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A LADY IN HADES - Hades takes a lady to the Underworld


HERCULES AND THE ABDUCTION OF PERSEPHONE - The story of Hades and Persephone -  (In the style of the Animated series) Recently edited.


DISNEY'S HADES DREAMS - Dreams I've had about Disney's Hades - Please do not archive.  (My dreams read like stories and most of them are quite a good read!) NEW STUFF HERE!


More Disney's Hades fic & stuff  to come! 







  DISNEY HERCULES EPISODE SYNOPSES - IT'S FINALLY FINISHED, YAY!  A lot of time, effort, love and hard work here! Badda Bing! Badda Boom!


Although mine is better and a lot more detailed, Here's Wikia's Herc Episode Guide too: 








MOVIE SONGS - HADES STYLE!   Badda Bing! Badda Boom!


  Those Hero Rules...  Hades: Do we HAVE to put it here...?

    Seawave:  HADE, be nice to your nephew, or Zeus will toast your butt.

    Hades:       *Pouts*









Does this mean Hades is actually from

Australia? Cool! LOL! ;)

And he's not really evil y'know!



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Behold! Hades Speaks!




Hey kids, I'm not really a bad guy ... Hey!  I'm not ...

Just take a look at my book Hades, the Truth At last, painstakingly transcribed by my pal Nancy Krulik, available from http://www.amazon.com Failing that, try http://www.barnesnoble.com or http://www.ebay.com

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Though if you have the Disney book A Tale of Hades, by Evan Skolnick, 1997 (or know where to get it - or even downloadable scans of it), Seawave, Goddess of Fanfic, responsible for this way cool page is still madly lookin' for it!  Her e-mail addy is on the main page. There's also another Disney Hades book out - so rare even I don't know the name of it and Seawave's forgotten, so if you've got that or think you know what it's called, drop a line down to the Underworld. Promise I won't nab ya! But I may try to feed you pomegranates. ;)

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Sea's shirt ... well after such loyal lovin,' is lookin' well ... let's just say somethin' Cerberus dragged in ;) Here's a pic of it.  Oh, it's got my annoying, but adorable (did I say that?) minions, Pain & Panic on the back. Seawave needs the shirt XL or XXL.    

I loooove big bottomed girls.      They make the Underworld go 'round y' know ;)  ... Especially if they're wearing ME!  :)







Hades Sound Files (Wav format)


"Name is Hades, Lord of the Dead. Hi, howya doin'?"


"Badda Boom! Am I tardy to the party?!"


"Badda Boom! Boom! Boom!"


"We dance, we kiss, we schmooze, we carry on, we go home happy, whadya say? C'mon."


"Let's get ready to RUMBLE!!!"


"...Olympus would be that way..."


"Get your Titanic rears in gear ..."


"Whoa! Is my hair out?!"


"Happy ending time..."


 "Gone, Babe!"  ~ Hermes


"Yes! Hades Rules!"


"I'm a God, you fools!"  From "Hercules and the Comedy of Arrows"




 >:*(   Sadly my Hades Yahoo group and other groups about Disney Hades kind of died and went to ... well Hades ... and Kerberos ate them ...




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Xena?!  Bahhhh! Don't even talk to me about that frigging wench! Flamin' whiskey! Took me ages to get my hair right again ... Aiy! *Pouts and combs hands through the blue flames*

But the Hades from Xena Hades was Hel cool ~ Hey, of course!  Love the gear babe.  *Looks over to the other Hades* "Hey, Can I borrow your Hel cool blood red robe?"   *Toothy smile*

  "Only if I can borrow yours," the other Hades says.  "I could get used to those cool, smokey robes."

  "Deal, Dude!"




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{Information and thoughts about the real Hades in Mythology and various fictitious portrayals of him}

  "Hey Now this looks Hel cool, Badda Bing! Thanks, Darl ... Hey .... wait a Peloponnesian minute .... whaddya mean the REAL Hades?"





Disclaimer II:  Yes, I know the real ancient Greece - and Hades are very different from Disney's version - (and some people find Disney's portrayal offensive.) I always knew Hades was never the bad guy, though I find the Disney version incredibly hilarious. This page was created for amusement and enjoyment and like Disney's Hades ... not to be taken seriously :)

Say what?


Cute Hades Sprites from:  http://www.khmaniacs.com/multimedia/gifs.php



Gorgeous Hades sprites by Tonberry2K





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