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Summary: A certain Goddess realises her love for Hades.

Author's Note:  Set after series 5 finale

 Rating - PG - Drama




I hear him scream, I see him fall. I feel his pain. Another of us gone. In rage, I scream, my hatred for Xena burning my soul. In that moment, I thought my throat and heart would burst.

In a bloodcurdling thud, his body lay, motionless, a twisted black mess, I could not bear to look. A few moments ago he was so full of life and vigour, ironic that he's the Lord of the Dead.

I never paid him much due when he lived.

Now, I want to touch him, help him, but it's too late. Why couldn't he have seen it coming? Why couldn't we all have? There is nothing I can do, but weep when I have a moments peace.

My beloved friend Artemis, slain by Xena's hand. Poseidon, powerful God of the Seas, fierce Discord, erratic Demios, Hephaestos, beloved consort of Aphrodite, Queen Hera, Zeus, King of the Gods ... But none of their deaths pain me as much as Hades ...

And ironically, my own death put it into perspective ... We'd become arrogant, too big for our boots, believing the mortals nothing more than toys to be played with. Ironic that one of these toys should rise and kill the Gods.

In death I sit, I know not where, or what will become of me, or my kind. Will the other Deities be forgiving? Will they take us to another world, another place? Another dimension or time?

It's barren here, as I sit and wait. I wonder if Hades' fate is similar to mine, or would he have gone back to the Underworld?

Sometimes not knowing is worse than death.

Tears adorn my cheeks for a love I never knew, words I never said. Words which may forever remain untold. My heart aches, my throat taught, my pain eternal. I scream in frustration and wonder if my cries can be heard in Heaven and Hell.

And I wonder if Hades will ever know the love of the Goddess of Wisdom ...




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