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TWILIGHT THUNDER ~ My very first Twilight fanfic.  Summary:  Choose Your Side Team Cullen; Team Volturi In this colossal, deciding battle between two proud and determined Vampire families.  No Mercy.  Winner Takes All.


DINNER PLANS ... The Volturi have altered the manner of how they dine and have become far more picky  (Second Twi fic)


The Doctor's Gift ~ Carlisle is captured, thrust alone into a large room with an enormous group of savage, blood-lusting newborns and has to fend for himself.  The outcome has ramifications for both the Cullens and the Volturi. (My third Twilight fanfic and first longer Twilight fanfic)  Enjoy! :)    -- Edited and updated recently


TOP 13 WAYS TO PROVOKE THE VOLTURI ... Try some, If you Dare ... or have a Dying wish ... ;)


    TWILIGHT DREAMS - Nightly dreams I have had in the Twilight universe - very cool!



 Peter Facinelli (Carlisle) Q & A Talk at Supanova Sydney, June 18, 2016 - (Notes and pix)



 Happy Endings - Aro inspired ice cream recipe >;)


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 My Twi - My Twilight Inspired stuff + my Twi art & creations.


 Vampire Love Goodies 





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