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2023 marks 20 *wonderful* years of Star Child's Fanfic Galaxy

Page has been SOOOOOO much fun to put up and a fun pastime updating her.

Hope you enjoy reading the stories and looking at the pix and vids as

mush as I did bringing them all to you. More to come, watch this space!


Happy 20th Anniversary, SCFG!!!!   Hip! Hip! Hooray!


She graced the web for the first time on December 27, 2003


--  Formerly at FortuneCity, 368 HAL Boulevard, Tatooine  --



Sharing some of the DELICIOUS, GORGEOUS red velvet {with salted caramel butter cream} VERY cute Unicorn cake I had for my 45th birthday, 2017.


YUM!!!!! NOM!  NOM!  NOM!


You're never too old for Unicorns, Mermaids, Faeries, Elves, Dragons ~ Or Sparkles! ;)



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Mae Govannen, Mellonea {Well met, Friends} ...  Be you Vampire {Vegetarian or not} ... Jedi or Sith, Elf, Faerie or Shapeshifter, Mutant or Dark Lord, God or Goddess Robot, Android, Hologram or Computer, Angel, Daemon or Spirit, Dwarf, Merfolk, Witch or Wizard, Moon Princess, From Ever After High, Monster High or Camp Half-Blood, Unicorn,, Dragon or Zelf, etc, etc, etc ...Yes, yes *even* Human ... 

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You have entered the Realm of the Lady of the Wood.  You cannot Go Back.  From distant Kingdoms, Realms and Galaxies far, far away, I bring you my fanfic~art and funnies from many genres. Uploading new fics, pix & things all the time, so grab your stuff 'n come on over.  Bring your Poochie o'nite bag... You can tell I'm a real  Gal  :)  I like so DIG the '80s, Man  ... When it actually was *worth* gettin' up in the morning for cartoons!  ;)  {Had a way cool Retro Birthday for my 34th too ... :)


A mini bio on Me {Seawave} ... I loooove to write.  I started writing fanfiction before I even knew what it was. Beginning with a story about Disney's Aristocats when I was 8 in 1980 and classic Star Wars in 1983, when I was 11 and Transformers G1 in the mid '80s at age 13, ~ {which is, by the by where the name Seawave comes from.  She was my first and favourite original Transformers character} & I branched out  from there.  I adore reading and writing fantasy, sci-fi, ancient mythology, self~help and new age.  I am a self-confessed greenie. Recycle, or else! ;) Now I am over 40, going on 11 ;)  Ecstatic to now have folks to share my writing, art & funnies with. I write fanfic to explore characters on deeper levels, and to explore new avenues and situations that the movies, TV series, books, etc, did not -  & make funny manips to have a  good ol' laugh... which is essential for well being. I also write professionally. Fanfic is a labour of Love ...



    I give permission to archive my fic, {unless otherwise notified}. Just credit me and tell me where. Feel free to download things {all free} from this page for your own personal use. I am also not adverse to anyone distributing my fics or fanart on mailing lists and such, just please credit me by my handle, Seawave {Again, please e-mail me & tell me where.} Please post as is and do not edit my fics or art. Also please feel free to link to this page.

To read fics, please click the logos below. A list of fics will come up. By the logos, I have listed which main characters the fanfics/art are about, however if there are two characters listed, it does not necessarily mean they will appear in the same fanfic. I do plan to write fics for all the genres listed here - and many others I have yet to upload. Only complete fics will be uploaded. Sorry, there are no R {NC-17} fanfics on this page. 

{So sorry, though due to time constraints, I no longer take requests for fics, manips or beta-ing}


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* Disclaimers: I make absolutely no monetary profit from my Fanfic/Art/Pics/Funnies. My fic is written, art/funnies done purely to share enjoyment. Ahh Fanfic/Fanart & Funnies indeed be labour of true love ...To blave...to blave...No.  True  Love ;) A lot of true love, blood sweat, tears, years, trials, tribulations and joy have gone into making and maintaining this webpage and it was a solo job.


Or I'll tell the Volturi;)





Peace! :)










  Star Wars ~ Qui~Gon Jinn & Obi~Wan Kenobi fanfiction  {some OFC} essays, thoughts, pix, funnies & links (& some other char Star Wars Fanfic & manips, Prequel & Classic) ~ Revamped with HEAPS of    stuff!!!



  Transformers ~ Various character fanfiction ~ Transformers {Includes some original characters}  Mainly G1. Recently major league updated and re-vamped.



  Dr Who Fanfic and Pix



   Knight Rider ~ KITT, Michael, KARR and Bonnie fanfiction {+ some OFC}



Star Trek ~ Data, Lore & Crystalline Entity fanfiction and fanfunnies {+ some OFC - Also includes a link to

                                                my other Star Trek Fanfic (Classic, DS9, Voyager, etc)  STUFF HERE



   Space Odyssey ~ HAL 9000 fanfiction



  Ulysses 31 - Various character fanfiction



   X-Men ~ Magneto, Storm & Rogue fanfiction  {Includes some OFC}




   Gundam Wing ~ Duo & Zechs & Quatre fanfiction {Includes some OFC}



Red Dwarf ~ Mostly Rimmer & Kryten fanfiction



  Pictures and dreams 




   Blake's & ~ Avon & Zen fanfiction {Includes some OFC} 



Time Trax ~ Darien & Selma fanfiction




  Voltron ~ Princess Allura, Sven, Lotor and Commander Hawkins FanFiction. (Both Lion and Vehicle Force Voltron - Forthcoming)



   Seaquest ~ Darwin , Nathan Bridger & Larry Deon fanfiction (Forthcoming)



Miscellaneous Science~Fiction Fanfiction and Dreams






Various Lord of the Rings character fanfiction and fanfunnies - Mainly Haldir, Rúmil, Orophin, Celeborn and Gandalf. Yes, some of the stories have Legolas and Aragorn too :) + also a couple stories about Frodo and Sam {+ some OFC}    stuff here.


    Harry Potter ~ Mostly Professor Snape fanfiction and some Lupin and Tonks.  Many feature Harry, Hermione Ron and others. {+ some OFC}   Also contains a Lucius Malfoy fanfic page.  Lots of     STUFF HERE!


   Twilight ~ Various character fanfiction and fanfunnies - Mainly Aro & the Volturi, Carlisle & the Cullens, {+ some OFC}  HEAPS OF    NEW stuff here!!!



    Xena ~ Hercules Hades and Celesta fanfiction + a story about Athena {+ some

                                                                                               OFC}  ~   STUFF HERE!!!



  Disney's Hades fanfiction & Funnies {Includes some OFC} ~ stuff here!



     Good Omens dreams and fics featuring both Aziraphale and Crowley and yes even that

                                                                                 stuffed-shirt version of Gabriel ... ;)




  Once Upon a Time Goodies including kicker Mr. Gold/Rumple ice cream



  Buffy ~ Spike, Doyle, Lorne and Angel fanfiction, fanfunnies + a story about Willow {+

                                                                           some OFC ~


    Loki & Thor fanfic and pix    stuff here



  StarDust fanfic and pix, mainly Septimus stories 



    Sailor Moon ~ Malachite, Neflite, Molly & Sailor Pluto fanfiction + original character fanfiction, pix &

                                                         sounds. Heaps of   stuff here



   Alice in Wonderland, Mad Hatter Fics and Pix     stuff hete



  Chronicles of Narnia fics and Pics    stuff here



 Ever After High Pix and dreams   stuff here



  Monster High Pix  



   How to Train your Dragon Dreams - fic coming at a later stage



  Novi Stars Pix 



  Emily the Strange Pix 


  Moshi Monsters pix 



 Zelfs Page - pix and bios  



 Jane and the Dragon Fanfic and Pics  {Working on this now}




  Peter Rabbit stories and pictures, some created characters



 Legend of the Seeker Pix and dreams  


   Adventures of Merlin pix 



  Neverending Story pix 


   Percy Jackson fanfic, pix and dreams   




Various Character FanFiction (She~Ra and He~Man)



 Golden Girl and the Guardians of the Gemstones pics  



  Elektra fanfic  (Forthcoming)



  Charmed ~ Cole, Phoebe and Paige fanfiction (One story centers around Leo and Piper), {+ some OFC}




  Discworld's Death fanfiction and pix




Peter Pan and Disney Fairies pix  



  King Arthur, Merlin & Excalibur fiction and pix




   Highlander ~ Duncan and also Darius fanfiction




Gargoyles ~ Puck, Goliath & Elisa fanfiction (ForthComing )




  The Mummy ~ Ardeth Bey fanfiction (ForthComing) {Includes some OFC}



More Genres Coming... (Such as StarDust (Quite a few planned here ... ;), Lara Croft, Ice Age & more)


Miscellaneous Fantasy Fanfic and Dreams ~  {Various Fandoms }



~ Other Fanfiction ~

Crossovers & Miscellaneous Genre



Various fanfiction x/overs  ~ (Genres include Star Wars Episode I, Xena, Transformers, Star Trek: TNG, Sailor Moon, Space Rangers,  etc...)


  Arrow + Tommy Merlyn fanfic and pic and dreams  



Cobra Commander fanfiction and dreams {Includes some OFC}  




  Various character fanfiction - Jem and the Holograms + The Misfits



  Mainly Michael fanfiction {Includes some OFC}



Winnie the Pooh ~ Eeyore fanfiction {Includes some OFC}




    Mostly Dr. Klaw & Penny fanfiction {Includes some OFC} 



   Sideshow Bob & Mr. Smithers fanfiction {Includes some OFC}



Mitch & Terri fanfiction (Forthcoming)



Brett Barrett fanfiction  - {Includes some OFC}  (Forthcoming)


Miscellaneous FanFiction and Dreams ~ Various fanfiction (Genres include Blackadder, 'Allo        

                                                                                                                                     'Allo, Frasier and more...)


Please click here for my cool retro '80s page, Dudes & Dudettes! 


Please click below link to visit Malachite’s FanFunnies Page




For sensual fics, please visit Cheetah's Domain, Star Child's sister site here:

{Please note ~ These fics are tasteful and sensually erotic - so please note this page is for mature readers only}



Please inform me of any broken links - and any fics, pix and sounds which fail to load and I will remedy.  Grazie!



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Protect the Whales and give them gratitude. 

They are the spiritual libraries of the Earth.



~ Enquiring about certain fic(s)?  Please name them and the genre they're from as I have many :) (Some have the same name)  Negative criticism will be ignored.  Constructive criticism, pondered.   Flames will be farted at & spammers will be fed to the Volturi.   Viruses will be Vanquished to the Fiery Depths of Tartarus by the Great Cyber God Norton & his trusty Pirates of Cyberspace, Avast! Me Matey Swabs ARRR!   Remember, Captain Shakespeare has a fearsome reputation;)  Please also refrain, (unless desperate ;) asking when new fics/manips, will be uploaded as, sadlydue to time constraints I am unable to write as much fanfic (and make manips) as I'd like.  Apologies ~ For the same reasons, I can no longer take requests for fics, fanatr, manips or Beta-ing.  However, if you are an artist and have a fic request, please e-mail me with details of what you would like to see/read, as there are a few art commissions I'd really like for some of my fics and we can do a swap :).  ~





And last, but not least, a HUGE thanks to Derek E, Maestro of Cyberspace for helping me put this maestropiece together!  Over Cybertron's Moons that I finally have a web page up after many years of struggling to learn how!!

And again, hats off to Walter for hosting Star Child's Fanfic Galaxy

Thanks, Guys!


A work in progress :) Made with Love.






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Affectionately, I call it "Elf City" as it reminds me of a place the Elves of Arda would love :)  A friend told me that it reminds her of the 'Room of a Thousand Fountains' in the Jedi Temple. Sweet.

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