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These nightly dreams I have at home, unless otherwise specified.

 Dreams are written in Australian/UK format as day/month/year



 ?/1/04 ~ Wuntvor~Ebenezum series, by Craig Shaw Gardner 

Wuntvor was on a ship full of bad people.  It was his job to stop them.  He began putting dead snakes in the air ducts very discreetly.  It was when he got to the ships main machines and placed some dead snakes in there that the ship ceased to function.  Wuntvor made it to safety as the huge ship sank, captain and all and went back to Ebenezum.


 05/02/08 ~ Spiderwick Chronicles


After eating Mulgarath as a crunchy bird, Hob returned to his people a hero and a hero he was!  Jared, Simon Helen and Mallory hailed him a hero too for the land was safe.


17/04/08 ~ Excalibur & Queen Titania


Queen Titania was digging away at some ancient rocks and she discovered Excalibur.  She wielded him, rising once more to protect the people



?/12/09 – Blackwood [Mark Strong] from Sherlock Holmes movie and The

Worst Witch {Also included in Sherlock Holmes and Mark Strong/

Septimus dreams}


In this dream, Blackwood form Sherlock and strict Miss Hardbroom from The Worst Witch hit it off and got married.




7/12/09 ~ Isis & Osiris


Isis had a quilt cover with wings on it.   She and Osiris played with each other beneath it, before snuggling up together with their round, relaxing cushions, being with each other in the beloved energies.


4/12/09 ~ Lara Croft


In this dream, Lara Croft fell in love with her butler Hillary (Chris Barrie} and they got married and had lots of adventures together.


31/1/15   ~ The Golden Compass


Lyra and Pan were on the Gyptian ship after their adventure.  Pan was swimming in the sea in the form of a dolphin. Lyra was enjoying the sensation. Lee, who had survived was also travelling on the ship, his balloon craft being flown above by a trusted friend. Iorek Byrnison was also on board Lee’s craft.  Serafina Pekkala flew above with her snow goose daemon Kaisa. Hester perched herself on the ship’s edge, watching Pan.  Lee held her so she didn’t fall in.  Will’s daemon fluttered about Pan’s form in the mode of a bird, neither daemon having settled yet.

            “Can you become a whale?” lee dared Pan.

            “I don’t know, they’re awfully big.”  He struggled for a few moments, concentrating, then he did it to everyone’s delight and amazement, especially Lyra’s.  She could sense the deep wisdom of the massive 65 tonne whale.  Serafina descended and rode on the whale’s back for a time.  Then it was Lyra’s turn.  John Faa came up and chucked that deep chuckle of his, watching Lyra riding Pan.

            “Part of me wishes I could stay a whale of a dolphin,” Pan said, “but I’d miss you terribly.”

            “And I’d miss you, Pan,” Lyra said, kissing his whale head. 

Lee helped her back into the boat.  Pan blew from his blow~hole, spraying them for fun.

“Pan,” Lyra scolded, then laughed as the Gyptian ship made its way home.



11/9/15 ~ Game of Thrones & Atlantis {BBC} crossover


In this dream, Sansa had not left Joffrey and Game of Thrones was set in the time of Atlantis. He was doing his best to keep her from leaving and she began to believe his lies. It was Margaery who reminded Sansa that Joffery was evil and killed her father.  Sansa was disgusted with herself for trusting Joffrey and fled.  Jason, Hercules and Pythagoras from Atlantis helped her escape without being implemented.



17/9/15 ~ Moshi Monsters


In this dream on the Moshi Monsters website you were given 10 Moshi songs of about 4 minutes each and each song was about 4 minutes each and each song would take your monster on a mission and an adventure.  When you completed all 10 songs you went on a mega adventure and got a congratulations letter form Mr. Moshi!



24/9/15 ~ Atlantis {BBC}


Jason, Hercules, Pythagoras and a satyr went into the labyrinth to find the golden engraved egg. The satyr almost fell into the labyrinth and was saved by Jason and was incredibly grateful.  Together, they helped each other navigate the perils of the labyrinth.  Jason found the egg at its centre.  Turns out it was a dragon's egg, the beast sacred to the Gods.  The egg hatched and a tiny baby dragon was born.  Jason helped the dragon so that it would not be a threat to mankind, but stay on the island of the labyrinth.  The dragon lived on nuts, berries and sheep.  Jason, Pythagoras, Hercules and the grateful satyr (saved again by Jason} journeyed  back to Atlantis.



27/9/15 ~ Adventure Time


Finn and Jake were horrified when the Ice Queen came to the land of Ooo.  (This was a much more evil Ice Queen than in the Ice King's fan fiction.}  She tried to take over the kingdom and the entire land of Ooo. Jake and Finn decided on the lesser of two evils and went to the Ice King for help. The Ice King was already working on a plan to get rid of the Ice Queen.   He thought it was a pity she was so evil or he might just want to marry her.  Finn and Jake weren't sure whether to be grossed out by that or not.  The Ice King went into his freezer which had many keys of all sorts of colours.  He got a long ice key.

            “This is the one,” he said, presenting it to Finn and Jake.  They went to his secret vault and used the key to open a machine which opened up a vortex sucking the Ice Queen away to a realm where she'd be harmless.  She screeched and yelled vengeance as she was pulled through, then the Ice King turned the key and switched off the machine.

He dusted off his hands and gave Jake and Finn a high 5.

            “Does this mean we're friends?” he asked hopefully.

            “Only of you swear off capturing princesses.”

            “Aww.... Okay.   There's bound to be someone out there for me...”

His eyes looked all big, dreamy and misty. Finn and Jake didn't know whether to be grossed out or not.  But hey maybe the guy deserves a break and some love...


14/10/15 ~ H20 ~ Just add Water {Mermaid series} ~ See 2017 for  “Mako Mermaids {Mako ~ Island of Secrets dreams}


In this dream, Cleo, Emma and Rikki were talking with Lewis as the Jucinet juice bar about life.  A young woman called Henrietta had a thing for Zane’s father Harrison.  She baked him a gluten~free, egg free and sugar free (sweetened with birch xylitol, a natural sweetener} Japanese green tea matcha cake with sweet green tea icing.  She invited Cleo, Emma, Rikki, Lewis, Zane, Miriam and Harrison to share it with her. The kids weren’t sure about the healthy cake, but they all loved it, especially Harrison and he started going out with Henrietta.  Zane wasn’t sure about it, but he liked seeing his father happy and taking some pressure off him.  It was nice for Cleo, Rikki and Emma to see Zane loosen up a little and things were going well.



25/10/15 ~ H20 ~ Just add Water


Lewis was performing with an acrobatic crew.  He was standing on the shoulders of another boy. Lewis was terrified he’d fall off and he did twice. The other guy wasn’t impressed, but Cleo was supportive. So were Emma and Rikki.  Lewis got back onto the other boy’s shoulders and did his ‘robot’ routine flawlessly and Cleo and the girls gave him a standing ovation. Even Zane was supportive and Cleo loved Lewis’ cute robot dance.



29/10/15 ~ H20 ~ Just add Water


Emma had gone away with her family to travel around Europe. They loved Switzerland so much that they decided to stay.  Emma studied to become a doctor and became a very successful one in Switzerland.  She wrote to Cleo and Rikki who always wrote back and told her about Bella, how she was one of them, and about the special pool in Ireland.  They were careful to write in code and never mention mermaids.

            One day parents brought a little girl into see Emma.  They were very worried. They dropped some water on their girl and she transformed into a mermaid.  Emma was taken aback.  She mentioned that she’d seen a case of this in Australia and there was no known cure.  The parents were worried, but loved their daughter.  The little girl took Emma to the moon pool in Switzerland and Emma showed her that she was a mermaid too. The girl introduced Emma to her two friends, also mermaids.  They were friends with three older boys from Belgium, all mermen, having been transformed by a pool over there.

            Emma wrote back to her friends in Australia in code.  She also told the parents not to tell anyone their daughter was a mermaid, there would be all sorts of poking, prodding and tests and that’s what the parents had been afraid of. They had a feeling about Emma though and their hunch was right.   The little girl, Renee and her friends and the mermen grew up with Emma as a friend and eventually got to meet Cleo, Rikki and Bella and became friends with them.



4/12/15 ~ Relic Hunter


An 11~year~old Sydney Fox and a friend staked out an awkwardly shaped modern house that had been abandoned. AT first they wondered why.  They snuck in, unbeknownst to them followed by Stewie.  In one of the bedrooms, they found a walk~in closet full of clothes and some drawers which they opened and found a jewellery box. Their faces lit up when they found two old necklaces, one chunky gold, the other marbled white howlite slabs shaped like triangles. Sydney knew them to be of ancient origin and planned to give them to a museum.  Stewie made himself known and begged to just hold them but Sydney refused as she knew he would do a runner with them.  She left with the necklaces and her friend, Stewie calling after them.  Sydney donated the pieces which were thought to be cursed to the local museum. The curator thought that as the necklaces had been given to a museum, not stolen for a private collection as they had been previously, the curse would not take effect.  Sydney was proud of herself and this launched her career in relic hunting.



14/12/15 ~ Relic Hunter  {Set before ‘So Shall it Be’}


Sydney and a fellow Relic Hunter, the beautiful dark skinned Naya are looking for the Staff of Nor, a legendary wise man. Nigel is at a week~long conference. They go to the Guatemalan jungle and find a cave. Unbeknownst to them, Di Viega is hot on their trail.  They find the staff and he makes his presence known.  Sydney spits his name as the gun toting nemesis makes off with the staff.  They get it back much to Di Viega’s disgust and present it to the National Museum.


On Sydney’s next adventure with Naya, Nigel still at the conference, they go to Australia in search of a legendary Aboriginal mask said to have special powers.  Again, Di Viega’s hot on their trail.  Sydney and Naya come to a deep water hole as per their clues and go beneath the water and come upon and surface in an intricate underground cave system.  They find the mask at the bottom of a rectangular structure with wooden slats.  Di Viega has Sydney’s child nephew, Nathan captured and she tells the man that she didn’t think even he would stoop so low and threatens him.  Di Viega smiles and makes off with the mask, only to later be apprehended by police and taken away.  Sydney has some powerful friends in the Aboriginal community!  The mask is donated to the National Museum.  Sydney greets Nigel who’s just come back from the archaeological conference saying that it was interesting but went on too long. Di Viega escaped and sends Sydney another ‘Tick Tock’ fax.  She’s worried but confident she can deal with him and spends some time with Nathan.



4/1/16 ~ Relic Hunter


Sydney and Nigel were looking for a stolen relic in an orphanage.  They looked under the beds and found it.  The thief had left.  Later on in the dream, Sydney had her helpers digging for another relic in a trench.  One of them found it, Sydney was offered a drink by one, but became suspicious and threw the drink out and the grass sizzled.  Nigel apprehended the thief who had planned to kill Sydney and make off with both relics.  The thief went to jail for over 20 years. Sydney and Nigel donated the relics to the local museum.


11/3/17 ~ Mrs Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Mrs Peregrine’s brother tried to expose the children. Jake kept him at bay and kept the children safe until Mrs Peregrine came back to look after them.  She made sure they were all right and thanked Jake and went to find another home to make another time loop to keep them safe.


14/6/17 ~ Mako Mermaids {Mako ~ Island of Secrets}


The Mako Mermaids, Ondina, Evie, Rita, Mimmi along with the merman Zac, swam to the moon pool at Mako Island and shared their thoughts, insights and what it was like being merpeople.


26/16/17 ~ Mako Mermaids


The Mako Mermaids and Mermen were fighting to defeat an evil threat to Mako Island and their very existence.  Zac was the chosen one and used his power, along with the mermaids for backup and together, they defeated the threat and made Mako safe and the world safe for the pod and humans alike.



18/8/17 ~ The Librarians {Had this dream whilst holidaying up Port Macquarie way}

Cassandra had a beast in her mind and had to do battle with it, using her own wits to expel it, before it consumed her and the library, It was a hard battle, but she won and was greeted by her friends when she came out of her trance.



8/12/17 – Avatar  ~ See 27/12/22 for Avatar 2 ~ Way of the Water dream


In this dream, my mother and I went to the Cirque du Soliel Avatar Show Toruk ~ The First Flight. The show in the dream compared our chaotic world to the natural way the Na’Vi lived with their world Eywa’eveng, what the humans called Pandora in an effort to get us to care for our world. It was a beautiful show.  {The actual show was all set on Na’at and was very beautiful and if you have a chance, go see it!}



11/3/18 ~ Mako Mermaids

A human called Rebecca wanted to become a mermaid as she loved mermaids so. Ondina took pity upon her and granted her wish by taking her to the moon pool on Mako Island upon a full moon.  She knew she could trust Rebecca and they became best friends.


12/3/18 ~ Sophia the First

Sophia asked Cedric for help to find a rare flower.  He was half angry at being interrupted and half heartened that such a young child has such an interest in horticulture.  He hated to admit it, but he found Sophie endearing.  He asked to examine her amulet in a bid ot get his hands on it, though Sophia politely refused.  He sighed and told her where to find the flower.  She went on an adventure to find it and brought two back. One for a bouquet for the queen and the other to make a potion to heal clover.



29/3/18 ~ Nicci Chronicles {Terry Goodkind}


Obi-Wan Kenobi introduced us to Liam Neeson, who in this dream was also a poet and wrote a poem about a magical place called Cliffwall {Cliffwall is a magical stronghold in Terry Goodkind’s Nicci Chronicles}


To read my other Qui~Gon Jinn dreams, please visit my Qui~Gon Jinn Page



30/4/18 ~ TrollHunters


Jim had just become a TrollHunter, to hunt and destroy evil trolls. His best friend Toby and girlfriend Claire were in on it and valuable assets.  Jim was visited by the spirit of Kanjigar, the previous TrollHunter, who had been killed in a fight with Bular, an evil troll, only a few hours before Jim found the amulet.

            Jim fought Bular and destroyed him, destroyed the changelings, Strickler and Nomura and all the goblins, making safe the Troll world for harmonious trolls to live in pecae.



18/11/18 ~ Matthew Reilly The Four Legendary Kingdoms and The Three

Secret Cities - See Below for more



Matthew Reilly Hades dream where Hades’ name is Anthony Michael Dominic DeSaxe ... Cool! Anthony was above the world helping Jack West restore the balance, disrupted by his obnoxious, power hungry son, Dion.  At least Hades was a good guy.  It was a race against time and across many countries; thank the Gods Hades was rich to afford al that transport.  When Balance was restored and Dion killed, Hades appointed a teenage girl they had met as ruler of the Underworld, called Seph.  She had worshipped Hades since she’d first learned about the Greek Gods and when Anthony got her over her awe, he decided that she would restore balance to the Underworld, thus helping restore balance to the four legendary kingdoms and the world and universe itself.  She was later to become his wife. Anthony was to learn that Seph was short for Persephone...




21/11/18 ~ Matthew Reilly The Four Legendary Kingdoms and The Three

Secret Cities - See Below for more


Another Anthony dream.  Under more peaceful circumstances, now that Dion was dead and the Underworld restored, Hades {Anthony} showed Jack around his realm under much more pleasant circumstances.  Hades even went above the world and travelling incognito, he rode on a bus for the first time.  When he came above the world occasionally, he’d usually been chauffeured or driven expensive cars. It drove home to Hades, being on the bus, the stories of the many people above and their suffering an that they needed the Gods now more than ever and he vowed to keep the balance and ease, if not eliminate suffering.



1/1/19 ~ Happy New Year!! ~ Paddington Bear


Patuso bear arrived on Paddington station, lost and confused. He was adopted by the Browns and had many adventures.  This day, he had his briefcase and with the browns, went on a train trip, visiting stations in and around London Metro.  He was a curious, gentle bear, attracting much attention wherever he went, especially from children.  Paddington and the Browns had a wonderful dat, before Paddington returned home to Mrs Bird’s famous home-made marmalade sandwiches.  For desert, he had vanilla ice cream and ginger and blood orange marmalade!



15/11/19 ~ Dinosaur Train – cute!


The brontosaurus was singing the Hungry, Hungry herbivore song and eating plants.  He made sure the smaller dinosaurs knew that despite his enormous size, he meant them no harm and began to play with them gently.  He let them slide down the back of his neck like a slippery slide and Buddy, Tiny, Shiny, Don, their parents and the others all had fun!



14/2/21 ~ Happy Valentine’s day - and romantic dream!

{Jack West Hades, Matthew Reilly’s The Two Lost Mountains.}

I watched in horror as The Sphinx ordered my love, Hades murdered. I couldn’t bear to watch, but felt I owed it to Hades.  I struggled not to cry out, as that would alter the enemy to how much I loved Hades and thus they could use that against me. Like Hades, I felt utterly defeated, until we left the temple and the chase to stop our enemies continued.   A deep voice told me in my mind me to go back to the temple, that I could resurrect Hades. Ecstatic, I went back, telling no one.  They may talk me out of it or tell me it was ridiculous or a trap, but I trusted the voice. I was sure it was the Universe.  I discovered I could levitate and a strange, yet pleasant power coursed through me.  I raised my arms and raised my love’s body from the floor of the abyss, reconnecting it, making it whole once more, resurrecting his life as it once was, not as a lifeless zombie.  Light surrounded us, and a boost that the Universe gave us was Hades was now immortal and no one could harm him ever again.  He thanked me and we hugged in midair and I was hearted that he felt the same way about me as I did about him. If he didn’t, I would have been heartbroken, but would not force him, just want a hug and his friendship. He told me he’d give me that anyway.  My birth mane was Tanya. I had chosen Hatshepsut, as I was a queen in my own right. It took me a long while to realise my sovereignty.

            Jack took ‘care’ of our enemies.  {At the time of the is dream the final Jack West novel ... The One Something Somethigs ;) has not been released. Due in late 2022}



14/2/21 ~ Happy Valentine’s day once more - and another romantic dream! Two Hades dreams on one night, woo hoo!

{Jack West Hades, Matthew Reilly’s The Two Lost Mountains. - Second part

of the dream above.  It’s rare when my dreams have sequels and precious

when they are lovely ...}  - See below for more

Hades and I wanted to marry though I was still mortal and had to go through a trial.  The Universe and caretakers of the underworld took me down, down, down to a bed of molten lava and told me I had to lie in it.   It looked frightening at first, but them a sense of calm came over me as I climbed in without fear, knowing if I was true to myself and Hades, the lava would not burn me and it odd not.  It felt very warm, like a warm bed on a cold winter’s night.  Like hot bathwater flowing over me.  I submerged and could breathe. I was under for a little while before I rose, also now immortal, to Hades’ delight. Now we could live together and no one could harm us.

            “You are no longer Tanya or Hatshepsut,” the Universe said.  “You emerge as Persephone, Queen of the Underworld.”

            And I smiled.  Perfect. I had passed the challenge.  The next thing I heard was clapping and whistles from Jack and his companions and my love’s arms around me and his lips on mine, levitated and we remained in an embrace eternal.



20/7/21 ~ Winx Club - Please note I will be making a Winx club page at a later stage - whaddya know, that rhymes!

~ Please see 17/3/23 for another Winx Club dream

I was given a 12” Bloom doll with short red hair.  I was playing with her.  I got out my 12” Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn doll from Star Wars, I fixed his hair and he danced with Bloom.


25/12/21 ~ Happy Xmas! ~ Merlin


I got the Merlion showbag form the easter show with a wand, a starry robe, stationery and magic boxes and loved it.


9/12/22 - Jack West -- Matthew Reilly -- The One Impossible Labyrinth - SPOILERS



When Jack sat upon the throne, the Sphinx asked how it felt.  Jack said he didn’t feel different, then he spoke to Hardin.

            “I feel relief that I have saved the world from the likes of you.  People can get on with their lives and not be subject to your whims and abuse.”

            The Sphinx snorted.  “You never knew how to use power, Jack.”

            “Ah, but I do. I just choose to use it wisely; to empower people, not to disempower them as you sought to do.  From this day forth, Hardin Lancaster, otherwise known as the Sphinx, you are to use your power wisely to help people wherever possible and like it.”

            The Sphinx sighed.  “As you command, Jack West.”

            Jack smiled, “and you’ll find it’s not a bad life, Hardin.”

            And jack and the world continued with their lives.



22/8/22 ~ Calvin & Hobbes


Calvin and his trusty friend were off on many adventures, in and around forests, lakes and creeks, having a grand old time.




6/9/22 ~ Sailor Moon, My Little Pony, X-Men, She-Ra


I found in an art shop, 4-colour Sailor Moon and My Little Pony pencils and bought a set of each and had fun being all arty with them.   I also found  inexpensive She-Ra, Magneto and Sailor Moon pens there and bought them also.



7/9/22 ~ Valley of Knights


Mould was secretly touched my Snerk’s concern and care for her, the father she never had, They gave up their evil ways, but still pretended not to be good.



27/12/22 ~ Avatar 2 ~ Way of the Water

The good humans had made robot Pandora, or Eywa'eveng as the Na’vi call her, penguins to act as an early warning system to protect the people from the militant humans.



19/3/23 ~ LadyHawke


A guard of the bishop tried to ravage Isabeau.  She screamed and Navarre as the wolf defended her, attack the man and ripped his throat out.  Gaston arrived to help.  He saw the wolf leap onto Isabeau and made to attack the black animal.   Then the wolf started to lick her face and she began cuddling him.  Astounded, Gaston stared.


When the curse was lifted, the bishop tried to kill Isabeau and stabbed her. 

            Navarre gave the bishop his sword in a teary rage.  “Finish it!” he cried.  “You have already killed me, old man.”

            A dragon came and took Isabeau’s bloodied body into its mouth.

            “Please do not take her,” a distraught Navarre begged.

The dragon did so anyway.  In the sky he breathed fire, magicked Isabeau back to life to Navarre’s relief.   “Thank you, he breathed.

            The bishop fell to the floor …”forgive me ….” He walked in tears.

            “I already have,” Isabeau said ,gently kissing his forehead as he died in her arms.

            Navarre smiled lovingly.  “My love,” he said, ‘only your heart is pure enough to forgive such a vile man.”

            They walked form the church to their freedom, joined by their friends, a smiling Gaston and Imperius.




17/3/23 ~ Celtic Pride Day {St. Patrick’s Day}


I went on an adventure with the Winx Club girls, a fairy and now one of them.  We rid the land of evil.  Some of our enemies became allies and we had many more sparkling, magical adventures.




8/4/23 ~ A Midsummer Night's Dream & Supergirl


Supergirl fought a bad jut and became powerless.  Puck form A Midsummer Night's Dream' helped her regain her powers.  She regrettable had to kill the bad guy as he was too evil.  Puck assured her he would turn around in Tartarus.




20/7/23 ~ The Hunstman


When she grew up, one of the children kidnapped by the Snow Queen, Freya, fell in love with her and saved her from her evil sister Ravenna. Together they helped Eric, the Huntsman ad his love Sara kill Ravenna and succeed.  Freya learns to love again.




28/7/23 ~ Alice in Wonderland & Doctor Who


The 10th Doctor from Doctor Who met Alice and freed Wonderland from oppression, both surprised the other was real.

            “But them, again,” said the Doctor.  “I shouldn’t be surprised with all I’ve seen.  Make your hair stand on end.”

            Absolom and the smiling Cheshire Cat appeared.

            “Indeed,” said the blue Absolom, his whiskers standing on end.



3/9/23 ~ Star Wars ~ Episode 1 & The Jungle Book


Qui-Gon Jinn from Star Wars Jinn fought Shere Khan from The Jungle Book and regrettable had to kill him to protect the innocent and his loved ones, as although the tiger was troubled, he was irredeemable in body.  Qui-Gon sensed him beginning to heal in spirit.







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