to have made.


I want to have it made in silver.




My custom made Hades robe, based on Stephen Lovatt's one.

Thank you SO much to my dad {RIP} for having it made for me when I was in England for Witchcamp in 2005.


I had the ribbons sewn on. Took me two whole years to find the ribbons I wanted!




       Arm holes I had cut in by a talented sewing friend.



I usually seal it with my 'The Lord of the Rings' Gandalf the white brooch




~  My beloved Hades and Persephone Athame  ~


It was called the 'Greek Goddess' Athame and I took off the crappy, cheap-looking 3D plastic stickers, which ruined the look of beautiful athame it and replaced them with pictures of Hades and  Persephone and stuck them on.   I painted over them with clear nail polish remover to protect them.


The Persepnhone pic is from Pamela Matthews' 'Godesses of the New Light.' 

Hades pic from Toni Carmine Salerno's 'Gods, Goddesses and Angels' deck

The Hades pic atop the athame is the one om my Hades page.  The Persephone above the oval one is a pic of her picking flowers at night.


I saw this athame online overseas and wondered how I could order it without customs jumping up and down.   When I got black from Glastonbury in 2005, that Saturday I went to the markets and the sword guy had one for $55 AUD!!! I had $200 left over from my trip!  SO grateful to my God and Goddess guides and the Universe!!!   {If you are wondering what I bought with the other $150, it was a beautiful wood carved, glass topped Balinese  table!}






This is a candle holder which to me, reminded me of Kharon's ferry


My exercise trainer made me a birthday card with me with Hades. I was so touched and very flattered!




This is Pluto.  He's the bashful dragon made by Jellycat, sooooo cute! I love to snuggle!    Pluto is being looked after by his guardians, Pacifica {right} Hermes {middle} and Puck {right.}

His adopted parents, Thor and Loki are always off on adventures!

Kronos did not love him and Rhea could not look after him, but Pluto is well loved.


Thor {green left} and Loki {purple right}

Then from left to right Toothless, Green Fire, Sparkles and Falkor

Just a big kid me, 49 at the time of uploading this pic.

You are *never* too old to play.  Never lose sight of your inner child. They have wisdom for you even now.


Hades Optimus is the red one, followed by Carli and Ari, short for Carlisle and Aro from 'Twilight'




The *delicious* Hades pita wrap at Zeus Street Greek.  Can be Gluten free in you want! :D




A gorgeous tree in a graveyard near where I live. I like to think of it as a guardian tree.




Hades' name and one of his Roman names came up in a word game I play. The names were not there :{



More Greek names I found in my game - fitting that Charon {Kharon} and Styx are together here


Candles I made in a meditation in honour of  Hades and the Underworld, did my best at the time.


They had a 'Poseidon's Trident' array in a bingo game I once played.  Could  *not* resist making a Hades one! ;}




I got this beauty at a charity store - you always find such *wonderful* things. In real mythology I do not believe Hades kidnapped Persephone.

That is the older patriarchal distortion of the tale. In the older matriarchal version she went with him willingly, knowing something HAD to change,

otherwise he's be picking flowers all day every day.  How dull.  He also never tricked her with the pomegranate seeds,  They both knew full well it was

a marriage proposal and knew the other knew.  He loves her and always will.





My Hades~Pluto and mythology bookshelf.  It even has a stone model of Pluto on it :)

These are the ones that are hard to see:


The first one is 'Persephone ~ Secrets of a Teenage Goddess,' then 'Myth O Mania' books I and II "Have a Hot Time, Hades' and

'Phone Home, Persephone' - Fantastic

 The Blue Book is 'The Hades Moon ~ Pluto in Aspect to the Dark Moon' by Judy Hall - Fantastic

'Awakening Osiris' by Normandi Ellis - Fantastic

'Excalibur ~ Sword of Magic ~ Sword of Myth" edited by Richard Gilliam, Martin H. Greenberg and Edward E. Kramer

Then 'Yeti Accounts' by Ramkuman Panday - from Nepal

Then 'Merlin and the Discovery of the New World' by Graham Phillips

'Merlin by Jean Markale

'Practical Greek Magic' and 'Practical Egyptian Magic' by Murray Hope

In 'the Footsteps of Orpheus ~ Discovery of the Ancient Greek Underworld' by R. F. Paget - Fantastic

'The Long Journey Home ~ Re-visioning the Demeter and Persephone Myth for out time' by Christine Downing - Fantastic

'Pluto ~ New Horizons for a Lost Horizon' edited by Richard Grossinger - Fantastic

'Pluto ~ Sentinel of the Outer Solar System' by Barrie Jones

The blue one in standing up the middle is 'Dazzling Brightness' by Roberta Gellis, a Hades and Persephone romantic erotica - Fantastic

'The Mysteries of Demeter ~ Rebirth of the Pagan Wan' by Jennifer Reif - Fantastic


I used to have the hard copy of  'The Epic of Hades' by Lewis Morris.  I would be grateful for insights, as I found the

book difficult to understand.



All wonderful books.  The latter is a little dated by what she describes in the world, as it was written in the '80s, but sill a great book




Golf courses remind me of the Elysian Fields. Especially if they have rivers or creeks running through.


They look so peaceful.









Cute golf course cake!!






Kerberos kitten!  I found this on the web.





Hades perfume on etsy - she has other Gods and Goddesses too.





Pluto socks!!!


Would never have bothered to buy these if not for my beloved Pluto!!!  I stuck them around my front door number!

{Even if Jupiter's colours are all wrong in both ...}






The last two are Pluto beach towels





A way cool goth shop in Brisbane, Australia









Pictures from their Facebook page.  Shameless promotion.  I LOVE this store!


{No I'm not evil, I love the dark just as much as the light and Belen ace them within myself}





Cute card from a trivia game





My pix of Hades.  As himself, as an angel and in a while robe





Some graffiti I found near an office supplies and furniture store.  Reminds me of the heart on Pluto :)







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