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Summary - A certain Goddess' reflections on Hades 

Author's note:  Set after the series 5 finale

 Rating PG - Drama


Eternal Flame


Zeus' Thunderbolt rips through my heart

Or so it seems

Eternal bleeding

Eternal pain

Not a soul to dry my tears

Where for art thou

You do not answer

You cannot

My soul aches

For your comforting words

Your love

Your gentle arms

Memories are all I have of these

Death is a part of life

I have always believed

Why now do these words

Sound so hollow

Never again to be held by you

Nor my soul comforted

You are the only one

To accept me for who I was

Gave me your shoulder upon which to cry

You were always here for me

When I needed you to dry my tears

The times you would come to me

To console you

Are gone

Never again will my gentle words

Soothe your soul

Never an angry word you had to say

Even when our thoughts differed

A gentle smile was all

You had to say

You respected my beliefs

As I do yours

You listened to my words

Though you did what you

Felt you had to do

I can only hope

Your Soul is free

At peace


That in death you found serenity

That which you always needed

Caressed only by a gentle breeze

As I grieve

I refuse to believe that

You are lost forever

I may be the only one

That knows your loving, gentle side

I finally smile

Through oceans of tears

My fears alleviate

If only a little

In time we shall meet again

And cherish each other's

Gentle embrace

As the Soul is Eternal

The flame of your love, gentleness,

Honour, integrity, compassion

Burns bright

As does your Legacy

You who are my love

My friend

My Brother


~ Celesta ~



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