~ Vampire Goodies, & Cool, Cute fun stuff ~   


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Had these cute napkins  for my 44th birthday and Halloween 2016


My vampire temporary tattoo. Nice! Lasted about a week!




This guy works outside my local Halloween store come the time of year. Shame on them making a Vampire work when he's sick (green face >;)







Got this beauty in a cool Halloween goodie bag


Cute velvet vampire from my local craft shop, Halloween 2016


Moshi Monsters have a cute 'Cuddly Vampire' to you can buy for your adopted monsters.  I adopted a Diavlo who I call Davi.

I bought one of these vampires for Davi and called him Aro ;)



Cute Halloween Vampire bats I bought




                                                                                    Fun stuff too!                                                                    Is this a guy Vampire or a Walrus? ;)




Is it just me, or does this guy look like David Tennant Unplugged?

Mind you, come to think of it, there *were* several 'Doctor Who' episodes featuring vampires... ;)




~ Vampire Nom Noms ~


Don't they mean 'sweet fang?' I definitely have a sweet fang! >;)




Got recipe out of Kids magazine. Made this was yum!



Aro loves this! Makes him cry it's so hot, but he adores it, yum.




   Mmm! Cherry flavoured!  Mmm!  Wonder if  Carlisle loves this. He *is* vegetarian after all ;)



The *other* Cousin Aro *never* talks about ;)

(And nor will Aro ever admit he's a closet chocaholic, mixes it in with his blood you see >;)



                                Pwetty, and yummy LOL!                                                                     Yummi gummi fangs! >;)






Bought heaps of these from Target for Halloween 2015! They also had cocolate Jack 'O lanterns - Belgain chocolate - very yummy



                                                                                          Had the chocs and the Sugar Vampire - yummy!



Yummy black cherry flavoured lollypop - with tongue tattoo ;)





Got these from eBay!




Even Vampires love their chocolate ;) 

(Would love to get these Blood OJ KKs, lol,  >;)



Cute Halloween vampire & witch loot bags. The one on the far left is mine. Got it from Target, Halloween, 2015


















I wonder if Carlisle can some up with something like this for the Twi Vamps, even though they may still have to keep secret, it sounds like agood diea to me. 

They even have Aro's favourite flavour.  Mine >;)


Had this for my 39th Birthday!! Reminds me of Carlisle ;)






Halloween Fanta. Cute vampire boy.  The strawberry Hallowwen Fanta was YUM! {Showing front & back of can}








Saw this in a fair in Brisbane, 2014, LOL!









Cute pirate art treasure chest. Also a cute vampire bat piņata ~ wouldn't want to hit the poor thing!




Vampire blood oranges I made for Halloween 2012. The hair is liquorice strips and the eyes red juice jubes stuck in with cloves.


I did not make this though it is awesome!!!!





Pomegranate blood desserts. Pomegranate is often used as a substitute for blood in spells and vampire recipes :) I did not make these.


Reminds me of a vampire, 600 years old ;)


Reminds me of Vampires :) Made it also put port in - was yum!







                                                                                                                Read all these in one day!!!


My Vampiure calenders from 2011




Vampire & Halloween sounds CDs


















Australian Warship HMAS Vampire






















                                                                                                        My actual ticket. Sadly I did not win big :(


We had a Van Helsing machine at my local RSL club















Cute vampire to colour  from my local craft shop, Halloween 2015






Cool Halloween display at a local bargain shop




This guy looks so sweet and sad. I love him.










Cute LEGO (R) vampires!



Huge LEGO(R) vampire statue









                                                                                                                                            The red coffin is a cute mini book. I scored one of these cute boxes for $2! Bargain!!







How cute is thos - I have it!










Great stuff! Front page news - makes a welcome change!




                                                                                                                            Celebrating Bram Stoker





Both very nice incense



Actual hospital Xmas decorations - cute!!!



~ Bathe with a Vampyr ~


Bathe with a Vampyre.   By candlelight ... How very Romantic...  :)

And I bet the Volturi DO have that huge Roman Bath that Jamie Campbell Bower (Caius) takled about! >;)


Vampire guest towel...







If only they HAD filmed that 'Roman Bath' scene that Jamie Campbell Bower (Caius) alluded to in New Moon ... ;)

Verrrrrry sexy!




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