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From "Electrified'



My draculaura with custom ribbon. Suits her so well!



This version of the Draculaura doll I have in my bath playset

Love this doll's tired eyes. This version of Draculaura , I have in my coffin jewellery box/ved playset





My Sweet 1600 Draculaura doll




Want this doll!



Cool Dracubecca {Draculaura and Robecca} Freaky Fusion doll


Gorgeous Draculaura OOAK custom



Boo York Draculaura


GORGEOUS Deluxe Draculaura Doll - Me wants, presiocusssss.. >;)



Cute Draculaura PVCs - Want these too!


Cute Draculaura doll with bat bag - not sure what model this is - any ideas?



Ghoul to bat Draculaura



Great Scarier Reef Dracullaura octopus doll



Haunted Draculaura


Draculaura coffin locker



Dance the Fright Away Draculaura


Think this gorgeous one is custom. Not sure who made her



This figure looks like a cross between Draculaura and Harley Quinn!


Fabric that reminds me of Dracularua




Draculaura wig and costume


Gorgeous Draculaura cosplayer at Sydney Supanova, 2016 - cute fangs!!




Note SPF 500 sunblock!



One of my vampire shrines


My Draculaura bathtub set - love the pretend bubbles!  Also love Draculaura's 'wet hair' look.  I achieved this by washing her hair with soap and water and letting it dry, but *not* brushing it.

The last pic is my scene for getting ready for a midnight screening of a Twilight movie >;) I love the Volturi make up. My favourite Twilight characters are Carlisle and Aro >:)





My Draculaura coffin bed jewellery box playset - I put New Moon on her TV screen >;)





Draculaura and scary cute Vampula, the Vampire Zelf



Carli (Carlisle)} and Ari {Aro} my cute vampire plushies!







WANT her doll!





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