Nightly Dreams I have had in the Percy Jackson & The Olympians Universe. Please do not archive although you may link directly to this page.

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Note: Many of these dreams feature the Hades from the Percy Jackson Universe played by Steve Coogan so well


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In this dream, Grover and Annabeth were showing Percy the ropes having just arrived at Camp Half Blood.  They showed him the training equipment and told him of the dangers of Gods and monsters.  There were sons and daughters of all the Gods there, including Bethany, Daughter of Hades, but she was a sweetheart, always resurrecting dead birds and butterflies.  Percy rather liked her.  Annabeth was a bit jealous as she introduced Percy to the teachers.



Percy was in the Underworld desperately trying to convince Hades to join the fight against Kronos.  He understood why Hades was mad with Zeus.  Nico was helping Percy convince his father.  In the end, Hades gave in grumbling that nobody ever did anything for him.

            “Yes, I’ll join your fight – then you’ll leave me alone?”

            “Yes,” Percy agreed.

            “Good! Let’s kick Titan butt!” Hades said with a quirky smile.

Percy was relieved that Hades had agreed to help proving the Lord of the Dead wasn’t all bad. His family was grateful for his more than valuable help and Hades made sure they did not see him smile, or the tears brimming in his eyes.

Hades did care about his family after all, especially Nico and Persephone and his deceased mortal lover Maia who he often visited in the Elysian Fields...




In this dream, Pluto was talking to Hazel about Excalibur and its power to help the Gods and to help him get it.  He told her not to trust the Merlin team and Hazel was puzzled. Pluto told them that Usa, the leader of the Merlin team wanted Excalibur for herself.  Pluto reluctantly told Hazel to team up with Percy.  Each God had a team working toward the goal of finding Excalibur.  Professor Dumbledore had also come to help Chiron and also the leader of Camp Jupiter.  He also warned Hazel and Percy and the other teams about Usa. Each team split up, all were on the side of the Gods.

            After a mad, frenzied search, in the end Hazel, Percy and her team found Excalibur.  Despite his want of the Sword of Truth, Pluto swore he would not use it against the Gods. The Gods decided the Underworld was the safest place for it and its discovery brought peace and safety to the Gods. Only Usa was upset.  Dumbledore disowned her as his daughter.  As it turned out he was the reincarnated spirit of Merlin.  Usa was sad and left to contemplate her actions and to soul search.  Pluto congratulated his daughter and she made him congratulate Percy too and he chuckled and reluctantly did so, for her knew without Jackson’s help, the sword would have fallen into the wrong hands.  It was safe now and so were the Gods.






Hades had neglected his human love for far too long.  Now he knew she was still alive, he made more visit to her and his daughter in the Underworld.  (For More information see my Story: ‘Percy Jackson and the Daughter of the Unseen’ - not written yet) Hades also visited another of his human loves Maia di Angelo in the Elysian Fields.  Hades prompted the other Gods to take a more active role in seeing their mortal loves and their children so they knew they hadn’t been abandoned.  Zeus made the riles a bit laxer so that the children of the Gods felt more loved by their parents. 


Hades held his love in his arms.  Even Persephone had become accustomed to her and did not resent her presence since she brought out the best in her husband.  Even Percy Jackson noticed Hades was nicer and came to visit Nico, Hazel and two more of his children) from a mortal he'd had a brief fling with.) Yes, things were better at Camp Half Blood and Camp Jupiter and better with the world of the Gods.






My friends and I had the Percy Jackson series in a shopping trolley and we were talking about how clever Rick Riordan was and how much he knew about Greek mythology. I knew a lot myself but learned some new things form Percy Jackson.   We wheeled our trolley out and rode it along the bank of the Hudson.  Hades came up from the river. Hades was struggling between his Greek and Roman persona Pluto and we sent him blessings.  Poseidon/Neptune was helping him.  He helped him to harmonise both sides for which Hades/Pluto was grateful.  Hades smiled at us and thanked us for our blessings.  He transported us home and we invited him and Poseidon in.  Hades was surprised, not usually invited anywhere.  We had a small party and Hades and Poseidon were touched we’d invited him before he went home to the Underworld and Poseidon to the sea.






Told from Percy Jackson’s POV. A 17-year-old demigoddess, daughter of Artemis called Brigit was in love with Hades.  Yeah, I thought it was gross. I didn’t like Brigit. She was big and bulky like Clarisse, rude and full of herself.  Still she wasn’t quite as bad as Clarisse or Nancy Bobofit.   Hades came to her believe it or not and pretended to make love to her.  He was both intrigued and incensed that a demigoddess would be so forward.  Gods can do that – make mortals think things.  Again gross.  Brigit discovered Hades was toying with her and became more upset than angry, ran off and cried.  I felt sorry for her.  She just wanted to be love d- but by Hades? She told me she felt sorry for Hades, no one loved him and both of his mortal loves had died.  I never thought of it that way. Apparently, Hades was listening to put conversation – invisibility helmet and all and this time he came to Brigit when she was alone and really did make love to her, this once.  She described it as heavenly, strange for Hades.  He was gentle and gentlemanly and being with him took her to other dimensions.  You know doe some reason I didn’t find that gross, it sounded kinda nice and I hope my first time is just as special

            After that Brigit and Hades became good friends and later a little more than that when she became older.  Things were never peachy between Hades and Persephone but she seemed to understand her husband’s need for companionship and Brigit mellowed too.  I think both Brigit and Hades needed love. Mushy much?  Well that’s how it is, people.






Camp Half Blood had a few exchange students from Hogwarts, including Harry Potter.  Professor Snape had come with them. The camp was attacked by monsters and the Camp students, using their powers teamed up with the witches and wizards using their wands. Chrion and Snape made a good team and enjoyed working together. Together they saved Camp.

            “Good Work everyone,” Chrion said, giving a nod to Snape who nodded back and gave a nod of approval to the Hogwarts students.

 “We must arrange a date to have exchange students at Hogwarts,” Snape said. “I had my doubts, but it’s been fruitful.”

Chiron nodded. “Indeed, it has.”

The Hogwarts students bid farewell to their new friends, hoping it would not be too long before they saw them again.

Professor Snape told Chrion about Firenze and the Centaurs and Chrion was beside himself and reared in excitement before he looked embarassed. He rarely showed his emotions and it was a treat for the children to see.






Medusa’s daughter, Lisa was helping the half-bloods.  She was embarassed about her mother and like her mother, she too was a Gorgon with green skin and snakes for hair.  She wore sunglasses to protect her friends, although her powers weren’t as permanent as her mother’s she didn’t want to stone her friends, as she put it.  She, Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Grover Underwood and a few other half-bloods were on a boat heading out to sea.  Unfortunately, two monsters created by Ares jumped onto the boat Lisa fell overboard.  She was a fast swimmer and managed to catch onto the bottom of the boat, but a wave from Poseidon pulled her off.

            Poseidon appeared before her and she was terrified - the Sea God did not know she was on the demigods’ side.  He raised his trident and she almost cried.

            “Please Sir…Lord I mean no harm. I’m on your side, Percy’s side.” Her voice sounded bubbly underwater.

Poseidon lowered his trident and came forward so fast and grabbed her she got a shock.  He held her tightly but not too tightly as to hurt her.

“You’d better be telling me the truth, Gorgon.”

“I am,” she nodded emphatically.  “Percy and the others are in danger.  Monsters created by …”

Poseidon didn’t let her finish as in seconds he was by the boat. Ares’ monsters were attaching Percy and the half-bloods. Poseidon put Lisa down. She looked Ares’ monsters in the eye and they turned to stone. Poseidon smashed them.

            “Aww man!” came a voice.
            Poseidon ripped Ares out of the sky.

            “If you EVER harm my son again I don’t know how I’ll do it but I will.  You’ll pay Hades a visit.”

            Ares gulped and nodded. Poseidon let him go.  Lisa had her eyes closed so as not to turn her friends to stone. Her glasses had fallen off when she’d fallen overboard

            “Sorry,” Poseidon said, handing her glasses back.

Percy said they were investigating strange sounds from an island in the middle of the ocean. Poseidon said, a little embarassed that the Gods were having a party.  Ares hadn’t wanted half-bloods to crash it.

“We risked our lived for a party?” Percy asked, half-mad then he burst out laughing.

Poseidon smiled relieved.

            “I’d invite you but Dionysus Bacchanals would most likely kill demigods.”

He sent them back to camp Half Blood in a jiffy.

            “Thanks Dad. Enjoy your party.”

            “Have one of your own,” he said.  “If that stuffy Centaur Chiron will let you.”

            “I heard that,” Chrion said coming out of the bushes.

            Poseidon smiled.

            “Yes, you can have a party,” Chrion said. “Provided you clean up afterwards.”

            The students were emphatic and Percy introduced Lisa to Chiron who was bewildered to meet a good Gorgon, but then again Tyson was a good Cyclops so anything’s possible…






Hades appeared to side with the Titans. Nobody was surprised. His son Nico and daughter Hazel were down with him in the Underworld where the final battle was to take place.  The gods and demigods journeyed there to fight the Titans and Kronos. A few Titans like Rhea and Prometheus were on the Gods’ side. Prometheus put his hatred for Zeus aside and the two came to a reconciliation.  The two sides clashed and here Hades showed his true colours and fought with the Gods! He’d been a double agent, pretending he was on the Titans’ side to get them all down into the Underworld where it would be easier to fight the all than spread out. The Gods were relieved, although Hades was somewhat hurt that they thought he’d betrayed his family.   Nico and Hazel were in on it and they knew their father would not betray the Gods, at least that’s something, Hades thought as he fought with all his might and showed what a formidable warrior he was, defeating three Titans on his own and helping to being down Kronos.

            The Gods congratulated other, especially Hades after the battle after all the Titans were defeated and sent back down to Tartarus. Zeus clapped Hades on the back, the Underworld God was surprised to see such affection from his brother.

            The Gods made a pact not to kill or to send monsters after any demigods and to be even more active in their children’s upbringing.  Percy and the demigods were thrilled and Percy was impressed with Hades being a double-agent and told him so and that it was cool.

            “I’m cool,” Hades said, tossing his head.

            Nico and Hazel smiled.  “That’s our dad.”


The Gods and Demigods returned to the upper world, to Camp Half Blood and the Gods later returned to Olympus.  Nico and Hazel stayed with Hades in the Underworld and he was touched and they began to play games together. It’s not commonly known that Hades has a tender side and he rarely shows it to anyone but his beloved children.






My friends and I and Percy Jackson and his friends had been given tokens to go to the Underworld. They were beige coloured tokens which were sweet and edible. We daren’t eat them though. We braved the Underworld. Only one was the real token. It turns out it was mine.  I presented it to Hades who eyed all of us. Satisfied we’d passed the test, he let us be and went to a son of Zeus to test him.  Hades attacked him with a fireball. Peter, the son of Zeus ducked and braved Hades.  Hades threw more fireballs at him, Peter swerved and ducked them all until Hades attacked him, put his foot down on peter’s chest and conjured up a fireball.

            “Swear allegiance to me!” Hades demanded.  “And I’ll release your friends.”

            “I’d … rather …. die….” Peter rasped and spat at the same time.

Hades smiled, removed his foot and the fireball disengaged. “That, Peter, was the right answer.”

Peter looked confused as Hades helped him up. “It was a test of your loyalty,” Hades explained.

“And what would you have done if I swore allegiance?”

“Sent you to Tartarus for disloyalty… for a couple of weeks,” Hades added with a smile. “Like I did with them…” Hades indicated some teenage demigods in Tartarus, which he released.  “I hope you’ve all learned your lessons.”

Terrified, yet relieved, they nodded. Hades went to a demigoddess in the Elysian Fields and spoke gently to her. She had just cried with fear when Hades had tested her.  “I’m so sorry I had to frighten you,” he spoke softly. She stood up and hugged him. Now it was Hades turn to feel uncomfortable, then he returned the embrace of the Daughter of Artemis.  He let the demigods and goddesses go, a little wiser and to the relief of their deity parents.  Hades came to us and thanked us for passing his test and I chose to stay in the Underworld with him, Hazel, Bianca and Nico. Percy said I was crazy. I told him if I wasn’t I’d be boring and Hades laughed, though not the evil laugh one would expect from the Lord of the Dead.  It was high and sweet and I was home and later became Hades’ third wife.






The Percy Jackson Gods, including Hades teamed up to save humanity. Percy was impressed at Hades going all out for humanity; one would think he’d enjoy more souls. Humbly, Percy found out Hades was also the God of Justice, appalled at the atrocities of humanity; just didn’t let on that he cared. He had a tough, black clad anti-hero rep to uphold after all and in the end, it was Hades and Annabeth that saved humanity. Percy helped. He promised Hades not to let on that he cared and threatened to send him to Tartaros and have him covered in biting ants. Percy smiled; he knew Hades was joking, but kept his promise. His brothers knew anyway, just kept quite so Hades could keep is reputation intact.







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