Hades ere, Darlings. Wonderbrat begged me to put this up on my page ... Sheesh ... Nephews ...



"Oh, all right .... Call me a softie ... but you're payin' me 50 drachma a month, Jerkules! Deal?"


"All right, uncle," *Scowls* "Blast. Now I can't buy that cool sword..." 


"Such is life, my boy."


"Hah. You should talk being the Lord of the Dead..."


"Shut up. You want those blasted rules on my page or what?"


"Okay, Uncle, you win ..." *Reluctantly hands over the money* 





*** Being a true hero is a work of heart ***



Oi vay here we go…








1. Analyse the situation. (A Hero thinks for himself - Herc)



 6. When rescuing a damsel, always handle with care



8. Assess the environment before the initiating action



9. Fee Fi Fo Fumb, Giants are dumb



 15. A hero is only as good as his weapon



 26. A hero never accepts payment for an act of heroism



 27. To be a winner, you gotta think like a winner



 33. You gotta to crawl before you can walk.


            -Warrior Rule 33. Stick with the junior javelin... ;)



  38. Keep 'em up!



  42. A hero stops the unstoppable, defends the defenceless, helps the helpless



 65. A hero is responsible



72. Assess the situation



  74. Always be ready to improvise



 81. Use what you've got


Or in Achilles case, use your gut ;)


                         "Gross" - Hades



 88. If a hero hears of there's a wrong, to right, he's got to right that wrong



89. Heroes are open and forthright



93. Strength isn't everything. Sometimes you can defeat your opponent with cunning



 95. Concentrate



96. Aim



 147. Dudes save damsels


            "Is that sexist or what? - Even I'm not that sexist! Sheesh!" – Hades


            “Come on uncle, we save dudes too, I mean it’s the 21st century BC and everything and stop spoiling my page!”






157. A true hero doesn't give up without a fight. If a sword doesn't work, he tries arrows. If arrows don't work, he tries spears



                        "What if he runs out of spears? Does he try daggers then? What about bread knives? Frying pans?"


                         "Shut up, Hades."




 186. There are no small foes, just small heroes



                        "Speaking from experience, Nephew?" *Smirks*


                       "Hades, you promised you wouldn't spoil my page!" *Whines, pouts*


                       "Ahh, can't a God have any fun?"



189.  Honesty is the best policy. (Heroes stink at lying)




192. – Just added – Always take an express, not a local




221. Never promise to help before you know the job


 "I hate to say this, but I agree with this one. Never again will I offer to help Narcissus get ready for the Annual Gods' Ball on Olympus ... 'Do I look fat in this robe? ... Do these make my bottom look big? ...' Comes out of the bathroom three hours later ... 'Do I look beautiful enough in this? ... Do you think forest green is my colour? ... What about royal purple ... or both? ... Ohh ... now my hair doesn't look right ...' Oi vey! Take me back to the Underworld! Please!"




226. A hero does what he's told



                        "Go to bed, Hercules."


                         No comment.




 The hero race isn't a sprint. It's a marathon



 Create a game plan



 Follow through



Being a hero isn't about being in a parade, or on a banner on the front page. It’s about saving people.



 A true hero isn't measured by the size of his strength.



                        "Or the size of his ... Erhm let's not even *go* there ..." - Hades.







Now if anyone knows even more Hero Rules from Disney's Hercules, please e-mail them to ~ Hercules, Son of Zeus, C/O the Seawave, Goddess of Fandom ~ (E-mail address on Main Page)




Herc and the Gods ...




                                    “Well at least my Sweetie is in the pic. The cute little pink and purple one at the back... That's my darling Sephy ... *Sigh* ...


                                    "Getting mushy, Uncle?"


   "Shut up, Jerkules."






 On the other Hand, there are the Gyro Rules ...



 1. Always wear your oven mitts


 2. Lift with your legs, not your back


 3. Mix the fig smoothies sundial wise, not counter sundial wise.


 “Make Mine Mutton..." ;)






"Well I guess some of those hero rules weren't so bad ..."


"What was that, Uncle? What did you say?"


"Shut up. Hercules ... and get out of my Underworld before I start chargin' rent."






 Thank the Gods, that's over ... Sheez! Now back to MY Page!





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