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Sexy pic, ah? Took me ages to get my flamin' hair right!






Hades in Disney online game Who Wants to be a Villionaire? ;>)





Going once... or is that gimme 5? >;)








Ahh ... Home sour home....















Whoa! is my hair out?!




My Disney's Hercules decals





The God of the Dead Live at Disneyland. I SO wanna go there and see him!!

{With thanks to Melody for the first two pix!}



Hades from 'Hercules on Ice.' Man I SO wanna SEE this show!!!


Hades from Walt Disney World.  Wanna see him too!




Hades in Cool Disney Hercules electrical float, New York City, 1999

Would have loved to have seen it in real lfe.

You can get a fanmade DVD of it  on eBay





Hades from the 'Villains Unleashed' show.  I guess Meg is there as she tricked Hercules at first.

Would LOVE to see this show!

Here's the next best thing - youtube vids of it


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Hades and Lady Hades Cos Play ~ some of these are really brill!












~ Disney Hades Art ~



Cute baby Hades



Very Sexy Hades




Hades by Defiant Princess 21



Gorgeous Disney style Nix & Thanatos by Lucemon 666


Gorgeous Baby Cerberus!!



Gorgeous Hades egg


Made this at an old workplace and someone else wrote Hades rules at the bottom, hehe



Did this with a whiteboard marker at that same workplace in an abandoned room.  'Pre history' and the timeline was already there.


GORGEOUS Disney style Persephone from one of the Hades Ladies. Colour by Seawave.


Me dressed as Discworld's Death. Notice there's a skeletal hand by my face - turned out that way in the photo!

{With thanks to my mum for the pic and th many, many costumed pics she took of me}


GOREGOUS Lady Hades by Sakimichan


Hades looks so sexy here!!!!


Lady Hades dress ups



How to draw Hades


Sorry I lost the first half of this :*( -

I would appreciate it of someone pointed me in the direction of a scan of it



Cool Hercules display at one of the Famous Players Cinemas when I was in Canada in 1997.

Loved Hercules (Hades ;) so much I went twice back to back!




Stop the Press!





You know they's wearing H for Hades, right?   >;)


Hermes, Poseidon, Demeter, Hercules, Persephone (My Sephy...) Ares



Hades got tired waiting for the ancient Greek internet to load... >;)




Greg Germann as Hades in Once Upon a Time


Scenes from Disney's Hades Challence computer game.

Wah! I wish I could still play it in Windows 8 - any ideas how?


Crete - notice the statues of the Gods in the background. Posiedon, Zeus, Hermes & Hercules



                                                       The Argo                                                              Seriphos - cool statue of Artemis.  Wish I had her figure! >;)



I am also after the sound file from this game of Hades saying "Hey there, hi there & ho there & welcome to my world." Thanks!


Not Disney, but a great series. Hades isn't in this book too much, but he's characterised well.


Not true. I've seen Hades eating a worm ;)


Reminds me of adventuring in the Underworld


Funny Hades Manips












Me & Hadie


Hades Goodies


Amazing Hades cake!!!




Want the figures!!!!


 Hades perfume!! Want!!!



Want this Hades watch too!


'Underworldly Associates' print. Another on my want list. Expensive and hard to find, sadly :*(


3 Hades t-shirts.

I have the last one and am on the lookout for a new one as mine is getting on a bit. Sadly it's not immortal like its namesake :*(

The 'You're Toast' shirt is my clutter clearing shirt - along with my G1 Megatron shirt with fusion cannon out, LOL! Clutter, get thee gone!



I want to get the box set of House of Mouse if there is one.



Disagree that Hercules was half-hearted or the movie jarred but definitely that Hades upstaged Hercules!!!


A sticker I bought whilst holidaying in NYC in 1997






My Hades/Hercules Goodies (sorry for bad scan of first pic)




Cute plush Hades


Hades Pins/Badges










The Talented James Woods! ~ Voice of Hades!!


Did you know that Hades is actually a caricature of James Woods? You can see it especially in Hades' lips.









James doing Hades





Hades, let your nephew put some pics up.

Aww... Do I *have* to?!

Yes or no ambrosia cake for you!


All right, but not too many, otherwise I'll charge him rent!













Herc & Meg by  xxflyingfree - Gorgeous!


Sassy Megara













                                                                      Greek Hercules Poster

At least I'm *in* those >;)


This brochure was banned as they thought the Hercules' actor's finger looks like the statue's willy...


I can see why this badge was banned >;) - It's supposed to be Hercules' foot!

With thanks to Gary for sending me scans of these


Brilliant Megara Cos play!





Hades' favourite computer command >;)

He pressed this in 'Clash of the Titans' >;)


Got these yummy cuties in 2005 at Sydney airport, before I went to a pilgrimage to Glastonbury in August 2005

Pluto is STILL a full planet as far as I'm concerned!!!!




Oiy! Who put those pics there? I thought I told pain and Panic to burn them...

Fer shame! What was I thinkin'? I musta had one too many goblets of Dionysos' wine ...

If ya tell anyone that I hugged Hermes or Cupid's cherubs I'll send ya flamin' ass to Tartarus!







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