~ Disney Hades & Once Upon a Time Hades Dreams ~



These are dreams I have had about Disney's Hades & Once Upon a Time Hades at night from the late nineties until now. If I hae any, I will put Descendants Hades and Hadie dreams here. I will be updating it as soon as I have more Hades dreams! Please do not archive, though you may link directly to this page. Finally finished typing up all my dreams!!!

Dreams are written in the Australian/UK format as day/month/year

Most of these dreams I have at home, unless otherwise specified.

Again  these dreams are James Woods’ Dsiney Hades

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In this dream, Hades was in one of the places he called home, it was like a maze-house with cobalt blue walls and many, many rooms, and prostitutes ran amok.  Hades smiled, however he knew he couldn't hide here forever.  Zeus and Hercules would find his and punish him and he knew his punishment wouldn't be light.  I came to him, and I knew he really loved me, despite the sexy prostitutes and I wanted to protect him against Zeus and Hercules.  Suddenly the place shook - Hades knew they had found him and he became afraid.  People ran everywhere but they knew Zeus and Hercules weren't after them.  I knew they weren't after me either, but I felt I had to stay by Hades.  Hades did not want to show his fear.  There was only one way for us to escape, if we were lucky. 

We ran to the back verandah, to run out into the grassy gardens with fountains, trees and fancy cut hedges.  Hades knew his powers would be useless against both Zeus and Hercules rage.  We ran as fast as we could, along the small corridor.  Hades decided that he did not like this place anymore - it was creepy - it was designed that way - to look innocent at first, and then scare the shit out of him with the relentless cobalt walls, endless corridors, getting smaller and larger ... eventually we found the verandah and ran out.  We jumped over t, but we were too late.  Zeus and Hercules had caught up to us and were on the verandah.

  "HADES!...." Zeus bellowed.

Hades knew to run would be futile and fatal.  Terrified, he turned around to see a furious looking Zeus and Hercules.  He had escaped from the Underworld prison they'd kept him in and they he knew intended to make sure he never escape again.  He knew his fast sweet-talk couldn't get him outta this one, but it was worth a try.

  "Zeus baby, I've learnt my lesson, so how abouts we call it quits, ah?"


  "Ah. I did already."

  "Not nearly enough!" Hercules spat.

Hades knew Zeus would blast him in the back if he fled without a second thought and so he stayed put hoping he'd stay alive a while longer.  I was really scared.  I loved Hades dearly, despite his faults and I hoped Zeus would show mercy.  I stayed close by him.  Hercules jumped off the verandah and punched Hades, hard.  Although hurt, and angry, Hades dared not retaliate - he was more frightened.  I attended to him.

  "It is not you we want," Zeus said to me.

  "Don't hurt him."

  "Young girl, you've no idea of the evil he's capable of."

  "Yes I do - but he's also capable of love."

  "Since when?" Hercules demanded in a high pitched voice, folding his arms.

I grew more and more worried.  It didn't look good for Hades.  I hoped they could see that Hades was capable of so much more then evil. I knew why they were angry, but why could they not see in their hearts to forgive him?

  "Like give me a second chance? ..." Hades pleaded.

  "Not likely," Hercules said.

  "Ah, shit," Hades said, trying not to show his escalating fear.

Hercules thumped him again, causing much pain.  Hades fell to the ground.

  "Now Hades, you die," Zeus snarled.  "This bolt will change you mortal... and the next one...

Hades could hold his fear in no longer.  His mouth dropped open and quivered in terror.  "Noo...hhh.... you can't ...” He shook his head, his eyes wide .... "I know I haven't been a good boy, but-"


Hades shut his mouth.  I was as scared as him, to tell the truth.  Hades' breathing became deeper and I could see him shivering.  I came to him.

  "Go," he said.  "You'll get hurt," and he kissed me.

 How could Zeus and Hercules be so cruel?  They were supposed to be merciful.  - Hercules in particular - supposed to be a hero - and now he would commit murder - some hero.  Zeus blasted Hades with his thunderbolt.  The Lord of the Underworld hit the ground so hard, he made a hole.

  "NO!" I screamed.

Hades was barely alive, and in pain.  I say by him.  Hercules moved me out of the way as Zeus prepared to blast Hades again.

  "NO!!!" I screamed, struggling, but unfortunately I was no match for Hercules' strength.  I Zeus mercilessly blast the helpless Hades and saw Hades body jerk with the blast and lie motionless.  I screamed and struggled Hercules let me go.  I ran to and knelt beside Hades' body and cried. I held his limp body in my arms and cried, stroked his smooth grey skin.

  "No .. no ... nooo...hhh" I wailed.  "Hades.... please .... you can't be dead... ohh please...."

I burst into tears and held my beloved, kissed his lifeless face.

Zeus's angry face softened almost instantly, as did Hercules.

Only now could they see my love for Hades was genuine, as was his for me.

  "I did not realise," he confessed.

I turned to him in tears.  " ... Is there any way you can bring him back?..." I sobbed, hoping.

Zeus beckoned to Hercules, who nodded.  Together they used their special God powers and created a warm yellow aura around Hades.  After a while, his yellow eyes began to blink slowly open.  I cried with relief and hugged him.  He was still weak, but hugged and kissed me back, and he cried.

  "I am sorry," Zeus said.  "I did not realise there was so much love between you."

I looked at him.   "Next time you'll know.  You shouldn't pre-judge others.  There is good in Hades and he's cool," I added with a smile.

He smiled weakly.  "Like, Herc, sorry about the gig with Meg," he said, his voice weak.  "It was a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Hey, I never meant for her to get hurt."

  "Well. ... okay.." Hercules said with a frown.  "You're lucky to have a girl like her, Hades," Wonder Boy pointed at moi.

I smiled.

  "I don't know what you see in him," Hercules said.

  "Obviously what you don't," and with that I helped Hades up.  "Thank you," I said to Zeus.  "I promise he'll be a good boy from now on." and I smiled.

  "I will?" Hades said with a smile.

The Father of the Gods smiled too, grateful Hades had found someone to love and care for him and although he and Hercules were still angry at the previous actions, they forgave him.

I walked with Hades supporting him and he took me to the Underworld, and Pain and Panic came to greet us and fuss over us.  I was happy to be with my love, Hades.



11/1/98  (Had these dreams on the same night - but woke up in        between!)


I was in one of those special photo booths where you can have your photo taken with another picture, like a celebrity or something.  I wanted to have mine taken with Hades and I hoped they had him in the computer - I was doubtful at first, then happy and surprised when he was there. I typed in his name and a pic of him came up onto the screen.  I wanted to have my picture taken kissing him on the lips.  And so I did, but I looked away when the flash went off and so the photo came  out wrong.  I wanted to have another one taken kissing him and so I had the machine take another one, and this time I didn't look away!  It was so much fun!  And then, whoo!  Hades and I were really kissing each other and it felt *wonderful*!





Hades and I were faced with a challenge:  To enter a spooky house and find our way out of the near impossible place, otherwise we could never be free and so we entered the house.  We were on the top floor. Three women, who were like the Fates warned us not to go into the room of terrors and so we took their advice.  We saw other people who were trapped in the house, trying to get out as well.  Hades and I tried one door - locked, another door lead to a corridor which lead to a dead end ... The more doors we tried, the more nothing happened.  One we opened had a brick wall behind it ... There was simply no way out.  We thought for a while - there must be a way.  Hades said it was like his Challenge, but worse - but there was always a way.

We tried more doors, corridors and stairs, but nothing lead us out.  We tried the door that we came in, but it, as we expected was locked solid.


I decided to go into the 'room of terrors.' It was the only door we had not tried.

  "But they told us not to," Hades said.  "Surely they know what's best?"

  "It looks like the only way."

I had to drag him to the door.  Truth be known, I was nervous too, as I opened the door.  The room was very dimly lit, with fire torches on the grey ragged stone walls, with at least a twenty meter drop to the bottom where a rectangular pool of red liquid stormed, like Jupiter's Red Spot.  There were a few small creatures which looked somewhat like Harpes, flying about.  Hades didn't look too comfortable and neither did I.

  "Kinda reminds me of home," Hades said, "rather dark, rather gloomy, ya know what I mean?"

            I nodded, although this wasn't exactly the Underworld, unknown more like.  There didn't seem to be any way out of this gods awful place - and the door we'd come in slammed shut and bolted behind us.

  "Great..." Hades mused.  "Maybe we shoulda listened to those women?"..."

  "I don't know," I said.  "I still have the feeling they were hiding something ..."

We ventured around the top ledge of the dark room.  Suddenly, he slipped, gasped and tried to grab onto the ledge, but missed.

  "HADES!"  I yelled in horror as he plummeted into the red storm below, yelling all the way.

I was as terrified as he was.  Hell I loved the guy.

He plunged into the crimson swirling waters.  They formed a whirlpool and began to drag him down.  Hades screamed in terror.

I didn't care what it took, but I had to save him.  I clambered down to the bottom ledge, using a pipe, then leapt onto the bottom floor ledge when the pipe finished.  I lunged toward Hades, yelling his name.

  "No!" he exclaimed, struggling frantically against being dragged into oblivion.

I ignored him.  I wasn't going to let him die.  I grabbed his hand and pulled with all my might.  I started to pull Hades out of the water - or whatever it was.

  "Let go," Hades said desperately, "it'll get you too...”

  "No ... I can't let you die ..."

The waters suddenly whisked up and grabbed me.  Hades yelled and we held onto each other.

However the waters began to calm ... We looked at each one and still holding each other, as the waters calmed completely.

The three women appeared to us in the dark room.

  "You two are the only ones to ever pass the test..."

Both Hades and I looked puzzled.

  "Our job is to keep people in the house ..."

  "You were right," Hades whispered to me.

  "Yes," the old woman said.  "But no one has ever found the way before, even ones who do venture into this room of terrors."

  "What is the way?" Hades asked.

  "You already know ... We feel your love for one and other. It is incredible," then she spoke to me.  "You were ready to give your life for him, yet you," she spoke to Hades, "would rather have died than endangered her.   The test was true love and you have passed with flying colours. No one has done that before. You are both free to go."

The three ladies sued their powers and the back wall to the room disappeared, revealing the hills and grassy plains of home.

Hades and I looked wonder.

  "Thank you," I said.

  "No, thank you. Perhaps the other people trapped here will realise what you have."

Hades and I were released.


We looked back on the modern looking house as we walked away. Nothing seemed odd about it from here, but we knew what lay inside and wondered if the others trapped inside would realise how to get away.  Hades and I walked away, hand in hand, soft green grass all around us, hardly a cloud in the sky as we walked toward the mountains. 

Hades stopped and turned to me.

  "Thank you," he said, his voice and eyes sincere.

I didn't have to ask what for.  I smiled and hugged him.

  "No one's ever cared for me that much before ... or loved me..."

I smiled warmly.  "And I've never been loved by the Lord of the Dead before."

He chuckled, smiled, then leaned closer and kissed me gently.  I became aware of only his lips touching mine as we remained locked in our embrace, embraced ourselves by the lands of Ancient Greece as we lay down in the soft grass at the foot of a mountain ...






G1 Megatron had been trapped in the Underworld by Hades (Disney).  He tried to escape, but couldn't.  As Hades was a God, he couldn't be killed, not even by Megatron.  The leader of the Decepticons was loathe to admit defeat, but he knew when he was beaten.  Hades decided to make a deal with him.

  "Hey, Meg, you know what?  Do me a favour and I'll, release you."

  "What do you want?" Megatron asked, resigned.

  "Dead people.  Business's been slow of late, y'know, so if you can go topside and say, kill a few people, say, create some havoc, I might be inclined to say to let you go."

Reluctantly, Megatron agreed.  Not because he was against killing or, say creating havoc - he hated being controlled by another being like this, however he did respect Hades power, and hey, the guy was colourful to say the least.

Megatron had made Beast Wars Cheetor into a Decepticon.  Cheetor (Non Transmetal) was now ferocious and ruthless and behaved like a junk yard dog.  He had painfully learned that Megatron was not a chew toy.  Megatron gave him three burly humans to devour which he did with glee and without the slightest bit of remorse.

  "Oiy ... Painful ... I wanted entertainment, not a horror movie ... Ah well, can't complain, I guess," as he saw the souls of the three men enter the Underworld.

Megatron started blasting cities, buildings and like Hades said, creating havoc.

Hades smiled.  "Now this is more like it!  Badda Bing, Badda Boom!  An Action flick!"

Quite a number of souls entered the Underworld.

  "This guy's gooood!" Pain said

Panic wasn't sure to be happy or terrified.  "At least the Boss is happy."

When Megatron had reached his 300 quota, he stopped.

  "Oiy ... Optimus Prime is never gonna let me forget this.  Are you happy, Hades?!"

Hades appeared.  "Oh yeah!  I should've asked for 1000!"

  "Don't push it."

  "Well a deal's a deal."

Hades used his power and freed Megatron from his bond.

  "You know you could come and work for me.  I pay well."

Pain and Panic don't look impressed.

  "Forget it," Megatron grunted.  "I have my Decepticons to lead.”

  "Oh, well, it was worth a try, but if you ever want another job, look me up, 'kay?"

Megatron couldn't help, but give a resigned smile at Hades' persistence.  "Whatever.  Gotta go."

Megatron took off into the air.

  "So much for that," Pain said.

Hades sat down, feeling dejected.

  "Don't worry, boss, we still love you."

Hades looked at Panic.  "Pull the other one, it plays the Funeral Barge."

Pain starts pulling one Hades' legs.

  "He's being ironic!" Panic said frantically.

Pain stopped and looked gingerly at Hades.  "Ahh, sorry ..."

Hades wants to get mad, but for the first time in his life, he can't.

Panic jumped up and gave Hades a hug.

  "Get off me!"

Hades face softened.

  "Ah, come here, you two ..."

He started to tickle them, to which they struggled and laughed gleefully.





Something was wrong with Hades.  He was in an abnormally cheery mood - and he wasn't up to anything nasty.  Pain and Panic were worried.  Hades frolicked about the land, and then he frolicked in the middle of the ocean.  He seemed to be having so much fun! However, his sliding across the ocean was disturbing his brother Poseidon.  Poseidon blasted Hades with water.  Hades seemed upset, but did nothing to retaliate which surprised Pain, Panic and also Poseidon, Zeus and Hera.  Hades decided he wanted to play more and changed himself into Aphrodite and began windsurfing on an imaginary board.  The real Aphrodite became angry at Hades using her form like that and went down to the ocean, creating her own windsurfer.  She knew how to get Hades!

  "Pain ... Panic ..." She called.  "Come here, it's me, Hades.

They looked confused.

  "No, boys," I'm over here," Hades as Aphrodite called.

Now Pain and Panic were really confused.

  "Which one is she ... he?"

Pain shrugged.

  "Come 'ere, Boys," Aphrodite called.

Panic shrugged and went towards her.  Pain followed.

  "I'm over here!" Hades/Aphrodite snapped.

Pain and Panic looked, but continued onto Aphrodite.  "I'm not sure, but I think she's ... uhh ... he's Hades."

Aphrodite smiled.

  "BOYS!!!" the other Aphrodite screamed.  "IF YOU DON'T GET YOUR BUTTS OVER HERE, I'LL BLAST YOU TO OLYMPUS COME!!!!!"

Pain and Panic looked at each other.  "Now That's Hades."  They began to swim toward him.  He morphed himself back into Hades.

  "Drastic," Aphrodite said, "but it worked.

Hades continued to glide across the ocean's surface.

  "What's wrong with him?" Zeus asked, seemingly concerned.  I've never seen him act like this."

  "If you ask me," Aphrodite said, I think.  "It's GMT, or GMS - one of the two.  Gods have been known to get it you know."

  "Oh," Zeus said.

  "Don't worry, it'll pass."

Zeus smiled.  "I kind of like him like that, but it's ... weird."

  "You're tellin' me, " Aphrodite said, as she rejoined him on Olympus.

Hades seemed to have exhausted himself and sat down on a grassy bank.  Poseidon came up to him.

  "Sorry, Po Po, " Hades said, didn't mean to invade your turf like that, but I needed somewhere ... somewhere big to  I dunno, chill out."

  "Okay ..." Poseidon said.  "Sorry, I thought you'd come to take over."

  "That too ... Ahh, just kiddin'.  Ya hungry?  I'm starved.  What've we got here ... Chocolate wafers ... chocolate pita ... Ugh."  He used his powers and changed them.  "There that's better.  Liver wafers ... liver pita.  Great stuff - and good for ya too.  Want some?"

  "I'll stick to my squid pita, thanks."

Hades pulled a face as he ate his wafers and pita and Poseidon disappeared beneath the sea.  Panic looked at Hades eating with hungry eyes.  "Liver ... Yum ...." he licked his lips and went to Hades with a six pack of chocolate milk.

  "Uhh Boss ... you couldn't change these to liver flavour, could you?"

Hades looked down at Panic, annoyed.

  "Did I mention I actually use the victim's liver FOR FLAVOR?!"

Panic gulped.  "Uhh ... on second thought, chocolate is good...."

  "At least he's gettin' back to normal," Pain said.  "I was gettin' worried."

After Hades had finished eating, he took Pain and Panic back with him to the Underworld.

  "Ahh, home, sour home..."

And he sat down in his throne, wondering when that blissful day would come when he would rule life the universe and everything.





In this dream, Suz and I were trying to help out both Disney and Xena Hades.  Xena Hades had run out of breakfast cereal and we gave him some, with coloured crunchy sugar crispies.  He really liked it and thanked us, however, he started to become really ill and was dying.  We were horrified that the cereal we had made had made him sick, even though he was a God.  However it turned out that some mortal criminal had mixed hinds blood in with the milk, which was killing him - the only thing that could kill a Grecian God.  We frantically tried to help him and then discovered that the same had happened in the Disney Universe and Disney Hades was feeling very ill too and dying.  Pain and Panic stayed by his side, comforting him, while his flame grew dimmer.

It so happened that the milk of a seal, mixed with that of a dolphin, mermaid, cheetah, highland gargoyle and Unicorn was the cure.  We travelled far and wide, with the help of Both Hercules’, Iolaus, Xena, Icarus and Cassandra, and fortunately all the animals were willing to donate some of their very special milk.

            We took it to both Hades.  We had to hold the cup up for Xena Hades and help him swallow the cup of mixed pure creamy milk.  We had to save Xena Hades first as he was worse than Disney Hades.  His breathing was slow as we stayed by him.  The milk began to take effect as he gained strength and his power back.  In gratitude he kissed us both and used his powers to instantly transport us to the Disney Underworld and watched from his Universe as we knelt by Disney Hades.  A distraught Pain and Panic and helped us give the milk to him.  He lay there motionless.

  "Come on, Boss...." Panic patted Hades grey face gently and wiped a tear from his face.

Pain couldn’t  help sobbing either.

Praying to whatever Gods were listening in both Universes, we prayed that Hades would be all right.  We gave him the last of the special milk.  Xena Hades gave Disney a gentle boost - a stronger boost would have killed him.  He was very weak.

Slowly, he turned and his eyelids flutter.  They open slowly and he sighs softly.  We helped him sit up in bed.  He looked at us.

  "I wake up and there are two cute girls in my bed, Bad Bing!  I gotta get sick more often!"

He placed his arms around us.  "Thanks, Lades, If it wasn't for you guys, I'd be ... well at the bottom of the River Styx, y'know..."

            Pain and Panic jumped and whooped for joy and leapt onto Hades.

  "We're so glad you're okay, Boss."

  "Get off! ... As you yusses... c'mere!"

            He rubed their Heads.  Suz and I smile.

            Xena Hades watched from his Universe and smiles. Disney Hades looked at him.        "Thanks other Hades .. I guess I owe you one."

  "Don't mention it, Brother."

  "Brother, ah?  Cool.  Better than that ol lummox, Zeus!"

            Xena Hades smilesed as he left to attend to him Universe, glad these two mortals cared enough to save his life and that he'd found a kinship with his other Universe self, even if he had a rather strange hairdo.

            Hades grabbed me and Suz and squeezed us tightly, then kissed us both.  "I love you girls ..."

  "We love you too Hades," Suz said with a twinkle in her eye.

  "Hades, can I play with your hair?" I asked.

  "Sure ... just let me adjust it so it doesn't burn your hands off ..."

            I smiled as I stuck my hands into his flaming blue hair.  It feels like a liquid flame as I messed around with it.

  "Hey ... he hheee!!!" Hades Laughed.  "That tickles!"

Suz joined in too, as we stay down in the Underworld, laughing and playing with Hades, Pain and Panic.

  "I can't thank you girls enough," Hades said.  "No one's ever... really cared for me ... before."

            He sniffed and his beautiful large yellow eyes brim with tears.  He quickly wiped them away.  "Ahh futz ... I'm getting all sentimental .."

  "We don't mind, Hades," Suz said, dreamy eyed.  "It makes you cuter."

            He looked at us, eyes wide with surprise as we both kiss him on the lips ...





A woman in a wheelchair died an accidental death – ie she was not meant to die, and she went to Hades.  Hercules went down to his uncle.

  “Herc, what a surprise.  What can I do you for?”

  “You can release her.”

  “Herc. Herc, c’mon, this is the Underworld, when people die they come down here and that’s it, badda bing.”

  “She wasn’t meant to die now.”

  “Can I help that?”

  “You can fix it.”

  “And why would I wanna do that?”

  “C’mon Hades, do something good for once in your life.  Look how miserable she is ... I mean she can come back to the Underworld when it’s her time, there are things she wanted to do in her life and ...”

  “Oh hell, if only to shut you up!  Okay, she can go, but when she dies again that’s it.”

Hercules smiled.  “Hades you’re the best.”

  “Somehow I doubt you really meant that.”

  “Well you did something good for a change.”

  “I dunno about this do gooding stuff, is it safe?”

  “Trust me.”

  “This better not ruin my rep.”

  “Trust me, Hades, you’ll be fine.”

Hades released the woman to the Earth plane.  Hercules catches him smile as he sees the smile on his face.

  “You’d better put in a good word for me on Olympus,” Hades said.

  “You got it.  Hades this might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

  “Oh Gods, I hope not!”

They both laughed.





The top floor of the Underworld was all the rage for parties, while Hades was working below decks. He resented that until his work was done, then he want to par-tay with his minions who thought it was nice to see Hades dancing and letting his flame hair down.





Not as many souls were going to the Underworld and Hades was being childish. Pain and Panic tried to cheer him up and succeeded – hey he was a God, what would be better than that?





Gaia grew some flowers in the Underworld. Hades hated it at first.  But got used to it as Granny Gaia grew more. Persephone loved them and Hades grew to.






D’Ablo dream – (This was Aro’s {from Twilight’s} name in the parody New Moan) D’Ablo had a union with Hades, Lord of the Underworld and the two hit it off like an Underworld on fire. He wasn’t scared of the Underworld anymore and found he quite liked it and visited often.






There was a demon eating people and attacking me. Hades took pity on us and freed us, much to our gratitude and Zeus’ surprise. Hades killes the demon and sent it to Tartarus.






Hercules went to see Hades, braving the cliffs of the Underworld. Hades laughed. Hercules wanted to help the souls in the Underworld be happy and to help suffering sols above.  When he made Hades listen to their cries, Hades became depressed and sad at all the suffering and livened up the Underworld a bit.






Hades wanted to take a cool castle above ground. The otehr Gods wouldn’t let him and Zeus said Hades had to be contented with him one in the Underworld. Hades grumbled but shaped it to resemble the cool castle.






The Gods met in a secret lounge under the Underworld. Hades wanted to know why he didn’t know about the place.  His minions were too frightened to tell him, but they met there to include Hades and discuss what to do about mankind.







There was a Disney Hercules play and I was playing Hades.


Hades tried to turn Hercules mortal again, but his plan backfired.   Zeus towered over Hades, lying on the ground, now mortal.  Zeus had a thunderbolt.

            “This is the end, Hades.”

            Hades was desperate.  “The end? No surely not. What about all the good times we had together?”

            “Good times, Hades? The ones where I whupped your sorry patootie?”

            Hades swallowed. “…Erm…Yes those.”

            Zeus shook his head.  “I’m afraid you’re all out of luck this time, baby Brother.”

            “Wait… There’s been a misunderstanding…”

            “No there hasn’t – you’re not getting out of it this time.”

            “Who will run the Underworld?”

            “Hecate. She’s always wanted to.”

            “Yes!” Came Hecate’s voice.

            “No, she doesn’t have what it takes… Brother … I’m Hades, Lord of the Underworld.”

            “Wouldn’t you rather be Hades, Lord of Olympus?”

            “Come to think of it… No.  Far too bright up there and what’s with all the bickering the nyah, nyah, nyah!”

            “Enough Hades, I’m afraid your number is up.”

            “No…no… wait … where will I go…”

            “To the Underworld I’d imagine, being dead.”

            “But there’s a difference between being the Lord of the Underworld in the Underworld and Dead in the Underworld….”

            “You should have thought of that before you threatened my boy.”

            “No harm no foul… he’s fine.” Hades was getting more desperate now Zeus raised the thunderbolt

            “No thanks to you… Goodbye little brother.”

Hercules saw a flash of genuine terror in Hades eyes. Zeus prepared to strike.”

            Hades stared at him, eyes wide, mouth open and quivering.

            “Father wait,” Hercules said.

            “Why? He would have killed you.”

            “I know, but look at him, I think he’s learned his lesson.”

            Hades nodded emphatically. “Lesson learned. Yes. I have learned the lesson. Lesson–“

            “Quiet!” Zeus sapped.

            Hades instantly silenced himself, wiping his brow.

            “Yes I think he has and he is your brother after all. He is kinda peppy.”

            “Well if you put it that way, but he still tried to kill you.”

Hercules nodded. “Perhaps he can do some penance, like cleaning up the Underworld. That place is always so dank.”

            Hades stood, incensed. “Cleaning the Underworld, I am the God of the Underworld!”

Zeus raised his thunderbolt.”

            “I’m the janitor of the Underworld.”

            “And cheer those souls up, or you’ll be joining them,” Zeus warned.

            Hades gulped. “Yessir!”

            “If you’re sure about this, Hercules.”

            “I am, Father.”

The King of the Gods nodded then turned to leave with Hermes.

            “You got a good heart, Herc. I thought the Lord of the Dead here was a goner.”

            “So did I for a moment there.” Hades shook his head in disbelief and swallowed again.

            Hermes turned to him.   “The Hercster just saved your life. Now you remember that, y’hear?”

            Hades nodded. 

            “Hermes,” Zeus called.

            “Like I’m there, Babe.”

            Hades turned to Hercules.  “Suppose I should thank you. You didn’t have to, but you did.  Still dint know why after what I did, but hey, thanks.”

            “Not sure if it’s a pleasure and Hades, when you discover the answer, maybe things’ll change.”


            Zeus sent Hades back to the Underworld. Having lost his God powers, he could not transport himself.


            In the Underworld Hades flopped onto his bed, in utter relief. Pain and Panic fussed about him. He tried not to show how touched being mortal for the time being, until the serum wore off.



            Some time later, Hercules was fighting a Hydra and failing miserable, despite Phil’s frantic coaching.  He lost his sword and called for his Father.  Zeus would not be able to get there in time.  But Hades could and he did, arriving just as Hercules was swallowed by the beast. Hades used his powers to free Hercules form inside the beast and send the beast to Tartarus.

            Hercules, thanking is lucky stars, coughed and stood up.

            “Thank you…”

            “Nah, don’t mention it. Just returnin’ the favour, you know what I mean.”

            Zeus arrived, relieved his boy was all right.

            “I suppose I should thank you,” he said.  “Kind of glad I didn’t kill you now.”

            “Ya. I bet you are.  Well I’m not the mushy type so-“

            “Hades, why don’t you stick around,” Hercules said. “The crowd’s cheering because you saved me.”

            “They are. Hey I’ve never been cheered before, let alone got a standing ovation.” He didn’t let on how touched he was. “Names Hades, Lord of the Dead. Hi, howya doin?” The cheering stopped.  “Hey don’t stop on my account, I’m here to repay a favour not for any of you, except that old guy in the front row a week from now,” he added under his death breath. The charring started again. Hades very quickly wiped a tear away. but not before Hercules, Zeus, Hermes and Phil saw.


            Intermission started and I leapt into in the back row with the actor playing Hercules.




            Over the coming years, Hades did up the Underworld, married Persephone and really did decide he liked it better down there after all.  He convinced Hecate she was cooler and the Goddess of night and Hades and Hercules became friends. Zeus wasn’t sure how to take that ta first, but was confident his boy knew what he was doing and it ancient Greece became a better place how that Hades had found the place where he truly belonged and liked it!






Hades was in trouble again, trying to take over Olympus and blasted back to the Underworld. Persephone helped Hades appreciate what he had and spent the next 6 months with him helping brighten and clean up the Underworld.


The time had come for Adonis to take a bride.  He didn’t want one. He wanted to remain a carefree bachelor since Helen had, much to his upset gone off with Paris.  Adonis’ Daddums held a ball in his honour, but Adonis wasn’t the least bit interested especially not in the women as beautiful as they were, they were all as shallow as he was. He wondered if he was really like that.

            A common woman had gotten lost and wanted to ask at the palace if she could stay in the servant’s quarters for the night. She unwittingly wandered into the ball and everyone noticed her and stared. She wished she could die.

            “Not yet, Deary,” Hades said from under the Underworld, eating grapes and sharing them with Persephone.  “Give it 70 more years.”  Adonis took instant notice of her and he didn’t know what came over him, but he wanted to help her.  He descended the stairs and put down his grapes.   They got to know each other and he became protective of her and – servants quarters? Ne, he gave her a royal bedroom. At first his father the King thought he was doing it to spite him, but Adonis and Tairee grew fond of each other, eating grapes together and she taught Adonis how to respect the common folk, after all he would be king someday!

            She lay on his chest as they shared fruit and fell in love and Adonis father relented. Tairee and Adonis were married and they both became better people for it.


            “Aww sweet,” Hades said below. “Chokes you right up.” He don’t want Persephone to see he really was a bit choked up.  As they schmoozed and then the Underworld didn’t seem such a bad place after all…






Hercules, Pegasus, Cassandra and Icarus wound up in Australia, this was long before the country was colonised.  They were greeted by some of the natives and they were sung to.  Some of the natives thought they might be evil spirits. Hercules managed to convince them they were not evil spirits, despite not knowing each other’s language.  They stayed for a while wondering how they got there.  Hercules and Co bid their new friends farewell and took off on Pegasus for the long flight back to Greece.

            In the Underworld Hades fumed at the magical nymph.  “When I said I wanted them like ‘Down Under,’ I meant down here!”





Hades wanted a sure fire way of increasing his numbers and so he said he’d take all Adonis’ servants and army, about 1000 men. Or he’d take Adonis instead. The servants and army men thought they were done for. To Hades, Hercules and Adonis’ surprised Adonis chose to sacrifice himself for them, he said he’d be lonely without them. Hades was at a loss – he never thought Adonis would do such a thing and he didn’t want only one soul so he let Adonis go. Hercules convinced Hades to be happy with what he had. From then on in the servants and army were happy to serve Adonis and became his closest friends and confidants. Hades would never admit how touched he was but Hercules saw it in him eyes as he kissed his beloved Persephone.



18/12/14 – 2 Hades dreams in one night – woo hoo!


Some people were watching this as a play in modern times. I was the play’s director.


Hades wanted to find the Harpies as they were hiding form him – he knew they wanted to something. He sent Pain and Panic to look for them and they found them in Tartarus, hanging upside down like bats. They told Pain and Panic what they wanted. The minions shared a look, but were glad to be getting out of creepy, scary Tartarus. They Told Hades what the harpies wanted – immortality.

            “Immortality, huh?” Hades summoned the Harpies and they had no choice but to appear.

            “You now I’m disappointed you didn’t have like the guts to come see me yourself and immortality ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. Tell you what, I’ll let you live 1000 years.  That’s more than 10 times the lifespan of most mortals and see how we go and the deal is you don’t bother me anymore.”

            “Deal,” they squeaked, happy.  Although they wanted immortality 1000 years was the best they were going to get.


            Over the years they began to understand why some called immortality a curse and were grateful Hades didn’t grant it.  Hercules and Hades helped them cope with their elongated life span by telling them to find things that interested them made them come alive/  Some liked reading, others knitting for the poor, some like playing sports in the Underworld and their new long lives turned out for the better.  Hades and Hercules took their own advice and went to do things they loved. Hades secretly loved romance, action/adventure, science fiction and fantasy books… Hercules never told Hades but he liked them too. Secretly they knew each other’s secret, but never let on…







Hercules wanted a cool chariot.  He asked Apollo but due to the disaster that happened last time, Apollo was not willing to lend Hercules his chariot – sun or no sun.   Apollo got a chariot for Hercules to borrow.  Little did Hercules know it was Hades’ chariot.  Hercules rode around in it, flying above the Agora, whooping for joy, all the while feeling something was amiss.  Apollo smirked.  He gave Cassandra and Icarus rides and they expressed some misgivings – where had they seen this chariot before?  Hercules them accidentally crashed the chariot. He and his friends was unharmed.

            “Should’ve foreseen that.” Cassandra said.

Apollo was horrified – what would he tell Hades.

Hades appeared, not impressed, furious actually. Now Hercules knew whose chariot it was.  Apollo took responsibility so that Hades didn’t think that Hercules stole the chariot. Hades was still mad.

             “So YOU stole my chariot,” he thundered to Apollo.

            The Sun God cringed.  “Borrowed … actually.”

            Hades roared, turning red.  Apollo cringed further.  Zeus came down.

            “What’s all the hub-hub?”

            Huffing, Hades said “Wonderbrat stole my chariot, or rather Apollo did, for him to ride.  Gotta say I’m incensed.”

            By looking at Apollo cringing, Zeus knew Hades to be telling the truth and told Apollo how disappointed he was and how dangerous it was.  Apollo winced at Zeus’ thundering.

            “I demand compensation,” Hades said.

            “As much as I hate to admit it,” Hades is right,”

            “What’s with the hate?” Hades asked, innocently. “I haven’t done anything wrong. Honestly this time.”

            “I know, Hades,” Zeus said rolling his eyes. He passed judgment for Apollo and Hercules to fix Hades chariot in the Underworld.  This satisfied Hades. Hercules was mortified that his father was disappointed in him and Zeus forbade Hercules to drive (unless in the case of an emergency) until he could be more responsible.

            They hated it in the Underworld with Hades jibes and Apollo especially craved the sunlight so they worked as quickly as possible, whilst being sure to do a bang-up job amidst Hades fussing and loving it.

            It took them a night and a day to fix the chariot and made it better than ever.  To keep up his reputation, Hades fussed.

            “It’s better than it was,” Hercules whined. “We even got rid of those scratches and dent.  Uhh sorry we took your chariot in the first place.”

            “At least that’s something,” Hades said, “But I liked that dent and those scratches.”

            Before Hercules exploded, he saw his uncle trying to stifle a smile.

            “We’re finished, Uncle,” he said.

            “What, you’re expecting a thank you? You’re the ones who wrecked it in the first place.”  Hades said, but not without a twinkle in his eye.

He let the God and Demi-God back to the surface, not much older, but a little wiser, and saw Hades flying about in his chariot, nicking a mountain, putting the dent back.


In the second part of this dream Hades had given energy to five mortals who were sick and fatigued, although it would shorten their life span. They agreed to Hades’ deal. One was a mother and she now had the energy to look after her children, but she worried about the other part of Hades’ deal – for how long? Hades had promised her that she’d live to see them grown which was a good thing.  Hercules was horrified by the deal, although it was good these people found energy to live their lives, Hades was shortening them.  He convinced Hades about how life was beautiful and that they’d sooner or later, in their mortal lives come to him, everyone did, and to lift the curse and reluctantly Hades did so as all the Gods were frowning upon him.  Hades watched the mother, overjoyed and didn’t let on how touched he was, lest it ruin his reputation. Hercules saw it in his face bt said nothing.  Hades let Doctor Hippocrates cure them of their ailments, happy wit the souls in his realm and giving them some joy in the afterlife.





Hades had a son in this dream. One he’d saved from Echidne. He was her son and looked like his purple brother and she was going to eat him because he was too small. Hades is really a softie, heh… The Son Hades called Tyke had tricked Zeus onto coming down to Earth where he used his power – breath that makes people unconscious and Zeus was lying unconscious one night on the shore.  Hades came up through the sea and was impressed, yet a little jealous of his son for capturing Zeus, but ecstatic at the same time.  Poseidon did not like Hades coming up through him and capturing Zeus on his turf.  Hera also came down and rescued her husband.  Hades was mad, bit the little Tyke did his best and he disappeared with his son down to the Underworld before Zeus could wake and blast them. Tyke had nothing against Zeus just wanted to make his father happy and although he didn’t say anything Pain and Panic saw he was touched by that.





Hades had shrunk himself down to about 5 inches and was being mischievous, playing hide and seek. I was looking for him in the bottom cupboard, in amongst all my toys as I had a feeling he was there. I found him behind a box of my G1 Transformers as his flaming hair was a giveaway.

I should've turned that off,” he said as I dragged him out.

Then I startled to tickle him

Stop that...”

I didn't.

Stop that. I order you. I'm a God.”

I still didn't and Hades shook his flaming head and laughed. He knew I'd never hurt him and vice versa. Both of us were too shy to admit how we felt about one and other, but deep inside we both knew.




Hades was pining after Persephone. He tried to convince Hercules that he really loved her. But Wonderbrat wasn’t convinced.

            “Aw, c’mon, Herc!”

            “No way, Uncle!”

`Hades made himself bigger and grabbed Persephone before Hercules could do anything.  Then Hades made himself normal size and kissed her.  Herc rushed in for the recue, but seeing Persephone return the kiss and embrace, Hercules stopped.

            “You see, Hercules, Hades was telling the truth. I really want to be with him.” Persephone hugged him.

            Hercules sheepishly holstered his sword.  “O.... kay... Are you sure?”

            “I’ve never been so sure.” Persephone hugged and kissed Hades again. “He needs love, Hercules.”

            “Ya. I do, at the risk of sounding all mushy. Yerk,” Hades said, holding Persephone.

            “I guess,” Hercules said and Hades sent him back to the world above and embraced his beloved.
            “I dunno about this love thing. Is it safe.”

            “Of course not.” Persephone grabbed Hades and held him close. The Lord of the Dead looked terrified for a moment, then smiled and melted into his beloved’s arms.


1/1/18 – HAPPY NEW YEAR! First dream of 2018!!!


Hundreds and hundreds Evil birds had taken over and wanted to take over the world. Even Hades was alarmed.

            “Ew-ew! Enough already! Not to mention all that poop”

            He teamed up with the other Gods to blast these birds out of the sky.  I was a demigoddess Tarii in this dream and helped my beloved Hades. The Gods were surprised and heartened that Hades was on their side and he fought formidably and made sure he looked cool!

            Together, we managed to blast all the birds to Tartarus.  Hades came to me.

            “Nice shootin’ luv! Love dem pink fireballs!”

            “You too, my love.” I kissed him

            “Ay! You have to get mushy in front of the other Olympians?”

            “Yes, love.”

            “What if they see my soft side?” he joked.

            “I think that makes them like you more.”

            Hades chuckled gruffly.

            “This love stuff, is it safe?”

            “No,” I said, “though I will never leave you, you beautiful, sexy, smoky God!”

            Hades hugged me close and in a whiff of smoke, whisked me away to the Underworld, so we could go somewhere a little more private...


3/5/18 ~ Once Upon a Time Hades ~ woo hoo!

Rumple as Mr. Gold was up to his old tricks again and Belle was not impressed and rejected him, despite the fact that she still loved him, despite his garish new hairdo.  She was devastated when Rumple died and went to the Underworld to give him one last chance. Zelena came with her to the Underworld, to give Hades a second chance, as she still loved him also.  Both of the condemned were grateful that one person cared enough and promised to change their ways; lest they end up back in the Underworld {and Hades hated being a resident here, rather than its king.} Hades resurrected Robin, much to Regina’s delight and Hades and Zelena and Rumple and Belle, lived in pe ace in Storybrooke. And Belle made Rumple magic his long hair back! And Hades, not to be outdone, flamed his hair for Zelena...

            Converted to a FIC. When it is done is will be called HIGHWAY TO HADES and will available be on both my Disney Hades and Once Upon a Time Pages.




More dreams as I have them...



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