Disclaimer: Knight Rider was created by Glen A. Larson.

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Candles for Edward Mulhare and Devon. Edward sadly passed from this world on 24 May, 1997





K.I.T.T.'S RAINBOW - Kitt is dying. My very first Knight Rider fic


LONG KNIGHT - Michael is badly wounded and is saved by KITT. My second Knight Rider fic


STARRY KNIGHT - KITT finds someone special - Winner of not one, but two Edward Awards, 2002, for "Best A.I. Author Created."  YAY!!!  *Seawave does The Happy Dance ;)* Read aloud on Knight Radio, 2003 - Knight Rider's first and only internet radio station




K.I.T.T. & CABOODLE - FLAG are trying to stop an evil, greedy mechanical genius from holding the world hostage. KITT goes to stop him and gets more than he bargained for.  Also read aloud on Knight Radio, 2003


DEAR K.I.T.T. - Bonnie says Goodbye to KITT when she leaves FLAG. Response to a challenge


ELYSIAN KNIGHT - The FLAG crew mourn the loss of a close friend. Response to a challenge


NO ORDINARY K.A.R.R - KARR is repaired and is hell bent on revenge upon FLAG, but learns an important lesson


A KNIGHT IN A SHINING BLACK PONTIAC - KITT and Michael on another rescue mission - but with a difference


K.I.T.T.’S KNIGHT – Kitt falls in love


GOOD KNIGHT, K.A.R.R. – KITT’s thoughts on the death of KARR


INTO THE KNIGHT - After a shocking event, KITT has come to a crossroads in his life


KNIGHT OF ROSES - Michael mourns Stevie's death and is comforted by KITT


K.A.R.R. VS K.I.T.T. - Kitt and Titania meet again and nasty surprise is in store for them - sequel to K.I.T.T.'s Knight


KNIGHT VOICE - Michael and KITT are sent to protect a man who has a history with FLAG and KITT in particular


DEAD OF KNIGHT - Kitt is melancholy


DUDE, WHERE'S MY K.A.R.R.  - KARR returns - Winner of The Edward Award for "Best Old Timer Story."  Hee!  I'm an old timer, just like Ironhide and Kup from Transformers ;) ... "I remember the time when weekly shopping for a family of three cost $25 ..." See?  Old timer.  Yay!  ;)


KNIGHT LIGHTS - KITT is completely trashed and Titania takes care of him - Sequel to K.I.T.T.'S KNIGHT and K.A.R.R. VS K.I.T.T.


K.A.R.R. TROUBLE - KARR is repaired


K.I.T.T.Y LOVE - KITT gets to spend two weeks with Titania - Sequel to K.I.T.T.'S KNIGHT and K.A.R.R. VS K.I.T.T and KNIGHT LIGHTS


  KITT, MICHAEL & KARR DREAMS - Dreams I have had about KITT, Michael and KARR.  (My dreams read like stories and most of them are quite a good read!)



More KR fic to come!




KITT Sound Files (Wavs) - more to come


"I project odds of a thousand to one against my meeting a more compatible human than yourself."


"All systems go, Michael."


Kitt's Scanner noise



PS:  Did you know at the time of the Sydney Olympic Games (2000) there was a Chairman of the Sydney Olympic Park Authority called Michael Knight?  I wonder if he called his car KITT? ;)

PPS: There’s also a Michael Knights Realty.  I wonder if he also calls his car KITT? ;)

PPPS: Did you know that in real life, William Daniels (KITT) is married to a lady called Bonnie? Cute!




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