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Summary: AU. Xena tries to rescue Eve from the Underworld, though she knows Hades will stop at nothing to stop her.

Rating PG - Drama




Eyes wide with terror, the Warrior Princess screamed in horror as Zeus' Thunderbolt struck Eve, killing her instantly.

Hercules yelled as he rushed his father, gripping the rib of Cronus, though there were no more tomorrows. The King of the Gods vanished, in fear of his own safety, knowing his son, would never forgive what he had just done. Sorrow flooded him as he turned to Hercules, seeing the tears streaming down the Demigod's face. Zeus had wished there was another way, but alas, he had seen none. Through his pain and sorrow, Hercules saw his father's pitied expression, though it did little to alleviate his pain and rage, let alone Xena’s.

Mercifully Eve's body had been vaporised by the blast. Hercules was relieved Xena would not have to look upon it.

Tears streaming down her cheeks, Gabrielle held her grief stricken friend as Hercules fell to his knees beside Xena.

"I'm so sorry ... I couldn't stop ..."

Bitter tears ran down his cheeks. Through her pain, Xena touched his face and shook her head, before she shut her eyes tightly and screamed until her throat was hoarse and then screamed again.

* * *

Hades steadied himself as the Underworld stopped shaking.

Then silence, so silent, it gave him the shivers, as though the entire Universe had stopped.

And then screams shattered that silence and they didn't stop.

Hades closed his eyes for a few moments. He had heard those screams many times - from those who had lost someone they truly loved. The sound of a shattered heart. And Xena made that sound again. Screams that pierced his soul.

Part of him, relieved it was over, the other pitying Xena, losing her second child, though what other way had there been? The Gods were safe now, the Twilight averted, and although Hades himself had tried to kill Xena, it did not make him feel any better about what the Gods had to do.

He spun as a flash caught his attention, and he stared as Eve appeared in his Chambers. The God surmised she was no ordinary baby. The naked babe began to cry, cold, frightened and alone in this seemingly unwelcoming place.

Hades approached her, partly angry for the trouble she had caused, though looking at this small, innocent baby, any anger he had vanished. The babe knew nothing of the Twilight, the Gods, or the upheaval she had caused. Hades sensed her fear and confusion. He felt awkward as he picked her up. He felt as though he'd just picked up a feather as he held her gently in his arms. Much to his surprise the babe's sobs ebbed, seeming comfortable in the arms of a total stranger - one that would have seen her killed. He bore the child no malice now, but had wished there had been another way, though there had not and now Eve was his responsibility. The tiny baby seemed to disappear in the folds of his velvet robe as he carried her to the Elysian Fields.

Hades felt awkward as he approached Solan.

"I'm sorry you had to suffer," he said, "but you told me you did not want to forget your mother."

"It was my choice," Solan said.

"I'm sorry if I didn't explain the Elysian Fields properly to you."

Solan gave an understanding smile. "You were trying to explain it to a child. I understand now."

Hades smiled. "I've come to-"

"I know why you're here. You have my sister."

Hades nodded, uncomfortable as he revealed Eve, tucked away in his robe.

Solan looked sad.

"I'm sorry," Hades said quietly. "We saw no other way."

"I feel my mother's grief."

"As do I. She felt the same when she lost you."

Hades felt uncomfortable talking to the boy's spirit, as though he were being judged, as the God of Judgement as well as Death, he realised how frightening being judged could be.

"I bear you no ill will, Hades," Solan said. "I feel for Xena, though the Gods were protecting their family as my mother was protecting hers."

"Thank you, Solan," Hades said, feeling as though a burden had been lifted, impressed with Solan's wisdom.

He knelt down, gently giving Eve to him, the boy's spirit taking his sister's into his arms.

"Thank you, Hades."

"Thank *you.*"

The God turned and walked away, his robe flowing behind him as he returned to his castle. He did not feel elation about what had been done, but for someone so close to Xena to forgive him, alleviated his guilt a little, though something told him it wasn’t over.

* * *



Gabrielle looked concerned. It had been less than a week since Eve's death and already Xena had seemed to have recovered from the ordeal, though the Bard wasn't convinced with her friend's show of strength.

"Xena, you need to take time to grieve."

The Warrior Princess didn't answer.

"She's right," Hercules said. "Xena-"

"I'm fine!" Xena snapped, knowing full well they saw right through her. "I need time to think ... I-"

Hercules looked concerned. "Xena ... Gabrielle’s right - you need to grieve."

Xena's eyes burned into Hercules', he saw her burning pain and anger, though thought it best not to rush her.

Xena's gaze faltered and she failed to stop a tear escaping. She quickly turned her head as she finished saddling Argo.

"Where are you going?" Hercules asked.

"To Hades."


"I'll get Eve back, if I die trying."

The Son of Zeus took her arm. "Woah ... That's the first thing the Gods'll be expecting."

Xena regarded him. "That's why you're gonna show me that secret entrance to the Underworld."

Hercules blinked. "I am?"

"Or I go in the hard way."

"Xena, Hades'll be onto you like a flash."

"Won't Persephone be jealous," Xena said without humour. She paused before continuing. "So are you going to show me or what?"

"Do I have a choice?"


Hercules sighed. "How did I let you talk me into this..."

Under normal circumstances, Xena would have smiled.

"All right," Hercules began, "you'll get yourself killed barrelling in there. Promise me you'll be careful."

"Aren’t I always?"

Hercules gave a small smile. "All right ... here's what you do..."

He began to give Xena directions.

"... And when you get to the river Eridanus, hang a left, cross the river, the trees will shield you from view as you enter the Fields..."

When Hercules had finished, Xena placed her hand on his shoulder. "Thank you, I know that wasn't easy for you."

"Better than you get yourself killed ... Xena, I want to come with you."

"No, Hercules, it's dangerous enough on my own."

The Demigod sighed, reluctant. "Be careful."

Xena managed a small smile, the first time she'd smiled since, even the Gods didn't know.

Gabrielle regarded her friend with concern. "Xena ... Hades won't let you take Eve, and if you do escape with her, he'll alert the other Gods that-"

"No he won't," Xena said, drawing the Dagger of Helios.

Gabrielle's eyes widened a tad. "Xena ..."

"Who's side are you on, Gabrielle?!"

"Yours, of course, as if you need to ask... But if you let hate take you, you may never find your way again."

Xena smiled. "Don't worry, Gabrielle, I'll be in and out before you know it."

The Bard looked after Xena, worried as her friend went to Hades.

* * *

Finally having a chance to rest, Hades lay in his bed chambers, taking a while to fall asleep. The Gods had come so close to losing their lives, so close to oblivion, it scared him. It scared them all. Although it was over, the shock had taken its toll. Hades tossed and turned, before finally falling into a dreamless sleep.

Xena followed Hercules' instructions to the letter, and even though Hades had strengthened the boundaries to the Underworld, knowing full well a certain Warrior Princess may come to collect, Xena managed to slip by, silent as the night.

Her mind frame set. She knew she had to kill Hades before she rescued her daughter. Part of her was pained to do so. He was the one God she'd considered a friend, though that friendship had dissolved the moment he'd raised a hand against her and her baby, the rational part of her knew he fought for his family and his life as she had done, but the rational part of her had been placed on standby and the one thing on her mind was to kill him.

The Underworld grew darker as she approached Hades' Palace, the dragon's bain she had with her, kept Cerberus and the Harpies asleep as she scaled the walls of the castle.

The Warrior Princess slipped into a small window, barely big enough for her, but she was in. Xena took a breath and centred herself the best she could. It was now or never as she made her way to Hades' chambers, dagger in hand.

Each step seemed to take forever, the few steps she had to go seemed like a marathon, an epic journey, as she entered Hades bed chambers. Seeing him asleep, a twinge of guilt as she raised the dagger.


Xena jerked and nearly gasped, almost dropping the dagger as she darted behind a large stone carving. One thing she hadn’t counted on. Persephone. It was nowhere near Autumn.

Hades stirred and opened his eyes.

"Persephone ... what..."

His wife smiled warmly as she knelt down to him, kissing him and gently placing hr arms around him.

"Your mother's going to freak."

Persephone smiled. "I just wanted to see if you were all right... I mean this whole Eve thing..."

"Stank worse than the Aegean Stables..."

"And Xena ... how..."

"Grieving," Hades said, "like any mother would."

Persephone looked contrite. "I wish we didn't have to-"

"As do I, but we did."

Their words fell of deaf ears, though Xena bit her tongue.

//And I must do what I must do.// Xena knew her chance at Hades was gone.

"Thank you for coming to me," Hades said smiling warmly. "It means a lot."

He gently embraced his beloved wife.

The Goddess of Spring stroked her Husband's cheek. "My pleasure, My Love."

"Go now," Hades said, "before anyone realises you're gone."

Persephone gave a sad smile as she stood.

The Warrior Princess leapt at her only chance, grabbing the Goddess of Spring.

Hades sat bolt upright. Xena's eyes burned into him.

Persephone tried to break free, but Xena held her fast. The Lord of the Dead stared in horror as Xena held the Dagger of Helios to his beloved's throat.

"Xena ... No ... Please... don’t..."

The Warrior Princess became angry. "Perhaps I should grant as much mercy as the Gods granted my baby..." She tightened her grip.

Persephone whimpered.

Hades’ eyes showed his terror. "Xena ... Persephone did nothing... Please do not harm her..."

Part of Xena was pained to see the fear in Hades’ eyes, the other part of her was not so merciful.

"Xena ... Please ... She means everything to me .. I"

"AND EVE MEANT EVERYTHING TO ME!!" the warrior screamed.

Both Gods flinched.

Xena calmed somewhat and glared at Hades. "I want Eve back, Hades."

"Xena, I can’t ..."

"Then you can visit your wife in the Elysian Fields." Xena prepared to strike.

"NO!! Xena ... Please .. I’ll release your child ... Just please don’t..."

"Hades, you can't ..." Persephone protested. "The other Gods will-" Xena tightened her grip.

"I will release your child, Xena," Hades said, his voice even. "Please ... let her go."

"Do I have your word, Hades?"

"Yes. You have my word." Hades did not hesitate.

The Warrior princess thrust the Goddess of the Underworld into her beloved’s arms. Hades could not hold back a sigh of relief as he embraced his love, failing to stop a wayward tear.

Again Xena felt a pang of guilt, but didn’t know else she could have done.

Gently Hades and Persephone kissed, eternally grateful to be reunited again, once again cherishing the gift of life.

Persephone looked at him, worried. "But Hades, the other Gods..."

"I’ll deal with them," he said. He kissed her cheek and stood.

In a flash, both he and Xena disappeared form the Underworld and appeared above the world.

"Thank you," Hades said.

"Don’t," Xena said. "I wish I hadn’t have had to, Hades ... And I realise killing one life to save another is hardly altruistic."

"But you love your daughter as I love my wife and sister."

Xena nodded.

"I will honour my word, Xena, but before I do, you must promise me one thing."

"What’s that, Hades?"

"If I do this, Xena, you will never again return to my realm, until the event of your natural death, upon which you will never again leave."

After a pause, Xena spoke. "You have my word, Hades and I will honour it."

"As I will honour mine, Xena." Hades waved his hand gently. "Your child."

As Hades vanished to the Underworld, the child appeared in a ripple.

Xena stared in disbelief. "Solan ..."

* * *

Persephone gently held her husband.

"You did what you had to do, My Love."

"I know ... Though it doesn’t make it any easier ... Perhaps someday, all will be well ..."

The Lord of the Dead sat on his soft bed. His beloved sat next to him, gently holding him in her arms.

"When," Hades continued, "only the Fates know ..."




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