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I make no monetary profit from my fanfic/fanart.  So there, Wolfram & Hart!  

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THE NAKED TRUTH - Spike has to flee when he's attacked by other Vampires. My first Spike fic.


CHIP ON THE SHOULDER - A script I wrote about Spike (Unfortunately rejected by Fox)


WHAT'S IN A NAME ... - Spike learns Buffy's deepest, darkest secret ...


EFFULGENCE ~ Spike before and after he was turned.  William The Bloody ties up a loose end. 


BABE IN THE WOODS - The beginning ...



TOP 50 SOMETHING -- YOU'RE OBSESSED WITH SPIKE (includes some funny pics)


 SPIKE DREAMS  - Dreams I have had about Spike (My dreams read like stories and most of them are quite a good read!)



 More Spike fanfic to come at a later stage





Buffy and Willow Pix    


Spike Pix      


http://seawave.squidge.org/vampstuff.htm - Cool Vampire Images




Spike Sound Files (Wav. format)   


"Hello, Cutie"


"By George, I think he's got it!"


"Nice work, Luv."


"Come on, I'll take you somewhere nice."


"Put the telly on."


Woodstock quote :)




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