*Name is Hades Lord of the Dead, hi howya doin'?*


No doubt you've all seen the film Disney's Hercules *spit* It's original title was that of yours truly in fact - but of course Testosterone Boy even had to steal *that* from me. Now I've managed to dig up the lyrics to the songs that *sigh* never made it to the film's final draft. - Hey, I'm not such a bad guy really, Hey a little misguided, Whatsay ya give me another chance, Bolt Boy?


Okay, okay, keep your toga on. Never had much of a sense of humor that guy. Hey, so maybe I deserve some manure thrown in my face, but enough's enough - like hey -- I'm supposed to be the bad guy, like what ya gonna do? Make me stop and smell the narcissus? Like even.

Well here they are, people, the real lyrics .... Panic, stop runnin' around like that you're makin’ me dizzy!


"Pain's trying to bite me!"

... *Sigh* Minions....




The Gospel Truth


If there's one god you definitely wanna get steamed up, it's Hades ....

‘Cos he had a Maestro plan

Oh yeah, girl...

He ran the Underwoooooooorld

The dead souls were his to own

He was as cool as he was sexy

And that's the Gospel Truth

He had a plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan to shake things up

And that's the Gospel Truth, ohhhh!


Young Herc was mortal now

But since he did not drink the last drop

He still retained his godlike strength

Pain and Panic are in for it now

But Zeus and Hera wept

Because their son could never come home

They'd have to watch their precious rugrat

Grow up from afar

Boo Hoo!

So Hades' brilliant plan

Was hatched before the brat caught his first tooth

That's what you get for messin' with the

Cool, suave God of the Underworld

Tell it girls...

And That's the Gospel Truth ...

The gospel truuuuuuuuuuth ...




Token to Smoken'      Hey, Get Down!


Hades was so hot

He made steam look cool...

Ohhh yeah....!

Bless my soul

Hade was on a roll

Villain of the week in every Greek opinion poll

What a pro

Hade could stop a show

Point him at Hercules and you're talkin' S.R.O

Hercules is a no one

A Zero, Zero

Hades is a honcho

He's a cool dude

Here's a God with his act down pat

From token to smoken’ in no time flat

Token to smoken’ just like that! (Click fingers)

When he smiled

The crowds went wild with ooohs and aaahs

And they slapped his face on every vase

Even a naked pose! Oo hoo!

From appearance fees and royalties

Our Hade had cash to burn

Now nouveau riche an famous

Hair a'flame

He could tell you anything

Say, oh Lord!

There he goes again

Sweet and undefeated

And an awesome 10 for 10

Folks lined up

Just to watch his flame

And this perfect bod

Put Apollo to shame, yeah!

Oww! Hadie he comes

He sees, he conquers

Honey, the crowds were goin’ bonkers

He showed the charisma, brains and spunk

From token to smoken’ a major hunk

Token to Smoken’ hair so punk

Who put the Al in aligator?


Whose mischievous deeds are great the-a-ter?


Is he cool?

No one cooler!

Is he slippery & sweet?

Our favorite flavour! Mmmm!

Ha-ades, (My God!) 

Ha-ades! Ha-ades, Ha-ades! Ha-ades, Ha-ades!


Bless my soul

Hade was on a roll


Riding high

And the *coolest* guy

Very conceited!

Hade's a hotshot

Smoken’ Smoken!

He's a babe!

Smoken’! Smoken’!

Hit the heights at breakneck speed

From Token to smoken’

He's everything

Now he's more!

And he's *soooo* cute!


Yes Indeed!


Ain't it the truth?


Yeah Baby, Yeah!




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