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Author's Notes:  This story is slightly similar to my "Twilight Song" although different. Alternate ending to series 5 finale.   Followed by sequel: "Immortal Soul."   Archangel Gabriel not to be confused with Gabrielle.

Summary: Hades has to deal with feelings of rage, retribution and loss.

 Rating M - Drama





Mount Olympus erupting in battle, Xena threw a large chalice of water over Hades, fizzing out his fireball. The God of the Dead looked furious, and he could not ignite another fireball just yet.

Instantly he drew his sword, circling his opponent, Xena doing the same.

"I don’t want to kill you, Hades..."

"Nor I you, Xena, but you leave me little choice."


And their swords clashed. And clashed again.

In a white ripple, Celesta appeared, holding her eternal flame. Hades smiled at Xena, and they changed positions. Celesta wished desperately to intervene, but she could not. All she could do was watch. Hades sensed her distress and looked over at her briefly. The tears streaming down her cheeks told him, with a shock, she had not come to take Xena, and he backed off a little.

The Warrior Princess slammed a statue leg into his stomach, and drew her sword as he fell to the ground.


Xena momentarily looked to see a terrified Celesta.

"Xena, please... My flame was never meant for Hades..."

Hades could not yet release another fireball, though Xena saw he had no intention of letting up.

"I have no choice, Celesta..."

"Xena ... He fights for his family as you do ... Please..."

"I'm sorry..." Xena stabbed down.

"No ..."

Celesta did the only thing she could to save her brother. The Spirit of Death blew out her candle and collapsed.

Xena's sword pierced Hades' stomach.

He felt nothing. He didn't care. "No ... Celesta ..."

He stood, pushed Xena away and ran to his sister's side, holding her gently, her life ebbing away. Hades picked up her candle, his fiery powers returning, he ignited it, knowing it would not save his sister though it would give him the power to kill. Hatred and bitter tears in his eyes, he ignited another fireball, glaring at Xena.

In her last moments of life, Celesta spoke weakly to her brother. "Hades, no ... please ..."

"Celesta ..."

"No, Hades ... Please don't let vengeance take you ... Don't let hatred corrupt you ..."

"Celesta, she ..."

The Spirit of Death smiled weakly. "You're angry ... Though if you start down the path of hatred ... revenge, you won't be able to look back ... It'll destroy you, who you are ... crush your true heart and eat your gentle soul ... everything I hold dear... Brother, *please...*"

Celesta took one last breath as Death's life slipped away in her brother's arms. Hades held her close, making no effort to hide his tears.

Xena watched in sadness, though the Warrior Princess had no choice but to defend her child.

Hades cradled his sister's body.

"Hades! She's dead! Leave her!" Discord yelled.

The Lord of The Dead screamed, thrusting a fireball into the Goddess, furious at his sister's life being treated so cheaply.

He turned to glare at Xena, the Warrior Princess ready to defend herself as the God stood, Celesta in his arms.

"I'll be damned to Tartarus if I'm going to betray my Sister's final wish."

With that he pushed past her to find his Chariot. Xena both impressed and relaxing a tad, though she still had the other Gods to contend with.

Hades found his slightly worse for wear chariot.

His four black horses, happy to see him, although Hades would return the feelings, right now all he felt was pain, sadness and rage. He climbed inside his chariot, gently resting his sister against him, holding her as he prepared to leave.

The Lord of the Dead saw Xena fighting, directly in his path, an easy target. Hades ignited a green fireball.


The Warrior Princess turned, wide eyed, there was no way she could move in time.

"Move!" Hades yelled, as his chariot roared forward.

His tone and presence brooked no argument as Xena dashed for cover at the last possible moment. Hades fired, creating a new exit, his four black steeds thundering from Mount Olympus, back to the Underworld.

* * *

Hades gently lay his sister's still form on his soft bed, softly stroking her delicate, now lifeless face.

"Ohh, Celesta, my gentle sister ... If only there was something I could ... Wait ... there *is* something I can do..."

"Are you prepared to do that, Hades?"

The Lord of the Underworld spun around to see Archangel Gabriel appear. Hades exhibited no malice toward the winged being, but at this moment he was not very happy to see Gabriel, though the Angels were a mystery to him and he had hoped to learn more about them, Celesta occupied his every thought right now.

"Yes," Hades said. "I am."

"You're willing to give up your Godhood and Realm for her?"


"Will you give your life?"

"Yes," Hades answered, after a short moment. "She gave her life for me..."

"Would you sacrifice your Soul?"

Hades took a deep breath, swallowed, then answered. "Yes ... Yes I would. Take it."

"Then you may save her."

The Lord of the Dead breathed again. "Thank you."

It was novel of him to have to thank another, though felt grateful he was able to save one he held so dear, even if it would cost him everything he had. Slowly he turned and sat on his bed, gently removing Celesta's dark hair from her pale face.

Softly, he placed his hands upon her waist, and thought of nothing but restoring her life and Godhood. Gabriel's presence somehow made it easier. He didn't know what the other had planned for him, and although he was afraid, he surmised the Archangel would be gentle.

Hades closed his eyes as he gave everything he had to Celesta, his energy and love flowed into her, and he thought not of what he was losing, but the life he was giving back to her.

The exchange lasted only a few minutes before Hades collapsed next to his sister.

In the next few moments, the Spirit of Death awoke, blinking, disorientated at first.

"H ... Hades..."

Her brother lay next to her, slowly opening his eyes and looking around. "Celesta..." Without a thought for anything else in the Universe, he placed his arms around her, a moment later, feeling his sister return his gentle embrace.

When they parted, Hades looked to the Archangel.

"I'm ready."

"For what?"

"Didn't you say-"

Gabriel smiled gently. "I asked if you would sacrifice your life and Soul. I didn't say I would take them."

Grateful, Hades smiled back as the winged being vanished.

Celesta looked into her brother's ocean blue eyes.

"Hades ... You're mortal... Ohh, Hades ..." Celesta gently touched his face as she embraced him gently. "I cannot thank you enough for your gift."

"Nor can I for yours."

* * *

Above the Earth now, Celesta lead her brother, the latter dressed in a white shirt and dark pants, though he fused with his new clothes.

"You look fine," Celesta said with a smile. "There's a village not too far from here."

"I can't thank you enough..."

Celesta smiled and gently stroked his cheek.

"It is I who should thank you, Brother. You gave everything for me."

"I put you in that situation in the first place."

"You were doing what you felt was right. The only thing you knew you could to protect your family. Maybe your Godhood will be restored someday."

Hades smiled. "It'll take some getting used to..."

"Life is full of challenges, whether an immortal or not, my Brother."

Hades smiled. "You should have been the Goddess of Wisdom."

Celesta smiled.

Hades paused before he spoke. "And when my death comes in this life, I'll be ready for it."

"I'm not sure I will," Celesta admitted.

Hades smiled. "You can take me to that nice Elysian Fields place. I'm sure Hades won't mind."

The Spirit of Death laughed, the sweet sound filling the Spring air as she lead her brother to start his new journey.





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