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GREAT character reference!!!



 Lagoona Blue ~ Daughter of the Sea Monster







Great Scarier Reef mermaid Lagoona




Frankie Stein ~ Daughter of Frankenstein




Frankie Stein by


From 'Electrified'




Cleo and Nefera De Nile ~ Daughters of the Mummy









Dead Tired Cleo







Gorgeous Boo York Shoes

Gorgeous Nefera custom my Phairee






Abbey Bomnible  ~ Daughter of the Yeti






Beautiful custom Abbey doll  not sure who made it



Clawdeen Wolf ~ Daughter of a Werewolf








Clawd Wolf ~ Daughter of a Werewolf {Brother of Clawdeen and Draculaura's boyfriend}






C. A {Chariclo Arganthone} Cupid ~ Daughter of Eros








Iris Clops ~ Daughter of the Cyclops



The doll is a San Diego Comic Con Exclusive, 2014




Jinafire Long ~ Daughter of the Chinese Dragon







Neighthan Rot  ~ Son of a Unicorn and a Zombie





Deuce Gorgon ~ Son of  Medusa {Boyfriend of Cleo De Nile}





Robecca Steam  ~ Daughter of a Mad Scientist





Look how cool her eyes are - such detail! They look like watch cogs :D - How very steampunk!


Cool Dracubecca {Draculaura and Robecca} Freaky Fusion doll



Rochelle Goyle ~ Daughter of a Gargoyle


Gorgeous Rochelle My Mr Alice





Two Fantabulous cosplayers as Rochelle and Robecca at Sydney Supanova, 2016




Spectra Vondergeist ~ Daughter of a Ghost






Twyla ~ Daughter of the Boogeyman





From 'Electrified'




River Styxx  ~ Daughter of the Grim Reaper







Purrsephone & Meowlody ~ Daughters of the Werecats






Astranova ~ Daughter of the Comet Aliens




WANT her doll!





Catty Noir ~ Daughter the Werecats






Elle Edee ~ Daughter of the Robots




WANT her doll!




Posea Reef ~ Daughter of Poseidon (and I'm guessing perhaps Amphirtite or a sea nymph?)





WANT her doll!






Batsy Claro ~ Daughter of  the white vampire bat


Favourite food:  Blood... oranges

Favourite Activity: Introducing monsters to the jungle for the first time.  Seeing their faces fright up at the unnatural wonder of it all never gets old.

Killer Style: I take my fashion inspiration from the jungle around me, like the green woven palm fronds and the fright colours of orchids. They help me blend in and stand out at the same time.

Pet Peeve: When monsters want to take flora or fauna from the jungle back home with them. I understand why they would wish to do so, but the best place for any plant or creature is its home.

Monster Quirk: I have a real hang-up with monsters who choose to stay in the dark when it comes to protecting the world where we unlive. This is the only world we have and we shouldnít be turning a blind eye when it comes to taking care of it.

 Friends: Venus McFlytrap, Jane Boolittle




Gorgeous Batsy Claro art by Holy



Dayna Treasure Jones ~ Daughter of Davy Jones



                   ~ Bio








Ari Hauntington ~ Daughter of Ghosts



                    ~ Bio











From "Electrified'




Fright Mares

Bay Tidechaser

Born from a seamonster's dream and a Night mare


Favourite Activity: Hang tail! Iím a total surfer ghoul. I love to catch the waves Ė itís like another way to fly! 

Killer Style: Boho surfer chic. I love frothy fabrics floating around the ghoulery that shows of the beauty of these.

 Pet Peeve: When other ghouls think Iím flighty because I have a cool unlifestyle

Monster Quirk: Iím graceful on the beach and fluid on the waves, but when it comes to the dance floor, I have 4 left feet.

Friends: Prixys Prepstockings, Fretz Quartzmane, Aery Evenfall





Skyra Bouncegait

Born when a ghost had a dream which collided with a Night Mare


Favourite Activity: I am all about cheerleading! What other activity lets you socialise, exercise and spur on your besties at the same time!?

Killer Style: School colours, school logo, school fashion. I donít just have school spirit, I *am* school spirit.

Pet Peeve: When monsters donít at least give the things the olí corral try

Monster Quirk: I donít have a subtle bone in my body. Iím part ghost, so even my emotions are transparent

Friends: Fawntime Fallowhart, Penelope Steamtail







Way cool Monster High coffin shaped pool







Cute Erasers




Monster High stickers + Party Invite


Cool MH Pens



Way cool Monster High school playset



Would LOVE an ID on the gorgeous doll with  the long green hair, thanks!



A different school playset









Would LOVE an ID on this cool doll - think she may be custom








Coolies!  I wanna go on them and I am 48 at the time I made this page!! :D


Gorgeous Monster High bath set!










My Monster High online locker and class schedule - much more fun than the boring and overly strict Catholic girls high school I was forced to go to! Class of '91 - :D and I bet P. E is more fun at Monster High! >;D





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