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The dreams on this page are nightly dreams I have had about Hades {and some about other Erik characters,} from the late nineties until now. I will be updating it as soon as I have more Hades dreams! Please do not archive, though you may link directly to this page. 

 Some dreams, I remember vividly, others not so.  Finally finished typing up all my dreams!!!

Dreams are written in UK/Australian date format day/month/year

Most of these dreams I have at home, unless otherwise specified.









In this dream, was Erik Thomson, not as Hades, though  - {He also played Brett Barrett in "Pacific Drive."}  We were fighting a war against our enemies.  I really liked him, but didn't want him to think I only liked him because he was gorgeous and sexy.  Our team was called "The Awesome Auckland Warriors," and the war was being fought in New Zealand, although Erik gave us orders while we were opposite the News Limited building in Sydney, Australia.  We were all scared and worried, but determined to do our best and stand up for what we believed in.  In the battle, Erik was shot in the chest, arms and legs.  Horrified, I saw him fall and rushed to him.  It was a random shooting and the enemy hadn't seen Erik fall or me rush to him.  He was unconscious, and would die without help.  I had to get him to safety - fast!  There was a safe, secure underground bunker one man hospital that I knew of.  He'd be safe there until he could recover.  The place was unknown by the enemy, and away from any blast damage.  It was warm, cosy and automated and so I could leave him there in safety.  I had to make sure I wasn't followed by the enemy.  I carried him down the long secure, metal corridor to the bunker, making sure I bolted the front hatch.  When there, I laid him on the soft bed.  The tiny hospital was alerted to our presence and began to scan Erik, and work on him.  I felt safe now that he was safe, and knowing I did everything to help him.  I was still scared that the enemy might locate the hospital and kill him, but at least he was safe for now.  I covered Erik, although the temperature in the room was quite warm, to suit his needs.  I watched him breathing and wanted to stay with him, but knew I had to rejoin the battle to fight for our cause.


We were winning, although the enemy was strong and ruthless, they had discovered we were just as ruthless in fighting for our freedom and right to exist.  One of them discovered the small hospital where Erik was being treated, but was killed before he could report its location or hurt Erik.


The war was soon over with our enemy repenting and both sides sheathing our weapons, claws and hatreds.


Erik awoke in the hospital, groggy at first, then became frightened at where he was  and wondered if he had been captured.  Torture was the last thing he wanted right now, but he knew the enemy rarely took prisoners.  When he looked around once more, he realised he was in one of our hospitals, and became quite relieved that he was safe, warm and recovering.


I came to him, thrilled that he'd survived and thanked me for saving his life.  He was touched that I'd risked my life to save his, perhaps not a wonderful tactical move, but a brave and caring one none the less.  I helped him fully recover and He kissed me gently and I felt glad.  Glad he'd  noticed me for the caring person I was and grateful for his gratitude.


We were both thrilled that the war had some to an end, but the hospital bunkers remain our secrets should they ever need to be utilised again.


I am overjoyed that Erik recovered, not because I find him attractive, he's a nice, caring guy and the world needs people like him - and me.





I was helping out with an episode in this dream.  Erik Thomson was Hades.  I was asked to get a ring as a prop for Hades to give Persephone in the show.  I searched everywhere for an Ancient Greek looking ring and could only find a silver one with a diamond look alike - not very ancient looking.  It was kinda nice though.  We were setting up for the episode in the Underworld, and people were dressing Erik and Andrea Croton {Persephone} putting on some make-up.  I was excited to be here, but scared that Erik would find out that I liked him and take it the wrong way.  I gave the ring to him.  He said it wasn't very ancient looking, but not in a nasty way.

  "I know, it was the only one I could find, " I said, sounding mock exasperated, and like an idiot.  I was scared he would take my feelings for him the wrong way.

Both Erik and I came up with an idea to discolour the ring to make it look more ancient.  The producers were happy with it and they began rolling the cameras.  Hades put the ring on Persephone's finger.  Persephone smiled and they kissed.  I smiled - it was a lovely scene.  Hades and Persephone were my favourite Greek God and Goddess , but I couldn't help feeling sad, because she was thinner and taller than me.

Erik came to me after the show and thanked me for finding the ring.  He also said he was touched by how I felt about him and that it was okay.  I smiled, nervous.  He told me he wasn't angry, quite flattered, in fact.  He also said he was touched at how I was worried about how he would feel.  He invited me to lunch on the set, which I was thrilled about and made me feel very good about myself.  He kissed me gently and told me that he wanted to spend more time with me and I felt a lot better about myself and that Erik was so kind :}




I was in Ancient Greece in this dream, trying to find my way - both physically and spiritually. Whether by fate or clumsiness, I am not looking where I am going and fall into a hole in the Earth. I yelp as I slide down and down. Eventually, now quite dirty, I land with a thud. I stand and look about. I'm in a dimly lit cavern with dark walls cut from stone and gems from inside the Earth. I look around and see people sitting at long wooden tables - dead people, eating. I know I am in the Underworld. I am nervous because the living aren't allowed here and I don't think Hades knows how I feel about him. All are all looking at me. Hades stands and demands to know what I'm doing here. I say I fell. He wants to kick me out, his beautiful face bearing a scowl. I feel sad. I know he isn't a nasty God. Apollo, an elderly dead human, named after the Sun God, sat opposite Hades, at the end of the table, and suggested that I sit down at the table.

Hades looked even angrier. "She's a mortal."

"We can't turn her away. She needs a place to stay."

Fuming, Hades lifts his hand and hurls a fireball at Apollo, hitting him. I'm upset as usually Hades is much gentler and kinder. I don't want to believe that isn't true. Maybe I caught Hades on one of his off days. It must happen to Gods too. Hades looks at me, looking angry and wanting me to leave again. Weakly Apollo stands. Hades is about to blast him again.

"No!" I shriek, not wanting the kind old man to get hurt.

Hades glares at me and raises his arm to blast me. As I am mortal, it may kill me. And judging by Hades mood - even if I was dead and earned a rightful place in the Underworld, I didn't think he'd care much for me under these circumstances. I try not to cry. Hades lowers his arm and reluctantly lets me eat with them. I feel so unwanted, so out of place, but at the same time, there is no place I would rather be. I look directly at Hades as I eat my soup. I barely notice tears slip down my cheeks. Hades stands and walks to me, not taking his eyes off me. I am nervous but my love for the Lord of the Dead has not dwindled. I stand to face him. Apollo looks at Hades, but the Lord of the Underworld dismisses him and looks at me.

"I'm sorry," Hades admits.

Instantly I feel warmer inside. "I didn't mean to gate-crash, Hades. Please forgive me."

He nodded. "I must apologise for my behaviour. I was not feeling myself. I don't usually-"

"I know," I said, a tear of joy escaping my eye.

"How could you? We've never-"

I smile warmly at him. "I feel like I've known you all my life, Hades ... I don't know how to tell you this, but I-"

He looks astounded. "You really do, don't you?"

I nod. "Yes ... But I'd never do anything to come in between you and Persephone."

Hades smiles at me with equal warmth. "She'll understand ..."

And he kisses me, his warm, tender face gently pressing on mine. I feel like a Goddess as our soft mouths meld into one and other. He strokes his hand down my neck and gently puts his arms around me, both our hearts warming, embracing our love.

"Thank you," he says, his voice so sincere.

I smile and hug him a little tighter. "It's my pleasure. I love you, Hades."

"And I you," he says with warm smile. "And you're welcome back here at any part of your journey."

I smile and he kisses me again.



Not part of the dream: In the Xena episode "Adventures in the Sin Trade Part I," Hades confessed that 'not all the world's dead come to him.' The Amazon land of the Dead was corrupted by Alte, the departed Amazons forced to wander aimlessly --

In the dream, I was worried about my life amounting to nothing when I died, that death would be the end of everything, that I would spend eternity wandering aimlessly with nothing and nowhere to go and nothing to learn or accomplish, as I was Australian, not Grecian, perhaps like Hades said, only Grecians came to him. I cried softly to myself, frightened that I would lose everything in death and become nothing, a nothing I couldn't escape from.

As I lay in my bed, I felt a presence and Hades appeared to me. I feel reassured and warm inside.

"When you die, you will not be condemned to wander aimlessly," he promised. "When it is your time, you will come to me. Although you are not Grecian, you believe in me. Your soul will dwell in its rightful place amongst the Elysian Fields."

"Thank you Hades."

He smiled warmly. "Thank you. It's not often a non-Grecian believes in me, or a person of this modern world, and it's even rarer for any mortal to care so much for me."

I could see in his eyes how much that meant to him and smiled warmly at the Lord of the Underworld, happy to have shown him he wasn't alone and that he would care for me when I passed.

He smiled at me again as he disappeared, going back to his realm.

 ~ After I woke up from this dream I felt reassured, that at the time of my death, many years from now, it will not be spent in vain. Perhaps I would go to Hades, as I did believe in him, or perhaps the afterlife would be something more. Nevertheless, I felt reassured, although a little shaken from the dream, because I did not want my afterlife to be full of nothing. Although there was no wind in my room, my purple agate slice wind chime swayed ever so slightly, the subtle soft sound of the chime filling my room. I smiled, held my hand out. "Thank you, Hades."  Unlike my dream, he did not appear before m, although I knew it was him. ~



?/3/99 - {For this dream see story WET WET WET.} - converted to a fic.


When Ares, Callisto and Hera try to conquer the Earth, Hades helps Gabrielle and Xena even the score...





In this dream, Suz and I were trying to help out both Disney and Stephen/Erik Hades.   S~E Hades had run out of breakfast cereal and we have him some, with coloured crunchy sugar crispies.  He really liked it and thanked us, however, he started to become really ill and was dying.  We were horrified that the cereal we had made had made him sick, even though he was a God.  However, it turned out that some mortal criminal had mixed hinds’ blood in with the milk, which was killing him - the only thing that could kill a Grecian God.  We frantically tried to help him and then discovered that the same had happened in the Disney Universe and Disney Hades was feeling very ill too and dying.  Pain and Panic stayed by his side, comforting him, while his flame grew dimmer.

It so happened that the milk of a seal, mixed with that of a dolphin, a mermaid, cheetah, highland Gargoyle and a Unicorn was the cure.  We traveled far and wide, with the help of Hercules, Iolaus, Xena, Gabrielle - Icarus and Cassandra {From Disney}, and fortunately all the animals were willing to donate some of their very special milk.


We took it to both Hades'.  We had to hold the cup up for

S~E Hades and help him swallow the cup of mixed pure creamy milk.  We had to save  S~E Hades first as he was worse than Disney Hades.  His breathing was slow as we stayed by him.  The milk began to take effect as he gained strength and his power back.  In gratitude he kissed us both and used his powers to instantly transport us to the Disney Underworld and watched from his Universe as we knelt by Disney Hades.  A distraught Pain and Panic and helped is give the milk to him.  He lay there motionless.

  "Come on, Boss...." Panic patted Hades grey face gently and wiped a tear from his face.

Pain can't help sobbing either.

Praying to whatever Gods were listening in both Universes, we prayed that Hades would be all right.  We gave him the last of the special milk.  S~E Hades gave Disney a gentle boost - a stronger boost would have killed him.  He was very weak.

Slowly, he turned and his eyelids flutter.  They open slowly and he sighs softly.  We help him sit up in bed.  He looks at us.

"I wake up and there are two cute girls in my bed, Badda Bing!  I gotta get sick more often!"

He puts his arms around us.  "Thanks, Lades, If it wasn't for you guys, I'd be ... well at the bottom of the River Styx, y'know..."

Pain and Panic jump and whoop for joy and leap onto Hades.

  "We're so glad you're okay, Boss."

  "Get off! ... Ahh you yusses... c'mere!"

He rubs their Heads.  Suz and I smile.

S~E Hades watched from his Universe and smiles. Disney Hades looks at him.  "Thanks, other Hades ... I guess I owe you one."

  "Don't mention it, Brother."

  "Brother, ah?  Cool.  Better than that 'ol lummox, Zeus!"

S~E Hades smiles as he leaves to attend to his Universe, glad these two mortals cared enough to save his life and that he'd found a kinship with his other Universe self, even if he had a rather strange hairdo.

Hades grabbed me and Suz and squeezed us tightly, then kissed us both.  "I love you girls ..."

  "We love you too Hades," Suz said with a twinkle in her eye.

  "Hades, can I play with your hair?" I asked.

  "Sure ... just let me adjust it so it doesn't burn your hands off ..."

I smile as I stick my hands into his flaming blue hair.  It feels like a liquid flame as I mess around with it.

  "Hey ... he hheee!!!" Hades Laughed.  "That tickles!"

Suz joins in too, as we stay down in the Underworld, laughing and playing with Hades, Pain and Panic.

  "I can't thank you girls enough," Hades says.  "No one's ever... really cared for me ... before."

He sniffs and his beautiful large yellow eyes brim with tears.  He quickly wipes them away.  "Ahh futz ... I'm getting all sentimental ..."

  "We don't mind, Hades," Suz said, dreamy eyed.  "It makes you cuter."

He looks at us, eyes wide with surprise as we both kiss him on the lips ...

And we plan to pay S~E Hades a visit next ...





Qui-Gon Jinn {From Star Wars} and Hades {Stephen Lovatt} were in this dream.  I had to find them both and sat in the park near Central Station, {Sydney} and all of a sudden, every person in the city looked like Qui-Gon, clothes, hair, everything.

I tuned into my senses and Hades' energy, I found him, glad I had it in me, rescuing both Hades and Qui-Gon from a fate of oblivion, and I took the grateful, beautiful men both home safe :}




I was out in farmland, late one very dark night.  The silence was eerie and I was alone.  I closed my eyes and tried to connect with Hades' soul, I so desperately wanted to see him, to hold him, for him to comfort me.


I opened my eyes and saw a long wooden gate swaying open, a piece of wood across it and although I couldn't see a thing beyond the gate, I knew Hades and safety was just beyond that paddock ...





Lore {Data's android brother from Star Trek: The Next Generation} wanted to die.  He had transported himself back to Ancient Greece and the time of Xena.  He wanted his soul to rest in Hades, in the Underworld.  He decided to make Joxer his 'victim,' and was going to pretend to kill him, while he wanted Joxer to kill him.

Lore rushed Joxer with his sword, though Joxer clumsily swerved the wrong way and Lore's sword ran him through, but by the same token, Joxer's sword clumsily ran Lore though, cutting through vital circuitry, killing him as both souls went to Hades.  Gabrielle cradled Joxer, while Xena although she was angry felt something for Lore.

Both Joxer and Lore arrived before Hades.  Joxer was allowed back into the mortal world as Lore had killed him by accident.

Hades wasn't entirely sure what to make of Lore.

He had done more than his share of questionable things, though Hades could sense Lore had tried his best to make amends for his less than virtuous deeds and Hades had never received an android before and decided to send him to the Elysian Fields.  Lore could scarcely believe his ears, expecting to go straight to the bottom of Tartarus and expressed his gratitude to the Lord of the Dead.  Hades simply smiled and said, "you still have a lot to learn, Lore."

  "Not that I'm complaining, Hades, but-"

The Sovereign of the Underworld smiled.  "You have paid for your crimes, Lore, and you will continue to pay with your own grief and remorse.  Only you can break free from that."

And with that, Hades disappeared.

A tear rolled down the Android's pale golden cheek, as he began to clear his soul of the things he had done, thanking Hades for his second chance of life, even if it was in death




I was on a tour with some people. We walked atop an extremely high bridge. Many people fell off to the waters below and either died or drowned. I hung onto the bridge, but what for? I had debt, hated my body, my living arrangements, my financial situation ... At least this way I could be with Hades.

Was it true that suicides go to Tartarus? I wasn't a bad person and - at least I would be with Hades. Swallowing my fear, I let go, plummeting through the air, plunging into the water, hoping for an instant death that never came.

Some people were alive in the water, as was I and I wasn't even hurt by the fall, which surprised me.

Hades {Stephen Lovatt} appeared hovering above me. He smiled warmly.

"You didn't have to do that..."

Next thing I knew, we were walking in the Elysian Fields.

"You're not dead," he said. "Thought you might like a tour."

A silence, then Hades continued.

"I would never send you, or any good person to Tartarus, even if they committed suicide. That's a myth to help people to stop doing it. I'm returning all those people to the world above. This shouldn't've happened."

Gently, he touched my face. "Please," he said softly. "Anytime you want to see me, just call my name. You don't have to go to such drastic measures."

I smiled, feeling a little foolish.

Hades smiled at me, reassuringly. "I'm quite flattered though." As he took me home.

"Please," he said. "Take care of yourself. You might have some troubles now, but they will soon pass and then you will discover your true gifts. Your writing will change the world," he smiled gently, placing his arms around me, his red crushed velvet cloak brushing against me, as his lips pressed gently against mine, "and your Soul will be truly free."



25/12/00 - Season's Greetings!


In this dream, Hades tries to bring a peaceful solution to the whole "Eve" saga.  In the dream I was watching it on TV and worried about Hades and felt glad when he kissed Gabrielle J

Converted into a fanfic - For full story read - "WISDOM OF THE AGES"





The Angels had decided to punish Hades for trying to kill Eve and sent him to Tartarus.  The God of the Dead could not understand why he was being punished, although he did not wish to kill the baby or her mother, Xena, he felt it was the only thing he could do to protect his family, though it appeared the Angels weren't listening.


Hades stood, wearing in his cape, walked into a place in Tartarus, thankfully he thought, it wasn't as bad as some other places in Tartarus, and he should know, he designed the place, however somewhat tolerable, this place was not pleasant.  Although it wasn't hot enough to be painful, the temperature wasn't nice. Although the dead don't need to breathe, the air was moist and stuffy.


Solid walls surrounded him, on all sides, no visible exit.


Hades sat and moped, though he was thankful his 'body' was intact after his rather traumatic, painful death.  Silently he cursed Xena, Eve and the Angels, although some part of him wondered if this was just a lesson. 


He wondered about his wife and Sister.  Where were they?   Was Persephone in the Underworld?  Would she have to rule it now?  And gentle Celesta, Hades loved his sister just as much as she loved him.  He knew he could not bear to lose her and in a sense, he had, and he knew she grieved for him, he felt her pain and the pain of his beloved wife.


The God sat and cried to himself, not loudly, in despair, in loneliness and in pain and he wondered if the pain would ever come to an end.


As he had suspected, Persephone stayed in the Underworld, as she felt it was her duty.  She felt she could not let her husband's realm cease to exist.  Celesta and the Queen of the Dead often comforted each other, though the stress on the new ruler of the Underworld was taking its toll.


Asphodel was the first realm to suffer an upheaval when the huge grey rock, a landmark and fixture of the place broke loose, crashing through the Underworld, crushing all in its path, killing even the Dead.  Persephone strengthened the boundaries of the Elysian Fields and Asphodel, when the rock broke free from its natural realm.


Hades heard the rock crashing down to Tartarus, smashing through the place and knew it was only a matter of time before it came crashing through his little prison.  He became afraid, but then wondered – should he let it kill him?   Would that be better than moping around for all eternity, never again to see the ones he loved, or should he fight it, or use it to his advantage somehow?


He decided on the latter, having no desire to be squashed by a fucking rock.


Hades prepared as the rock got closer, the whole place shaking.  The louder the crashing became, the closer Hades knew the rock was, the sound becoming almost deafening as the rock was almost on top of the place. 


Hades didn't have to wait long as the grey boulder smashed through the wall, barely giving him enough room to move as he swerved and leapt out of its way, the Lord of the Dead counting his blessings – and the rock had given him means to escape as it crashed through the other wall.


Hades smiled as he left his stuffy prison, grateful the air outside was a little cooler, still quite hot, it was bloody Tartarus, for Zeus' sake. 


He made sure to steer clear of the rock, although the boom crashing gave away its position, sounding further and further away. 


Finally, the rock found its way back to Asphodel where Persephone locked it into place.

  "Who ever thought a rock could be so much trouble..." She huffed, sitting down.

Celesta smiled.  "Well at least its back where it belongs."


Hades knew the way like the back of his hand, although took every step with extreme caution, in case the Angels had anything else in store for him, as he made his way back home to his castle, though took a short detour through the Elysian Fields, all the more appreciating the cool breezes, the fresh air, the sunlight and open spaces.


Hades didn't know for exactly how long he had been trapped and he hoped that the Angels hadn't fast forwarded time, and something like thousands of years had passed ...


Cautiously, Hades entered his castle, walked up the stairwell and opened the door to his main chambers.  Persephone stood in a flash, fearful at first, and then she dropped her sword and stared.

  "Hades ... Ohh by the Gods..."

Hades breathed a sigh of relief.  No sooner, God and Goddess’ arms were around each other in a firm but gentle embrace.


Celesta almost dropped her candle when she saw her brother, tears instantly welling in her eyes, as she embraced him, Hades gently holding his sister.

  "I missed you both ... so much..." he said, unable to stop a tear from escaping.  "I'm sorry..."

  "You did what you felt was right, Hades," Celesta assured him in her gentle voice.

No sooner Archangel Michael appeared in Hades' realm.  Hades spun, drawing his sword to his hand, in defence.

Michael gave a gentle smile, Hades lowered his sword.

  "Your love for your family is admirable, Hades," the Archangel said, "and that is the reason we chose not to punish you."

Hades looked a tad annoyed, though also puzzled and relieved.

  "You may think being trapped in Tartarus was a form of punishment, but-"

  "It made me think," Hades said.

  "Exactly.  It was not our intention to leave you there."

  "So, you sent the rock crashing through?"

Again, Michael smiled.  "No, that happened by chance, albeit a little sooner than we had intended,

  "The damn thing almost killed me."

  "Though it didn't, you showed courage, spontaneity and swiftness and your only thoughts were to return to return to those you loved and so we allowed it."

  "Thank you," Hades said, it was a novel experience for a God to thank another.

  "My pleasure, Hades, Lord of the Dead."

  "Wait," Hades said, as Michael was about to disappear.

  "What about the Twilight?" the God asked, afraid.  "What will happen to us?  Will we all die?" He held his wife and sister close.

Michael smiled warmly.  "My Dear Hades, what made you all think the Twilight meant death?"  And with that, Michael disappeared, leaving Hades wondering, though whatever the Twilight would bring, he would stay by the sides of those he loved.





I was on a train, going somewhere to start a new life, sick of the one I have now with all my bills, never enough money. I wasn't sure where I was going, though Qui-Gon Jinn and Hades were also on the train with me, and I knew, wherever I went, they would protect me.



03/02/01 {Note: Archangel Gabriel is not Gabrielle}

The Gods had been sent to Hell for trying to kill Eve and Xena. However, this was only a test. It was a part of hell, separate from the rest, still hot and humid, though built more like a school complex {and school IS Hell...} There were other deceased mortals here as well, waiting to learn if they were to be sentenced to Hell or to be released.

"Her spirit will set you free," Michael had said.

Hades {Stephen Lovatt} had nada clue what he meant. Could he mean Xena? Hades scowled. Xena wasn't exactly on his favourite people list anymore.

He sat, both scared and angry. He should not have to be here, he was a God for Tartarus' sake. He thought back on his actions, and regretted them, though not for protecting his family, his beloved wife and sister.

And so, he waited, impatiently. And grew more and more anxious by the hour, day ... He wasn't sure how much time had passed in this awful place. All he cared about was getting out and there were only two ways out – to be killed ... Well technically he was already dead, but in this place, there existed a way in which your soul could be killed, sent into oblivion. And the second was to have the Angels free you, and he couldn't see that happening.

And so, Hades tried to shut out his depression, and he ate – a lot. He didn't care what it was doing to his body, no one seemed to care. Deep down he hated what he'd become and silently begged for a way out of this godforsaken hellhole, but it seemed his absolution never came. And he ate more, discovering chocolate was a wonderful anti-depressant, for the short time it lasted.

Hades hated his body, didn't want to admit that it was his and he hated what he had done to it, but life ... death ... the afterlife ... something had to happen ... it had to be better than this ... He wanted to believe his answers were right around the corner, though it seemed every time he turned that corner, nothing was there and he began to lose it. He could not stand it anymore. Part of him knew that this was part of the test and that he was failing miserably, though he didn’t know what else to do.

Hades found a gun and although he had never seen one before. As they had not been invented in his time, he knew exactly how to use it.

And he did. Without warning, or a second thought, he shot three young men, where they sat and at first, he didn't care. They were a murderer, a rapist and a ruthless con artist who prayed on the sick and the poor. They deserved to be down here.

I had descended into Hell to help Hades and knew it was now or never. If he lost it completely, there would be turning back and I knew he wasn't a bad guy.

Hades kept the gun, and everyone stayed out of his way. A few despised him, most feared him. And Maria had vowed to kill him. His God powers had no meaning down here and I know a single well-placed shot will kill him. Maria’s crime, to end up in Hell, greed, grand theft, she never had the intention of keeping a promise in her life, and only looked out for one person – herself- and now as no different, except she did not want to spend her afterlife alone

I had tried to help the other see that Hades wasn’t a bad guy, though Maria had rallied forces against him and had herself obtained a gun. Part of me can’t blame her for wanting to protect herself and the ones she will spend the rest of her afterlife with, but you will never allow her to harm Hades.

Hades sat behind a makeshift wall, in a classroom like setting.

I saw Maria dart around it. She aimed her gun at Hades and he did not have time to go for his own. I saw the fear in his eyes and I wanted Maria to see he wasn't bad, though she can't see past her own selfish fears and I saw no choice. I raised my gun and shot her in the back. The young woman fell down dead.

Hades looked at me, his blue eyes full of pain and fear. I lowered my gun and he is thankful

I smile and he stood. I'm just grateful that I wasn’t too late. Hades took my hand as we walked out from behind the classroom.

Hades apologised to the others, and they accepted, the Lord of the Dead was grateful.

He held my hands and spoke to me.

"Why did you rescue me?" he asked, genuinely concerned. "I'm a fat pig."

I smiled gently. "Ohh, Hades, I don't care what you look like. I'm just grateful you're alive. I love you."

I embraced him, leaning my head against him. A tear rolled down his cheek as I felt him return my embrace. In this one moment, he fell in love as he held me.

Gently, he stroked my cheek. "After all I've done ... I don’t deserve ..."

"You do, Hades ... You were protecting your family ... And down here ... you were losing your mind ... You didn't know what to do..."

"And I would've been condemned to stay here for all eternity if you hadn't saved me."

I smiled gently. "That's what Guardian Angels are for."

Warmly he smiled back at me.

"You are free to go, Hades," Archangel Gabriel said.

"Thank you, Archangel of Death."

The Angel smiled. "Somehow I knew this was not your Destiny, Lord of the Dead."

Hades took my hand.

Gabriel spoke again. "She can only leave if she is part of you."

Hades looked a tad confused.

"Willingly she descended into Hell, so she is not bound by her deeds, as they are noble."

"Part of me, but ..."

"There is only one way."

Gabriel changed me into some corn kernels and gives them to Hades.

The Lord of the Dead looked horrified. "I ... I can't..."

I spoke to Hades. "You have to. It's the only way."

"No ... I can't," he protested.

"You must."

"I can't ... I love you ..."

"You won't be killing her, Hades, this is just a means for her spirit to enter your body."

Hades took a breath.

"It's all right," I assure gently.

"Will it hurt her?" He asked concerned.

Gabriel smiled. "No. She is not the corn, Hades. It's merely a symbol."

"I promise I won't, feel a thing, Hades," I assured.

He still feels uncomfortable. "All right, but I promise I won't chew."

I chuckled softly as he slowly swallowed the corn.

"Titania?" He asked, almost panicking. "Are you all right..."

"I'm fine, Hades," My spirit merged with him, it felt divine.

He sighed with relief and smiled. "I'd hug you, but I'd look pretty weird hugging myself."

Within him, I chuckled. At first Hades did not even notice his body changed back to normal. He smiled when he realised, though he was more concerned about me.

"You must leave now, Hades," Gabriel said with urgency. "You are the only one who has been granted permission to leave. The others will be jealous and there are forces of Darkness whom will try and pull you down, and if you are dragged to the depths of Hell, you may never escape and Titania's spirit will die..."

Hades nodded, taking it n. "Thank you, Archangel Gabriel."

The Angel smiled. "Thank you, Hades. Your redemption has given me hope."

The Archangel disappeared.

Hades looked at himself. "Are you sure you're all right?"

He felt me smile. "I'm fine and it's nice and warm in here."

Hades chuckled as he started his journey out of Hell.

He struggled to climbs a dark rocky like cliff face. He pulled himself up and has been climbing for what felt like an eternity and became tired. He wanted to rest, though every second was valuable.

We were nearing the top of Hell. Hades looked down. Way down in the pits of Darkness of Hell he saw a pair of evil glowing green eyes and a shiver traversed him. I felt it through my spirit body.

The eyes belonged to Gmork, a werewolf, an agent of evil. {From The Neverending Story} He started up the cliff after us and Hades knew at his speed he would soon catch up.

Hades quickened his ascent, though his grip is solid, he daren't risk falling.

We were almost at the top now, and to our dismay, there was a solid ceiling, though which it seems we could not pass.

Hades stifled a scream of frustration, and is worried, for both our sakes.

Gmork caught up to us, and tried to pry Hades loose from the cliff, with his powerful jaws and paws.

"You will not escape," he growled in a voice like Darth Maul. "You will never leave Hell. You will suffer and die here."

Hades was determined not to give into this creature of darkness. He held onto the cliff face and kicked Gmork with all his might, again and again. Gmork's sharp claws missed, and his eerie eyes widened. Hades kicked him again and again.

"Go – to – Hell!"

He finally kicked Gmork off, sending him howling to the pits of Hell.


Hades made the final ascent, though he still could not get past the ceiling, and he knew soon Gmork will be the least of his worries.

"Her spirit will set you free." Archangel Michael's voice.

Hades closes his eyes, realising and tears welled in his eyes as the ceiling began to dissipate, revealing a starfield, and the colours of space.

We both breathed a sigh of relief as we ascended out of Hell, into space and the ceiling closed behind us, leaving the verging creatures of Hell to their fates.

"Thank you," Hades said, sincere.

"It's more than a pleasure, Hades Thank you," I whispered. "Without you, I had no purpose."

"Hey, that's my pleasure ... And you do have a purpose ... To give love..."

My spirit exited his body and he held my spiritual form close to him. "You're the one who rescued me, remember."

"We rescued each other."

Hades smiled.

Archangels Michael and Gabriel appeared before us.

"Congratulations," Michael said. "I knew you had it in you, Hades, though you had us worried for a few times there."

The Lord of the Dead smiled.

"Thank you."

"What in Heaven for?"

"For helping me find myself." He took my spiritual hand. "And helping me find Titania's soul."

"It is our pleasure, but you found each other."

The Angels vanished and we found ourselves on Earth, a grassy cliff near the oceans.

Hades had learned that the other Gods had chosen to either stay on Earth with the promise of never abusing their powers, and the others had left Earth for other worlds who needed them.

He sat, cradling me gently in his arms. Xena saw us together, and became skeptical, though Hades' gentle smile was enough to assure her that all was well. Xena seemed touched by his love for me and mine for him. She gave a respectful nod and went on her journey, leaving us to start our own.





Arachnid, an evil mortal spider posing as Arachne, had got hold of some Ambrosia, had consumed it and became a Goddess. Arachne, the larger than life femme spider who guards the tapestry of the Fates had no idea of what had transpired.


Arachnid had tricked the Gods into thinking she was the other.  She demonstrated her powers and the Gods accepted who she said she was, and they had other more pressing concerns on their minds, like Xena and her doombringer child.

'Arachne' told them she would help.  Hades seemed to be the only God who didn't trust her, though he wisely kept his thoughts to himself, knowing this femme Spider wasn't to be trifled with, despite her size, that of an ordinary black widow.


The Gods discussed what to do about Xena and Eve.


Meanwhile, the Warrior Princess, her daughter and Gabrielle were helped by an old Wizard, who opened a temporary portal to help save them from the Gods.

The portal was to twentieth century England, a quaint little Inn by the Sea.

Xena feared for her child, though held some hope that the Gods wouldn't find them here.


The Gods had decided what they would do.  The had sensed that Xena had gone, though the prophecy still remained, though they could not find her anywhere.  The Gods decided to temporarily transfer all their powers into one, and that one would go, with 'Arachne' to find Xena and kill her and Eve.


Much to his surprise, they chose Hades.  Hades {Stephen} was sure Zeus would nominate himself, though Hades had demonstrated time and time again, that he didn't abuse his powers or let them go to his head, and Zeus reasoned his youngest brother would be perfect.  So did Arachnid, who planned to kill him after she had killed Xena, Gabrielle and Eve.  As a precaution, Zeus had decreed that Arachnid's poison was the only thing that could kill Hades, much to Hades annoyance, not that he planned to run off with all the powers, his brother could have had a little more confidence in him, he thought.  And, Arachne thought, once she had killed Hades, all the other Gods would be defenceless without their powers.  It would be so easy, it was funny, though the she spider was careful to keep a calm composure.


Something about her bugged Hades.  She gave him the chills, and he shifted away when she scurried close.  He couldn't understand it.  Arachne was his friend, and so why did he feel like throwing up?


Armed with all the Powers of the Gods, it didn't take Hades long to sense where Xena had gone and opened a portal of his own.  The old Wizard tried to stop him, though Hades did not kill him, sensing how much the old man cared for Xena and he also forbade 'Arachne' to kill him, much to her dismay.

  "You are here to assist me," Hades said, wondering why he needed her in the first place.

  "Yes, Lord Hades," Arachnid said, eagerly awaiting the time when she would carry out her plan.


It didn't take long for Hades to reach the Inn, much to Xena's horror, and she was even more horrified to discover how powerful Hades was.  Hades did not revel in what he had to do, but felt he must to protect his family.


She could barely deflect his powerful energy balls with her Chakram and Hades admired her spirit and devotion to her child.

Was there another way to do this? he wondered and seconds later he had his answer.  Xena and Eve did not have to die.

Silently, Hades contacted the Angels and made a pact with them.  He and his kind would be spared the Twilight if they did not abuse their powers.  Hades agreed.  Both Archangels Michael and Gabriel told Hades how relieved they were, as they did not want to harm his people, him in particular, as Hades rarely, if ever abused his powers, and admired his love for his family.


Such sentiments were lost on Arachnid, however.

  "Our mission is to kill Xena and Eve!" she yelled.

  "Our mission was to neutralise the threat, and that we have done."

Arachnid cooled her temper.  "Hades," she said, her tone soft. "You have more power than any of them... Why not keep it?"

Hades didn't like her tone.  "Well ... I ..."

  "Hades ... don't pretend to be so innocent ... You can feel all that power coursing through your body ..."


  "It feels good, doesn't it?"  She crept closer to him.

  "Yes ... Yes, it does."

  "So ... Why give it back?"

  "But what about Zeus?  He‑"

  "What can he do?  Without his powers, he can't strike a weed."

Hades smiled.  "You're right ... I do have the power of Zeus... I can give immortality ... And I can also take it away."

He glared at Arachnid and zapped her.  "I'm not just a pretty face."  He paused.  "You think I didn't know what you were up to?  Let's see ... hmmm ... Kill Xena and Eve, kill me, and leave the other Gods powerless, then kill them and rule.  Tell me when I'm getting warm."

Arachnid fumed.

  "Pathetic," Hades spat.

To her horror, Arachnid realised how close she was to Hades' foot.  The Lord of the Underworld looked down.

  "That would be ridiculously easy.  I'm sending you back to Greece, Arachnid, where the Gods will decide what to do with you, and when they're done, you can spin your webs in Tartarus."  With a flick of his hand, he sent her back, screaming.

Hades looked at Xena.

  "I'm sorry," he said softly.

The Warrior Princess smiled.  "You're forgiven, Hades, as you said, you're protecting your family as I am."

Hades smiled warmly as Xena allowed him to take Eve in to his arms.  At first, he felt uncomfortable, though when Eve smiled at him and made silly noises, he smiled back, wondering if he would ever have a child of his own.


Hades took Xena, Eve and Gabrielle back with him, creating a portal.  The Wizard was grateful to see Xena and her tribe alive and Well and Hades apologised to the old man, who simply smiled.  "When you went through, I realised."


Hades returned to Olympus, much to the relief of the other Gods.  Despite having all their powers, the thing Hades relished most was their confidence and trust in him, which he realised he would still have, long after he gave the powers back.

 "I hope you're not too comfortable," Zeus said, feeling somewhat inadequate.

Hades smiled as he gave the powers back to his fellow Gods and Goddesses, then sat down, feeling rather tired.  Zeus insisted that Hades get the best care, and the Gods fussed around him, he was after all, their saviour.

Celesta and Persephone came to see him, both giving him a hug and a kiss, grateful he was home.

  "I'm relieved you're safe," Celesta said, her gentle voice music to Hades' ears.

Persephone embraced her husband.  "You saved all of us.  I knew you could do it."


Hades made sure the Gods knew that Arachne was innocent and the God of the Underworld went to see his long-legged friend.


Her motherly voice made him smile, as opposed to Arachnid's coarse, evil voice.

He smiled as he greeted her.  "I don't know how we could have been mistaken like that."

Arachne simply smiled.  "She put a spell on you all, though you were the only one to see through her.  Thank you, Hades."

He smiled again.  "My pleasure ... how could I forget you ...You used to look after me.  You protected me from my father, kept me safe, and remember how you used to tickle me with all those legs?"

Arachne chortled joyfully.  "How could I forget that?"

She raised her legs, cornered Hades, then tickled relentlessly, Hades trying to stop her, to get the upper hand amidst joyous laughter, as the two friends re‑united.





Hades didn't want to admit how scared he was when he and the other Gods had been killed.  He didn't know where he was or where the others were. He felt himself falling, though he didn't know here to.  He looked around him and it wasn't unpleasant.  Perhaps he was going to the Elysian Fields.  How ironic, he mused.


At first the Lord of the Dead had no idea where the voice came from, though he knew who it belonged to.  The one some humans called 'God' and his face twisted into an angry snarl, though not without fear.

  "What do you want?" he spat.

'God' grabbed Hades' form.  The lord of the Underworld winced in pain before the other loosened his grip.  He could not see 'God' though could see his large hand clasped around him.

  "You know why you are here?" God asked him.

  "I'm Dead," Hades replied, his anger evident.

  "And why is that?"

Hades didn't answer.

  "Your kind could not be allowed to kill Xena or her child.”

Hades scowled.  "I didn't have a choice!"

  "On the contrary, Hades."

  "The Twilight would have killed all of us, my family ... Everything I knew ... I didn't want to harm Xena or her baby, but I saw no other way.  I couldn't let my wife and sister die."   //I love them more than anything in the Universe.//

  "I know that, Hades," 'God' had softened his tone, and Hades was quite surprised that the other being had heard his thoughts whilst God continued.

  "And that is the reason you have not been condemned, Hades.  Your love of your family is admirable.  You fought for your family as Xena fought for hers."

Hades gave a nod.  "So then, what do you want with me?"

  "I want you to help me, Hades."

Hades scowled, then spoke.  "And why would I do that?"

God seemed to smile.  " My you are a stubborn one."

Hades managed a smile back.  "So Celesta keeps telling me."

  "I realise you're angry with me, Hades, though I had my reasons.  Your kind had become too complacent.  Many of you abused your powers over the mortals."

  "I did not," Hades said.

  "Which is another reason I chose you."

  "For what?" Hades asked, somewhat nervous, still angry.

  "You must stay on this world, Hades, the mortals still need guidance."

  "I thought you said you wanted the Greek Gods out."

  "In a sense, though those of you who died, your spirits still exist here ... You're still angry, aren't you?"

  "Wouldn't you be?"

  "I guess I would, in your position."

Hades hated feeling so helpless.  "Don't expect me to worship you," the Lord of the Dead spat.

  "I don't.  Come, Hades, let me show you something."

//Don't have much of a choice, do I?// Hades thought before he remembered that 'God' could read his thoughts.

'God' raised Hades above planet Earth, the Lord of the Dead, siting of his white blue hand.

  "This is who I truly am, Hades, not some all-powerful God.  I am the Universe."

Hades stared in awe and realised, then he swallowed and took a breath.  "Forgive my arrogance ..."

The Universe seemed to smile. "More than happy to.  You didn't understand.  You thought I was some big shot showing off my powers."

Gingerly, Hades nodded.  "But why the whole 'God' thing?"

  "The mortals find it easier to understand.  They know what a God is, as for the Universe, they have a very vague idea."

Hades nodded.  "Again, I'm sorry..."

  "I understand," the Universe spoke gently.  The voice was no longer masculine and booming.

The Universe returned Hades to Earth.

  "I need your help, Hades.  I need the mortals to understand who I truly am."

Hades nodded.

  "Though they will condemn you for a time, brandish you as evil.  Never let that sway you.  Your wife and sister will be returned to you and you will be safe."

Hades took a breath as the Universe set him down.  He kissed the large hand.  "I'll help you in any way I can."

  "Thank you, Lord of the Dead," The Universe's voice was sincere.


And Hades did what was pleaded of him.  A difficult journey, a burden hardest to bear, though slowly mortals began to understand Hades' kindness and the true meaning of the Universe.




14/2/01 – Happy Valentine’s Day!!


In this dream, I was trying to convince Xena not to kill Hades.  She said she felt she had to, though I told her how much I cared about him, and pointed out to her that he was protecting his family, just as she was and I managed to convince her not to harm him, and knew he and his family would be safe from the Twilight.






In this one, Hades {Stephen} was lying, suspended in light, unconscious and in suspended animation.  The Angels had not let him die, though had given him time to think about his recent actions.  Hades said to them if he could do it all over again, he would not change a thing.  He fought for his family as Xena had, not for power or glory.  He loved Celesta and Persephone more than anything, more than himself, and he would die to protect them.  The Archangels, touched by his devotion to those he loved let him go, and Hades returned to his family, with a new appreciation for life, and a stronger connection to those he already loved so much.  Celesta embraced him,  and he gently kissed her cheek, wiping a tear away from her pale face, grateful to be able to hold his beloved sister once more, and he turned to his wife, Persephone, embracing her, gentle, the Goddess of the Spring grateful beyond words to be able to kiss her beloved again, and the three were spared from the Twilight to spend Eternity together.



25/03/01 – First dream in new place – Corkery Crescent! J

Again, Hades was surrounded by light, and I was his protector, though he was also protecting me. I am his Guardian Angel, standing vigil, keeping him from those who would shun or harm him until he is able to awaken once more, which will not be much longer and he will awaken strong, yet gentle, for the world to understand that he is not an evil God, but a compassionate just one. It is my duty to spread the word to the Universe.




Hades wished he didn't have to Kill Eve or Xena, but he saw no other way to save his family.  He fought with Xena, their swords clashed, though she managed to best him for the time being.


Xena fought the other Gods.  Hades did everything he could, though it availed him not.


The Warrior Princess deflected fireballs.  While she was distracted, Hades approached Eve.

  "I wish I didn't have to do this..."  He almost couldn't bear to look at the terror in the girl's eyes.

Hades created a fireball.  Xena threw a shield at him, causing him to release the fireball into the far wall, the force throwing him to the floor, though he was up in a second and fuming.

  "This isn't easy for me, Xena."

The Warrior woman glared at him.  Again, he created a fireball.  Xena grabbed a small casket of whiskey.  Hades looked afraid, as the fireball instantly disappeared within his hands, as Xena spat the whiskey over him. 

Grateful he wasn't dead, Hades glared at Xena.  "Great, now I'm gonna stink of this stuff all day.  I hate whiskey."

  "Too bad."

Hades decided against creating another fireball and was about to draw him sword, when Xena punched him in his face and again as he fell.  Hades collapsed onto the messy floor, unconscious.  Xena drew her sword and swiveled it in her hand, though Hades lying helpless on the floor made her think twice.  She distinctly saw his Claudaggh bonding ring Persephone had given him.  Xena sighed.  She hated the Gods for what they'd put her and her daughter through, Hades included, but he looked to be the only one who fought for those he loved. She knew Hades wouldn't've given Eve the same mercy, though unlike the other Gods, Xena knew Hades would not have tortured her, and he would have taken her to the Elysian Fields.

The Warrior Princes sighed again.  She could not kill him.

  "Damn you to Hades..." she whispered as she gathered Eve, who despite her fear, seemed to realise Hades fought for a greater purpose than his own.  And Xena left him where he lay as she fought the other Gods, Athena seeming relieved that Xena hadn't killed Hades.


The battle continued, though Athena deemed it best to recoup and returned to Mount Olympus.  Xena sat fire to the house so the Gods would not use it again, then she remembered Hades lay unconscious.  Part of her wanted to leave him there, the other part pained to kill the one God she had considered a friend ... though it was too late to save him, as the fire engulfed the house. Xena took one last look at Hades' body before turning away, somewhat sadly.


A wounded Artemis was still trapped in the house.  She shut her eyes as she ripped one of her own arrows from her leg and threw it to the floor.  The Goddess of Wild Animals frantically searched for a way out of the inferno and almost tripped over Hades.  Artemis gasped as she looked down. She wasn't sure if he was still alive and there wasn't time to check as the flames grew higher and the house began to collapse.  Artemis screamed as one of the burning rafters almost fell onto Hades, though it was stopped by another.  The Goddess began to drag Hades outside, grateful he wasn't too heavy.  The two rafters crashed to the floor where Hades had lain moments earlier.  Artemis' eyes darted around for the easiest way out - the entire place was surrounded by fire.  She took a breath, then as fast as she could, dragged Hades to a small opening.  She threw a bucket of dirty mop water, making it a little larger, giving her a bit of leeway as she yanked Hades through the opening, frantically stamping out flames that took hold of his black robe.  She continued to drag Hades well enough away from the house before the Goddess stopped to catch her breath.  As she turned, she saw the entire house collapse in a mass of burning rafters, stone and fire, though the debris almost hit Artemis and Hades, they were clear.  Artemis shuddered.  A less than five minutes ago, they were both inside.

  She jerked when she heard a noise. A cold shiver traversed her entire body and her immortal heart skipped a beat when she saw Xena come into view, sword drawn.  As terrified as she was, Artemis drew her last arrow, and hoped Xena didn't notice her hands shivering and aimed her arrow at the Warrior Princess.  Xena gave her a look and saw why the Goddess looked so terrified, although she was desperately trying to hide her fears.  Xena saw she stood in front of Hades and saw the Goddess would risk her life to protect him.  Xena lowered her weapon in respect, part of her hoping Hades was alive and he had the good sense to return to the Underworld and stay there... and someday that they could reconcile what had happened between them.  Artemis lowered her arrow and gave Xena a thank you look as she once again knelt beside Hades, as Xena left the Gods be, returning to the night.


Artemis turned to Hades.  She still wasn't sure he was alive.  She hoped to Hades he was ... Part of her didn't want to know.  She couldn't bear it if he was not.  She knelt down and, stopped her hand from shaking and slowly felt for his pulse, placing her hand gently against his neck and couldn't stop a worried tear escaping.  After a few tense moments, she sighed with relief and cried some more.  Artemis took Hades' hand in hers and held it, then gently stroked his warm face.

As she knelt by his side.


Slowly, the Lord of the Dead regained consciousness and sat up with a start, breathing rapidly, looking around.

  "Ar ... Artemis ... What..." He took a breath as he took in the smoldering remains of the house and he realised.  "You... you saved me..."


  "Thank you..." His soft voice and beautiful eyes conveying his sincerity.

  "You ... you were unconscious ... I ... I couldn't just leave you there...  Though at the time ... I wasn't sure you were..."

  "But you saved me anyway."

  "If there was the slightest chance that you..." Artemis stopped, feeling uncomfortable.

  "You risked your life to save me," Hades said astounded, "how can I ever thank you?"

Artemis looked into his eyes, tears in hers. "Go back to the Underworld," she said softly.

  "I can't, Artemis, I-"

  "Hades, I realise now, despite our powers, we can't defeat Xena."

  "But we must.  She-"

  "She and her child are divinely protected, Hades."

  "But the Twilight ..."

  "Perhaps there's another way, Hades..."

  "Artemis, I ..."

  "You'll be killed if you continue to fight Xena.  Hades, please..."

Hades gently held up her head and wiped away her tears, and placed her long auburn hear behind her ears.

  "Why did you save me?" he asked.

Artemis paused before she spoke and when she did, her voice shivered.  "Hades ... I don't know how to say this ... Or even if I should ..."  She took another breath.  "I ... I love you..."  Artemis closed her eyes.  "I know you are bonded to Persephone and I would never dream of interfering ... but I cannot help my feelings ... She looked up at him in tears.

Deeply touched, Hades took her hand.  "Oh, Artemis, I had no idea..."

  "I was very careful, I ..."

  "Ssh..." He held her in his arms.  "Any other God would have left me to die."

  "That's not true.  Celesta ... Persephone..."

Hades smiled.  "I was referring to the other Gods..."

  "Hades, I'm sorry if I have offended you..."

He smiled warmly.  "Why would I be offended by your love?" 

Slowly and gently Hades kissed her.

Artemis never wanted it to end, but she pulled away.

  "Hades, I can't ... Persephone..."

He touched her gently.  "You saved the life of her love," he said, "and this is the only way I can thank you..."

  "I love you..." she whispered gently, as he held her.

  "And I you," he said softly, "now I know of your love."

After a few moment's pause, Artemis spoke again, softly.  "But Hades, promise me you'll go back to the Underworld ... You can protect Celesta and Persephone ... But not with violence..."

  "I am ashamed of that," Hades said, "though I knew of no other way, but now I do.  Thank you, Artemis."

  "My pleasure."  She never wanted to leave his arms.

Gently he wiped tears from her soft cheeks and kissed her again.  A white deer, an animal hunted to the brink of extinction approached the two Gods and Hades smiled warmly when it allowed him to touch it, bowing its head slightly.

  "Thank you," Hades whispered, a tear meandering down the Lord of the Dead's cheek.

Artemis stroked the creature.  The deer liked her hand, in gratitude for her protection.  The stag stayed with the Gods for a while, before leaping into the night, its form a contrast to the dark yonder.

  "So beautiful," Hades said.

  "White deer are," Artemis said, "and if we die there will be no one to protect them..."

Hades held her gently.  "I'll help you ... And when they die, they'll be welcome in the Elysian Fields."

Artemis smiled warmly as Hades placed his arms around her once more and kissed her gently.

Soon he would have to return to the Underworld to protect those he loved, but for how, he cradled the Goddess of the Wilderness in his arms, cherishing her, grateful beyond words for the second chance and beautiful gift she had given him.



?/5/01  {This is a dream with Mitch {Mitchell} Stevens from All Saints, also played by

            Erik Thomson}

Dr. Stevens rushed to room four of ward 17, where Dr. Kylie Preece lay, almost having bled to death after a car accident.

he stayed in her room, feeling the accident was partly his fault.  He had told her to go home, after working very hard and she had almost been killed.


  "It's not your fault, Mitch," Terri said.

  "If I hadn't sent her..."

  "Mitch, don't blame yourself.  Kylie often worked herself too hard.

  "I know and that stinks.  It shouldn't be allowed to happen."

Terri nodded, her eyes conveying her concern. "But Mitch, that's the system.  You can't take it upon yourself to-"

  "Damn it, Terri!  I should have paid for a cab or something."

  "It wasn't your obligation."

  "Of course it was ... I could have prevented this."

  "Mitch, none of us can see the future."

  "I know, Terri, but I wish I'd taken more care..."

Nurse Sullivan sighed.  "I know, Mitch ... Sometimes you care too much."

  "I have to, Terri."

She smiled warmly.  "Go home, Mitch.  You need some rest yourself."

Slowly he nodded.  "Thanks, Terri.  I will when she waked up."

She smiled sympathetically as he left for office.


Mitch was once again my Kylie's side, where she lay unconscious.  he placed his hand gently on his arm.

  "I hope you can hear me, Kylie ... I'm sorry ... I should have paid for a cab..."

he wiped a tear form his cheek.  "Please be all right ..." he whispered.  He sighed.  "And I sound like a jerk..." He could almost see her smile as he took her hand, then kissed her softly on her cheek before he left the room.


Luke came after him.  "You have a wife you know," he said. "And you just kissed another woman."

Mitch stared at him, incredulous.  "And you know all about faithfulness, don't you?"

  "And what about Terri?" Luke countered.  "You're still in love with her, aren't you?"

Mitch glared at him.  "That's none of your damned business."

Luke backed off. Mitch was clearly hurt.  Luke said nothing as he wondered about his own relationships.


Mitch was relieved to hear that Kylie made a full recovery.

  "Mitch ... about what you said ... Thanks ... And you didn't sound like a jerk..."

Stevens smiled as he sipped how tea.  "Next time I'll get you a cab."

She smiled.  "Next time, I'll tell Luke to shove his scalpel where the sun doesn't shine."

Mitch chortled."  There's something to give me nightmares for the rest of my natural life..."

Kylie smiled. "Sorry."

Mitch smiled, as he and Kylie finished their teas.  Although he was grateful Kylie was alive, he still hadn't quite forgiven himself and he couldn't shake what Luke said.  He still did love Terri.


Later that afternoon, Mitch sat alone. For a time, he was visited by Von.  She seemed to know just what he was thinking... feeling and she told him to do what he felt was right.  Mitch knew someday he would have to confront his feelings, but for now he sat alone, thinking about Terri.




You had designed a safe amusement park ride for the disadvantaged, and those who could not normally ride on fast rides, pregnant women, small children, midgets, people with pack pain, other sorts of pain, etc.

The ride was awesome. Star Dust it was called, soaring high, fast and furious. The ride lasts longer than other rides of this magnitude as you have always hated short rides.

One enormous Swedish woman came to you, hoping she would be able to ride. You take her to the seats, specifically designed to accommodate for larger people, strap her in and begin the ride.

The woman is exhilarated by the wind in her hair, as the ride whirls and turns and it feels as though she is in her own starship, forgetting for a few moments, he outside world.

The woman comes to you after the ride, in happy tears, as it has given her a new lease on life. It was not her body that counted and she as no longer ashamed of it.

Later that day a pregnant Asian woman rides, happy that her condition didn't prevent her from having fun.

Many cripples ride, happy they can have fun without their physical limitations.

The ride is very safe, and so even frail old people feel its benefits.

Your ride is so popular that bigwigs get word of it and want to design an entire amusement park for the disadvantaged, or those who cannot ride due to other physical conditions.

Hades, {Stephen} your patron God comes to you to help you out and give you guidance. He knows you have a tendency to be eccentric.

"Just once in your life you have to be normal," he says with a smile.

"Normal..." You grimace at the thought.

"Otherwise they won't buy it."

You sigh. Being normal for a few days won't kill you.

"If it doesn't work, I'll have you for dinner," you tell Hades.

He smiles. "What about desert?" he asks playfully.

"That too," you smile.

The bigwigs are impressed with your design and you sign a contract and make a deal. They buy your design for millions and you are happy. You will buy your own home, car and never have to worry about bills and money things again. You sigh happily knowing the amusement park will make many more people happy, like the Swedish woman who rang you, telling you the weight is just falling off her and you are happy for her, knowing your designs have helped millions like her.

"There," Hades said, "that wasn't so bad, was it?"

You look up at him and smile. "A small price to pay, but can I stop being normal now?"

He nods.

"Thank God."

"Hey, it's my pleasure."

You giggle and hug him. "Thank you, Hades."

He smiles. "My pleasure - again. But please, can you still have me for desert? Could be fun..."

You laugh, kiss him, and the both of you go for a ride.


22/08/01 I was Tahni in this dream. ‘Wicce’ is the little-known female form of ‘Wicca.’

Hades {Stephen} was dying. He had come to Tahni's house in the modern day as he knew he would be safe there. He shared a bond with her through time and space. He had always sensed her and thought she was a dream, a pleasant dream, a dream he had loved, this magickal woman from another time and place, even if she was only a dream. He had been heartened the thrilled to learn that she was more than just a dream. He was her patron, her Guardian. She had loved him, despite never having seen him, in the flesh, so to speak, before now. Tahni lay Hades down on her bed. She had helped him bathe and given him food and milk, and new clothes, clucking about him like a mother hen, for which he was grateful, despite his embarrassment at his helplessness.

Hades was afraid, though Tahni assured him she would do everything she could to help and protect him and she kissed him, making his feel safe and comfortable.

She knew what she had to do - sneak into the office and steal Hades' file, the one Lumburgh kept - the one with the antidote for Hades' condition. Xena had administered the poison as she thought Hades would try to kill Eve, though at that point, Hades was more concerned about protecting his wife, sister, Charon and Cerberus in the Underworld. Though Xena did not know a cure and felt somewhat guilty. Tahni had told Xena on no uncertain terms that it was too late for that now and expressed her disgust. Hades fought for his family as Xena had and that made him the bad guy? She used her magickal powers coupled with some of Hades' powers to transport both herself and him to her universe and time.

As it turned, Lumburgh {who looked like a cross between Lumburgh in the movie "Office Space" and Mr Plunkett, a hard knox, pudgy faced teacher I had in high school and he was crappier than the other Lumburgh ... and he was like the boss on the Australian Codral Ad 'Just one thing ... It has to be ... Better ... Yellow ...' He's more than just a shit of a boss, he was like the unscrupulous lawyers in Wolfram and Hart from "Angel"...} Not a nice guy. No.

Persephone also used her powers to come to Tahni's house.

"I have to go to Lumburgh's office..." Tahni said.

Hades instantly propped himself up in bed and looked worried, as did Persephone. "You can't ..." he said, "It's too dangerous ... If he sees you... If anyone in that place sees you ..."

"They won't, Hades, not with this." She placed Hades' helmet over her head and seemed to vanish.

Hades, impressed, still was worried. "No ... someone might bump into you ... and it won't take them long to figure out... if you get caught ..."

"Hades, this is too important for me to get caught."


She smiled at him lovingly. "Hades, I need to do this for you."

"No ... I can't let you."

"Hades, you'll die..."

"I'm the lord of the Dead ... I'll just go to the Elysian Fields and perhaps resurrect myself."

"You don't know that, Hades," Tahni shook her head. "I’m sorry, but I have to do this."


"My mind's made up."

"Are you defying a God?"


Hades unsuccessfully tried to stifle a smile. "I can't stop you, can I?"


He sighed and lay back down. "I know you will, but please be careful..."

Gently, Tahni kissed his cheek. "Always. I will not fail you, Hades."

Softly, he kissed her and held her hand and failed to stop a tear rolling down his cheek. Gently, Tahni kissed him again. "I will return, my love."

Even though Persephone, Hades beloved stood by him and was not jealous at the love Tahni and Hades shared, as it was a special one.

Gently, the Guardian of the Dead turned Tahni's head toward him.

"Be careful ... please ... And return to us, my beloved."

He kissed Tahni's forehead as the human donned his helmet as she left.

Tahni knew if she was caught, she would be killed, or tortured and then killed. Lumburgh wasn't known for his compassion - far from it.

She tried to shake her nervousness as she walked down the street. It was only about a twenty-minute walk, but it seemed like hours. She looked both ways, terrified that someone may be coming from behind and bump into her. There was no one. Tahni leaned against a brick wall to compose herself. Fear would avail her not and she could not fail. She had taken an encrusted dagger just in case, but hoped she would not have to use it, even on Lumburgh. Tahni composed herself, cleared her aura and mind and asked her Spirit Guides to help her. She didn't ask Hades, as he was worried enough and she didn't want to weaken him further, but she had a feeling he was with her anyway and she smiled. "What am I going to do with you?" she said quietly.

He was too weak to be entirely with Tahni, but she sensed his love and returned it and, continued on her journey. She put her dislike or Lumburgh out of her mind as she did not want it clouding her, despite what an unscrupulous fucking bastard he was. Not only was he a filthy rich bastard who couldn't give an eff about his employees. He was a greedy eff ... And he wanted power and with Hades out of his way, he would get it. Lumburgh - if that was his real name knows Hades' power, that he's not just a myth. Knowledge is power and in the wrong hands it is dangerous. Lumburgh not only wanted to control this world, but the Netherworld. He realised what incredible power Hades had, even if Hades didn’t, but what Lumburgh doesn't understand is Hades' power is created form his care, his love, loyalty, compassion for the dead, and his incredible, impeccable sense of justice. His love for his wife, his sister Celesta, his boat man Charon and even his doggie, Cerberus. Lumburgh wouldn't know these things if one shoved Darth Maul's lightsabre where Apollo doesn't shine.

Taking a deep, but silent breath, Tahni waits outside the large office building until some suit exits and she slipped in unnoticed. Tahni was careful to draw no attention to herself, even though she was invisible.

She made her way up to Lumburgh's office. Luck would have it, he was in a meeting and the office was pretty much deserted and Tahni smiled to herself and thanked the Universe, though still nervous.

She approached Lumburgh's dull 4 draw filing cabinet. This office has a severe lack of colour. The cabinet is unlocked. Again, Tahni thanked the Universe for Lumburgh's lax security. Cocky bastard. Slowly and quietly, Tahni slid open the top drawer and saw the file HADES in the middle and she smiled. Carefully she took out the file, and checked it in case it was a ruse. Nope, this is the file all right. She saw the Alchemical cure for Hades' ailment. Though the whole file was too big to fit into Tahni's invisible blue dolphin bag. Carefully she took out the files and place them inside her bag and place the HADES file back into the cabinet. It was better this way, as Lumburgh would not notice anything missing at a glance. Tahni placed some bogus papers into the file and carefully began to close the drawer, in case someone sees - file drawers don't move by themselves and if Lumburgh were to get wind of it, he would be on Tahni in an instant. Eww. What a gross thought. No sooner had she started to close the drawer, when Lumburgh entered the office. Tahni's heart leapt into her throat at how close it was. She cannot close the draw now ... and hope Lumby doesn't notice anything amiss.

He scowled at the open cabinet, gave it a once over, then slammed the drawer. Tahni sighed an inward sigh of relief, as she stood between the filing cabinet and the fax machine, careful to breathe without making a sound, thanking the Gods, Lumburgh's ego is bigger than his brain.

The man left the office and Tahni was relieved, though she looked in all directions and sensed when was the right time to leave, though she knew it wasn't over yet. She had to get to Hades.

Carefully, she began to make good her exit. She avoided the people and took the service lift, nervous, but she cleared herself once more.

Tahni took a silent breath as she slipped unnoticed out of the lift. Cautious, she walked to the exit, keeping her with about her, avoiding people. Her bag bumped someone in a rush. To Tahni's relief, he yelled at a woman near him, who yelled back. In the slight commotion, she made haste, again waiting for some other suit to come into the office. Not only was it incredibly dangerous to remain, Tahni hated the negative, hateful energies.

Quickly she walked down the street, nervous, avoiding people and she sensed that Lumburgh has discovered the file was missing, and although she was out of the hellhole, she was not yet out of danger. Lumburgh sent people out and cordoned off the building and the street. Expertly dodging people, and careful so no one sensed her presence, Tahni managed to make it away, though she daren't take off the helmet as she walked up the street in a fast pace, grateful her shoes did not make a sound. Every step seemed harder, making her nervous. She stopped for a short while, and calmly cleared her energies, before continuing on her journey home. She sensed Lumburgh's rage and smiled incessantly to herself.

With a silent breath of relief, Tahni makes it home. The second she entered the room, Hades threw his arms around her before she had even taken the helmet off.

"Ohh ... by the Gods, I was so worried... Thank the Universe you're all right ..."

Tahni removed the helmet. Hades was crying.

"Oh, Hades ..." Tahni gently wiped away his tears. touched by his love and concern. He was more concerned with her safety than his own.

"I got them," she said, reaching into her bag.

Inwardly, Hades sighed with relief and kissed Tahni as he looked at the effects of the poison and the formula for its cure on the papers. Hades gently held the papyrus with the cure and again, sighed inwardly with relief. "I can't thank you enough..."

Warmly, Tahni smiled. "I love you, Hades..."

"And I you..."

Again, Persephone was not jealous, as Tahni placed her arms around him.

"If I had to do it again, I would," Tahni promised.

"I know ... Thank you..."

Gently, Tahni wiped a tear from her cheek.

The Wicca and Goddess part. Persephone examined the contents of the papyrus and stood back, calling on all her powers, energies, all her wisdom and love, for the ingredients to come to her, and combine to create this magickal elixir, this sparkling golden liquid. She handed the goblet to her beloved.

"Drink this, he said, handing the encrusted, engraved platinum vessel to him. Hades took it from her and took a breath, as he took the life saving elixir form her and slowly began to drink. He smiled, relieved as he swallowed the sweet, Elysian liquid, the taste light and exquisite.

Hades sat the chalice down and closed his eyes, feeling the magickal, refreshing elixir course through his body, healing him, loving him, caressing him, restoring him, energising him and he stood. Hades glowed, gold sparkles surrounded his body. Persephone gasped with relief and hugged Tahni.

Hades opened his eyes, fully restored, colour returning to his cheeks. He threw his arms around Tahni and Persephone.

"Thank you ..."

"Persephone did the hard work ..." Tahni said. "The ingredients would be impossible for a mortal to..."

"Nonsense," Persephone said. "I could not have gone into the building ... It would have alerted the senses, detecting a God, and Lumburgh would have destroyed the only way to save our beloved ... Without you risking your life, Hades would have died... And it would have been too late ..."

Tahni hugged the Goddess of Spring. "Thanks ... We both did it."

"That you did," Hades said. He held both Tahni and Persephone. "I don't care how mushy this sounds, but Gods I love you both so much ..."

Gently, Persephone wiped his tears away. "As we love you, my beloved." She kissed Hades, and then kissed Tahni.

"I'll wait for you," she said to Hades, giving him another gentle kiss before returning to the Underworld in Ancient Greece, sensing Hades wanted to be alone with Tahni. Also sensing Tahni still felt somewhat uneasy.

"You love Hades as much as I and you risked your life and soul to save him. Love him as I do."

Tahni threw her arms around Persephone. "Thank you, I am honoured."

"As am I."

Hades held Tahni gently. "I can never repay you..."

The mortal smiled warmly. "You already have, Hades, with your protection, gentleness, but most of all, your truth, honour and love."

Gently, Tahni stroked a tear away. The Wicce placed her arms around his warm body, feeling safe with him as he felt safe with her.

"I owe my life to you ... my soul ... My Realm..."

Gently. Tahni held him. "Hades, I need only your love, gentleness, guidance and compassion."

"You have that always," and he held her in a gentle embrace. "Now, don't you ever do that again! It was far too dangerous!"

"Hades, you are the Guardian of the Dead, the Lord of Justice. The Dead have no sanctuary, no home without you, and the living need your guidance."

"Promise you'll never go off like that again?"

"I promise ... Unless you need me."

Hades was about to protest, but Tahni placed a finger to his lips.

Hades smiled. "Are you defying a God?"

Tahni smiled back. "Yes."

Hades chuckled and held her, kissing the mortal woman softly.

"I will never leave you, our Spirits are as One."

Gently, he wiped her tears away. Tahni sighed in his warm embrace, the Universe thanking her, for she was eternally grateful for what this magickal girl had done for her baby.

Hades appeared in Lumburgh's office, impervious to the alarm system or any other nasties Lumby had up his filthy sleeves. The human tried to hide his terror.

"You've chosen your path, Lumburgh," Hades said, evenly. "And you ate going to live and die with it."

"A ... Are ... you ... going ... to ... kill me..."

"I'd rather spend a fireball on a lump of shit," Hades said. "You know what sort of a person you are. Cold, greedy, cruel, unscrupulous... I won't go on. I haven't got all millennium."

"But what ... if I ... change..."

Hades laughed. "Change, just so I'd let you into the Elysian Fields? Don't make me sick. Will you truly change, Lumby? Will you truly learn to care, to love, and I don't mean the love of money and power and you know what?"

"What ...?" Lumburgh asked, hesitantly, not sure he wanted to know.

"Having a small dick is not an excuse to walk over people."

Lumburgh's face erupted on rage. Hades' hand erupted in a fireball. Lumburgh looked terrified. Hades dissipated his fireball.

"If you change will it be for the benefit of others, or yourself ... and even if you do decide to change for the better, you have, as they say, a shitload of Karma to work though first."

"Hades, I ..."

"As another saying goes, you've made your bed, Lumburgh..."

And with that, Hades vanished in a dazzling ball of flame, leaving Lumburgh contemplating what sort of a person he really was ...

Hades appeared in the middle of Tahni's lounge room.

"That was good ... Though for a moment there I was tempted to fry him."

"Well, I hate to tell you this, but I'm vegetarian."

Hades laughs, a sweet sound. Playfully, he grabbed Tahni and hugged her. Gently, he kissed her, still somewhat shaken that he almost lost her.

"Please, promise me..."

"Hades, I promise to protect and love you for all eternity. Come what may ... and since I believe in the Ancient Greek world, if I do die, you can take me to that nice Elysian Fields place."

He sighs and smiles. "Of course I will ... and my beloved, I too will protect and love you beyond the end of time."

The God and Wicce are as one in their warm eternal embrace.


?/9/01 "Goddess Dream"

The challenge had been set. You had passed the first to challenges, almost as easily as a hero would, dodging spiked maces, duels, amongst other things, without so much as a scratch. You dodge expert snipers shooting poison darts, but you sense there's something more to this challenge than physical prowess.

The third challenge is nigh and many more lie ahead.

Night has fallen. The challenge is to rescue your friends, trapped within the barn. It is set in an unknown garden.

A Goddess tree guards the garden. She lets you pass. Although she is a tree, you see the outline of a female body within the tree. You see her yellow eyes, shaped like lemons, her gentle face impassive, though shows much expression. Though you are told if the sleeping Goddess awakens, and her eyes glow, you are to be, for want of a better word, sacrificed to her.

You free your friends, both Suzannes, Pauline, Maxine, Karen from the barn. They are much relieved and grateful and much hugging ensues. You see them safely across the grass. Hades stands at the edge of the garden and uses his powers to send your friends home. You slip on the grass, and as you look up at the Goddess, her eyes glow bright yellow. At first you hope you are seeing things - that there has been a mistake, but there has not.

Hades, as well as Qui-Gon and Lore, your Spirit Guides are all standing at the edge of the garden. Lore looks more concerned. Painfully, Hades realises this is the way it has to unfold.

The Guides speak to your mind, telling you to take off all your clothes and jewellery. You are still afraid, but you do so.

The Tree Goddess reaches down and picks you up, very gently reassuring you that there is nothing to fear, but you are still afraid.


Carefully, she placed you inside her mouth.

Hades takes a breath and holds a distraught Lore.

"Do not be afraid," he tells you. "I will always be with you. No harm will come to you, I promise."

The Goddess gives you her warmth and love. She is the embodiment of Isis and Gaia, the Earth Mother.

You feel Hades' gentle, loving embrace.

//As Hades promised,// the Goddess says to your soul, //no harm will come to you.//

Her mind-voice is gentle and sincere, but still you are afraid. Tears form in the Goddess' lemon shaped eyes, for she does not wish to harm you, physically or emotionally.

//Please do not be afraid... This is the only way ... I am sorry, I do not wish to frighten you...//

You hear her gentle, calm, contrite words and you realise you will still be who you are. You will not be harmed, and you relax, realising it had to be.

The Goddess relaxes and calms, relieved you are no longer afraid. She takes a deep breath and closes her eyes.

The Goddess swallows.

Hades takes a deep breath. Qui-Gon holds his hand. Their spirits never leave yours. Tears adore both Hades' and Qui-Gon's cheeks, though both God and Jedi know you are safe.

Inside the Goddess, you feel bathed and caressed by warmth. You see light and swirling rainbow colours. You feel free. Love embraces you. You feel as though you are in her womb, heart and soul, rather than in her stomach. You realise without fear or doubt, your purpose.

The Goddess smiles warmly, heartfelt that you have realised what she has known all along.

The Goddess glows as life pours from her body into the Earth. Mother's milk from her breasts, nourishment from her vagina, giving the Earth life. Your pure soul was chosen to save the Earth, to expel the physical toxins, the poisonous emotional toxins, hatred, greed ... Creating and planting love within the Earth Mother. Life pours into Gaia. She feels renewed and revitalised, awakening dormant memories. Years of neglect are caressed and massaged away, your spirit and soul once again awakening hers.

Qui-Gon and Hades hold each other. Tears stream down Lore's face as he sits alone, realising your importance, his hands touching the Earth, thanking her.

Osiris and Horus shimmer into existence, their gentle faces showing only love and compassion. Gently Osiris embraces Hades and Horus holds Qui-Gon.

"Your love for her is beyond beautiful," Osiris says gently.

Hades smiled warmly. "As is yours."

The Goddess opens her eyes, her being glowing. From her body leaps your spirit, full of love and vitality, free from physical limitations.

Hades hugs you before anyone else can get a chance :}

You chucked softly and embrace him. Qui-Gon hold you also and you wipe the Gentle Jedi's tears away.

Lore comes to you, yellow tears glistening on his opalescent gold face.

"Thank you," he says, sincere. "I never would have known who I am if it wasn't for you."

Gently you kiss him and hold him. "Thank you for being there for me."

"My pleasure," he whispers, as he returns to his future realm.

Osiris walks to you, his pristine white robe glistening in the moonlight, his forest green face, gentle, full of love and life. You kiss him softly and he holds you in his loving arms.

"Your bravery is unprecedented, as if your love. I am honoured to stand in your presence."

"As I am in yours."

In heartfelt tears, Horus hold you also.

Isis steps from the tree, her dark eyes, brimming with tears, which soon fall. She embraces you with all her heart.

"Ohh ... my beloved is right ... I thank you more than I can say ... Without your love, the Earth would have died. I am so sorry you were so frightened at first..."

You give a warm smile and kiss her.

"I realise now, my Goddess."

You hold her gently.

Qui-Gon gently embraces you, and you lean against his strong and protective chest.

"The Force Is With You Always," he says.

Gently you wipe his tears away.

"As It Is With You."

Softly, he kisses you, his beard against your cheek, like velvet.

Hades comes to you again.

"I cannot express what I have to say in words, but I'm going to do my best. What you have done, millions would or could not do. Your sacrifice has once again given life to Mother Gaia - to all of us ... You have awakened stories and myths that have been lost through the ages. Your love has no boundaries and as Osiris said, I too am honoured." Gently he kisses you and holds you in his loving arms.

"As I am honoured, Hades. Your love is Eternal."

"As is yours."

And your embrace, too, is Eternal.




A new episode of Pacific Drive was on and a young lady called Tara was trying to get with Brett, the Gigolo, but had to dodge cops, as they were trying to nail him, giving him a hard time.  Brett helped her, as the cops were sniffing around her too.  Brett helped Tara and was touched by her concern and he cared for her too.  Together they dodged prying eyes all over the Drive.  Brett took her to his boat, and made love to her, gentle and tender, just the way she liked it, and he never charged her a cent.




In this episode of Pacific Drive, Brett was with Tanja, a young woman who adored him and didn't mind paying for her services, but he never took advantage of her.  Tanja warned him of some cops and Brett managed to elude them.  Gently he touched her, caressed her, though it was more, more than sex, more than money.  Brett had feelings for her too, as he held her close to him, he was all she had ever wanted, he was a god and she was his Goddess.  Softly he kissed her, and she never wanted to leave his embrace.




In this dream, I walked past a McDonalds and was very surprised to see Judith McGrath in there {Von Ryan from All Saints}.  I waved at her. She smiled and waved back.  I walked in {not that I'd go into McDonalds for anything else, bar cool Happy Meal toys ...} and over to her and told her how much I liked Von and then I saw Erik Thomson and couldn't believe my eyes!  But he looked sad and I didn't want to bother him.  I went to the counter and ordered their new box of McDonalds chocolates.  They were so delish, I ordered two more boxes, one for Erik.  I saw Joy Smithers {Rose in All Saints} in the que too, though she was Rose and not the actress.  I went to Erik and gave him the chocs.

 " Sorry to bother you, but here ..."

He looked up at me and smiled.

 " Thanks ..." he said, "don't be shy."

I smiled shyly.  "Umh ... can I please have your autograph? ... Sorry if it's a bad time."

 "Nah ..." said with a smile.

I took the pic of him out from my folder in my bag and he signs it 'with love.' I thank him.


Erik told me his wife left him, and he was upset.   I'm somewhat confused, but happy to be with him.

He loved the chocolates and went back with you to get some more.  There he saw Rose who pretends not to see him.  Erik says I can have a part in the show as his new girlfriend and I get to hug him.  I hugged him!

  "Thank you ..."

He smiled.


When we both left Maccas, Erik/Mitch transformed into Hades, Lord of the Underworld in his red crushed velvet robe. I sighed and he placed his arm around me gently kissing my cheek and took me to his underworld ...




Hades and I were in a play, Gilbert & Sullivan's HMS Pinafore. It was a lot of fun and he was really good.

After the play, we watched and participated in a round of Quidditch {a sport played on broomsticks in Harry Potter}

Hades hugged me, lifting me up and swirling me around. I felt so safe and nurtured and loved in his gentle, but strong arms. I told him he was wonderful in the play and he told me he wasn't the only one and kissed me again. He told me he had a lot of fun in the play and wouldn't mind doing another one. I hugged him.

That night, we went exploring on a train trip, on the Hogwarts Express {the steam train in Harry Potter, before returning home in each other’s arms.




I was dancing with Qui-Gon. He smiled and held me gently in his arms. I also danced with Hades. He too held me, and he held and kissed Qui-Gon, our love helping to make a peaceful, beautiful Universe.




Qui-Gon, Hades, Professor Snape and I were outside on a train platform waiting or the Hogwarts express, also waiting to see the shooting stars.

A moment later, millions of then appeared in the sky, large and spectacular. It was incredible, streaks of star light against the darkening sky. Even Snape was impressed and moved by the experience, but he said nothing.

The sight was indeed beautiful. These were no ordinary stars. I caught two of them in my hand, and they glowed to my touch. I showed Qui-Gon, Hades and Snape. Qui smiled gently, Snape gingerly touched them, surprised at how warm and soft they felt. Hades caught one and stroked it gently. The stars bid us farewell left our hands to join their brothers and sisters, to make a beautiful Universe as the Hogwarts express arrived, taking us all to the school of magic.




I was in a tomb in Egypt, trying to piece together a puzzle of a missing Anubis statue.  I knew that the items here would make me very, very rich, but I had not come to tomb rob.  the Spirits of the Pharos and the Gods respected that.


There were two large rectangular boxes.  I looked in each of them.  One had a few bits and pieces and a spider crawling up to the top.  The other had the bottom half of the statue and a spider crawling up to greet me.   I let it go.  The bottom half of the statue disappeared and I briefly saw he full statue of Anubis before it vanished.  I realised I had solved the puzzle.   Only one who wanted to find that statue but not keep it would find it and now it is safe with Osiris.


The God of Death and Rebirth thanked me for finding his son and embraced me. Hades was also there to protect and help me.




14/2/02 – Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hades and I were on a train. I wasn’t sure where we were going. Perhaps we were on the Hogwarts Express, but I knew wherever I was going Hades would always be with me, to love and protect me as I would be there for him.





 Hades had tried to kill eve to save his family.  He regretted trying to harm a baby, but not trying to save his family.  Xena had fought him and won, though she didn’t kill him.  Hades lay on a bed, weakened.  The eve threat was now over, replaced by a new threat, Dahak.   Hades used the last of his power to send Dahak back to Tartarus.  He fell back to the bed, almost dead, but still breathing.  Xena helped him regain his strength and thanked him and the God and warrior rekindled their friendship.




Mitch Stevens {Erik Thomson} was in a house with lots of people and was trying to get out to find Terri. He was almost suffocating and needed fresh air.  He struggled out of the house and found Terri outside.  Both enjoyed the fresh night air and shared a kiss.




Hades {Erik} was sitting in a chair, looking very cute, looking like "The Thinker". He began to show me around the Underworld and clearing it of any entities that shouldn’t have been there. There was also a spiritual shopping centre for Angels called EverGlades where everything was bought with love. Hades kissed me and showed me around some more after he had cleared the Underworld.




A black cat kept on running across a busy street in between lots of fast cars. I sat on the stairs, worried about it. I called the cat over to me. It has almost crossed the street and was about to climb over the gutter when it was run over by a parking car. I could not bear to look. I was so angry I yelled at the driver, but I knew it wasn’t his fault. I went back to the stairs, upset. The spirit of the cat appeared to me and told me not to grieve. It told me that it wanted to die because it was sick of this world and that’s why it was running in and out of traffic. Hades appeared, and picked up the cat. He told me he would take good care of it in the underworld. He smiled warmly and stroked the cat. I wasn’t upset anymore, glad the cat got what it wanted and glad Hades was looking after its spirit.



I went to the Underworld and Hades showed me around. He asked me what I wanted to see and I told him ‘Middle Earth.’ Hades took me to Middle Earth where I used my powers to transform the dark land of Mordor into a lovely paradise. Where there was darkness and evil, grass, forests and flowers bloomed. The sky cleared and Mount Doom was transformed into a beautiful snowcapped mountain. The waters of the land were cleared, and all the Orcs and Goblins were changed back into beautiful Elves and there was no more evil.



I was in the Underworld, a nice spot, floating over a body of water in the Elysian fields.  I touched down in the water, but was not cold or wet.  I didn’t know how I’d come here.

Hades appeared before me.  “You were hit by a train,” he said, “but you are not dead.  Your injuries were not life threatening, but you have a choice to remain here or go back to the world above.”

I took a deep breath.  I really wanted to stay here and be with Hades and be in my lovely Underworld, but I had things to do in the mortal world.

  “Will I be a quadriplegic when I go back?” I asked him.

He smiled gently.  “No, you have a broken leg, a fractured arm and bruised ribs.  You will recover.  You will be bandaged up in hospital.”

  “Will you help me with the pain?”

He nodded and held me gently.  Softly, he wiped tears from my face.

  “Hades, as much as I want to stay here, I must go back.  There are things I need to do.  I need to finish my book and there are other things that ... I’m sorry, Hades, I...”

  “Don’t be sorry,” he said with a gentle smile.  “You have made the right choice.  I will send you back to complete your mortal tasks and when the time is right, you can return here”

  “Thank you, Hades.”

We shared a gentle embrace and he kissed me softly, before he used his powers to send me back to finish what I had to do and I wondered how long it would be before I could return.




Matisha was a red-haired little girl who loved the Gods, Goddesses and the planets. Some evil people came to get her. {She looked like Chibi Chibi in Sailor Moon} The Gods materialised as the planets and helped her. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto. Venus, Saturn and Neptune were women. Pluto {Hades} was very protective and loving of Matisha. He worried when the evil ones got hold of her and almost had to beg them to free her because he loved her so much. Pluto's love touched the others deeply. He got her back and held her gently in his hands and held her close to him safe from all harm.




Hades {Stephen} was walking around with Aphrodite, sharing in friendly conversation and fun.


Xena had heard that Hades was alive and become concerned.  She saddled up Argo and went to look for him.  She found him with Aphrodite and was ready for a fight.  Hades however, did not look hostile.  He explained to Xena that Death could not be killed and that he had resurrected the other Gods.  The Twilight was over and they had nothin to fear anymore.  Xena was satisfies and apologised, sheathing her sword.  Hades told her that there were no hard feelings and the Warrior Princess left Hades and Aphrodite sitting on the grass, sharing delicacies.



1/10/03 - I had 2 Hades dreams this night!  Whoo!


Hades {Stephen} was in his Underworld feeling miserable about the Eve thing, almost getting killed and just downright miserable in general.  He heard some mortals, including myself having a happy time, sharing food and stories and he could not bear it. 

            The God of the Dead materialised and yelled at us, pissed off that we were having fun and that he was miserable.  He created some fireballs in his hands.  The mortals were afraid, though I knew he would not hurt us, despite how mad he looked.  Hades aimed a fireball seemingly at me, but he blasted an old, crappy beige sofa behind me, disintegrating it.  He blasted some other things as well, frightening some of the mortals, except me.  Hades than sat down and apologised.  He admitted that he had never killed anything before, never even trodden on an ant.  Xena became confused and asked him about the fireball he shot at her and Eve.  Hades told her that they were stun fireballs and Xena was somewhat impressed but now the Twilight was over the Gods had nothing to fear.  Hades stood and again apologies and gave us all a tour of the Elysian Fields at no charge and all were impressed and thankful and it was very beautiful and lovely.




Hades took me to the Elysian Fields. I was weary, tired and depressed. We sat on the soft, velvety grass, his luscious, encrusted and embroided red robe spreading out on the grass. I lay with my head in Hades' loving Lap and he stroked my head gently. It was so peaceful and lovely. Hades ran his hand through my hair and stroked my face softly. It was a beautiful feeling. He was very gentle and loving. I lay on the grass with him for ages, looking up at the sky, at the trees and into Hades' loving face as he smiles warmly, contented to sit and hold me for hours on end. He is truly a loving God and a very special person.




I dreamt that I was in the Underworld with Hades, playing with my wand, holding it up and we were singing, dancing and chanting.  It was fun and very enlightening and mystical.





The Gods had chosen to fight Xena on Earth in the future in an evil toy company called Zena.  Ironic.  Hades {Stephen} and the Gods took a stand, but Xena whacked Hades' fireball back into him and he disappeared.  At first, I was shocked, but then I saw a diamond of red light in Hades' middle before he vanished and I knew that happened when he dematerialised and so I was sure he was safe.  The other Gods seemed worried.  There was some ash on the floor.   Lore from Star Trek had also joined the Gods and been given ambrosia and God like powers, but Xena whacked his fireball back into him and he vapourised, leaving a pile of dust.  I was horrified, and determined to find a way to save him.


I found Hades naked in a park, sporting what looked like an all over sunburn.

  "I feel terrible," he groaned.

  "At least you're alive."

He smiled and nodded.  "She vapourised my favourite robe."

I smiled.  "You can make another one, can't you?"

A new red robe materialised on Hades' body.  "It'll take months to wear in, he said, and it scratches my fireball burn."

  "I'll help you."

I took Hades home with me and gave him a cooling bath with tea-tree and soothing aloe vera.

 "Ohh, that felt wonderful."

I smeared aloe vera gel all over Hades' body.  He materialised another one.

 "You look tired," I said.

  "Buggered, actually."

I took Hades to my bedroom and let him lii down on my four-poster bed.

  "Thank you," he said, grateful.

  "Stay as long as you like, Hades,' I said.

He thanked me again.  "I have to save Lore."

  "Here," Hades said, giving me some Ambrosia.  "You'll need this."

  "Thanks." I ate it and was asked besides the usual God powers which ones would I like.  I wanted to be able to resurrect the dead and go back in time.  They were granted, but I was warned not to abuse them.

  "But the twilight," Hades said.

  "It won't come if the Gods leave Xena alone."

The God nodded.  "I'll tell the others."

Hades lay his head down on my pillow and went to sleep, breathing soundlessly.


I went back in time to just after Lore was vapourised.  Xena had left.  I looked at Lore's ashes and used my powers to resurrect him.  He was very grateful.

  "You have to save Data," he said.  'I know he died."

I nodded and we both went to the ship shortly before it exploded.  Lore was told by the Gods that only he could save Data - if he gave up his Godlike powers.  After a moment of thought he agreed.  Data was resurrected and most surprised, both at being alive and what Lore gave up to save him.  And both brothers had a reconciliation.


Hades' burn subsided and he'd worn in his new robe.  He swung me around.

  "Thank you for everything."

  "Thank you, Hades, just for being here."

He smiled warmly.  Gently he kissed me and held me. "My pleasure."





Hades had brought Xena to the Underworld to fight a monster.  She grabbed her Chakram and slices Hades torso.  In shock Hades convulsed and disintegrated.

  "No!" you screamed, determined to save Hades, even though he was gone.

You glared at Xena as she left the Underworld.


Meanwhile two bad guys Ice Man and Skeletor were plotting a takeover above.  Ice Man was walking down some stairs freezing people as he went.  He is about to freeze you.

  "Wait," you say.  "I want to help you, if you will do something for me.  I'll be your slave, your eternal apprentice."

To this Ice Man smiled.  "Eternal apprentice, eh?"

You take him to the Underworld and show him Hades ashes.

  "If you can resurrect him, I'm yours."

But deep inside you know he can't.

  "I'm sorry," Ice Man said, "but I can't resurrect the dead."

You fell onto your knees by Hades' ashes gently picking some up in your hand.  Ice Man leaves you.


He and Skeletor get into a car and drive off.  Xena blows some fire whiskey into the exhaust and blows them up, killing them both.


Meanwhile back in the Underworld, you have an idea.

  "Persephone, please come to me," you said.

The Goddess appears before you, in tears for her lost beloved.

  "We can help each other," you said.

  "You have Hades' powers of resurrection now that he's … " you don't want to say it.  "And I'm a white witch with the blessing of Hades. Together we can bring him back." You hoped.

Persephone nodded emphatically.  "I will do everything I can, My Child."

She raises her arms as you begin to chant "Hades, come back to us this day.  It was not your time.  I command you return."

Hades' ashes begin to swirl and a light emanates from them before they eventually take shape into Hades.  He is distraught at first and frightened, in shock, he checks himself where Xena sliced him, but there is no wound to be seen.  He looked up and sees you on your knees beside him and Persephone standing near him.  Persephone looks overjoyed.  Hades manages a weak smile.  He is not at full strength at this time.


Xena returns to the Underworld after sensing that Hades had been resurrected.  You stood in front of him with a sword.

  "If you hurt him, I'll kill you …"

  "Kill me?"

  "Or at the very least pull your hair out."

Xena smiled.  "Then you must love him … How …"

  "With the help of Persephone, no thanks to you."

  "I had no choice.  He was going to send a monster to kill me."

  "It was only to distract you," Hades said weakly.  "Until I could talk to the Angels, but you're still the same old Xena.  Kill first ask questions later.  You haven't changed."

You nodded in agreement.

Xena was hurt by this as she lowered her sword.  "I'm sorry, Hades.  I really am.  I'll endeavour to be more aware in future."

Hades lay back down, quite tired as Xena leaves.  You gave Hades a comforting kiss and Persephone smiled.

  "Your love for him is beautiful," she said, kissing him also. 

Hades embraced the both of you before lying back down.

  "You're very tired," you said.  "You've gone through a hell of an ordeal.  No strenuous activity for at least a week and no heavy lifting."

Hades smiled.  "Yes, Mother."

You smiled back at him, hugged him gently and give him a warm kiss before he lies his head down on the soft pillow, closes his eyes, entering a long, well needed slumber, dreaming of a peaceful world.





Xena and Hades made love.  Unbeknownst to Hades, Xena had become pregnant from their copulation.  Xena named her baby Chthonios.  The baby grew to a teenager in just two weeks, when the Gods came after Xena to stop the twilight.


Xena and Gabrielle stood down in the Underworld with her son before Hades.  Her son stood with a medallion and an open jacket-shirt.

  "This is Chthonios," she said.

Hades regarded the boy.  "That name means Death.  Are you prepared to die?"

  "Yes, Father.  Are you?"

Hades stared at the boy, then at Xena.  "My … my son?"

  "Yes, Hades," Xena replied.

Chthonios stepped forward.  "There must be a peaceful solution to this, Father."

Hades hesitated before he replied.  "I agree.  Let us find one together."


Together with the Angels, the Gods. Chthonios and Xena found a peaceful solution benefiting all.





There was a book about Eeyore and there was a paragraph about Hades in it that Hades was like Eeyore, lonely and gloomy, but doesn't realise that there are his friends and family who love him.





I was determined to save Hades from Xena.  I went into the house and started putting buckets and troughs of water everywhere.  I even replaced the whiskey in the ceramic bottle with water.


The battle began.  Xena took up the whiskey canister, took a swig and spat the contents at Hades.  Hades' fireball dissipated, but he was otherwise unharmed.  I ran to Hades.

  "Come with me,"

  "Who are you?"

  "Someone who loves you, now come on otherwise you'll be killed."

Hades left with me, but as he was fleeing, Xena shot an arrow into his shoulder.  I helped Hades get it out.  I told Hades about the water and he was very touched that I has saved him. 



Hades used the last of his power to transform me into a different looking mortal and himself into a white cat.  We sought refuge in a monastery, but we knew Xena would come after us.  The monks told me how to make Hades a god again.  I placed Hades in a basket with some herbs and some sticks from the river Styx and said an incantation which brought Hades back in his black robe and me back to my original self.  Hades was worried about the twilight.  I told Hades the twilight was only brought about by the God's fear.  Hades thought about it.


Xena burst into the room, sword drawn. I drew my sword to protect Hades.  Hades stepped in front of me and told Xena what I had told him.

  "I realise now the twilight was brought about by the God's fears.  I am ashamed that I did not realise that previously.  I will have to resurrect the other Gods and tell them."

Xena lowered her sword.   "You went to a great risk to protect Hades," she said.  "I respect your love."

  "Thank you, Xena."

I kissed Hades gently and he held me.  I knew Persephone would be touched by our love, though I would do nothing to come in between Hades and his Love.  Xena left us be and Hades resurrected the other Gods, who decided to leave Xena and Eve be and get on with their immortal lives.





Hades fired yet another fireball at Xena and her child, blasting mortals in his way as well.  Xena expertly deflected the fireballs that came her way and escaped to the pore.  Hades appeared there.  So did Gaia.

  "Stop this nonsense," she said.

Hades started at her.

  "I understand your feelings on this Hades," Gaia said, "but this madness has to stop."

  "Listen you," Hades started to say, but was cut off by a sharp look from Gaia.

All of a sudden, Hades, Xena and Gaia were in a chariot together.

  "I've taken most of your powers, Hades, so you can't do anymore damage, to Xena, her child and to yourself."

Xena was relieved.  Hades was seething.

  "And what about those innocent mortals you killed trying to get to me."

  "Most of them deserved Tartarus and the one that didn't wanted to die, so I sent her to the Elysian Fields."

  "It wasn't their rightful time to die.  It wasn’t meant to happen."

  "A lot of things have happened recently that weren't meant to, Xena."

Xena milled this over.

  "You still owe me a couple of favours, Hades," she said.

  "I saved your village."


  "When Callisto took your place.  She was about to kill your mother and burn Amphipolis to the ground."

  "As I recall you took a lot of convincing that I was Xena."

  "Can you blame me? If I hadn't given you that day, your mother and the residents of Amphipolis would be permanent residents of mine."

  "Don't expect any favours, Hades."

  "From you?  Don't make me laugh."

  "That's enough you two." Gaia said.


The chariot appeared in the Underworld.  Persephone threw her arms around her beloved.

  "Ohh, my love, I was so worried."

Hades returned the embrace.  Celesta came to him.

  "You know I don't agree with your choice to fight Xena, but I am relieved you're all right."

  "If I don't fight, who will?"

  "So, you would kill to protect your family, Hades?" Xena said.

The Sovereign of the Underworld turned to her.  "No more than you killed my brothers and the others to protect yours, Xena."  Hades paused seeing Xena's reaction.  "Oh, so it's okay from the great and mighty Xena to kill to protect her family, but not okay for me to protect mine?"

Xena was silent.


Hades visited Zeus and Poseidon in the Elysian Fields.

  "Be careful, Hades," Zeus warned, "or you'll join us down here."

  "I intend to," Hades said, "though it looks like Gaia has other plans.  I'll keep you posted."

He embraced his brothers and a solitary tear escaped.

Xena was touched by this, but she had her baby to protect.


Gaia took Xena away from the Underworld to a safe place.


Hades had lost his powers, so he could not resurrect his brothers, but in a store, he was a magickal resurrection kit, consisting of various herbs and oils, which he used his vast amounts of wealth to buy.  Hades performed the ritual and brought the other Gods back to life.


When Hades returned, Gaia said.  "There must be a peaceful solution to this."

  "Well what is it?" Hades demanded.

  "Let us make a truce with the Angels."

And that's what they did.

  "The Twilight has been averted," Archangel Gabriel said.

  "Thank you, Hades said.  He turned to Xena.

  "I guess we both owe each other an apology, Hades.  We were both trying to protect what we hold most dear."

  "I guess we do, Xena.  I'll start.  I apologise for not trying to find a peaceful solution at first."

  "It's I who should apologise for that, Hades.  It's like I slipped back into my old ways of killing first."

Hades took Xena's hand.  "Friends again?"

Xena nodded and smiled.  Gabrielle who had joined them smiled as well.

  "I am hereby returning your powers to you, Hades," Gaia said.

  "Thank you, Grandmother, and I'm sorry that I abused them."

  "You don't often abuse your powers, Hades, but see that it doesn’t happen again."

  "It won't."

Gaia used her powers to return Xena, Eve and Gabrielle back to the uppewrworld and herself back to the inside of the Earth.

Hades brothers and the other Gods thanked him for their resurrection.

  "I did what I had to do to save you all," he said.  "I'm not proud of what I had to do, but let us now all be at peace, even you, Ares."

To this the God of War smiled.  And the Gods resumed their rightful places.


  "I'm so glad it's over," Persephone said.

  "Mmm hmm," Celesta agreed.

The two Goddesses hugged their beloved husband and brother and he wholeheartedly returned the embrace.



8/1/05 - Second Hades dream in one night! Woo hoo!


Apollo had invented soap for the mortals, but they hated it.  Apollo was most upset.  Hades and the other Gods comforted him.

  "Perhaps it's not the right time," Hades said in a comforting tone.  "Perhaps sometime in the future."

Apollo nodded sadly and Hades put his arm around him.





Xena had killed both Zeus and Poseidon and Hades was determined to bring them back, but he could not do it by himself.

  "Are you sure you can do it," Hera asked.

Persephone looked at Hades worriedly.  "What if Xena tried to stop you?"

  "I'm sure she will," Hades said, "but I have to do this.  They're my brothers and I owe it to them."


Hades went to the Oracle of the Dead, to use its power, coupled with his own as Lord of the Dead to restore his two brothers to life. Persephone, Hera and Celesta went with him. 


After Hades had resurrected his brothers, Xena burst into the temple, sword drawn. Hades stood in front of his brothers and the Goddesses, protecting them. He was prepared to fight to the death for them.

  "You restored them," Xena said.  "Looks like I'm too late."

  "And I'm relieved that you are," Hades said.  "You may not think much of me, Xena, but I did what I had to do - protected my family, as you are protecting yours."

Xena nodded.  "I understand, Hades, but you also understand my dilemma."

  "I do, but you need not worry.  I've spoken to the angels, and come to a peaceful conclusion.  As long as my people do not abuse their powers, the Twilight will be averted."

  "I'm impressed," Xena said and looked it.  She lowered her sword.

  "I hope we can heal our friendship," Hades said.

  "We'll see." Xena told him, leaving.


Zeus and Poseidon gave Hades a boisterous hug and the Lord of the Dead smiled, hugging his brothers back.  Celesta, Persephone and Hera smiled, all glad to be safe once more.





You see Darth Maul run Qui-Gon through and you stay by him.  You don't want Maul to know that you’re saying an incantation to bring Qui-Gon back to life, so you say it in silence, invoking Hades, the Lord of the Dead, a misunderstood God to help you.  Hades resurrects Qui-Gon while Obi-Wan kills Darth Maul. The last thing Maul sees before his end in this lifetime is Qui-Gon resurrected.  You and Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan embrace ad are grateful for Hades' gift of life.






I sent a letter to the Xena comics and asked for more Hades stories and they wrote some, then Hades took me for a real adventure in the Underworld and I was stoked!





This was a dream based on the Troy Game Quartet by Sara Douglass, the first book being Hades’ Daughter, about a woman who was called that – The actual book had next to no Hades involvement.


My dream was at the end of the quartet where Grace, Eaving and Jack’s daughter finally came home and she was protected by Hades form being taken again. Jack and Eaving were very grateful they were now safe and Caitlin and the Troy game destroyed and the people free form it. Hades saw to it that they were never trapped again.






Hades had captured an evil creature called Line.  He’d turned him into a pomegranate and threatened to eat him if he didn’t tell him what he wanted to know – where Lime had used his magic to hurt others.  He had no power against a God and was puzzled as to why Hades cared about mortals, but to save his life he told Hades and Hades diffused the magic, saving thousands of lives.  Line begged forgiveness and Hades could tell he was genuine so he granted it. Line asked why Hades was so concerned about the lives of mortals and Hades told him he was also the Lord of Justice and Line respected that and was grateful for Hades compassion and vowed to use his magic to help people and Hades released him.





A great evil had befallen the land and Xena, Hercules, Merlin and Hades were working together to stop it.  They used the Cow Herd’s way to surprise the evil. Hades told them to be careful and Merlin saw his sincerity and no longer had qualms about working with the Lord of the Underworld.  He was also very serious and Xena taught him that it was all right to play – and as it turned out the energy of joy destroyed the evil and Hades went to the Underworld to play.





Hades for once forgot his troubles and allowed himself to relax and go whale watching with Poseidon.






Hades had a daughter and he was teaching her how to be just and kind, but firm.  He had to make allowances for her wanting to play with him and he smiled and learned to play too. She gave him a hug and warmly, he embraced her back.






Movie Bumblebee was taken prisoner on his campaign and treated harshly. He was glad Sam got to safety. The Autobots burst in and rescued him, killing some Decepticons which Hades in the Underworld dealt with harshly sending them to Tartarus.  Bumblebee was relieved to be safe with his friends and continued his eco-friendly campaign for the Earth.




Percy Jackson Dream - Grover and Annabeth were showing Percy the ropes having just arrived at Camp Half Blood.  They showed him the training equipment and told him of the dangers of Gods and monsters.  There were sons and daughters of all the Gods there, including Bethany, Daughter of Hades, but she was a sweetheart, always resurrecting dead birds and butterflies.  Percy rather liked her.  Annabeth was a bit jealous as she introduced Percy to the teachers.







There were four of us on a bus and a bluebird asked which one of the Gods realms and seasons were most beautiful.  Some said the Ocean and Poseidon, some said the Earth and Zeus, spring and summer. Some said autumn.  No one said Winter or Hades, I said all they said and a Tool then on a journey first to see Poseidon’s realm with whales, dolphins and coral reefs and the tranquil, yet sometimes furious ocean, spectacularly vast and lovely. Poseidon waved and bid us farewell. Next to Zeus’ realm, Earth. Mountains, valleys, meadows, plains, animals and sweeping landscapes, rolling hills, panoramic canyons and they agreed it was better. 

            In one valley, two girls form the bus and I went to explore an odd shaped door. One was a daughter of Zeus, the other, Poseidon.  We entered and it was an odd shaped building of painted rock, too smooth to be natural.  There were some children trapped here and we couldn’t get out the way we came and we got scared.  Zara and Aquatica realised they had powers and we went through the glass.  The evil teacher that had trapped the children tried to force us to stay. She had stolen power from the Gods and the only way to punish her was to light up the mountain to alert the Gods.  Zara used her powers and we called upon Zeus and Poseidon. I realised I had powers too and I called upon the only God that most were too scared to beseech. Hades.  I felt his power coming up from the Underworld.  I told Zara and the children not to be afraid. The woman tried to escape by turning into sand, but I turned her into a stone golem and Zara turned her back to herself again.  Again, she turned to sand. It had taken the gods 8000 years to capture her, she was a greedy mortal who through ill begotten gains, gained godlike powers. She escaped to the bottom of the ocean, but was running out of air and has to ascend and escaped again. Hades sent her to the flames of Tartarus to learn her lesson for as long as it took. She screamed and begged but Hades told her she had to be purified in the flames of Tartarus.  She began to relent. Hades freed the children she had abused back to their homes and wipes their memories of the trauma.  In time the woman paid for her crimes and ascended to the Elysian Fields and became a guardian for children.


I told the people on the bus that we had to go to the Underworld as Hades had helped us and the children. It was the third realm and the only ne we had not visited. They thought it would be dark, dank and ugly and that Zeus and Poseidon’s realms were better. I told them the contest was null and void unless we visited the Underworld.  I told them not to be scared. Myself, I flet like I was coming home.

We saw beautiful crystal caverns, under the glittering, sparking Earth.  We helped some lost souls find their way and saw other souls in deep peace and serenity in the beautiful, tranquil Elysian Fields.  We saw trees growing tall and loved ones greeted us in this place of peace and serenity.


The people were at a loss as to which realm was more beautiful. Even the bluebird who began the competition was confused.  We transcended a crystal staircase back to Earth and Hades smiled at me.  I realised I was his daughter. He thanked me for my wisdom, power and resolve and honouring him with a visit.  I asked the people which realm that thought was more beautiful. Some said Poseidon, some said Zeus and some said what about Hades, but they were half-hearted.

            Then I said “What about all three?”

They all looked at me.

            “We need oceans, the Earth for living mortals and we need the Afterlife for souls departed. We need the Earth’s solidity, the Ocean’s waves and we need an Afterlife to transcend to when we die.  There’s lessons to be learned on and about all three realms and we grow and play in all three too. Just like we need all four seasons. Summer and spring for growth and autumn and winter for renewal, like the sacred cycled of death and rebirth.”

            The people and bluebird nodded amongst themselves – there was no need to compete as all began to embrace the harmony of all the seasons and the Realms of the Gods as one in peace and I could feel my proud father smiling at me way beneath the crystal Earth.




5/3/2011 – First dream in house in Manly – Happy Sydney Mardi Gras!


I went back in time and Doni helped me find Persephone’s grove in the Underworld with her faeries. I went to help her. She was most grateful. I was relieved to find her and she gave me a recipes embroided on cloth to make, I took them but was sacred as they were in ancient Greek and she helped me translate them into English.  We gathered the ingredients having fin honouring the Earth and gave much love to the Rath. I made the bread and mead with a lot of love and returned with them to Persephone and she was delighted and showed it around. It was delicious. Persephone fell in love with the bread and mead.  She took me down to Hades and shared the bread and mead with him and I felt his love and serenity, instead of being lost above the world, he allowed me to stay in the Underworld, my new home.

            Melissa loved kids but couldn’t have any. She was pretty with long brown hair. She got a job in her sisters’ toyshop and played with the kids around there.  A local guy hated her as he thought she was full of herself always happy and rich, he thought she was false.

            Melissa played with the children and often helped them when they got upset and taught them not to fight and to want more out of life than plastic toys.

            One afternoon after school was out the guy want to the shop and shot Melissa 6 times.  Her sister and the children were shocked. Melissa was still alive by the time the ambulance arrived and her boyfriend was equally shocked. She was rushed to hospital where Dr. Cullen from Twilight operated on her and removed the bullets. Fortunately, they had missed her vital organs.  Mellissa could not walk properly as 2 bullets had shot up her legs. She spent a few months recovering. She really wanted to help underprivileged kids and wanted to move with her boyfriend Doni to Pakistan to help starving and underprivileged children there.  At first, she had trouble walking and her Boyfriend moved to Pakistan with her, looking after her until she could walk much better. She was relieved her legs got better. The children loved her and the Government paid for an excursion to see the country.  She missed her sister and the children back home but loved the children here. The man who shot her was overcome with guilt and shot himself, but before he did he wore her a note. ‘I’m sorry, Melissa, I had no right.’  Eventually it was delivered to her and she forgave him.

            She walked with Doni along a dirt road and told him she was pregnant, after being infertile. The guy who shot her triggered something inside her making her fertile once more. She realised the reason she was shot was a blessing and sent a silent prayer to the Gods for the man who shot her and Hades transferred his soul form Tartarus to Asphodel, eventually he would make it to the Elysian Fields.

            Doni was delighted with his son and his belived and helping underprivileged kids around the world. Mellissa often went for checkups to see Dr. Carlisle Cullen who was delighted with her progress. He even funded some of her trips overseas and she and Doni helped millions of kids around the world.

            Myself, I helped lost souls find their way in the Underworld for which Hades was most grateful.






The Greek Gods were captured in a room by a person who could kill them.  I helped Hades by fighting this entity. He was unsure at how a mere mortal could defeat him.  The Gods helped. Poseidon toppled the ocean over him.  Aro {from Twilight} was also trapped with the Gods. He used his vampire strength and speed. Ares fought the entity with swords. Zeus used his Thunderbolts.  Ares wondered what Hades could do and he gave the monster death which weakened him.  It the end the only power the entity could not overpower was my love for the gods, especially my father Hades and my love for my beloved Aro. Hades and Ares hugged in a rare moment. They honoured me and we all freed ourselves and with our combined power killed the entity and Hades said he would not even justify sending him to Tartarus, just oblivion. The monster begged, but no one listened as we were all free from his clutches forever. Hades gave Aro and I his blessing the Gods returned to their respective realms and Hades sent Aro and I back to Volterra, Italy and we kissed grateful to be alive and free.






Immortals dream.  The gods new Hyperion could be defeated.  Hades released Ares from the Underworld as they needed him. Ares pitied Zeus but was still angry.  He retrieved his hammer.  Ares argued that the Titans were the Gods responsibility.  Zeus agreed, wondering if he’d made the right decision beforehand.  Ares ‘accidentally’ dropped his hammer on some of Hyperion’s troops. Zeus gave him a look.  Hades told Zeus he agreed that if the Titans were released, then it was all the Gods responsibility and reluctantly Zeus agreed to help the mortals.  Together they defeated Hyperion and the Titans and Hades locked them forever in Tartarus again.





Medusa’s daughter was cornered by a centaur.  The Centaur wanted to hurt her. She escaped to Hades temple and he gave her immunity. He warned the Centaur to leave her be and just as Medusa was her mother did not make her evil and vengeful. Tara could control her power and only turn people to stone if she wanted to.  She was allowed to go in peace, her green eyes glowing in gratitude.






The Titans escaped and Aro and the Vampires {from Twilight} and Hades and the Greek Gods fought them, thus saving the Earth yet again.  I helped Aro, but he kept me safe at all times and held and kissed me when the ordeal was over.




2/3/13 – Happy Sydney Mardi Gras!


Hades came out of nowhere and blasted my old sofa. I almost had to dart for cover. Hades smirked, saying he never would have harmed me and it was time for a new sofa.  I looked at the disintegrated old sofa and decided it was definitely time for a new one.  {In real life I got up the next morning, put the old sofa, which I had been meaning to get rid of, outside and got a nice second hand one.}






A woman wanted to destroy the world and shape it in her image.  Hades knew she had to be stopped though she had special powers.  He pretended to side with her.  He asked Hercules, Xena and Gabrielle for help. 


Hercules wanted to know why she wanted to destroy the world and Hades told him greed and power were powerful motivators.  Together they confused her and Hades sent her screaming to Tartarus with a fire bolt.


Hercules told Hades that he was more powerful than that woman, why didn’t he just take over? Hades smiled and said he was happy in his secluded Underworld and the mortals needed him to guide their souls in the AfterLife. Hercules, Xena and Gabrielle smiled at the wise God.






01/12/14 – Happy 1st of December!


Orpheus and Eurydike in the Underworld, wanted to steal some of Hades’ Ambrosia and went on an adventure. Hades was incensed, but allowed them to find it. Hades was grieving as Persephone had left him over his affair with Minthe, the nymph of the mint plant.  Eurydike cautioned Orpheus, but he was too full of himself. And they he grabbed some of his Ambrosia. Hades was livid and appeared to them in a ball of furious flame. Orpheus shrank back, Eurydike held him.

            “You DARE steal form the Lord of the Dead?!” he thundered.  “Since you’re already dead, I can’t kill you, but I can separate you.”

            Orpheus begged, Eurydike cried. Hades separated Orpheus form both his loves, his lyre and his love. Hades did not listen to their cries.

            Orpheus and Eurydike wept in their respective places. Hades took pity on Eurydike and allowed her to see Orpheus, as she had cautioned him, but Orpheus could not see her.

            Hades wept for his lost Persephone.  Orpheus wept at how sorry and stupid he was and begged and Hades said any more begging and he’d send his soul to Tartarus. Orpheus told him he practically was in Tartarus without his beloved. As a cruel twist of fate Hades gave some Ambrosia to Orpheus, but Orpheus rejected it as his beloved meant more to him. This surprised Hades, but he realised he’d give all his Ambrosia away for Persephone to return to him. Hades told Orpheus his suffering meant little to him. Although he sympathized with Orpheus as he was still angry and suffering without his Persephone. Orpheus perked up, not because Hades was suffering, but he knew a way he might be able to be with Eurydike again. He tells Hades there might be a way to get Persephone back, but he will need his lyre.  Hades sees were this is going and became hopeful. He gives Orpheus back his lyre and Orpheus plays a song for Persephone of how Hades is suffering so without her. He put a great deal of his own grief into the song too. Persephone was moved to tears and went back down to Hades, Hades was overjoyed, Persephone still had three months more with him before she returned to the Upperworld for Spring and Summer. Hades wiped tears from his eyes as he gentle held his beloved. Orpheus was heartened to see this side of the Lord of the Underworld. Persephone was still angry and asked Hades if he loved Minthe and Hades told her yes, it was more than lust and Persephone understood, happy it was real, but Hades told her she would never replace his beloved. Persephone was relieved.  Hades knelt to Orpheus and asked him forgiveness for his cruelty and Orpheus was taken aback by Hades humility and forgave him. Eurydike appeared before him and Hades gave them both some of his quirky caramel popcorn favoured Ambrosia and allowed Orpheus to keep his lyre. Eurydike knew deep in her heart the separation wouldn’t last long.

            A lamb got lost and found its way into the Underworld. Despite the fact that Hades hadn’t had lamb chops in quite a while, he sent the frightened creature back to its wooly mother.  He gave Persephone, Orpheus and Eurydike some pomegranate pie and told them fruit and vegetables too had live of their own and the mortals were humbled by Hades wisdom and grateful for his forgiveness as the happy couples spent eternity together.



25/12/14 – Happy Xmas!


I hid out in the underworld form people who wanted to hurt me for being different.  I rested there even though the living were not supposed to be there.  I needed to rest in the Underworld before returning to the upperworld. Hades took pity on me and allowed me to stay in the Elysian Fields as a rest stop until I was well enough to return to the upperworld, for which I was very grateful as I rested in my new home amongst the trees.





In this dream, the Greek Gods originated on another planet.  The planet was dying and nothing the Gods could do would stop it.  The inhabitants thanked the Gods for all they had some and taught their society and left to find a new world. The race had no need for the Gods and the Gods must move on too.  As this race of people were immortal there was no need for a God of the Dead and Hades co-ruled the ocean with Poseidon. Poseidon ruled the top hold and Hades the bottom.  Hey often played along each other’s boundaries. Zeus gathered the Gods together for the serious business of moving worlds.  Hades was the only God concerted with the soul of the planet and made sure it found its way.

            Zeus found an untamed world which was later to be called Earth and the Gods moved in there.  Hades took upon a new role to care for the dead, though Poseidon said he could still play in the deep trenches of the ocean.

            The Gods looked after mankind and taught them love, how to respect the Sun, the Seasons, the Hearth amongst other things where they resided for the next five thousand or so years looking after the fragile mortals of this new world.




1/2/15 – Happy New Year!


In this dream, Hades had commandeered an enormous, tall building.  He was sick of the Underworld.  He’d set himself up as the head of this large corporation and it was almost impossible for anyone to see him.  He’d set up an impossible, interdimensional structure and guards.  There were people who wanted to bring him down, planning on blowing up the building from the inside. I had to get to him to warn him, but how … I spoke to Dee, one of Hades’ workers and a hairdresser – little did I know she was part of the plot with her friends.


I had to slide down the corridor and I was given a trolley by other of Hades workers.  There was a big fat dog, which I thought could stop me, but he wanted to come with.  Luckily this trolley had a side compartment in which the dog fit.  He loved the ride. It was like a jerky roller coaster.  We got to Hades’ offices on the top floor, but were refused entrance by Hades guards.  I told them how important it was that someone was planning to bring down the building and I needed Hades to go down to Dee’s floor to check out her friends.  I was beginning to suspect Dee at this stage.  Thankfully, the guards thought it was important enough to warrant seeing Hades.  Hades was not happy about the intrusion.  He looked harrowed. I could tell he was not happy, despite my intrusion. He was not at home here.  I told him of the plot and he thought it was far-fetched, but part of him was worried. I convinced him to go down to check it out.  We returned to Dee and one of her friends was with her.  He was surprised and afraid to see Hades. Hades grabbed his hand and read his thoughts.  Sure enough, they were moving in the warhead. Hades was shocked, not to mention furious.  He sent the entire lot of them to Tartarus.  Even the ones who were not in the building.  As for Dee, she didn’t really want to hurt Hades, but was sick of her job and felt lowly. Hades, although mad took pity on her and spared her life, though she became a hairdresser for the dead until her debt was repaid.

            Hades thanked me and kissed me on the cheek.  He returned to the Underworld and re-discovered his home and dissolved the horrible, confusing building and vowed to become more personable in future. He realised he’d alienated himself and higher, he discovered wasn’t necessarily better.   The dog made friends with Cerberus ad stayed in the Underworld with him new playmate and as for me, so did I, my playmate being Hades…  ;} I was relieved I was able to get to him and that he was safe.





The Gods were very concerned and worried as there were some powerful mortals about that meant to bring an end to the Gods especially Persephone’s beloved Hades who was losing power.  They wanted power for themselves, these mortals.  It wasn’t to do with power play that Persephone was worried about the now shaky balance the Gods brought to the world and the Universe. She appeared to one such mortal as a mortal herself and sweet talked him out of his plans.  She did the same to the others and rendered their plans neutered. Hades congratulated and thanked her, for her dangerous mission, grateful she had not been discovered. Hades felt his power returning. He sent those mortals’ souls to Tartarus where they could not harm anyone and balance was restored. He held and kissed his beloved Persephone.






A woman was trying to remember a song about the ancient Greek Gods.  Poseidon and Hades were prompting her until she remembered it and sang it and restored the Gods to their former glory.






Persephone was made mortal from a potion Brutus got form Adonis. Brutus then killed Persephone so he could say he killed a Goddess. Persephone went to Hades. Demeter was beside herself with grief.  Hades was enamored by Persephone and the two fell in love. They needed each other and the Underworld needed Persephone.  Demeter killed Brutus and reprimanded Adonis. Hades sent Brutus to Tartarus to suffer.  The dream then became a game and a chat room where I was playing Persephone, wanting to know the guy who was playing Hades.


            Persephone decided to stay with Hades for 6 months of the year and return to her mother and the land of the living or the other six, thus creating the seasons. Hades and Persephone were madly in love and together their love raised the vibration of the Underworld to a sensual place full of spirits.





Percy Jackson was in the Underworld desperately trying to convince Hades to join the fight against Kronos.  He understood why Hades was mad with Zeus.  Nico was helping Percy convince his father.  In the end, Hades gave in grumbling that nobody ever did anything for him.

            “Yes, I’ll join your fight – then you’ll leave me alone?”

            “Yes,” Percy agreed.

            “Good! Let’s kick Titan butt!” Hades said with a quirky smile.

Percy was relieved that Hades had agreed to help proving the Lord of the Dead wasn’t all bad.  He did care about his family after all, especially Nico and Persephone and his deceased mortal lover Maia who he often visited in the Elysian Fields...




Percy Jackson Dream - Pluto was talking to Hazel about Excalibur and its power to help the Gods and to help him get it.  He told her not to trust the Merlin team and Hazel was puzzled. Pluto told them that Usa, the leader of the Merlin team wanted Excalibur for herself.  Pluto reluctantly told Hazel to team up with Percy.  Each God had a team working toward the goal of finding Excalibur.  Professor Dumbledore had also come to help Chiron and also the leader of Camp Jupiter.  He also warned Hazel and Percy and the other teams about Usa. Each team split up, all were on the side of the Gods.

            After a mad, frenzied search, in the end Hazel, Percy and her team found Excalibur.  Despite his want of the Sword of Truth, Pluto swore he would not use it against the Gods. The Gods decided the Underworld was the safest place for it and its discovery brought peace and safety to the Gods. Only Usa was upset.  Dumbledore disowned her as his daughter.  As it turned out he was the reincarnated spirit of Merlin.  Usa was sad and left to contemplate her actions and to soul search.  Pluto congratulated his daughter and she made him congratulate Percy too and he chuckled and reluctantly did so, for her knew without Jackson’s help, the sword would have fallen into the wrong hands.  It was safe now and so were the Gods.






Percy Jackson Dream - Hades had neglected his human love for far too long.  Now he knew she was still alive, he made more visit to her and his daughter in the Underworld.  {For More information see my Story: ‘Percy Jackson and the Daughter of the Unseen’ - not written yet} Hades also visited another of his human loves Maia di Angelo in the Elysian Fields.  Hades prompted the other Gods to take a more active role in seeing their mortal loves and their children so they knew they hadn’t been abandoned.  Zeus made the riles laxer, so that the children of the Gods felt more loved by their parents. 


Hades held his love in his arms.  Even Persephone had become accustomed to her and did not resent her presence since she brought out the best in her husband.  Even Percy Jackson noticed Hades was nicer and came to visit Nico, Hazel and two more of his children} from a mortal he'd had a brief fling with.} Yes things were better at Camp Half Blood and Camp Jupiter and better with the world of the Gods.





Percy Jackson dream - My friends and I had the Percy Jackson series in a shopping trolley and we were talking about how clever Rick Riordan was and how much he knew about Greek mythology. I knew a lot myself but learned some new things form Percy Jackson.   We wheeled our trolley out and rode it along the bank of the Hudson.  Hades came up from the river. Hades was struggling between his Greek and Roman persona Pluto and we sent him blessings.  Poseidon/Neptune was helping him.  He helped him to harmonise both sides for which Hades/Pluto was grateful.  Hades smiled at us and thanked us for our blessings.  He transported us home and we invited him and Poseidon in.  Hades was surprised, not usually invited anywhere.  We had a small party and Hades and Poseidon were touched we’d invited him before he went home to the Underworld and Poseidon to the sea.






Percy Jackson Dream - Told from Percy Jackson’s POV. A 17-year-old demigoddess, daughter of Artemis called Brigit was in love with Hades.  Yeah, I thought it was gross. I didn’t like Brigit. She was big and bulky like Clarisse, rude and full of herself.  Still she wasn’t quite as bad as Clarisse or Nancy Bobofit.   Hades came to her believe it or not and pretended to make love to her.  He was both intrigued and incensed that a demigoddess would be so forward.  Gods can do that – make mortals think things.  Again gross.  Brigit discovered Hades was toying with her and became more upset than angry, ran off and cried.  I felt sorry for her.  She just wanted to be love d- but by Hades? She told me she felt sorry for Hades, no one loved him and both of his mortal loves had died.  I never thought of it that way. Apparently, Hades was listening to put conversation – invisibility helmet and all and this time he came to Brigit when she was alone and really did make love to her, this once.  She described it as heavenly, strange for Hades.  He was gentle and gentlemanly and being with him took her to other dimensions.  You know doe some reason I didn’t find that gross, it sounded kinda nice and I hope my first time is just as special

            After that Brigit and Hades became good friends and later a little more than that when she became older.  Things were never peachy between Hades and Persephone but she seemed to understand her husband’s need for companionship and Brigit mellowed too.  I think both Brigit and Hades needed love. Mushy much?  Well that’s how it is, people.



5/4/15 – Two Hades dreams in one night – woo hoo!


I found Hades’ phone number. He has a phone in this day and age.  I found it on a business card dropped by Poseidon near the sea.  I wanted to ring Hades and tell him how underappreciated he is, how much I appreciate him and how the world doesn’t appreciate the timeless hard work he does giving mortals a resting place in the afterlife, while we needed death, until we could transcend it. I wanted to tell him how much I loved him and wanted to give him comfort.

            I got through to his secretary.

            “Hello,” I said.  “Can I please speak to Hades?”

            She asked why. I didn’t want to tell her.  I wanted to speak to Hades. I became a little short with her and she became a little short with me.  I realised I wasn’t going to get anywhere and I was in danger of being hung up upon and so I softened my tone and in tears I told her why I had called.  She softened her tone too.  She was a little worried about me that if Hades knew how I felt he just might whisk me away to the Underworld!  Now that’s a bad thing how exactly?  I’d be safe from the mortal world that rejected me, where I was struggling to make ends meet.  With this amazing God to look after me, how is that a bad thing? Hades was strong, just and it’s little known that he’s funny and affectionate. At least that’s how he came across to me in my imagination as my patron.  I told the secretary this and that Hades was my Patron God and Persephone my Patron Goddess.  The secretary felt for my heartfelt plea and told me she’d tell Hades I called and the things I said.

            She hung up and discovered Hades was in his office on the other end of the line, listening to every word.  It was not often he got a phone call.  Hades had tears in his eyes that a mortal loved him so much.

            That night he appeared to me in my bedroom and held me close, deeply thanking me for my kind, heartfelt words.  He kissed me deeply and held me again before he put me into the deepest sleep I’d ever had, promising to visit again and keep me safe.






There was a Titan Goddess who wanted to kill the Gods and take over.  She succeeded in getting rid of Zeus.  Hera went to stab her and the Titan ripped her in half. She blasted Hades and Hades erupted in a fireball.  I watched in horror, hoping Hades had escaped. The other Gods stood around nervously. 


A while later I saw indents in the grass and I knew Hades was back, wearing his helmet of invisibility. I distracted the Titan Goddess and Hades ran her through. She was shocked. Hades removed his helmet of invisibility and told her the Lord of the Dead can’t die.  He resurrected Zeus and Hera. The Titan looked forlorn and defeated and Hades sent the oppressive woman to Tartarus and was hailed a hero by the Gods.  He humbly took it in his stride. Hera and Zeus thanked him. Hades was touched by the attention and love and had a good time at the huge Bacchanal the Gods threw him.






A small girl called Tanja wanted to get away from her life.  An unloving, dictatorial, strict mother and a father who always agreed with the woman to keep the peace.  Tanja was quite intelligent and inventive and believed with all her heart in the Greek Gods.  When her mother was talking with one of her friends in the office of a car park, Tanja thought she’d make her escape.  She created a small airborne motor bike out of a pencil case, a small engine and lots of love from her and she infused it with the power of the Gods especially her patron God, Hades.   She started to make her escape. Her mother’s friend came out and tried to catch her.  She was stronger than Tanja and Tanja knew she had to get out of there.  She flew around the car park with her mother’s friend chasing her, trying to grab her.  Tanja was scared and avoided her and eventually flew out of the automatic doors, the entrance for people to get to the car park and got away.  She flew around the place and up a steep rood while Tanja’s mother’s friend watched in awe and anger that she’d failed to get the girl and reported her failure to Tanja’s mother.


Tanja was flying her little cycle, with concerned and awed looks form onlookers. Some filmed her on mobile phones.  She wasn’t sure where she’d go then she decided Greece – the home of the Gods, but she was nervous and still unsure.  She got to the ocean and started to travel across it, feeling more nervous – maybe it wasn’t the right thing to do.  The seas were at first calm, but started getting a little rougher and Tanja knew it was Poseidon telling her to turn back.  Suddenly many boats with sails appeared, heading for the harbour and she knew this was Poseidon too and sadly she did turn back. A huge God came up out of the ocean, dressed in a suit {which wasn’t wet} and he appeared as an older man with grey hair.  Tanja wasn’t sure who it was as he had not appeared how she had seen the Gods.  She thought it may be Poseidon or Hades.  The God walked beside Tanya, over to a cement building and a little Greek boy who was standing by the railing saw him and stared.

            “You can see me,” the God said, surprised, to the boy.

            The boy nodded, half terrified. The God smiled as to ease his fears.  The boy just stayed, staring.

            The God began telling Tanja that running away wasn’t an option that she had to stay here and make her amazing things and that she was an amazing girl.  She became heartened and thanked this God. Was he Hades or Poseidon or perhaps Zeus or another God?  He was very kind. Reluctantly, Tanja agreed that she had to stay.  The God gently ruffled her hair and also smiled at the boy.

            “There will come a time when you’ll visit Greece and stay with us, Tanya,” the God said.  “But not until you’re over 21.”

            Tanja nodded.

            “We will always be with you.”

Gently the giant God kissed her cheek, then ruffled the bewildered boy’s hair, before retreating into the ocean. Perhaps he was Poseidon, then Tanja actually saw Poseidon with his trident in the distance. The God who had spoken to her, now held his to pronged scepter and she knew he was Hades. Somehow, she knew that before, but her conscious mind had gotten in the way. The boy looked on in awe.  Tanja saw a glimpse of a smiling Zeus in the sky as Hades retreated to the Underworld, waiting for the day when Tanja would join them as a Goddess.


The boy excitedly told his mother who had come to pick him up about the Gods. Even though she didn’t see them, she believed him and he even showed her Hades; giant footprints in the seaweed.


The news was all abuzz about sightings of the Gods by some people and Tanja and her flying motorcycle. She was humbled by the fame and told them all about it. They were dubious that it ran on love and the power of the Gods and for a time, Scientists were interested ion her, but their world was inconclusive. Some began to believe her.


Her mother, father and her mother’s friend had calmed down, learning in shock that Tanja had planned to run all the way to Greece to escape her unloving family life and she vowed to be more playful and loving to her daughter.  She wasn’t sure she believed the story of the Greek Gods, but Tanja did and anything to keep her off that motorcycle.  She rode it to school some days and gave fellow students rides on it and became popular and began to love her life and the Gods visited her in her dreams and sometimes Hermes visited her at night. She lived for the day she’d join her beloved Gods in person, but for now she was happy being an inventive little girl.






Hades’ daughter was trying to get people to understand her father was not evil.  He was going to rise and the ignorant wanted to stop him.  She knew that her father wanted to rise to right the wrongs of the world for he was also the God of Justine and he wanted equal wealth for all, being the God of Wealth as well.  Hades’ daughter got together with her friends and managed to convince then of her father’s true intentions and they helped Hades rise and bring peace to the world. Hades and his daughter were reunited and shared a loving embrace as Hades helped bring peace and justice to the world.






Percy Jackson Dream - Hades appeared to side with the Titans. Nobody was surprised. His son Nico and daughter Hazel were down with him in the Underworld where the final battle was to take place.  The gods and demigods journeyed there to fight the Titans and Kronos. A few Titans like Rhea and Prometheus were on the Gods’ side. Prometheus put his hatred for Zeus aside and the two came to a reconciliation.  The two sides clashed and here Hades showed his true colours and fought with the Gods! He’d been a double agent, pretending he was on the Titans’ side to get them all down into the Underworld where it would be easier to fight the all than spread out. The Gods were relieved, although Hades was somewhat hurt that they thought he’d betrayed his family.   Nico and Hazel were in on it and they knew their father would not betray the Gods, at least that’s something, Hades thought as he fought with all his might and showed what a formidable warrior he was, defeating three Titans on his own and helping to being down Kronos.

            The Gods congratulated other, especially Hades after the battle after all the Titans were defeated and sent back down to Tartarus. Zeus clapped Hades on the back, the Underworld God was surprised to see such affection from his brother.

            The Gods made a pact not to kill or to send monsters after any demigods and to be even more active in their children’s upbringing.  Percy and the demigods were thrilled and Percy was impressed with Hades being a double-agent and told him so and that it was cool.

            “I’m cool,” Hades said, tossing his head.

            Nico and Hazel smiled.  “That’s our dad.”


The Gods and Demigods returned to the upper world, to Camp Half Blood and the Gods later returned to Olympus.  Nico and Hazel stayed with Hades in the Underworld and he was touched and they began to play games together. It’s not commonly known that Hades has a tender side and he rarely shows it to anyone but his beloved children.






‘Percy Jackson’ dream - My friends and I and Percy Jackson and his friends had been given tokens to go to the Underworld. They were beige coloured tokens which were sweet and edible. We daren’t eat them though. We braved the Underworld. Only one was the real token. It turns out it was mine.  I presented it to Hades who eyed all of us. Satisfied we’d passed the test, he let us be and went to a son of Zeus to test him.  Hades attacked him with a fireball. Peter, the son of Zeus ducked and braved Hades.  Hades threw more fireballs at him, Peter swerved and ducked them all until Hades attacked him, put his foot down on peter’s chest and conjured up a fireball.

            “Swear allegiance to me!” Hades demanded. “And I’ll release your friends.”

            “I’d … rather …. die….” Peter rasped and spat at the same time.

Hades smiled, the fireball disengaged.

            “That, Peter, was the right answer,” Hades said.

Peter looked confused as Hades helped him up. “It was a test of your loyalty,” Hades explained.

“And what would you have done if I swore allegiance?”

“Sent you to Tartarus for disloyalty… for a couple of weeks,” Hades added with a smile. “Like I did with them…” Hades indicated some teenage demigods in Tartarus, which he released.  “I hope you’ve all learned your lessons.”

Terrified, yet relieved, they nodded. Hades went to a demigoddess in the Elysian Fields and spoke gently to her. She had just cried with fear when Hades had tested her.  “I’m so sorry I had to frighten you,” he spoke softly. She stood up and hugged him. Now it was Hades turn to feel uncomfortable, then he returned the embrace of the Daughter of Artemis.  He let the demigods and goddesses go, a little wiser and to the relief of their deity parents.  Hades came to us and thanked us for passing his test and I chose to stay in the Underworld with him, Hazel, Bianca and Nico. Percy said I was crazy. I told him if I wasn’t I’d be boring and Hades laughed, though not the evil laugh one would expect from the Lord of the Dead.  It was high and sweet and I was home and later, became Hades’ third wife.





Hades had found out that Persephone had had an affair with Dionysos and was furious!!! He cornered Persephone and demanded she confess. White faced, she did and Hades slapped her. Persephone cowered in a corner while Hades raged. Persephone cried. Hades was unfazed. He'd also discovered that Persephone had given birth to a daughter called Ruby. She had called her daughter that as that was her favourite gemstone in Hades and reminded her of the ruby pomegranate seeds. Hades mentioned her and Persephone begged Hades not to harm her. Hades didn't respond either way, but created a fireball. He felt like blasting Persephone for her unfaithfulness, but he blasted it above her, showering her with masonry. He promised not to hurt Ruby but banished Persephone from the Underworld and he went and punched Dionysos in the face.

     “I guess I deserved that, but you need to be more understanding, Hades. Don't blame Persephone.” Hades ahd also been mad as Dionysos had been bron three times, the second time as Brimos, thorggh Hades himslef and Perseohone, Dionysos was his son too.


Hades began to feel lonely and searched the Earth for meaning. He met a nymph called Minthe and fell in love. Hades, before he could stop himself, had an affair with her and felt terrible, for he had felt hurt and betrayed when Persephone had cheated on him. He felt he needed someone, perhaps Persephone had too and Hades softened and was going to tell Persephone the truth. He was terrified to, but he did and Persephone was of mixed feelings. She wanted to forgive him as he'd forgiven her, but she blasted him first.

            “I deserved that,” Hades said.

            Yes you did, My Love.”

             “I love dher, though when I was with her, I thought of you, why you felt you needed someone as I did when I banished you.”

            “Do you love me?”

            “More than anything which is why it was so hard to confess and after I was so hard you, I could have been more understanding. I should have been.”

            “Yes, you could have, but now we're even and we understand each other and I think that neither of us feel the need to be with another.”

            “Yes, you could have, but now we're even and we understand each other and I think that neither of us feel the need to be with another. Minthe will go with Dionysos and raise Ruby.”

Hades held his love close and cried. “Forgive me, My Love.”

            “I already have.”

And they cuddled each other in bed.


In years to come Hades grew to love Ruby and she adored her 'Uncle Hades' and often came the Underworld to play and Hades and Persephone rekindled their love and lived happily ever after between the Underworld and the above world.





Warning: This dream contains kidnapping and paedophila, but also justice for those concerned.


There were priests of Apollo who used to sexually abuse that they had taken from their families at around age three children in their temple.  Apollo knew nothing of it as he had signed a contract not to interfere with the priest’s business and had no reason to suspect them of anything.  Hades knew, but he too was under an oath of silence, much as it infuriated him. It had been going on for over 100 years.  When the abusers died Hades sent them straight to Tartarus.  The priests only wore a loin cloth nappy in summer and furs in winter.  Joaquin was one of the children who was abused. He grew up hating the priests as much as his fellows. The priests assured him he would be like them or else. Joaquin disagreed in silence to avoid further punishment. They made him feel dirty and there was no one to talk to and he was told Apollo would strike him down if he told the God. When Joaquin grew up he was expected to sexually abuse the children in his care like the other priests. When he came into adulthood, Joaquin never abuses the children, even though he knew he'd be punished if the other priests, especially the head priest found out. The children loved Joaquin and hated the other priests.  Joaquin would listen to their cries, gently take them into his arms, kiss their foreheads and tell them stories.  In his own private time, Joaquin taught himself how to fight to take on the other priests.


Then the day came.  Joaquin easily killed Markus and the other two priests who were abusing the children.  He then inflicted a wound upon himself and told the head priest that Markus had attacked him.  The head priest was shocked. When his back was turned, Joaquin went for a sword, but the high priest saw him in a reflection in a metal bowl going for it and retrieved the other.  He and Joaquin began to fight. Joaquin was determined to win, even if it meant invoking the wrath of Apollo.  It was a hard fight, but Joaquin won.  After the head priest was dead, Joaquin beseeched Apollo who came to him and Joaquin explained what had happened and Apollo was beyond furious.  He asked Hades permission to go to the priests now in Tartarus, all of them through the centuries.  Furthering their punishment in Hades, Apollo scorched them, so their skin would burn for the better part of eternity.  And Hades apologised for not being able to tell him.  Apollo returned to Joaquin and the children and apologised to them. The God was in tears and the children loved him and his humility.  Apollo left the temple and the order in Joaquin’s loving care and appointed him head priest.  Joaquin was proud to have stood by his morals and relieved Apollo was as disgusted as he about how the priests had treated the children, especially when they had been abused themselves – how could they have let that continue?  Hades and the other Gods were relieved it would no longer. The children loved how Joaquin had stood up for them at great risk to himself and adored him and Joaquin helped them through their trauma and vowed to be a kind, just and loving head priest of the Order of Apollo and raise the children to be kind and just as well.





Persephone and Hades still lived together in the modern era. They now had a modern style three story house. Persephone loved her husband, her children and her house.  She was terrified of the three Furies, Tisiphone, Megaera and Alecto who lived next door.  She kept the door and windows to her house locked at all times. Hades was not worried, although he knew his wife had some learning to do about her fear.  The back door to the bedroom was the one Persephone was most concerned about as it led directly onto the Furies’ property.

            One night when Persephone and Hades were entertaining guests, Persephone had done her usual rounds to check the house, especially the bedroom back door.  Soon after, one of her children cheekily unlocked the door. Later that night, Persephone got an eerie feeling and want to check the door.  She became alarmed when she saw it unlocked.  She quickly locked it, but it was too late. One of the Furies, Tisiphone had come inside and lurked in the shadows of the bedroom.  She made her presence known and Persephone became terrified. Tisiphone smiled cruelly and made off with the Goddess to the basement of the Furies’ house.  They strapped Persephone to a stone bed and told her they were going to torture her and Persephone was beside herself with fear.  Silently, she called for Hades to come to her aid.  He did not appear at first and she despaired. The Furies smiled around her, playing with supposed torture instruments.  Then Hades came and it was the Furies turn to become afraid.  Hades told his beloved wife that the only way she could be rescued indefinitely is if she stopped feeling afraid as her fear was keeping her prisoner, The Furies played upon her fear. Persephone became enraged and freed herself. The Furies became even more afraid.  They told Hades they had not really intended to hurt Persephone, only frighten her to gain power over her.

            “That’s bad enough,” Hades said.

            The Furies also told him, despairing that they were jealous of her and Hades’ love and wanted a love like that of their own. Hades took pity on them, but still blasted them with his two-pronged fork for upsetting his beloved, albiet not on full power.  They relented and apologised and on Hades and Persephone’s advice, they left to find partners of their own, organically, not controlling them through fear, and eventually all three of them did and thanked the God and Goddess.


            Hades and Persephone returned home and Persephone was no longer afraid and could keep the house open and airy - blinds up, curtains open and she thanked Hades for his wisdom.  He told her she’d eventually have figured it out, but he couldn’t stand to see her suffer and the two embraced forever more...





I was playing with my new Ever After High dolls and suddenly I was spirited and whisked away to the Ever After High world.  I looked and dressed like the girls. They were all curious about me.  Apple White was concerned about the responsibilities I would have as a Fairy Tale Princess.  They were all a bit wary when I turned out to be the Daughter of Hades, lord of the Underworld. Raven Queen was intrigued.  So was C. A. Cupid, the Daughter of Eros.  I had to assure my school mates that my father was not evil and neither was I. Hades was also the God of justice and neither of us would cause anyone to die.  Apple decided that my story was cute and I was accepted, the students curious about my father and I and they loved the Ever After High dolls I brought with, heartened that there were dolls of them and I had finally found a place where I belonged.





Xena had been killed in battle and Gabrielle brought her body back to Greece to be buried {this actually happened in the last episode of Xena, season 6} In this dream, Gabrielle was later killed in battle also.  {Eve/Livia did not exist in this dream, thankfully}

            She and Xena met in the Elysian Fields. Hades greeted them. He was a bit nervous, as Xena was somewhat of a celebrity and she had helped him quite a few times – would she ask to be released? To his relief, Xena and Gabrielle seemed content that their mortal lives had come to an end.  However, their adventured and dangers were not over yet. Alti in Tartarus was determined for revenge.  She called Hades to her, saying Gabrielle had one last mission.  Alti gave Hades a fur cloak which she said would make Gabi invincible.  There was a fake cloak and a real cloak and Hades had to choose the right one.  Alto had made one of the cloaks feel warm and that’s the one Hades chose.  He gave that to Gabrielle, though he, Gabi and Xena were suspicious of Alti.  Gabrielle went off on her mission, feeling invincible.

            Hades confronted Alti again, who cackled and told him that both cloaks were fake and poisoned. Hades felt foolish and angry. He wasn’t sure who he was angrier with – himself or Alti.  Gabi returned from her mission, victorious – it turned out her belief in being invincible had made her so, but the cloak gave her a rash and Alti cackled again.  Hades knew what to do. He gave Gabrielle some Ambrosia, which made her Immortal.  He also took some to Xena.

            “I don’t normally go handing this stuff out to mortals, but you two have proven time and time again that you will be responsible with it.  I apologise for being so foolish as to trust Alti.  She is locked in Tartarus now and will receive no audience.”

            “We all make mistakes,” Xena said.  “I thank you for your gift, Hades.”

            Xena also took the Ambrosia, thinking of all the good she and Gabrielle could do, being immortal.

            After they’d both eaten their fill of the Food of the Gods, they were transported above the land.  Xena and Gabrielle thanked Hades again and received an answer by the Earth shaking gently with a boom three times.  Xena and Gabriele and the Gods continued their adventures to modern times and beyond.



22/8/16 – Two Hades dreams in one night – woo hoo!

This dream was similar to the one above.  Gabrielle had been killed in battle and Xena had the shits with Hades for not giving her back. It had been months now and Xena travelled the land on her horse, Argo, hunched over and depressed. Although the Lord of the Dead felt sorry for Xena losing her best friend and let her visit Gabrielle and her slain son Solan.  Hades also thought it was not right to just and gave Gabrielle ambrosia to make her immortal.  He also gave some to Xena, saying this wasn’t usual practice, but he was beyond confident that her and Gabrielle would not abuse the gift. They thanked Hades thinking of all the good they would do with Hades’ gift. Xena and Gabrielle and the gods continued their adventures in the ancient and modern world and beyond.




In this dream Hades and I were walking above the worlds along the countryside. He was not wearing his helmet of invisibility. We were in love and Persephone was supportive of that. He loved her as well.  Hades held my hand gently. We strolled through a market and bought a few things from the vendors, some clothes, nice trinkets and food.  Hades held me when we had a moment alone.

            “I have to be getting back,” he said. The dead need me.

            “You work so tirelessly,” I said, and we kissed.

            “Would you like to accompany me?”

            “I was hoping you’d ask,” I said with a smile and together we disappeared and went back to Hades’ home, not dark and gloomy as it’s oft described, but welcoming, renewing and safe.  Hades held me in his arms gently. Persephone was above the world at this time and Hades had become lonely.  I was glad to be with him at this time to soothe his soul as I returned his loving embrace.






The Gods were doing their best to escape the Twilight and successfully hid in the Underworld with Hades until modern times until they felt it was safe to emerge.  It was a little crowded for Hades’ comfort, but he was happy to keep his family safe.  The new, modern world was strange to the Gods, but they adjusted and became accustomed to modern life.  Hades’ life didn’t change much, he stayed in the Underworld with Persephone. The Gods retook Mount Olympus and began to govern this modern world.






I was writing some stories about Hades. He was heartened that I wrote about him.  I was sure to back up my work to keep it safe.




18/11/16 – Two Underworldly dreams in one night- woo hoo!


The Decepticons from Transformers had made a nice, subtle smelling women’s perfume called Lady Persephone.  It was meant to get the women of Earth to sympathise with the Decepticon cause. Although it was a big hit, it failed in its purpose. The Decepticons made a lot of money from it and decided to keep producing it, despite the fact that it was harmless. The Autobots allowed them to continue production for that reason.

            Optimus and the Autobots destroyed Unicron and a blue, glowing moon was created out of the destruction. The Autobots and Decepticons called it Persephone.





I was playing Xena with my friends. I was Gabrielle.  It then became real and we met the real Xena and Gabrielle who were on their way to the Underworld to visit Hades.  The quirky Charon greeted us and shrugged. He was used to Xena’s regular visits, despite the fact she was amongst the living.  Xena trusted Hades kept his promise and allowed Marcus into the Elysian Fields. She wanted to visit him and her son Solan. He granted her some moments with them.  I met Hades and Celesta they were Hades was honoured by the way I had played them and heartened that a mortal understood them.  Before long Xena and Gabrielle were returned to the upperworld and my friends and I to ours.






Hades wanted to give a party in the Underworld, though he did feel nervous about it. He did promise that he would not hold the Gods prisoners if they ate food in his realm.  Many Gods came, though they were not really having a good time. Hades was upset and didn’t know how to liven up the party. He’d never given a party before and wasn’t sure how to host one. He was attempting to improve his image.  He promised the Gods that is they swam in the river Lethe, they would not lose their memories.  Hades went for a swim to entice his fellow Gods to do the same.  Some want for a dip, most didn’t. Hades was getting upset, so more Gods went in to make him feel better.  The Gods soon left; Hades felt dejected. Some Gods stayed, feeling sorry for him.  When they left, Persephone suggested that Hades was not really a party person and to host something in the Underworld that was more his style and true to himself and he liked the sound of that better than a party. He hosted a study group and was ecstatic a few of the Gods actually wanted to attend. Not as many as the failed party, though this time Hades was heartened that he had attendees who actually wanted to be there. In attendance beside Hades and his loving wife Persephone were Artemis, who wanted to study the spirits of animals in the Elysian Fields and underworldly fauna, Athena, Goddess of Wisdom who wanted to learn more about the Underworld, Eirene, Goddess of peace, who wanted to heal lost souls and spirits.  Roman Goddesses Flora and Fortuna wanted to attend also and was ecstatic that Roman Goddesses were also allowed; Hades was happy to have them. Flora wanted to study Underworldly flora, hence her name and Fortuna wanted to give the deserving Dead good Fortune.  Hades was happy people actually wanted to visit him and come to the Underworld and stay for days, even weeks and he declared the Underworld open for them, should they want to study more.  This was much more fun that a party, he and Persephone decided! And his guests were having a great time as well. He’d also promised them that they would not lose their memories if they wanted to swim in Lethe and he would not keep them prisoner to dine in the Underworld and Persephone’s pomegranate and wild berry pie was an instant hit! Hades embraced his love and she him and he enjoyed keeping the Underworld open as a learning sanctuary and learned more about his realm himself. The other Gods were happy that Hades was happy; he was often lonely and grumpy and learned that that was a lot to do and study in the Underworld and more Gods became fascinated with Hades’ subterranean Realm.





In this dream, the Titans had hoodwinked Hades into working for them. Hades thought he was keeping his realm safe. Persephone was playing for the other team, so were all the Gods. Hades knew he was on his own, but he was doing what he thought was right. His young daughter Taniya loved her father so, but knew he was being played.  She hugged him and hated to fight against him, but could not in all good consciousness, fight against her kin. Hades thought they were all against him as they did not like him or his realm, however it was his beloved daughter’s persistence that paid off and made Hades realise the Titans had played him for a fool. He was embarassed, but came around and fought with his kin and discovered it was not him or his realm they were against; it was the Titans. Together the Gods defeated them and Hades’ help proved invaluable. Hades hugged his wife and his daughter for helping him see praised her young wisdom, relieved that he had not made the biggest mistake of his long life.  He dines with his family in the Underworld, also relieved they and his realm were safe and would continue and continue to protect humanity.






Brothers Hades and Poseidon had decided to co-rule what are called the Hadal regions of the ocean {the very deep trenches} A flying demon with beige skin took me away, though I knew he was a good demon and we escaped Hercules’ lasso.  The demon took me to the ocean, where I met both Hades and Poseidon and Hades were heartened that I had chosen him to be my patron. Poseidon brought some whales and dolphins to play with me and he, his brother and I played with them together.





I had died and went to the Underworld.  As my spirit flew down, I came up on a beautiful shining rainbow crystal city, though something was off about it.  I went into a spiritual shopping mall.  I flet off here too.  I looked in a toy shop {I love toy shops} and there were many tempting tings, but I declined.  I passed a food stall with lovely looking cakes, very tempting, though I refused, hard, me being a foodie and all.  I realised it was a trap to tempt me and upon that realisation, Hades was relieved and brought me to the Elysian Fields, with a mush ore beautiful and warm crystal city and etheric shopping mall where I could play and eat and have fun to my heart’s content.  I hugged Hades, wearing his beautiful red robe and he hugged me back.






Jedi Master Qui Qui-Gon Jinn had teamed up with Buffy, Spike from Sunnydale and Hades to fight off Medusa and the Chimera. They all fought valiantly.  Qui-Gon with his green lightsabre, Buffy and Spike their super strength and Hades wielding his two-pronged bident. Together, they won the day.





Hades and Poseidon swapped realms for a day and Hades found he rather liked swimming naked in the ocean.  So refreshingly cool and free. Poseidon found he rather liked the power, but realised that with the power of life and death came great responsibility.  Together they learned a lot about each other and their respective realms and drew closer and shared more time in each realm. Hades found he loved coral reefs, whales, the libraries of the deep and dolphins and the beautiful phosphorescent creatures who lip up the deep dark midnight zone, where Apollo could not reach.




24/11/17 ~ Happy Thanksgiving for those in the US and Canada!


In this dream, Hades was feeling down and out about being hated so by Gods and mortals alike, however he had made some mortal friends.  He and his mortal friends were sucked into an alternate dimension through a portal, opened by an old wizard on the alien planet. The people on that planet looked human and had reached the development of the human civilization of the middle ages. The old wizard told Hades that he had lost his powers, due to the odd rays of the sun on this planet.  Hades was worried, but determined to make the most of it and return home. The wizard told him there was only one way back home, though he would not tell Hades what it was. Without his powers, Hades could do nothing to coerce the wizard and the old codger knew it, however, he took pity on the new arrivals and used his persuasion with the king and the people to let them work as slaves in the community. This raised Hades ire – he was a god for Zeus’ sake! Not here, the wizard reminded him. Hades went to work for the royal family who did not treat slaves well and Hades was no exception. The king and his child son took unabashed glee in bossing the ex-God about, giving them even more of a thrill, since the slave before them was once a God and treated him worse than their other powerless slaves.  Treating people like this, whether or not they were once a god further deepened Hades anger and it deepened even more to know he could do nought about it.

            The little prince was even worse than his father, taking glee in the face a child was the boss of a God. Hades hated the little brat and one of the things that kept him going was dreaming of getting his powers back and torturing king and son in Tartarus. At least they had no control over his mind, heart and soul. He was still in control there. The prince would often force Hades to not only do menial tasks which would make him filthy, but ones that were hard labour and the former God would hurt himself. He would not let Hades wear shoes or boots and his feet aches, sometimes bled. At least if they were bleeding, the king let the palace nurse bandage them, as a wounded slave was no good to anyone, he decreed. The king and prince said Hades should be grateful to be a slave, instead of being executed or cast onto the streets with nothing. AT least he was fed. Gruel and slop and be even more grateful when it was served hot. Hades was half enraged and half grateful that he was not struggling on the streets. And he hated the king and prince who dined on the finest food in the kingdom all the more for even having slaves in the first place and lived in luxury when his people eked out a hard existence.  He knew many kept slaves in his world and was not thrilled about that either. AT least being the God of the Underworld, he could give slaves a decent afterlife if they were decent people.  Here, he could do nothing.

            The palace had a wonderful garden and the castle itself was lovely, though Hades had come to loathe his beautiful prison. The wizard often visited and asked Hades how he was going. Hades despised the old man – how did he think he was going? He’d often grumble about how he was treated and the wizard asked each tie if he’d found the way home yet. Hades thought the answer was obvious – he was still here wasn’t he? With aching feet to boot! He’d looked under every bush, checked every slab of masonry in the castle to find a portal, to no avail. The wizard would always smile pleasantly, which further raised Hades’ ire. Though he had a feeling now that old man was getting at something, but what? At least he’d fund a secret passage and sent to s secret room when he needed to be alone. He also spent time with the king and prince’s horses, who were lovely and hades their riders as much as he did as they treated the animals badly. They loved hades, as he’d feed them a decent amount and often petted them. At least that was some solace.

            After the wizard left, the prince made Hades answer the gate, where lovely princesses stood and bade Hades run over the painful pebbles. Then went to play. Hades disobeyed the prince and ran as fast as he could over the grass, the long way around and let the pretty young princesses in.  He bowed and said next time, they could let themselves in – and he left out the part where it was to save the prince fining out that he ran over the grass. 

            When they were playing, they told the prince this and the boy became enraged and confronted Hades, who became filled with dread, though saved himself.

            “Dear prince,” he had to force out the ‘dear.’ “I truly thought it would please you to have the lovely princesses come in whenever they please. That way you do not have to wait for them. I am truly sorry if I have offended thee.”

            The prince thought about that for a moment and agreed and told Hades that it was a good idea. It was the first time he had praised Hades and Hades felt relieved and now knew the prince was as stupid as he looked.


            Hades’ friends were brought to the king for possible execution, for disobeying their masters. Hades was beside himself with worry.  It went against his grain to beg, though he swallowed his pride and did so to save his friends, telling the king that they were outsiders and unaware of the customs and the life of a slave was new to them. Hades apologised if he spoke out of turn. He didn’t care, though he did care about offending the king, for he may see Hades’ only friends executed

            “If they could be given another r chance and be taught your ways.”

            The king contemplated this and decreed that Hades sic friends receive five lashes each.  This was better than execution, though two of them were children and two of them were women. Hades opted to take their lashes. The king and prince grew puzzled and Hades thought he saw something shift in them. Perhaps they were learning to care?  The king dropped the lashed to three and bade Hades take the lashed for the women and the children. Hades thanked the king profusely and accepted his painful punishment.  His back bled as he was whipped, his friends grateful. Hades asked them not to feel guilty; it was his choice,

            The prince came to Hades afterwards, when the palace nurse was dressing Hades’ bleeding back and asked him why he did what he did. Hades could tell, the young boy was genuinely surprised and puzzled and that he’d obviously never had a friend.

“Your highness, I care deeply for my friend and that is what you do for friends, you stick up for them.”

“I wish I had friends,” the prince said sadly.

He was almost sorry for him, being brought up in such a sterile, power-hungry environment.  The prince knew as well as Hades did, subjects were not friends and you can force them to swear fidelity, but not love.



            A traveler from another world came to the palace and first encountered Hades, tending the grounds.  He was a seer Hades spoke to him about his former Godhood.

            “Oh, that tosh about the sun here,” the seer said. “The old wizard tells tah to each God he brings here.  It’s a lesson in humility and to appreciate what one has. Your powers were never gone, except for the fact that you believed they were.” The travelling seer walked toward the palace, leaving a stunned Hades in his wake.

            Hades went to the stables to practice. He had to believe his powers were back.  The royal family were out riding, so the stables were abandoned. Before long Hades was back in business. He healed his back, his feet, remade his godly clothes and conjured up a cool pair of lace-up boots.


            When the king and prince arrives back in the palace, Hades asked to see the prince about a matter concerning him. The king made his way to the throne room. Hades cornered the prince in the room and closed the door.

            “Why are you wearing those clothes?” the prince demanded. “Tale them off at once, slave! You are not a god anymore, you will die a slave. I will have you whipped again!”

            “Oh, on the contrary, boy...” Hades conjured a fireball.

            The blood from the prince’s face drained and Hades took delight in it. The prince scrambles toward the door. “Guards!”

            “They can’t hear you and pray, tell, what can they do against a God?”

            The prince begged for his life, knowing he was sunk.

            “And why should I spare it? Give me one good reason.”

            The boy prince’s heart sank and he became even more terrified.

            Hades want on to ask him if he knew how humiliating it was being forced to work without shoes, crawn around in mud and all for what – the price’s ego? The prince began to cry. Hades was unperturbed.

            Please do not kill me...” The prince’s voice was barely a whisper and Hades decided what he would do with him and is father.

            “I’m tempted to send you and the king to Tartarus for how you have treated your staff and the people.”

            The prince swallowed and fell to his knees.

            “I am so sorry...”

            “Sorry because of your impending fate or are you genuinely sorry? If I lost my powers at this juncture, would you be merciful and change your ways or have your father execute me?”

            The prince shivered and only now did his and his father’s actions sink in.


Hades appeared with the frightened boy in the throne room and sat on the king’s throne.

The king entered and thundered for Hades to get off his throne and would receive 50 lashes and be grateful that he would not execute him. Hades smiled, stood and casually conjured a fireball.

The king now became just as pale-faced, knowing the God had learned how to get his powers back. Hades told him what he had told the boy. He held the prince by the scruff of his neck and shoved him toward his father. The king offered Hades all his gold.

            Hades mouth turned up,

            “People like you disgust me. I have sent many a similar royal family to Tartarus, even those who offered me their entire kingdom. Their wealth interest me not, even if I was not the od of wealth, I would not let that sway me. It is how they treat their staff, slaves and their subjects that does.”

            “What... what will you do to us...” the king quaked.

            “I am tempted to send you both to Tartarus, not only for how you have treated me, but your other slaves and you treat you paid staff almost as badly.  They are people and power ought to be used wisely. Surely you are aware that your subjects despise you? Even with your power and influence, you cannot force love. You could have chosen to be a benevolent king and raise your son to be kind... But noooo, you chose to let the power go to your head and raised your son to be as bad as you. You disgust me.”

            “What...” the king fought back tears of his own and his son clung to him. Hades has his stroke the boy’s head lovingly. At least he cared about something

            “I have the power to kill and torture you for eternity, though if I did that, I would be just as bad as you and a hypocrite as I am also the God of Justice. I sense when your Queen Alystia died when prince Eni was very young, so did any ounce of compassion you had. She was your moral compass.”

            The king and prince looked relieved.

            “My heart hardened after she dies.  I miss her so...”

            “That is the sort of thing that impressed me, Compassion; at least you are not totally without it.

            “Now aren’t you glad I am not as ruthless as you had been?” Hades asked.  “I will send you amongst your people to work as servants. I will change your appearance as you are so hated by the people, they may harm you. Note I said servants, not slaves. You will be paid a small amount for your work. You will work as servants until such time as you have learned your lesson to care for others and use your power wisely.”

            The king and prince fell to their knees.  “You are indeed a wise and powerful God, Hades. You have humbled us and may we please you with our work.”

            “It’s not about pleasing me. It is about looking after the people. In your absence, a new, benign royal family will be appointed.  You are starting to learn your lesson and I’ve no doubt you will before the prince, now twelve reaches his 18th birthday.  The story you will give is that you are travelers from afar. Do not reveal your true identities as this will prove disastrous, need I remind you now much you are both hated?” Hades paused. The king and his son Off you go.”

            “Ohh thank-“

            Before the king finished, he and his son were set amongst the people. The palace staff bowed to Hades and he conjured up a new king and queen, a former prince, princess form a kingdom where they were in danger. Here, the benign couple would rule in peace.

            Hades was heartened that the king and prince did to begrudge their service, in fact were terribly relieved and grateful not to be dead and their souls tortured.


            The wizard came to Hades and the God gave him a look.

            “I must admit I am embarassed that I didn’t figure it out myself,” Hades said “and that I hated you. Thank you for the lesson. Although I am hates back home, as long as the mortals believe in Death, it is up to me to guide them.”

            “Not many could do what you do, Hades. It is a titanic undertaking.”

            Hades sighed. “I did what was most needed.”

            “I don’t envy you, but am humble by you. I shall now send you and your friends home.”

            “Thank you.”


            The wazard sent the God and his friends back to Earth, back to ancient Greece. Hades embraced his friends who thanked him profusely, their love and respect for him deepening.

            “You didn’t have to take the punishment for us.”

            “Yes, I did. I couldn’t bear to let you suffer and It was my despair that brought us to that realm in the first place.”

            Hades wiped a tear away as his friends embraced him.

            “You sure showed king Eury and his brat son!”

            “Yes, I did, didn’t I. They’ll get a taste of what servitude is like and have to do what their employer say, or run the risk of walking the streets and becoming slaves, which would be even worse. I’m confident they’ll learn their lesson. There’s another kingdom that will need a benign ruler when they do. I must now bid you farewell as I return to the Underworld.
            “Don’t stay away too long.”

            Hades smiled, heartened that at least some mortals appreciated and loved him as he returned home.”

            “Missed you, Boss!” Kharon exclaimed.

            “And I missed you all, Hades said to the denizens of the wonderworld. Kerberos pounced on him, knocking Hades to the floor. Hades laughed and played with his pooch, as Kerberos licked his face.  When he stood, Hades went to his throne and sat down.

            “Now that’s more like it. King Eury’s throne was sooooo uncomfortable!”






Some mortals had left a burnt offering to Hades of some roast vegetables and lamb. Hades and Persephone enjoyed the meal, though they did not like their food too burnt. The very burnt bits, Hades threw to Kerberos.  He appreciated the mortals who had very little giving offerings to him and Persephone.  Hades made it that only the wealthy need give offerings as the poor barely had enough to feel themselves. Hades protected the poor and that was one of the reasons I loved him and hoped Persephone did not mind and she told me she was touched by my love.




1/3/18 – Happy March!


There was a doll’s house which was part ancient Greek and part Edwardian. There was a Persephone doll in a white and floral dress.  There was also a bigger Barbie sized Persephone doll in a green and purple satin dress.  I also had a Persephone perfume, with a sweet floral scent to honour her maiden aspect as Kore and woody undertones representing her as the Queen of the Underworld, Persephone. I also had a mug with a painting of Persephone, holding a pomegranate, contemplating her future, before she chose to become betrothed to her beloved Hades.  {In actual fact, Persephone chose to go with Hades to the Underworld. He neither raped nor abducted her.  She was terrified of the changes that would ensue, though she felt it deep within the core of her being that something had to give. She did not want to spend eternity picking flowers. Hades gave her the pomegranate seeds and she knew full well what that would entail.  He did not trick her. He had more respect for her than that. The later patriarchal tale makes her out to be weak, feeble and foolish being abducted and tricked.  She was neither weak or dim witted.  Persephone was a strong and intelligent Goddess.}





Hades and the Fates were helping mortals release that which no longer serves {or never did} such as unharmonious beliefs, unfounded fears, poverty, despair, hopelessness, sadness and anything that held them back.


            Nila {pronounced Neela}, Goddess of fashion and colour, daughter of Iris, Goddess of the Rainbow and Zeus, King of the Gods lived in the Underworld to protect her from Hera’s wrath.  She was also Hades’ niece and he was very protective of this colourful Goddess.  She wore satin, thousands of years before it was invented.  Her ruffled dress sat just above her knees and was the same colour as her hair; purple and electric blue.  She went to Hades to ask about the Gods and about the mortals. She thought helping them let go was a wonderful thing to do.


            Nila found Hades in his palace; the Fates had told her not to bother him, however, he enjoyed her company.

            “I think your incentive to let mortals go that which does not serve them is wonderful, uncle Hades,” she said.

            He looked up from his work, however important it was, judging mortals’ souls fairly, Nila was a welcome distraction and he smiled.

            “I’m glad you think so.” He stood to join her and patted Kerberos on the way.

            “Uncle, how did the Gods come to be?”

            “That is an interesting story.  We were once mortal, being chased by our enemies on horseback.  We saw a crack in the Earth and steered our horses in.  Down and down we ran, until the path became narrow; we had to walk.  The horses threw us and ran back to the land above.  We continued down and became aware that the enemy was not following. It was long rumoured that the Underworld lay down here; they were afraid. As were we, but better face our fate down here, than be disemboweled by the enemy.  When we arrived after weeks of travel, we found a vortex of energy, which gave us our godlike powers and immortality.”

            “Wow... so we’re Gods now.”

            “Mortals, with extraordinary powers. We were given these powers to govern mortals in aspects of life. For example, Aphrodite and Eros guide them in matters of love. Without Ares, wars would rage blinder than they already do. Your mother gives them rainbows. I guide them in matters of the afterlife and give their souls a home after death. We will continue to provide these services to mankind, until they no longer need us, then we will continue our own soul’s journeys.”

            “That’s a lovely story, uncle Hades.”

            The Lord of the Underworld smiled. “You certainly do have a way with colour.”

            “The mortals need more fashion choices. Especially Roman women!”

            “Your time under Apollo’s light will come.  It won’t be until the 20th century when mortals will explode into the worlds of fashion and colour.”

            “Three thousand years! I guess better late than never.”

Hades smiled again. Gently he ruffled his niece’s colourful hair and she helped him with his work, played with him and Kerberos and Hades laughed, such a delightful scene, fleeting in his life.  Nila made the six long months without Persephone joyful and it warmed his heart to have joy in the Underworld.






Hades was deeply in love with his new wife, Persephone.  One time she got into trouble with Diomedes flesh-eating mares.  Hades came to her rescue and killed the mares, sending them to Tartarus.

            “Are you all right, my love?”

            She nodded, still shaken and held onto Hades as he whisked her to safety in the Underworld.  He went to the mares, despairing in Tartarus.

            “At long last. I have been waiting for this,” Hades said.  “It’s your own fault.  There will come a time a few thousand years from now where you will have paid your penance. I don’t have to tell you the heartbreak you caused and if you’d killed my love, you can’t even begin to imagine the suffering I would rain down upon you.”

            The mares shuddered and hung their heads. They had gotten away with killing mortals, though a God had the power to set things right. Even Demeter was grateful Hades has saved her daughter.

            Hades went back to his love and embraced her gently, then stroked her face and kissed her.  She returned both the embrace and the kiss.






I went back in time with a friend in a special time-travelling yellow Volkswagen beetle {the classic kind, of course!} I wanted to sit right at the back of an Amphitheatre and test out how good the sound was back there.  We saw a rendition of Oedipus. The sound was awesome, even all the way back there.  Hades watched us from below.  When our Volkswagen took off, the people thought it was of the Gods and bowed to it; they’d never seen anything like it. Hades was satisfied that we did not alter anything and that we did not cause too much of a disturbance.  He met with Peter and I when we arrived back at our time.

            “Enjoy yourselves?”

            I was so ecstatic to see Hades again that I leapt up and hugged him hard.  He was a little startled, though hugged me back. 

            He did warn us gently not to change history.  We explored many more times and Hades gave us an invisibility cloak fashioned with the same material of his invisibility helmet to place over the car for stealth. 

We went back to ancient Greece and Egypt and met the Gods.  We went to Woodstock in the ‘60s.  We went to the ‘80s and stocked up on original Transformers things we wanted and got a heap more to tell on eBay and made a packet and used that to start a publishing company for our books. 

Hades sometimes visited us and always got a hug from me, which was always gently returned.






I had just finished reading a book about Hades, by Matthew A. McDermott where he was neither a good nor a bad guy. In the book, Thanatos had tried to kill Hades, as he wanted to take over the Underworld. Hades forgave him and left the Underworld in Thanatos capable hands. Thanatos was thrilled, though not with the100 year belly ache Hades left him with; though he had tried to kill the man. Hades had spent hardly any time with his human wife.  He loved Persephone, though they had both decided to start seeing other people as well. Persephone had gone out with Balder of Norse Mythology, after he had been killed by Loki’s trickery and ended up with the Underworld. It heartened Hades that his wife was as in love with Balder as he was with his Human wife Arina. He had seen his three-year-old Daughter Sabba once and this thirteen-Year-old daughter Saffy three times, as he was so busy with the Underworld and he felt guilty.  His wife gratefully received him and they cuddled.  Saffron was mad at her father’s absence; she loved him dearly and it bemused her that she was a demi goddess, though Hades had forbidden her to use her powers, unless it was an emergency.  She forgave her father and they had a lovely family reunion. {The book only existed in the dream} 


I was staying in a large flash old fashioned hotel one New Year’s Eve.  My mother and I gone to see the earlier fireworks and she was preparing a late function.  I had a bath, in a huge bathtub and retreated to my room, which had a window and below I could see party goers and the vivid colours.  One of my mother’s guests came to me and there was something about him.  He looked mysterious, in an intriguing, not creepy way.  He saw the book on my bed and asked about it.  I told him about it and how I felt that the real Hades got a bad rap. And he was also the God of Justice and neutral.  I pointed to a Hispanic woman in the street, wearing a ‘Just Jeans’ t-shirt and just jeans and said to Hades that when she dies, he would judge her and all other mortals fairly.

            “You do understand,” said the stranger smiling, confirming my suspicion that he was indeed Hades himself.

            I smiled as he embraced me and took me tout to the midnight fireworks, ensuring my mother that I’d me safe. I was a grown woman.

            “Titania I’m going to show you the night fo your life,”

            And I couldn’t wait.  He took me to the Underworld. Now presided over by Thanatos, over the tummy ache; Hades has written the book.  He introduced me to his first wife Persephone and her second husband Balder and then to his second wife. Her real name was Melody, the baby’s real name Sibyl and her sister’s real name was Saffron, Hades family became intrigued that another woman saw him the way they did and we all went to the fireworks together, ringing in a new year. I made Hades and Persephone spit out their nectar and laugh when I said I might add Loki to my harem ;}





The Gods of Olympus had moved on with modern times and were living in the current day.  Hades wanted to take over Olympus and his family thought he’d sadly gone bad after centuries. They trapped Hades in a downstairs room, which was magicked so Gods could not open it.  I sensed something was wrong, so I went downstairs after I heard what happened. Hades was beside himself and confided in me that he’d wanted to ‘take over’ to protect his family from nasty aliens who had been the Gods’ enemies before they had come to Earth.  I convinced Hades to tell his fellows about why he did what he did. He wanted to sacrifice himself to save his family; he hadn’t gone bad at all. They honoured Hades for his willingness to lay down his life for them, but would not have it and decided to fight the aliens together. They took the fight to space so no humans or their world would get damaged. Hades granted me immortality to help. I was deeply honoured, though Hades was also very protective of me. Now I could be with him forever. I was confident we would win the fight. If we lost, the aliens’ weapons and power could kill Gods. Our powers could kill them, also.

            They fought the aliens who were surprised at the Gods’ powers as they had increased. These aliens wanted control. Zeus wanted to destroy the, though I had a better and more peaceful idea. I had heard of, and now that I was immortal I sensed it; a universe so dark and out of control, they needed these aliens, so the Gods used their collective powers to send the grateful aliens there.  The Gods congratulated me. We’d vanquished an enemy and saved two universes.  Hades hugged me; he gives the best hugs in the Universe and then he took me to his palace in the Underworld, that sacred renewing place. Like Persephone, I came to the mortal world as I was to be a Goddess of both worlds and neither Persephone or I minded Hades had two wives, as long as he let us increase our harem if another God took our fancy, like Loki ;} He and Hades are my babies!





9/9/18 – Interesting date ~ 9 and 9 are 18 and 1 + 8 = 9!


I was helping Hades gain credibility and leave the stigma about him behind.  I managed to convince people that Hades was not a bad guy that he was not the devil. That he punished evil and rewarded good. He was happy with me and we shared a long kiss.






There existed a Roman warrior called Czaria and she was in love with Hades.  She fought for him and he was impressed with her, however knew there was someone for her.  She fell in love with a Greek Soldier called Patkos and were wedded in Greece.  She ended up fighting for Greece and upon her and Patkos’ death, Hades granted them passage to the Elysian Fields.







Athena and Aphrodite helped a village suffering from plague. Hades was impressed, not nearly as many people died, for a Death God teaches us to appreciate life and ensures we have a home in the afterlife.






Matthew Reilly Hades dream where Hades’ name is Anthony Michael Dominic DeSaxe... Anthony was above the world helping Jack West restore the balance, disrupted by his obnoxious, power hungry son, Dion.  At least Hades was a good guy.  It was a race against time and across many countries; thank the Gods Hades was rich to afford al that transport.  When Balance was restored and Dion killed, Hades appointed a teenage girl they had met as ruler of the Underworld, called Seph.  She had worshipped Hades since she’d first learned about the Greek Gods and when Anthony got her over her awe, he decided that she would restore balance to the Underworld, thus helping restore balance to the four legendary kingdoms and the world and universe itself.  She was later to become his wife. Anthony was to learn that Seph was short for Persephone...






Another Anthony dream.  Under more peaceful circumstances, now that Dion was dead and the Underworld restored, Hades {Anthony} showed Jack around his realm under much more pleasant circumstances.  Hades even went above the world and travelling incognito, he rode on a bus for the first time.  When he came above the world occasionally, he’d usually been chauffeured or driven expensive cars. It drove home to Hades, being on the bus, the stories of the many people above and their suffering an that they needed the Gods now more than ever and he vowed to keep the balance and ease, if not eliminate suffering.






The Greek Gods teamed up to help Hades and Poseidon save their realms when an alien race attempted to take them. This malevolent race had used their destabilizer ray to send Hades and Poseidon into a depressed stupor, though when Hades realised that, he snapped out of it and without mercy, used his powers to decimate the aliens’ entire space fleet.  They had never seen such power and were no match for it.  Hades liaised with their benign Underworld God that he would hold their spirits in Tartarus until such time as they could use their powers wisely. He bid their Gods teach their people to work toward peace. Those Gods were humbled; Hades could have decimated their entire world, without any assistance from his fellows, though chose to use his powers wisely. Not all their species were warlike.


            Hades, Poseidon and the Gods celebrated their victory and as the mortals had never seen space ships or aliens, the Gods spread the world that Gods from another world had come to take over, but the Greek Gods had saved them.  Zeus noted Hades did not take all the credit, when it was he who had saved everyone. He hoped one day to become as wise and humble as his younger brother.





5/1/19 – First Hades dream of the year


A greedy mortal named Barakus had found Ambrosia, eaten it and gave some to his horrible horse and asked by the Universe what power of the Gods would he choose.  He chose the power and strength of Hades, as he knew the power over life and death was more powerful than that of even Zeus, the Kin of the Gods. Barakus tried to take over the Underworld and fought Hades and the God had his hands full as the former mortal was just as powerful as him, and he had an evil, strong, immortal horse, which trampled Hades.  Hades could not die, being immortal, although was badly bruised and battered.  He went to his fellow Gods for help. The Gods were appalled at the turn of events, how a mortal could abuse power as now Barakus had the power of Hades, the balance of the two worlds, the spirit world and the mortal world was fast crumbling.  Hades warned Barakus, who had laughed it off, drunk on power. The Gods now understood Hades was not to be feared and respected his hold on power; as he had tremendous power, yet had never abused it.  Paieon, the healer of the Gods healed Hades’ wounds, for which the Sovereign of the Underworld was eternally grateful. He was also heartened to have his entire family behind him.  Hades knew he’d have to face Barakus and his horrible horse again and this time he knew how to do it.  Although Barakus was now equal in power to him, the former mortal lacked wisdom and the power to do good with his power, as it takes great wisdom and power to use it wisely.  Armed with this

knowledge and wisdom and the knowledge that he had to restore balance, Hades, entrusted with keeping the balance, by the Gods and the Universe, was able to strip Barakus and his nasty steed of their powers.  Now powerless, Barakus begged and Hades regarded him with a snarl.

            “Would you have granted me mercy had I been mortal? I think not. You have disrupted the balance, foolish mortal and abused power that you were never entitled to.”

            “Why do you not use your power, Lord Hades?”

            The God was unswayed by the now condemned mortal’s emphasis on the world ‘lord.’

            “Oh, on the contrary, I do use it to keep the balance of worlds, to give mortals a home in the afterlife. With great power comes great responsibility and you, depraved mortal, have no such sense of responsibility or mortality.  You and your malevolent steed shall spend your days in Tatraros, in an illusionary world, of the unbridled chaos your ill-gotten reign would have rained down upon the worlds of the spirits and the living.”

            Barakus pleased again and the horse whinnied.

            “Enough!” Hades snapped.  “You know full well you would not have granted me mercy had our positions been reversed.  Than your lucky stars that I was never mortal and your reign did not continue, as your greed and lust for power would have destroyed both worlds.  Young fool, only now do you realise your folly when it is far too late.”

            Barakus sniveled and Hades regarded him with even more disdain.

            “You are fortunate,” Hades said.

            “How so?  I am about to be condemned to Tartaros for all eternity.”
            “You are fortunate,” Hades insisted, “As I will be willing to reassess your position when you have learned your lesson in a few centuries and you are also fortunate as the God of Justice, I must judge your fairly, as if I had my way you, with the personal rage I feel, your punishment would be much, much worse and eternal.”

            Barakus shivered and took a breath.  “I deeply fear my fate, although I now understand what it is to have power.”

            “That is a good start.”

            Hades raised his arms and with a wave of energy sent the mortal and his horse to Tartaros, then set about restoring the balance, congratulated by his fellows and his beloved wife, Persephone, relieved Hades had recovered from his injuries and brooked no argument when she bade take a much-needed Hades rest after he had restored the balance.  She had nymphs pander to him in a warm spring with flowers and soothing essential oils and sent him to rest in his enormous bed, which she shared with him after he’d rested.

            “I must be bruised and battered more often fi I am to receive such Godly treatment,” he joked.

            “You gave us quite a scare, Hades, myself especially,” Persephone said.  “And if you do so again, I will be more worried that that mortal and his steed you sent to Tartaros.”
            Hades gave a mock-terrified look, then God and Goddess fell about laughing on Hades gargantuan bed that Persephone had deemed a ‘Goddess sized’ bed and even the Lord of The Underworld dare not argue!






A bit of a recurring dream as it had Barakus again.  In this dream, he was a mortal man, who had convinced Persephone that he loved her dearly and she left Hades for him. Hades, one could imagine was devastated, though he let his wife go of her own free will as she loved the mortal.  As it turns, Barakus used her to gain access to her powers with a gem he had found to de-power Gods and he began to use that on the Gods, especially Hades, who he forced out of the Underworld and into an old-style wooden house above ground.  Hades, sadly was powerless to stop him.  Barakus stripped many Gods of their powers or trapped them somewhere. Aphrodite and Eros, now mortal, fell in love.  Ares was trapped in a forest for many centuries and could not get out. Zeus and most of the Olympians were trapped powerless atop Olympus. Poseidon could not leave the seas or use his powers.


In the house, Hades was told he’d have to eat these small lotus cakes to stay alive.  Little did he know that these cakes were keeping him powerless.  He remained in that house and Ares in that forest for millennia.  Fortunately, Ares still had his powers and decided if he could not get out of the forest, he’d go under it and blasted his way down, down into the Earth, then across to the sea, in the hopes of meeting up with Poseidon, one of his uncles.  He blasted until he came to some caves and eventually came up on the sea and fused his powers with Poseidon.


A small mercy, the house Hades was trapped in had copious amounts of old books and he could tend to the garden.  If he outstepped the boundaries of the garden, he’d be racked with excruciating pain.



A mortal woman, Titania had fallen in love with Hades and through her dreams, discovered what happened to him and went to the house.  She managed to convince him he’d regain his powers if he stopped eating the cakes as she pointed out as soon as he ate the cakes, his glow would go and at once Hades realised that Barakus had lied to him.  He felt a fool, though he’d done what he thought was right.


Barakus, with his new God-like powers, appeared atop the back garden with Persephone and a knife and he said he’d kill her if Hades did not start eating the cakes again.  Hades disappeared and reappeared, saving a distraught Persephone, who realised long ago that Barakus had used her and hadn’t loved her one jot.  As there was some remnants of the cake in Hades system, he was still racked with pain when he excited the boundaries of the garden, though Barakus knew Hades was regaining his powers, became terrified and begged for his sorry life.

            “You dare beg after what you have done to us?” Hades’ voice was dangerously low.  “After you raped the balance and my beloved wife.”

            Persephone hung her head. Hades gave her a reassuring look then returned his attention to Barakus and looks quite literally killed. Hades sent Barakus screaming to Tartarus with a searing fireball.  Persephone burst into tears, begging forgiveness and Hades held her close.

            “I will not say I was not hurt,” he said, “although I forgive you, my beloved.”

            Titania smiled and wiped a tear form her cheek. 


            Hades restored balance to the Universe and immortality to his fellows and was thanked profusely.

            “I hate that house,” he said, turning to it.

            “Will you destroy it, my love?” Persephone asked.

            “No. It is not the house’s fault.  I sensed its energy and it feels guilt for my incarceration.  I have scanned the area and found an elderly couple about to be made homeless.  I shall give it to them.”

            Persephone hugged her husband and Titania smiled.

            “That’s what makes you the God of Justice,” she said.

            Hades chucked humbly.


            The couple were delighted and very grateful and as Hades predicted, left the house to their children and grandchildren after they journeyed to the Elysian Fields.


Now reunited with his beloved realm.  He danced between the walls of his palace, performing a space clearing ritual to rid it of Barakus’ filthy energy.


            As Titania had just as much love for Hades as Persephone, the Queen of the Dead permitted Hades a second wife and he loved both dearly.








Hades and Thanatos decimated a warlord’s army; they were killing too many innocents and dared to abuse the power of necromancy to raise the dead to make an undead army.  Hades became livid with rage at the disturbance in the balance and the warlord’s disregard for peace, the balance and life. The warmonger begged for his life, which only made Hades angrier, as the man never gave any quarter, not even to the children and pregnant mothers he slaughtered. He was astounded with Hades power as the God sent him and his army of tens of thousands to Tartaros with a matter or mere seconds.  After the deed weas done, Thanatos came to Hades, comforting him, as he knew Hades could not raise those the warlord had killed, lest he himself be guilty of decimating the balance, for as unprecedented and incredible as Hades power was, he was also sensitive and kind, a little-known fact.  Thanatos bade he did not drink too much of Dionysos’ red.  Hades smiled, as he poured himself and Thanatos a stone goblet and promised he’d have no more than four.

After they’d shared a drink, Hades left to meditate in the four months before Persephone was due and hoped the mortals would one day comprehend that death was the next journey of the soul, bot the end all and be all of life, to live life to the fullest and one day realise that one did not have to die to transition and Hades mused with a smile, then he could take a much needed holiday and go and explore the Universe, but until then, he was here for the mortals as long as we needed him.




31/10/19 ~ Happy Halloween~Samhain in the Northern Hemisphere, or Beltaine

in the Southern Hemisphere!



I was attending one of my friend’s beautiful Meditations, Beltaine in the Southern Hemisphere, about letting go what no longer serves, Halloween~Samhain in the Northern Hemisphere, about honouring your ancestors.  We were asked to wear our favourite robes and I wore my ‘Hades’ Robe, based on the red robe Hades wore. The robe billowed out with it’s lovely, encompassing trail. Hades came to me and held me gently. Despite popular belief, he is not cold, evil or heartless. He’s formidable to wrongdoers or anyone who threatens his family or those he loves, although he is gentle and loving to those he cherishes and he has been a wonderful guide. He took me to the Underworld and shoed ne around, though he told me I wouldn’t’ grace the Elysian Fields for quite some time.  At the time of this dream, I turned 47 on October 19.  Hades and I embraced gentle, before he returned me to the world above to write my books and make my art to change the world.




14/2/20 ~ Happy Valentine’s Day!



Hades sent an unscrupulous, cruel man called Anton, to Tartaros for trying to kill me, his mortal love, to get at a God, especially the Lord of the Dead.  Hades was livid with rage, as he was also the God of Justice and fully mint to exact that part of his persona, as he always did with mortals.  Anton was terrified, but knew he deserved it.  Hades had to be careful to act in an unbiased way, lest he lose his powers, as he would justce any murderer or would-be murderer.  As Anton truly regretted his actions and had become horrified them, to his credit, Hades reduced his sentence, to an illusionary part of the Underworld to struggle like I had in my mortal life and lose ones he loved, although an illusion, he’d forget it was and eventually be reunited with his love, an ex-murderess, who had relented for over 1000 years in Tartarus, before both of them would earn a hard-won passage to Elysium


            In his chambers, Hades embraced me and fed me passionfruit panna cotta and pomegranates an assured me, there was no calories... ;)  He held me close to his heart as I embraced my immortal love.  He fed me ambrosia, making me a Goddess, a Goddess of Creativity, Thinking Outside the Box, Innovation and Kindness and I held my love close, in an immortal embrace.










Hades, very young for a God at the tender age of 78, stood back at the realm he had cleaned up and restored the balance of.  He had some banter with Zeus, who took longer to quell the chaos in his realm. Zeus had always thought he was the best and humble admitted Hades was more organised, powerful and humble.


            “What was that? I don’t think I quite heard my own brother being humble.”

            “Shut up Hades,”

            Then they both laughed and embraced heartily.





Hades’ daughter Melinoë feared for her father and gathered Hind’s blood to proetct him. Zeus fewared she would use ut against the Gods.  Melinoë siad she woyuld die for her gather. Hades was heartteed by her love, though trold her it wans’t necessary as Cthocic Gods were immune to death. Melinoë felt a little foolish, though she had acted out of live, though still, she ke[pt he Hind’s blood and ended up protectinbthe Gods for,








Hades’ 11-year-old granddaughter, Yani, lived in the 21st century and he loved her dearly.  She rescued him from his own Tartarus when some bad guys had trapped him there, wanting to control humanity and tricked Hades into thinking he was powerless. Yani reminded him otherwise. Hades decimated the bad guys, in seconds. Again, his brothers astounded at such raw power, humbled tah Hades never abused it, as they’d be tempted to, Hades hugged Yani and Persephone, who had missed his greatly. When he was incarcerated, Hades had thought he kept a little of his power and kept abreast of the goings on of the world, knowing how modern it was now, compared to when he was born.  He counted his lucky stars he weas reunited with his family, treated them to dinner at a lovely, very expensive restaurant, being the God of Riches, he could do that, then played with them, laughing in delight and Persephone and Yani tickled him mercilessly, holding them close.




22/3/20 - exactly a month after the one above!


Hades ended a danger to his family; a mortal had acquired power he should not have, manipulating a young witch.  Hades used his power to the fullest extent, obliterating the danger and saving the witch. His brothers were astounded. That had been totally powerless to stop the danger. Hades rarely used all his power at once.

            “Hades,” Zeus said. “I am grateful you’re on our side.”

            Hades smiled warmly and the fear in his brother’s eyes vanished, Hades had been hurt by that; he’d never hurt his family, or any innocent. Zeus and Poseidon realised the Universe only trusted Hades with that sort of unprecedented power. Hades and the Witch, Amara, fell in love.  This was before Hades met either Leuke or Persephone.  When Amara died, Hades mourned and visited her often on the Elysian fields.  She did ot begrudge him for remarrying, or having an affair with the nymph, Minthe.  Hades deserved ot be loved and embraced and truth be known, the Sovereign of the Underworld gave the best cuddles and kisses! ;)





This dream was set in the ‘Age of Mythology PC game.  {Sadly, in my real life, I did not get passed the village stage, too many fires :( I played it about 12 years ago. So, I did not get to play with Gods, including my fave, Hades :(   Good thing I had this dream! Although I think the ‘Age of Mythology’ Hades is different from the one I dreamt about.


Your last task was to get by Hades, an evil God is ever there was one and powerful.  You had one weapon in which to defeat him; your enchanted sowed, though it would not kill him and the sword would not harm him. The one who would become known as Merlin five-hundred years later told you, you had to pry the ram’s skull off Hades face to defeat the evil.  Hades also had an immortal oversized cat and a huge three-headed dog you had to attend with.  You avoided the immortal animals. Hades shot fireball after fireball, relentlessly; determined to keep ahold of his power. He was twice your height and bulk.  Such raw power you had never seen and you knew if he defeated you, you’d never leave the Underworld and could only hope the God would send you to Elysium. You saw your chance, upturning a stone bowl with your foot, containing Pomegranate arils, you jumped onto it, then leapt toward Hades, momentarily starling him.  You pried huis mask off with your sword. It clattered to the table and with a vicious downward stard, you destroyed it, believing Hades ot be powerless, but still a danger, though the god surprised you. You thought he’s look ugly, though he was ruggedly handsome with long, wavy brown hair.  Stunned, he sat at the table, placing his head in his hands. You thought he was upset and powerless.  He took a damp hemp cloth and wiped his dirty face.  He’d looked sad. He took a deep breath than spoke, voice deep, resonant, yet devoid of malice.

            “Thank you, young mortal. For too long that mask has disempowered me.  Funny I say that, ‘Dis’ being one of my Roman names.  It was forced onto my face by an evil deity from another universe. For two thousand years he controlled my body and my actions. I realise now I was tricked into thinking I was powerless and I am ashamed.  You, young mortal Hero have freed me and I am humbled and at your service.”

            To your astonishment, Hades knelt, then rose, healing a wound you had received from monsters you had fought, including his now subdues animals, happy to have their old master back Katana rubbing against you and Kerberos licking you in gratitude.  Hades chuckles, a gentle, yet strong sound.  He took your small hand into his gargantuan one, big, powerful hands, yet not fat and very gentle.

            “I must rectify the damage done and clear my name.  It pains me that even my own brothers turned their backs on me, believing I was responsible.”  Hades let a tear fall and you realised he was a benign heatedly, deep God and you remembered Merlin’s words that you would free a wise one from imprisonment. The wizard knew; and when you asked who that was, he told you that you had to discover for yourself, interesting that ‘discover’ was another ‘Dis’ word. More to this god then may the eye. You flet grateful you had set things right, that the evil one you had to defeat was not Hades, as you had originally believed, but the one who had controlled him for centuries and tricked him to abuse his power. When you asked Hades how he’d been tricked, embarrassed, the God answered that the evil one had promised to spare humanity that Hades and his fellows cared for so much. The adversary kept his promise, but left war, devastation, famine and pestilence in his wake and Hades would have to rectify that too and hoped one day the mortals would realise that death was but anther journey, one of the souls and that mortals did not have to die to travel there. You had asked Hades what would happen to him, would he die.  He chuckled,, ocean green eyes smiling and told you no, that Chthonic Gods were immune to Death and that before he was possessed, Persephone had bade him promise that when he was no longer needed as the God of the Dead, that he didn’t rush into a new job because he cared for mortals so much.  You asked Hades what he planned to do with his newfound life when it came about. He told you it would be in about 3000 years as it was now 500 BCE.  Hades did not hide his tears when Persephone returned, having left; she knew he had been possessed. Though the evil being had silenced her.  With the deepest love, she embraced her husband. He was deeply heartened she’d waited for him and they sang your praises freeing a long-trapped God, bringing joy and pecae back into his life once more.  You wondered what 500 BCE that meant. Hades said he’d had a glimpse of the future. Without an further ado, he decimated and obliterated entirely the one who had abused him and grew livid the being begged for his putrid life and Hades raged he had given no mercy and severely disrupted balance and peace and hades gave him no quarter, sending him straight to the bowels of Tartaros. and dearly hoped Humanity overcame their hate, fear and all matter of problems and what he planned to do, was put his feet at and he meant to take a very, very long holiday. God knows, he needed one!








Hades rescued some dying circus animals, gave then their freedom and on no uncertain terms, severely roused the terrified circus owner, who for then on treated animals nicely and rescued them himself.   Hades rescued many humans and animals from cruelty and taught humans good health habits, left he’d reluctantly have to move forward their appointment with him.  Erebos bid Hades take a sabbatical for five years, exploring with is family, while the benign God of Renewing Darkness looked after the Underworld.  Hades returned invigorated, loved his adventure, loving his family more and He delighted in the souvenirs he brought home and the delight in the faces pf Persephone and Yani with the things he was able to buy for them and experiences he gave them, though he knew they love his for the benign caring being of balance he was, not for his immense power and wealth. As much as he loved his travels, it was good to be home in that meditative darkness. 





11/4/20 ~ Happy Birthday, Mumanolly!


Hades had to fight Enric Pryde, a bad guy form the Star Wars Universe trying to take over not only his realm, but that his brothers’ as well.  Enric tried to make Hades look like the bad guy.  The spirt of gentle Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn helped Hades regain the balance Enric disrupted.  Hades obliterated Enric with a single fireball, angry the man begged for his nasty, virulent life, when he had taken so many in his own, and Hades’ Universe.  Hades resurrected the ones he would, that should not have died, without disrupting the balance. Yani, Hades’ granddaughter knew he was not evil and taught humans the truth and helped usher a new era of everlasting peace on Earth.






Hades got a six-pack of nectar and some ambrosia and treated himself to human delicacies such as his favourites, honeydew melon and pomegranate. He liked the renewing, meditative darkness and silence of the Underworld and subdued light of his palace. It was much better for his sensitive, eyes, skin and ears.  Persephone and Yani came to him and hugged him, sharing his delicacies.  He’d helped Yani’s adopted parents afford a kind and caring school, where she met her best friend.  Hades magicked his family to Australia. He’s always wanted to see the nightlife of Sydney and ordered some pizza in King’s Cross, near whee Yani’s grandmother used to stayed in retirement village. She was in a much nicer one now and Yani knew Hades would look after her and alleviate her deprwssion when the time came.  She had Hades and Persephone have some real chocolate, white, milk and dark. Hades could not make up his mind whether he liked milk or dark more and Yani declared it was a tie.  Hades laughed. Then used his energy to help some depressed people at the Cross get off drugs and learn to meditate, coming to terms with their past, so they could move one I  pecae and Yani said he should add that to his job description and do more of it, because however he did it, it worked wonders and she hugged her infamous grandad.





The Percy Jackson Gods, including Hades teamed up to save humanity. Percy was impressed at Hades going all out for humanity; one would think he’d enjoy more souls. Humbly, Percy found out Hades was also the God of Justice, appalled at the atrocities of humanity; just didn’t let on that he cared. He had a tough, black clad anti-hero rep to uphold after all and in the end, it was Hades and Annabeth that saved humanity. Percy helped. He promised Hades not to let on that he cared and threatened to send him to Tartaros and have him covered in biting ants. Percy smiled; he knew Hades was joking, but kept his promise. His brothers knew anyway, just kept quite so Hades could keep is reputation intact





Set had been made mortal for a year, to atone for harming Osiris.  Osiris has vouched for this; the other punishment was execution.  Set was grateful, though angry to be mortal.


He became deathly ill and Osiris looked after him.   Osiris urged his brother to become more compassionate and serve mortals rather than lord over them.  He knew Set’s nature was to be angry and aloof; and he had no problem with that and Set reluctantly agreed inwardly his brother was more popular and loved because of his compassion.  There must be something to this, he decided and later saved a small animal, surprised at how warm he felt helping it rather than hurting it. He decided when he was able to help mortals that he deemed worthy, not the lazy hateful ones, but the ones truly wanting to make a difference in the world, poor and rich alike. In fact, he felt compelled ot do so.  He was frightened Horus may harm him for his misdeeds toward his father, though Osiris bade his son forgive Set, for without his brothers actions, he never would have found his true calling as Lord of the Underworld and help mortals in their afterlives, like his counterpart and friend, Hades did in Greece.


Set overcame his illness with the help of Osiris, Horus and Apothekaries and made good on his promise.  He also protected Apothecaries form the Pharaohs who wanted them dead.  Osiris felt for the, too and praised his brother, still angry and aloof, but putting those feelings and attitudes to good use.






There was the Heart of Darkness, a powerful black obsidian heart shaped gem, the size of one’s palm.  The barer would have unlimited, absolute power, Hades wanted it; so did his bothers. And Ares and Apollo. Hades under NO circumstances, wanted them to get it.  In the end, he procured it, much ot his brother’s dismay and stashed it away deep in the Underworld in a location known only to him.

            “Are ... you going to use that ....” Zeus asked, struggling to hide his deep fear.

            “Of course not,” Hades replied.  “I just had to keep it away from all of you.”

            Zeus and the others breathed a sigh of relief and Hades looked hurt.

            “I’d never harm my family.”

            Hades brothers and nephews looked contrite; they would have used it for sure and they knew it.  So did Hades.

            “You’ve shamed us, yet again, brother.”
            “Shame was never my intention; only to get you to think.  Power should only be used to help; to heal if one has power, they can do that.”

            Zeus nodded.  “Can I just take a peek at that rock.”

            Hades gave his brother a look.     “No, sorry; off limits,” Hades said with a smile.






It started out with a colleague of mine playing Poseidon. The real reason Poseidon didn’t want Odysseus to get back to Penelope was he was in love with him.  The real Poseidon created a storm to see if the Poseidon actor could hack it.  I played his brother, determined not to fall, then it was really the Gods.  Poseidon pelted by his own storm.

            “Come with me,” I said, sympathetic.  “Come downstairs where it’s ah ... a little less windy and wet.”

            My heartbroken brother obliged. I’d just lost my first wife, Leuke and Poseidon had comforted me, so now it was my turn to comfort my grieving brother and so we went to the Underworld and gave him some hot tea.








Hades didn’t know what to do about the while Eve saga, but to attack Xena to protect his family, Hades daughter, Titania {daughter of Titans} Hades and her mother Themis, set his straight and liaised with Xena for a peaceful solution. The whole thing turned out to be a test from the Fates, that if the Gods attacked Xena, then she would be given the powers to kill them.  Titania saved the day - or should we say, the centuries.  The Gods felt sheepish, but were only doing what they thought necessary for survival. Hades and the Gods were heartened by Titania. The Gods learned they were supposed ot be mankind’s spiritual tour guides, so to speak, not lords and masters.  Hades and Xena, friends again found a peaceful solution with Titania.






Hades was paying with some of the spirits in the Underworld.  Hades was lonely without Persephone and loved it when she came to play also.  Hades was just a big kid!  Although old enough to enjoy grappa!






An evil fairy that Hades intended to send to Tartarus at the end of her life, which she was nearing, abusing her powers to his pleasantly surprised turned over a new leaf when she saw an abused child and wanted to help him.  She became good and declared herself a protector of neglected and abused children and as a result of that decision was granted, by Hades, everlasting life, should she keep to her new path.





11/11/20 ~ Lest We Forget


Argalia was determined to patch things up with Xena and the Gods.   Hades, as it turned out, did not attack Xena, he was using false fireballs, though worried for his family who were scared. The Fates had made up the Eve saga to see if the Gods would catch on; if not, to teach them a lesson; a hard lesson.  Hades had not died, as Underworld Gods cannot die.  He resurrected the dead Gods and they all reconciled with Xena, thanks to Argalia’s help.



11/11/20 - Two Hades dreams in one night.


Friends and I were playing the Greek Gods.  An older man was playing Hades.  He actually smoked and I was worried about him.  He said he would quit. We hugged and he told me I’d live beyond 97, which I was heartened to hear and I had a feeling the real Hades spoke through him as he went to his fellow ‘Gods.’  It was a wonderful game, very heartfelt.






Hades made a map of the Underworld and a map to the Underworld’s entrance form my home.  He could not give them to me directly. I had to find my own way there, which I did.  I was afraid I’d be stopped or waylaid as I began the journey, at midnight form my home to Hades.’   We both became heartened when I found my way to him and he cuddled me and held me close.  Ahh, Bliss to be loved by a God that never abused his powers, contrary to sad popular belief.  He was not only the Sovereign of the Underworld and Lord of the Dead, he was also the God of Justice, both inner and outer Wealth and the Balance between the realm and one of the most compassionate Gods I had ever met and wanted to spend the rest of my life and afterlife with him. I loved him with all my heat and, just as he loved me.






I was buying some bottles fo alcohol for Solstice and my stepfather waited outside. It took ame a while to choose.  I chose Passionfruit and Pineapple Malibu, Gingerbread Kahlua and Alize Bleu Passion, Passionfruit with cherry and ginger. Yum.  I paid and went through the turnstile, which threw me back. Relieved I was not hurt and the alcohol undamaged, I walked outside, a little shaken. A young man assisted me assisted, and the sales assistant looked worried. He had not liked the look in the man’s eyes.  I had not seen it.  When outside, I saw, my stepfather had left and I cried as it was a half an hour drive home; I had no car and the alcohol was heavy. The young man said he would walk me home.  I walked and the wind picked up and carried me off. I was scared at first, then realised the young man was not a young man at all, it was Zephyros, the West Wind.  I realised with a shock, he was in love with me and I was in love with Hades and Zephyros’ lobe was of the jealous kind.   He rose me up and threatened to drop me unless I chose him.   Hades, terrified below, realised he could not intervene unless Zephyros made good upon his threat. I refused him and he thumped me down.  I was determined to survive and landed in a kneeling position. The bottle of Alize was not so lucky. I was mad, as it had been expensive, over $50 bucks, and relieved ay the same time.

            Hades showed up, relieved I was all right and confronted Zephyros.

            “You have attempted to murder my beloved. For that you shall perish.”

            Zephyros sneered. “I am a God. Gods are immortal. We cannot die.”

            “I am the Lord of the Dead,” Hades countered.  “I have the dominion over Life and Death and if necessary, the power to kill a God.”

            The ichor drained from Zephyros’ face and his smug look, now replaced with sheer terror.  “No ... please ...” he sniveled.  “I am the West Wind, you cannot.”

            “I shall find a replacement, one who will not abuse their powers of a God.”  Zephyros again begged to no avail.  Hades basted him with a fireball, killing him in an instant and sending his spirit to Tartaros.

            He then attended me, soft and tender now, holding me gently.

            “Thank you, my love,” I said.  “It was touch and go for e moment there.”

            “I knew you would survive, My Beloved,” he said, “though must intervene unless Zephyros try and harm you again.”


Hades chose a young Norwegian man, Bjørn to become the West Wind, a kind, honest man, with a passion for Greek Mythology, begrieved as he had not found his purpose in life and wholeheartedly accepted his new one since Zephyros had been forcibly stepped down.  Bjørn was heartened, honoured and flattered that Hades had chosen him.

“It will be quite some time,”: Hades told me, “before Zephyros earns his passage to Elysium.  At least he is wracked with guilt about what he did to you and Hyakinthos, back in ancient Greece and that guilt is a good sign; it means he is relenting and repenting.”


            “That’s good, My Love,” I said, kissing him. “And by the way, Hades, My Love, you owe me a new bottle of Alize.  I held up the dripping bag and Hades laughed.

            “Oh, Beloved, you are a delight. Not many can order about a God without fear and I find that so very refreshing.”

            “Off we want back to the bottle shop and Hades had assumed a black skivvy, black leather jacket and of course, black jeans. To be fair, he didn’t always wear black - he also looked great in dark green, purple and crisp white.  The bottle shop assistant looked relieved; he cauld tell Hades was my true love, by the look in his eyes and apologised he could not give me a free bottle, lest he lose his job, but Hades being the God fo Wealth, fifty bucks, no problemo!

            Hades took me outside to a brand spanking new black Lamborghini Adventador, which he’d conjured, whilst no mortals were looking and drove ee home and we had a lovely solstice with my apologetic stepfather which thought I’d left and walked home, for some exercise, then felt silly and bad as I was carrying all that heavy alcohol, but if he had not left, Hades could not have intervened and removed a threat to our relationship.  The Sovereign of the Underworld kissed me, unable to reveal his true identity to my stepfather, though my dad was convinced and rightfully so that we were both so madly in love. 

Hades and took me to my bedroom and said, “Not since Persephone or Leuke, have I met such a love, so unique and precious and it heartened me to be your first love. And you know I still love Leuke who perished and Persephone dearly and you do not begrudge that.”  I wiped tears away and held him.

And with that, we disrobed, in an instant thanks to Hades’ powers, lay on the bed and I wholeheartedly gave the God of my dreams my virginity ...







I was gathering together my notes for my fantasy~mythology Hades book set in ancient and later modern times and Hades was fascinated to read them as I typed them!





5/11/21 - First Dream of the year!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Hades had fallen in love with a mortal woman called Bess, an artist.  Her father was sceptical.  He told Hades that he’d better be worthy of his daughter and treat her right and there’d be trouble if he didn’t.

“Don’t I know it, ” Hades said. He admitted the man’s love and bravery, standing up to a Greek God.   Hades bought them a new house and him and Bess a Tuscan villa for when he was above the world. Barry was amused at Hades romantic advances.  That and discovering the fact that Greek Gods {in this dream} actually nodded to go to the toilet, no different than mortals. That amused Bess’s father; Hades was somewhat embarassed.


Though it was not Hades’ wealth that inpressed Bess’ father.  It was his love for his daughter.  Barry cried when he lost his wife and Hades sadly told him that it was her time, that to resurrect even one person as is would have disrupted balance, though he would take her family to visit her whenever they needed and the y did.

            “I can take care of myself,” Bess said to her father and stop fusing and being a child. Who’s the kid here?”

            Barry smiled.

“And I will look after you,” Hades said.

“Am I to take it you’ll mother hen me?”

“Yes. Most definitely.”

“As long as I can mother hen you too.”

Hades and Barry chuckled.  “All right.” Hades said. “I walked into that one,”

Bess’ father was amused at how enamoured Hades was with his daughter.

“So,” he said after the wedding, “I have a Greek God for a Son in law. Could come in handy.”

Hades laughed.

“Strange that my daughter married a man who is already married and that’s totally legal in Greek Goddom.”

Hades smiled warmly “and you have my word I shall cherish both my wives equally.”

“You’d better.” Then Barry laughed and so did Hades.



Hades held Bess gently, his love and twirled her around and she loved every moment of it, being with her love.


Barry found another woman in the years to come that he loved just as much, a strong widow.  Cherry loved her stepchild.

Needless to say, she was surprised that the Greek Gods do exist, as spiritual l tour guides for humanity, through the joinery of life.



Hades kissed Bess with all his heart and soul and even Persephone was heartened, not in the slightest jealous. And nor Bess of her, as he loved them both dearly and equally.








Hades had fallen in love with me in the modern day.  He bought us a Tuscan villa when he was above the world.  I lived a great deal of the time in the Underworld with im in his impressive palace.  He spoke to me of is brothers and hoe he wished they’d be less egotistical, though he loved them, despite the fact they’d just killed some mortals that refused to worship them.  Hades didn’t think that was fair and he sent them to Elysium, despite his brothers wanting them sent to Tartarus and Hades gave his brothers a dressing down, making them hang their heads and use their powers wisely form them on in. Hades thought the men were otherwise good; they had been hurting with bad crops and hard lives and he vowed to do more for the mortals. Hades punished the evil and rewarded the good and he had the final say. He had the dominion over life and death and put many of his brethren to shame by using his powers wisely and I told his brothers and the mortals that. Hades beamed at my praise and love and held me gently. ~ {Similar to the dream above}






6/1/21 - Two Hades dreams in one night - woo hoo!


My mother had kept pomegranates safe form a violent, oppressive group who wanted to eradicate the fruit from the face of the Earth.  They were frisking people and punishing anyone who tried to harbour one.  My mother inserted it into er vagina and kept it safe in her womb, the fruit of fertility and gave birth to it two weeks later.  Hades helped her and praised her as she had saved the very last pomegranate in existence and he planted the seeds far and wide and cultivated them. The horrible group were defeated and poetettes prevailed. I was born around 10 years later.







Hades had created a huge robot Kerberos to give is dog a long-needed rest and some healing.  It had gone rusty and was a ling robot dog with a huge mouth. An evil He-Man from He-Man ad the Masters of the Universe and Catra form She-Ra-Princess of Power commandeered the confused robot Kerberos with a massive chain.  He was not evil. They took him above ground and used a portal to get back to Eternia to take over.  Hades got wind of it and put a stop to it, mad with their audacity and damage they caused and none too impressed with their lack of morals, Hades boing the God of Justice. They begged him not to kill them and he said he would not, as that was not this way. A relieved evil He-Man and Catra went back to Eternia, contemplating their actions.  Hades met She-Ra and the rebellion and was impressed with them. The robot Kerberos whimpered, frightened and Hades stroked the massive dog’s one very long head and led his home.  His dog spent some time healing and loved that he had a robot playmate when he came back.







Hades was desperate to save a young man who had lost his soul due to a painful life.  He was about to die.  The spirit of Hades went to him, introduced himself and the man was scared.  Hades said he needed Josh’s permission to retrieved the soul.  He also said to Josh that was about to die.  Josh asked if Hades was the devil and what price did he have to pay.  Hades chucked, told Josh truthfully that he was not the devil, a common misconception and there was no price to pay, bar a little gratitude and the mad bade Hades retrieve his soul and save him.  Josh was intrigued that a God needed permission.  Hades said most if his brethren had lost their powers as they had abused them; now they had their powers back, as they comprehended at last that they were supposed to be humanity’s spiritual tour guides, not lords and masters, Hades had not lost his powers as he had never abused them, being also the God of Inner and Outer Wealth and Justice.  Josh chose Hades as his patron, even though Hades said he could choose any of his brethren should he choose to.  Hades became heartened and he and Josh become great friends up until his death as an old man where Hades escorted him to Elysium, personally and Josh could finally see his patron.


14/2/21 ~ Happy Valentine’s day - and romantic dream!

{Jack West Hades, Matthew Reilly’s The Two Lost Mountains.}

I watched in horror as The Sphinx ordered my love, Hades murdered. I couldn’t bear to watch, but felt I owed it to Hades.  I struggled not to cry out, as that would alter the enemy to how much I loved Hades and thus they could use that against me. Like Hades, I felt utterly defeated, until we left the temple and the chase to stop our enemies continued.   A deep voice told me in my mind me to go back to the temple, that I could resurrect Hades. Ecstatic, I went back, telling no one.  They may talk me out of it or tell me it was ridiculous or a trap, but I trusted the voice. I was sure it was the Universe.  I discovered I could levitate and a strange, yet pleasant power coursed through me.  I raised my arms and raised my love’s body from the floor of the abyss, reconnecting it, making it whole once more, resurrecting his life as it once was, not as a lifeless zombie.  Light surrounded us, and a boost that the Universe gave us was Hades was now immortal and no one could harm him ever again.  He thanked me and we hugged in midair and I was hearted that he felt the same way about me as I did about him. If he didn’t, I would have been heartbroken, but would not force him, just want a hug and his friendship. He told me he’d give me that anyway.  My birth mane was Tanya. I had chosen Hatshepsut, as I was a queen in my own right. It took me a long while to realise my sovereignty.

            Jack took ‘care’ of our enemies.  {At the time of the is dream the final Jack West novel ... The One Something Somethigs ;) has not been released. Due in late 2022}



14/2/21 ~ Happy Valentine’s day once more - and another romantic dream! Two Hades dreams on one night, woo hoo!

{Jack West Hades, Matthew Reilly’s The Two Lost Mountains. - Second part of the dream above.  It’s rare when my dreams have sequels and precious when they are lovely ...}

Hades and I wanted to marry though I was still mortal and had to go through a trial.  The Universe and caretakers of the underworld took me down, down, down to a bed of molten lava and told me I had to lie in it.   It looked frightening at first, but them a sense of calm came over me as I climbed in without fear, knowing if I was true to myself and Hades, the lava would not burn me and it odd not.  It felt very warm, like a warm bed on a cold winter’s night.  Like hot bathwater flowing over me.  I submerged and could breathe. I was under for a little while before I rose, also now immortal, to Hades’ delight. Now we could live together and no one could harm us.

            “You are no longer Tanya or Hatshepsut,” the Universe said.  “You emerge as Persephone, Queen of the Underworld.”

            And I smiled.  Perfect. I had passed the challenge.  The next thing I heard was clapping and whistles from Jack and his companions and my love’s arms around me and his lips on mine, levitated and we remained in an embrace eternal.





In this dream, Hades and Persephone had sadly become estranged. The love had gone out of their relationship.   Each felt the other was not attentive.   Hades was feeling stressed and Hermes urged him to patch thigs up, so he left the Underworld to the field Persephone often lamented in, found her there. They talked things over and the fire in their relationship came back, they fell in love all over again and made love in Hades’ chambers.  Aww!






Hera put Persephone through a number of trials to discover whether she was worthy of her brother Hades. The only one of her brothers that had remained faithful to his first, now deceased wife, Leuke.  Persephone huffed, so did Hades and Hera was satisfied Persephone loved Hades for his quirks and recluse, quiet personality, not his power or his realm.  She did not want to be Queen of the Underworld for the power, bit to soothe the souls of the dead and cared about them life her Chthonic brother.  Hades was appreciative that Hera cared so much, he didn’t think she did, though her misgivings about Persephone were unfounded and Hades and Persephone were happily married, Persephone becoming a Goddess of both the Land of the Living and the Land of the Dead.






Clash ~ Wrath of the Titans Hades with the long hair ~ {Ralph Finnes.}  He was in his underworld wearing no shoes. Orpheus had come to rescue Eurydike, however to Orpheus dismay, Hades had fallen in love with her and she was warming to him. Hades invited Orpheus to a meal, if he could finish it, he’d let Eurydike go.  Little did Orpheus know; it was an everlasting meal.  Hades said he had to put on his sandals as he was powerless without them {I did not believe this is the case, but that’s how it was in this dream} Orpheus made a note to steal Hades’ sandals.  He dines with Hades, Eurydike, and Herakles.   Hades was distracted during dinner, as Zeus trapped Typhon under Mount Etna.  It shook the Underworld Hades went to inspect the damage.  It was there that he spied the maiden Kore and fell in love with her.   She went with him willingly, something had to give.  She did not want to pick flowers her entire life.  Hades then released Eurydike.  The couple were beyond grateful. though Orpheus looked back which was Hades’ caution.  Hades was sad for Orpheus.  Hen Orpheus died of grief, allowing the Bacchae to tear him to pieces in a rage. Hades let him go to Eurydike in the Elysian fields and Hades held Persephone close to him, his immortal love.








I was with my clan.  My name is Aidoneus’ Song.   We were close knit, lived, fought and ate together.  Our leader showed me beautiful candles he’d bought of our Gods. He’d daren’t burn them as he loved them so much.  The Hades and Hera ones were red, made by a different company.  He said those were the only ones that did justice to Hades and Hera.  He bequeathed the Hades one to me as Hades was my Patron.  In one battle, I was killed.  Bram cried over my body, as did all my brethren.  Hades came to them.

            “Grieve for what is lost,” he said, “but not for long.  “Her very name means ‘Song of Hades.”

            “We thought she was honouring the fallen prince Adonis.”

            Hades smiled.  “Ahm a common misconception.  ‘Aidoneus’ is another of my names.”

            “Forgive us, My Lord,” our leader said and my brethren lowered their heads,

            Again, Hades smiled.  “There’s nought to forgive me said.  I accept Aidoneus’ Song into my arms as my daughter.  She had earned her place amongst the Gods.  Her sacrificed to save a village she barely knew will have repercussions thousands of years into the future.  When Hermes Psychopomps escorts her to my realm, she will rise as a Goddess.”

            And Hades was true to his word.  I would not have my brethren bowing to me and bid they rose when they did.  I loved them dearly as the Goddess of Compassion, as much as I did as a mortal.  But for now, I returned to my new home, full of like and spirit, The Underworld, to be with my adopted father, in reverence.






I had to explain to another woman that Hades, Persephone and Isis were not evil.  That Hades and Persephone kept the balance and punished the evil and rewarded the good and is also the God of Justice and that Isis is an Egyptian Goddess.





I was fed up with the Eve saga and how they demonised the Gods.  So were the Gods.  They wanted to sort it out, especially Hades, who is the God of Justice.  They sorted thongs out peacefully with Xena, working out that Eve would only bring about their twilight if they attacked Xena and all ended well for both partied.  Hades returned to the Underworld and held Persephone close.







Erik Thomson and Stephen Lovatt were starring in a new series {I wish!!!} and I was in it too.  I made friend with both of them and said Hades in Xena got a bad rap and they agreed!  There was a new episode of Xena that redeemed the Gods.




I was going on adventures with Hades.   He was taking me all over planet Earth and the Universe and to alternate universes and alternate dimensions.  We were deeply in love.







I was in a large house, living with the Greek Gods before they could go back to Olympus, the oceans and the Underworld.  Hades and I were in love.  Persephone did not mind as Hades still loved her dearly.  I moved into Hades’ palace in the Underworld when he was able to go back there, clearing the energies.







In this dream, I am the Daughter of Hades. I was in an alternate world where people were trying to demonise Hades as they did not want justice. They put out a book called ‘The Terror of Hades.’  I countered it with a book called ‘The Wonder of Hades’ and set the people straight and Hades sent the dictators to Tartarus and freed the world from oppression.







I went into a gourmet chocolate shop and they also sold ice creams.  They had Persephone and Hades ones. Persephone was milk and white chocolate and Hades was milk and dark chocolate - yum!   I shared them with Persephone and Hades, who loved them too.








Hades had married me as well as Persephone.  We now lived in a modern house, protected by a moat, upon which sailed Kharon and the house was also protected by Kerberos.   An evil man wanted to poison Hades with something that could kill Gods.  He managed to turn Kharon against Hades and tried to poison Kerberos.  Hades and I saw and stopped him.  We saved Kerberos and got Kharon back onside again, negating the other man’s lies.  Hades sent him to Tartaros. Turned out the poison would not have hurt Hades anyway, being powdered rock from the planet Pluto and Hades, being the Sovereign and Lord of the Dead and the Underworld was immune to death, for which I am ever grateful.  He made me immortal by giving me some of the powdered rock in a lovely pomegranate smoothie he made.   We then decided to live between the Underworld and our mortal home.







I saw a musical put on by a lady who wrote a self-published novel about Hades and Persephone.  She made a beautiful musical of the book which also had the Lady of the Lake.  I was privileged and honoured to attend.






I got in the mail, a 2nd hand copy of Ginger Chalford’s Pluto ~ Planet of Magic and Power for a decent price and it was great.  {In real life, I am looking for this book!  REALLY Hope the dream comes true!}





1/10/21 - Happy October!  My birth month!


I was living with Hades, in a house and in the underworld - different from the dream above.  Hades wanted to write a book about his life and sell it as mythology and so we wrote books together.






Persephone was angry with Hades for his love affair with the nymph Minthe.   Then she was the love in his eyes for her and knew their relationship was in no danger and that Hades had genuinely loved Minthe too and she chose to forgive him.  They held each other in an immortal embrace.





25/10/21 - Two Hades dreams in one night - woo hoo!


I was reading Lore Olympus online and loving it. 


{This is a real webcomic, set in the modern day.  A love story between Hades and Persephone by Rachel Smythe.  You can find the real thing on Webtoon.





Hades was keeping the balance with his beloved Persephone.  They shared a passionate, heartfelt kiss.  Persephone knew he loved me as much as her and as I was no threat to the relationship, she welcomed me.




16/11/21 - Two Hades dreams in as many days, woo hoo!


Hades handfasted with Persephone and they both kept a diligent, vigilant watch on the Underworld and the balance.






Hades scried 88,000 years into the future and found all the Universes at peace and it heartened him.  Æther, the Universe told him it would be a journey to get there and Hades said that no one’s scroll book of life ever really ends, not even after death, as their spirit journeys on to the spirit world.






The real Hades met with the Disney Hades and both thought the other intriguing.   They both sentenced a soul to Elysium.  The real Hades told Disney Hades that he would be able to get into Elysium if he’d let up a bit on Hercules.  Disney Hades signed.

            “Don’t want to ruin my rep…”

            “Don’t worry,” the real Hades said with a smile.  “You won’t”

            And Disney Hades returned to his Underworld.






Kronos helped to rescue his family. He killed the evil spite that had threated his family and Hades sent the sprite to Tartaros.  The evil imp had tricked the Gods into thinking they were powerless when they were not.  and reconciled his differences with his wife and children who chose to forgive him. 







I was shopping with Hades in a modern supermarket after he got married.  He was in casual, modern dress.  He told me he was always watching over me.  He and the Gods reconciled their differences with Xena.






An ice-skating duo performed Hades and Persephone on ice.  Hades and I were touched by it and how flawless they were.   Hades cried as they showed that Persephone went with him willingly.  The ice skaters steering changes, the ‘earth’ opened up with a ‘crack’ in the ice and they went down to the ‘Underworld.’  The Hades skater showed Persephone Tartarus, Asphodel and the Elysian Fields.  Hades and I loved the beautiful show.






Hades, being the benign, beneficial God he is, used his powers to empower people to love their best lives.







Hades, being the benign, beneficial God he is, used his powers to empower people to live their best lives and love their lives.







A talisman was found that could wield great power, either destruction or peace; whoever wielded it could use it to their advantage Hades wanted it and set upon a quest to find it.  Fortunately, he found it before a greedy mortal and kept it for sake-keeping in his palace in the Underworld and used it for peace.





I saw a show with a bald Hades.   I did not mind, although I picture Hades with short, dark brown hair.  This rendition of Hades reminded me of Eugene Lipinski’s portrayal of Myth Quest, episode Orpheus, who was also bald. {This is a real show and episode}






A mortal woman, Alantra loved Hades as much as Persephone and she allowed her to be with Hades as Hades loved them both dearly.  Xena helped the woman get to Hades without having to die.  Alantra and Hades were most grateful.






I ventured down to the Underworld where it was safe form the harsh mortal world and cried bitter tears at the rejection and ridicule.  Hades came to me and held me close.  He advised me to let it all out, then softly wiped the tears way and held me to his string, immortal chest and allowed me to stay into the Underworld before coaxing my gently back to the mortal world to complete my work to create a better one with writing my self- help books and fiction, mainly fantasy and science-fiction. He told me he loved me and was proud of me and I hugged him before I left his domain.  He said it was always open and that the world needed my message.







Zeus was in pain after a battle and struggling not to show it.  Hades felt his brother’s pain and brought the waters of the River Lethe to forget it and urged that he see Paieon, the Olympic Medic for healing.  Zeus thanked his caring brother.






Maz Evans’ Hades from her ‘Who Let the Gods Out?’ series was helping his brethren escape Thanatos’ clutches and lovingly calling them ‘Homies.’ Sweet Hades!  They succeeded in the end.






The Greek Gods, including Hades went on an adventure with some mortals and had fun.  There was danger, but they all made it out relatively unscathed and they all had a great time.




28/3/22 - Two Hades dreams in one night. Woo hoo!


Hades helped a schizophrenic girl gain her courage and feel wanted.  This was in the modern day.  Being the God of Justice, he despises discrimination.  His brethren congratulated him.






Hades was doing a meditation with me to cleanse all that which no longer swerves, never did and never will and that which was troubling me.  It was very freeing and we kissed and held each other at the end of it.






Lore Olympus dream {Lore Olympus is a webtoon by the talented Rachel Smythe}

            Zeus forbade Hades to see Persephone and vice versa  {this really happened}  but they found a way to twist his arm in the end {hope this happens…}




Hades and I were married.  I was in a supermarket with him, buying some ingredients for souvlaki, including souvlaki lamb strips.  When we got home to the Underworld, Hades took care of the spirit of the lamb that the strips came from, ensuring it was free from sadness and trauma and set it free in Elysium, as we shared the souvlaki wraps together.





A God child was born and his patron was Pluto. Pluto and I took care of him.






The Greek Gods gave their love to humanity in the modern day, acting as our spiritual tour guides, no longer lords and masters.   Hades made me immortal so I could be with my love forever.







I went on an adventure with Hades, where we found some long-lost treasure and shared it with those who needed it most.






I went out with Hades, Zeus and Poseidon in modern-day clothing and we all had ice cream and coffee.  Poseidon also had a large Jamaican chocolate milkshake which he shared with us; it was so delish!   After, Poseidon when back to the oceans, Zeus to Olympus and Hades took me back to the Underworld, until the next tome we’d go out with his bothers and our next adventure!






Kronos had returned in the modern day and showed absolutely no sign of mellowing, wanting dominion over all.  Hades and his siblings fought him again.  The Gods decided to temporarily give Hades all their powers to defeat their father.  Hades disarmed his father and grew to an enormous size and picked him up.  Kronos struggled, hiding his terror.  Hades rose above Poseidon’s oceans.

“I will not hurt you,” Hades said, but you have left us no choice.

            “Hades, Please

            “Would you have shown mercy?”

            Kronos swallowed and hung his head.  Forgove me ….” He said softly.

            Hades have a warm smile.  “I already have.”      The Sovereign of the Underworld raised his father to his face and now Kronos’ terror showed. 

Hades smiled warmly.  “No, Father. I would never do that to you.”

Kronos breathed a sigh of utter relief.

“He deserves it,” Hera said, in a rage.

“Never the less, that would make me no better than him,” Hades said, calmly.

He then kissed his father’s forehead.

“Spare me,” Kronos begged.

“You will continue to abuse your powers. You know that.  We all know that.  Your spirit will return to Tartaros.

“I’m sorry …”

Hades felt his father trembling in his hand.  “That may be and there may come a time when you are able to use your powers wisely, but that is not this day and I daresay will not be for quite some time.”

He conjured a fireball to gently disintegrate him into glowing sparkles. As Hades premised, Kronos felt warmth, but no pain.

“It is done,” Zeus said.  “Our Father’s Reign has ended.”

“Yes,” Hades said, returning his brothers’ and sisters’ powers and returning tohis regular size.

“This is why we chose you to bequeath our powers to,” Zeus said, fir I know full well, we’d all be tempted to keep them.”

Hades chuckled.  “Your trust heartens me.”

“And you care too much.  I would have made the bastard scream.”

“Not necessary.  I feel our father has learnt his lesson and in a few thousand years, I feel he’ll be ready for release, for he will have matured enough to use his powers wisely and govern, not rule another world, that is in chaos.”

“Your insights are heartening,” Hades, Demeter said.

“Thank you, now met us go to the Underworld.  My shout.  I’m starving and Persephone has mae pomegranate pie.”

“Grand ... oh … but wait…”

“Don’t worry, I won’t keep you there,” Hades said, with a smirk.  “You can go when you’ve had Persephone’s pie and trust me, you won’t have to pretend to like it, it’s delish!”

“And with that, he whisked his siblings away.





In the modern day I texted both Hades and Loki to join me for a nice day out and then to an all-nighter screening of The Lord of the Rings extended trilogy and we had a great ‘ol time.





Hades invited his brethren for a luncheon in the Underworld.  He promised them he would not keep them there!   Everyone had a great time and Hades and Persephone were heartened by the company.




An enemy had tricked Hades into eating a poison which made im violent and hit Persephone.  She became terrified of her normally gentle, loving husband.  She sent to Zeus in desperation.


A relentless warlord sacked a village.  Persephone had to take charge of the Underworld as Hades could not.  She and Herakles saved the village.  Persephone sent the warlord and those of his cronies who had not turned against him and helped the village to Tartarus and the innocent villagers, including children to the Elysian Fields.

 He said she may have to approach Aether to kill Hades, which broke Persephone’s heart.  She discovered from Hekate, Goddess of Witches that knight’s milfoil {yarrow} would cure him.  She brewed a tea and put some of the herm in his food and he returned to normal. The guilt and shame on his face, unmistakable.

            “Ohh please forgive me…” he rasped.

            “Of course, my love.  It was not your doing.”

            They shared a kiss, then embraced each other gently.


16/9/22 – A Hades dream the day after, woo hoo!


A hero beseeched Hades to help him in his quests of saving the innocent and to help him send the guilty to Tartarus and Hades agreed to help, being the God of Justice.





Hades fell in love with me and took me to his Underworld and I jointly married him with Persephone, romantic!




26/9/22 – Two Hades dreams in one night, woo hoo!


Herakles as a God and Hades had a discus match and tied.  They shook hands and Herakles went to visit and pat Kerberos, his now friend, who he once tamed.





Hades was helping me through my mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health problems and I was lying in his bed with him leading a soothing, guided meditation.





Hades went to visit his honoured subjects




6/10/22 – Another two in one night, yabba dabba doo!  ;)


Hades let loose and abused his powers, sick of all the death in the world.  When he disturbed the balance, he pulled his head in and relented and set things right






In this dream, Hades chose the Underworld way back in ancient Greece {Called Hellas back then} as he felt for the lost dead shades {souls} and gave them and himself a home




Xena introduced Hades to her daughter {the Eve prophecy crap never happed and would NOT have happened in real mythology as Hades is also the God of Justice and the writers fucked up something fierce, boo hiss!  A stint in Tartarus for you all!}

Hades introduced Xena to his and Persephone’s Daughter, Allannah and allowed her to visit Solan






I explained to a friend that Hades never raped nor abducted Persephone, {this is true} that she went with him willingly down, down, to the depths of the Earth in the Underworld, {as Kore, the maiden} lest she be making flower chains and picking flowers forever, never growing and he helped her become the woman she was always meant to be.  She chose to eat the pomegranate seeds – they both knew full well and knew the other knew that it was a marriage proposal and it was Persephone herself, not a male God {no offence to men} who decided her fate to spend equal time above the world and in the Underworld as its queen, as she knew she needed to be a Goddess of both worlds.





Hades met Chiron and have him a balm to ease his pain and help him sleep, before Zeus took pity on the wounded healer and made him the constellation Sagittarius





Persephone wanted to kill herself her life was so dull {this was only in my dream not real mythology.}  Hades was horrified and went to help her and that he did






Hades sent a very evil clown to Tartaros upon the nefarious man’s death, in the hopes he would relent.





I was in the The Lord of the Rings books and having an adventure with the Fellowship.  We even met Hades, Lord of the Dead in ancient Greece, akin to Middle Earth’s Mandos, the Valar of the Dead and Justice.






Persephone and I were both married to Hades and he took us topside to a lovely, expensive restaurant; his shout! :)   We had a wonderful time.



7/1/23 – First Hades dream of the new year – Happy new Year!!



A mortal man gave Persephone a laurel wreath, and Hades a pomegranate as he had very little money and beseeched King and Queen of the Underworld to see his beloved wife, having recently crossed over to Elysium.  Touched, the two Chthonic Gods allowed him a visit – until it was his time to naturally join her



7/1/23 – Two Hades dreams in one night – woo hoo!


I was writing a book on the planet – {yes FULL planet, as I completely and utterly refuse to accept Pluto’s ridiculous ‘Dwarf Planet’ status :( - I feel this way in my real life as well} about the physical aspects of the planet and the astrological aspects, such as Pluto teaching us to take a long, hard look at ourselves and move through our trauma, leaving it in the past to move on freely






There was an art gallery {I wish this was real} for art relating to Hades, Persephone, Osiris, Isis and other Chthonic Gods.  It was truly beautiful and not morbid at all.







I was with Hades and we sat together.  I fell asleep in his arms.  He gently picked me up and put me to bed, aww.







In this dream, there was a God called Kantor who was the son of Nyx and Erebus.  Zeus trusted him and gave him as well as his brother, Hades the power to kill a God but if and only if they were abusing their powers.  Many years later, Kantor tried to convince Zeus that Hades was abusing his powers.  Zeus knew this to be a falsehood, but pretended to go along with Kantor’s nefarious scheme.  Hades ‘let’ Kantor’ kill him.  I bore witness.  I tricked Kantor into revealing his guilt on Mount Olympus.  He was killed and Hades sent him to Tartarus.






A mortal and his tag-along tied to steal Hades staff. I helped my love.  The men were sent to Tartarus and Hades kissed me and we made love in the Elysian Fields :)






Hades was helping Xena and Gabrielle slay a man-eating monster, saving many lives.






Hades saved the life of a grateful Hekate in the Gigantomachy, the battle between the Gods and the Giants.






Hades became trapped in his own Underworld in Tartarus, tricked by people who said they wanted to save humanity.  Osiris freed him and they were able to pass sentence on the charlatans.






I was talking with Hades in the Underworld.  He gave me a shoulder to cry on when I felt depressed and sad and he hugged me.  I got my notepad and began to write some inspiring things form my writing.







Once when I was stressed, I was making pumpkin in the slow cooker to make a pumpkin pie for my mother and I.  After four hours, it was ready.  I lifted out the pot and placed it on the bench, then it fell and smashed and I burst into tears.  Hades comforted me. He heled me clear up the mess, get out another slow cooker, place a new batch into it and two more batches in the oven to roast.  He helped me when the croc pot was finished and assured me it was all right.  Together, we made the pie and my other and I and Hades enjoyed it.










More dreams as I have them …




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