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~ Season 1 ~


Angelala ~ Angel Zelf

MOTTO: "Be Kind to thy Zelf"

BIO:  Dreamy sounds of kindness and love are coming from the clouds above! Angelala's playing her harp and is sending down sweet sounds to fill your mind with kindness.

It's kinda' nice to have nice kind dreams!

 POWER:  Dreams of Kindness

FABITAT: Crystal Dream Harp







Buttershy ~ Butterfly Zelf

MOTTO: "Believe in yourzelf."

BIO:  Masquerade story: Buttershy normally keeps herzelf to herzelf, but when she pops on her mask She's flyin' flutterin' fun and loooves to wing it on the dance floor!

POWER: Positivity

FABITAT: Flitterpad....Zelk Trees, Trendiest Cocoon!!

BIRTHDAY: Six cocoons ago





Elfa ~ Angel Zelf

MOTTO: "Laugh at yourself"

BIO:  Watch out Elfa's prankin' again. Check out what she's been pickin' for some summertime trickin'!

These buds may smell like a tropical shower. But watch out for that squirting joke flower! She'll love to plant one on ya!

ZELF POWER: Laughter

FABITAT: Tropical Chill-Out Chair

BIRTHDAY: Last day of Fall




Garny ~ Dark Fariy Zelf

MOTTO: "I make ya wicked cool."







Lunanne ~ Moon Fariy Zelf

MOTTO: "Discover yourzelf."






Mermalade ~ Mermaid Zelf

Motto: "It's shore to be an adventure"





Masquerade Mermalade {Season 2}


Miss Clover ~ 4 Leaf Clover  Zelf

{Rare Limited Edition Zelf}




Pega Sue ~ Pegasus Zelf

MOTTO: "A + Fortune!"




Pega Sue Masquerade {Season 2}


Spellinda ~ Witch Zelf

MOTTO: "Lovestruck Baby! XOXO"




From left to right Masquerade Spellinda {Season 2}, Mint Spellinda {Season 3} and Season 1 Spellinda


Tressa ~ Venus Flytrap Zelf

MOTTO: "Give yourself a good ???"





Vampula ~ Vampire Zelf

MOTTO: "You'll look fangtastic, dahling..."





Strawberry Vampula {Season 3}


Very cute! Draculaura {Daughter of Dracula from Monster High} with Vampula!



Vampula Masquerade {Season 2}


How cool is this? Vampula is an municipality in Fnland!


~ Season 2 ~



Birchy ~ Tree Zelf

MOTTO: "Beleaf in yourzelf"

BIO:  This deep-rooted Zelf on the range is unbeleafable when it comes to helping others. He loves to branch out and share his tree pee with others.

Tends to get a lil' sappy during the holidays.

POWER:  Helper

FABITAT: Tree Pee in the Toasty Toes Camp

BIRTHDAY: 1st Day of Fall






Catsby ~ Cat Zelf

MOTTO: "Solve it yourzelf"

BIO:  This mysterious Zelf thinks outside the litterbox and is always on the prowl.

Just when you think he's sleeping, he's really half awake! His pawsome mystery power is the zelfs meow. Furreal!

POWER: Mystery

FABITAT: Cat Tree House in the Hide 'N' Zeek Playgrournd

BIRTHDAY: Last Caturday night




Dandy-Lion ~ Lion Zelf

MOTTO: "Have courage to be yourzelf."

BIO:  A lion Zelf with wings? Oh, my! It's a jungle in the twilight sky as this winged ruler soars and roars over Zardenia.

This courageous, most beautiful creature of the wild always has something to roar about. And we ain't Lion!

POWER: Courage

FABITAT:  Lion Den in the Split Ends Forest

BIRTHDAY: Imagination Day



Flitter ~ Dragon Fly Zelf

MOTTO: "Find yourzelf and take flight."




Jewely ~ Ruby Zelf

{Rare Limited Edition Zelf}

MOTTO: "Make yourzelf shine."

BIO: Jewely is an ultra-rare Ruby Zelf of exceptional power...A sight to behold! She is the most rare, precious Zelf in all of Zardenia...

A true natural Zelf wonder! A special sliver of the first shooting star ever, she gives you the power to sparkle! So make your world brighter and shine yourzelf like a gem!

POWER : Confidence

FABITAT: Ruby Rock in the Moonlight Maze

BIRTHDAY: New Years Eve




Lady B ~ Lady Bug Zelf

MOTTO: "Style yourzelf."

BIO: Ladybuggin' picnic grubbin'! This primpin' polka-dotter is always stylin' red. She's all about picnic partyin' in her fashion flowerbed.

POWER: Oh-So-Cute Style!

FABITAT: Flower Bed

BIRTHDAY: 1st day of fashion week






Lochlan ~ Loch Ness Monster Zelf

MOTTO: "You can trust yourzelf"

BIO: This secret Scottish swimmer spends his splashworthy time in Zardenia's rock pool. This secret Zelf is the keeper of Zardenia's most treasured secrets...Rarely seen or heard.

POWER: Keeping Secrets

FABITAT: Pool in the Rock Garden Pond






Owlmanda ~ Owl Zelf

MOTTO: "Yooo-who! What a hoot!"

BIO: This owl-trageous Zelf is a total hoot! She's OWL about laughter. Her fave snack? Micecream. LOL!

POWER: Sense of Humor

FABITAT: Tree Pee in the Toasty Toes Camp

BIRTHDAY: Owltober 1st




Snap Jack  ~ Jack Frost Zelf

MOTTO: "Imagine yourzelf!"

BIO: This nose-nippin' trickster tickles toes with his winter ways. Zardenia's artsy Zelf's most fave way to chill? Designing snowflake patterns and frosting flowers with ice ribbons

POWER: Imagination

FABITAT: Icepop Wheel Barrow in the Hide 'N' Zeek Playground

BIRTHDAY1st day of winter frost




Teenie Genie ~ Genie Zelf

MOTTO: "Wish upon yourzelf!"

BIO: All day she's locked up bottle tight, but this lamp lover comes alive at twilight. So set this magical Genie free and make a wish? Better yet, make three!

ZELF POWER: Wishes Granted

FABITAT: Genie Bungalow in the Zecret Garden




Webina ~ Spider Zelf

MOTTO: "Search for yourzelf!"

BIO: This web designer is all about getting stuff spun! She weaves funky silk-colored thread in her spider web until the night is done.

POWER: Web Design ?Search for yourzelf!?

FABITAT: Web Cafe in the Hangout




~ Season 3 ~


Beetrice ~ Honey Bee Zelf

MOTTO: "Bee Sweet to yourzelf and others"




Cupie ~ Cupid Zelf



Crystal Cupie {Season 6}


Deeno ~ Dino Zelf

MOTTO: "Hear yourself roar!"

BIO: This roaming tower of dino power has a big chomp, but supporting others is what makes this jaws-n-claws stomp! ROAR!

POWER: Strength

FABITAT: Dinosaur Cave

BIRTHDAY: 231.4 million years ago




Dolly  ~ Magical Moth Zelf

MOTTO: "Express yourzelf!"




Float ~ Cloud Zelf

MOTTO: "Every cloud Zelf has a silver lining!"

BIO: This lil' cloud's always got a silver lining! Storm's sis is full of bliss and always finds the good in the bad. After every storm (even her big bro's), there's a rainbow!

POWER: Silver Linings

FABITAT: Palace Balcony

BIRTHDAY: Look at the bright side day Dec 21st




Lullaby ~ Unicorn Zelf

MOTTO: "Wish yourzelf sweet dreams!"

BIO: When this harmonic filly catches zzz's, she trots right into dreamland. Her sweet songs safeguard sweet dreams for all.

POWER: Sweet Dreams

FABITAT: Pot at the end of the rainbow

BIRTHDAY: Born from Dreams




Manny ~ Moose Zelf

MOTTO: "Hang loose with d'Moose!"

BIO: This fun-lovin' Zelf is the most amoosing and playful critter in Zardenia. He goes the extra moose mile to make every Zelf smile!

POWER: Playfulness

FABITAT: Deer Lodge

BIRTHDAY: Moosy May 9th




Marsha ~ Martian Zelf

MOTTO: "Make yourzelf at home!"

BIO: Straight from the Zatmosphere, this inviting Zelf knows how it feels to be alienated, so she's all about close encounters with all. Is she proof of UFO's? No comet.

POWER: Welcoming


BIRTHDAY: Space Day May 2nd



Miss Tutu ~ Ballerina Zelf

MOTTO: "It's all about how you carry yourself, twinkletoes!"

BIO: This leapin' leotard lover is always on pointe. She keeps everyone on their toes with her tutu many surprises!

POWER: Elegance

FABITAT: The nut cracker theatre tree house

BIRTHDAY: Ballet Day February 7th




Noodles ~ Chinese Dragon Zelf

MOTTO: "I will bring good health to yourzelf!"

BIO: This happy, healthy bundle of ying/yang is all about good health?and dim sum.

POWER: Good health

FABITAT: Zoriental Bridge

BIRTHDAY: Fortune cookie Day September 13th



Crystal Noodles {Season 6}


Pandela ~ Panda Zelf

MOTTO: "Find Peace in yourzelf!"

BIO: This pandafied peacemaker keeps peace within the garden (even with Lil' D). His motto? If you're beary peaceful within yourzelf, you'll be beary peaceful with others.

POWER: Peace

FABITAT: Bamboo Hut

BIRTHDAY: World Peace Day, September 21st




Petal  ~ Pixie Zelf

MOTTO: "Friendships blossom!"

BIO: Zardenia's garden Pixie is all about sewing the seeds of friendship. She's every Zelf's best bud!

POWER: Blossoming Friendships

FABITAT: Pixie cottage

BIRTHDAY: Friendship Day August 3rd




Sealia ~ Seahorse Zelf

MOTTO: "Keep calm and swim on!"

BIO: This graceful swimster is in-tuna with her inner calmness...except when she's horsin' around the Zardenia fountain. She always makes a splash!

POWER: Calmness

FABITAT: Rock Pool waterfall




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Sealia & Masquerade Merlinda

Gorgeous Sealia by First Fear


Snowphie ~ Whiter Tiger Zelf {Limited Edition}

MOTTO: "Be fair to yourzelf and others!"



                                                                                                                Snowphie & Pandela


Talon ~ Griffin Zelf

MOTTO: "Find passion within yourself!"

BIO: This mythical lion-hawk Zelf roars and soars over Zardenia with unwavering passion?helping others find their passions, too!

POWER: Passion

FABITAT: Perched on the Palace Gates

BIRTHDAY: Wold Kiss Day July 6th




Talon ~ Griffin Zelf

MOTTO: "Zelfs are taking the world by storm!"




Series 4


Bella Blossom ~ Cherry Blossom Zelf

MOTTO: "Spread your wings and learn!"

BIO:  This Lil' Zelf loves taking it all in. She zeeks the answers to teach herself new tricks. Zelf-tastic ideas blossom in her head 24/7. What's her goal? To be the Cherry Best!

POWER: Learning

FABITAT: Pretty Petals Picnic Ground

BIRTHDAY: Cherry Blossom Festival March 20th





Cleocat ~ Pharaoh Zelf

{Rare, Limited Edition Zelf}

MOTTO: "Glam yourzelf up and feel like a queen!"



Flare ~ Phoenix Zelf

MOTTO: "Warm yourzelf up and feel wonderful."

BIO:  When this warm winger rises up over Zardenia, the whole garden takes on a fuzzy glow! Her tender heart booms out the love beatz giving everyone a hug from above!

POWER: Warmth

FABITAT: Toasty Toes Firepit

BIRTHDAY: Kindness Day November 13th





Flitabell ~ Swallowtail Butterfly Zelf

MOTTO: "Your time to shine will come!"




Galexia ~ Galaxy Zelf

MOTTO:  "Aim forthe stars!"

"Share our dreams! They might come true!" {Crystal Galexia}





Hightail  ~ Winged Unicorn Zelf

MOTTO: "Zelfies 4 Ever!"




Oceana ~ Water Dragon Zelf

MOTTO: "Chill out already!"




Ooma ~ Water Dragon Zelf

MOTTO: "Forgivness is a good way of living!"

BIO:  The best way to live is when you forgive! Because putting others at ease is a good way to please. That's this Zelf's motto.

POWER: Forgiveness

FABITAT: Bamboo Forest

BIRTHDAY: Forgiveness Day, June 26th




Polly Roger ~ Pirate Zelf

MOTTO: "Aarrgghh! Set sail and get adventurous!"




Roberta  ~ Robot Zelf

MOTTO: "Don't worry, be zappy!"

BIO:  This Lil' Bot is no bucket of bolts! She's a Wiz when it comes to the biz! When she's feelin' low and needs more get up and go, she just plugs in and chills out!

POWER: Energy

FABITAT: The Tool Box

BIRTHDAY: Tin Can Day January




Sheldon ~ Neptune Zelf

MOTTO: "Splash out and express yourzelf!"





Snowflake  ~ Snow Bunny Zelf

MOTTO: "Don't lose ya cool, be happy!"




Stardust ~ Shooting Star Zelf

MOTTO: "Sharing 'n' caring! Now that's Star Quality!"




~ Season 5 ~


Crystal Gemz Angelala (Bio above in Season 1)




Batrina ~ Bat Zelf

MOTTO: "Being charming is totally fang-tastic!"

BIO:  She's one charmin? Zelf. When there's some midnight mischief going down, this Zelf is sure to be found! But no need for alarm 'cos she's got the charm. Her cheeky smile wins over every time!

POWER: Charm

FABITAT: A Fang-tastic Moonlit Mirror!

BIRTHDAY: Bat Appreciation Day April 17th





Daisy May ~ Daisy Zelf

MOTTO: "The more you know, the more you grow!"

BIO:  Growin' knowin' and sowin'! She blossoms inside and out! Her hair blooms when she grooms. Just perfect for this Lil' Social Climber!

POWER: Growth

FABITAT: Daisy Chain Glasshouse

BIRTHDAY: Water a Flower day May 30th




Finley  ~ Koi Fish  Zelf

MOTTO: "Calm yourzelf down and don't make waves!"




Joy Drop  ~ Rainbow Fairy Zelf

MOTTO: "Be a joy to yourzelf and others!"




Koolah ~ Koala Zelf

MOTTO: "A little rest can be a big releaf!"




Moona ~ Sandman Zelf {Crystal Gemz Zelf}

BIO:  He'll send you off to a dreamy land with a sprinkle of his magic sand. He makes it possible to dream the impossible! So close your eyes and start imagining! You'll Zee!

POWER: Dreams of imagination

FABITAT: Moonbeam bench
in the Crystal Caves

BIRTHDAY: World Dream Day September 26th



Moonicorn ~ Midnight Unicorn Zelf {Crystal Gemz Zelf}

BIO:  This pretty protector sleeps in her crystal stable keeping her friends safe and filling their head with sweet dreams. No nightmares here, just some dreamy horsin' around!

POWER: Sweet Dreams

FABITAT: Crystal Cloud Stables in the Crystal Caves

BIRTHDAY: Dreamcember 10



Pearleen ~ Angelic Mermaid Zelf

MOTTO: "Zeek and you shall find out!"




Crystal Gemz Princess Crystella ~ Light up Zelf




Royal P ~  Peacock Zelf

MOTTO: "Elegant style lasts a while!"

BIO:  This little Zelf likes to strut her style. She's elegant from top to tail. But she?s not all show, she's got 'The Know!' Smarts and looks to match. Now that's a feather in her cap!

POWER: Style

FABITAT: The Majestic Mirror

BIRTHDAY: Zelf Pride Day




Royal P ~  Peacock Zelf

MOTTO: "Warm yourzelf with a heartfelt hug!"

BIO:  She's a cool cat with a warm heart! Snow Kitten! After a day of zappin' round Zardenia, nothing hits the spots more than chillin' out with a warm-hearted hug!

POWER: Warm Heartedness

FABITAT: The Leopard's Spot

BIRTHDAY: Snovember 1st




Starkle ~  Wizard Zelf

BIO: Making magic dreams come true is what this Wizard Zelf can do! He floats over Zardenia sending down magic stars into sleepin' dreamers and magic believers! Magic happens when this guy's zappin;!

POWER: Magical Dreams

FABITAT: Starlight Slumberbed

BIRTHDAY: International Magic Day July 31




Swanda ~  Swan Zelf

MOTTO: "Move at a pace that's full of grace & be  yourzelf!"

BIO: Moving with grace is this Zelf?s pace! Being yourself, dancing to smooth grooves and going with the flow is what this Ballet Beauty is all about!

POWER: Grace

FABITAT: Grace Lakes

BIRTHDAY: Ballet Day: February 7th




Talleen ~  Giraffe Zelf

MOTTO: "Understanding friends! ZWEEEEET!"

BIO:  Head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to being an understanding friend, Talleen is a real heart thinker who's always sticking her neck out for her buds. Understanding and unzelfish! It's just the way she is!

POWER: Considerate

FABITAT: Tall TimberTreehouse

BIRTHDAY: World Giraffe Day June 21st




Wishka ~  Fairy Godmother Zelf

MOTTO: "An ocean of devotion? Your wish is granted!"

BIO: Granting wishes is an unzelfish job but some-ones gotta do it. She's totally devoted to her work. This Zelf's power comes from the heart. It's no magic potion, just pure devotion!

POWER: Devotion

FABITAT: The Wishing Wand

BIRTHDAY: World Wish Day April 29th



Zebbie ~  Zebra Zelf

MOTTO: "Try your best and earn your stripez!"

BIO: Who needs to catch some ZZZZs? Not this Zippin' Zebra Zelf! She loves horsing around with her friends. But there's no time to rest when you're trying your best!

POWER: Being Active

FABITAT: The Zebra Crossing

BIRTHDAY: National Zebra Day January 31






~ Season 6 ~


Angel Hop ~  Angelic Bunny Zelf

MOTTO: "I'm ya angel of hoppiness!"

BIO: Cloud hopping above Zardenia, this Angel of Hoppiness rains down beams of joy, protecting Zelfs from sadness! When she's around there is always 'Happiness in the Hair'!

POWER: Hoppiness

FABITAT: The Cloud Castles of Zelftopia

BIRTHDAY: Be an Angel Day - August 27




Artie ~  Artist Zelf

MOTTO: "Splash some colour in your world!"

{Would appreciate a scan of his bio, thanks}



Cheffery ~  Chef Zelf

MOTTO: "Cook up a treat and wish to sw sweet!"

{Would appreciate a scan of her bio, thanks}



E-Vett ~  Vet Zelf

MOTTO: "Being a vet is the best job yet!"

{Would appreciate a scan of her bio, thanks}




Fariy Bloom ~  Bloom Fairy Zelf

MOTTO: "Sing like nobody's listening and let yourzelf grow!"

BIO:  Zinging tunes that make flowers bloom! This Diva Zelf has a 'Growing' fan base! Her career has blossomed since the first seed of talent appeared. Ya Dig?

POWER: Music

FABITAT: The Rose Bowl Arena in Zelftopia

BIRTHDAY: Water a Flower Day - May 30




Flitterbelle ~  Butterfly Mermaid Zelf

MOTTO: "There's only one rule ... Play it cool!"

BIO: A true Sky-diver who loves cloud surfing and splashin' out on her friends. Life is one big game for this flying fish! And her favorite game is 'Glide and Seek'! Game on Zelfs!

POWER: Playfulness

FABITAT: Butterfly Bay in Zelftopia

BIRTHDAY: Learn about Butterflies Day - March 14




Frostelle ~  Frost Fairy Zelf

MOTTO: "Keeping your cool is Easy Freezy!"




Gar Girl ~  Gargoyle Zelf

MOTTO: "Rock Solid Friends are Friends Forever!"




Harmonie ~  Pop Star Zelf

MOTTO: "Be a star and you'll go far!"

{Would appreciate a scan of her bio, thanks}



Mary Go~Round ~  Carousel Pony Zelf

{Rare, Limited Edition Zelf}

MOTTO: "Never give up on yourzelf!"

BIO: Life does have it's ups and downs and sometimes this Zelf feels like she's going 'round in circles! No time to get giddy! When she really wants something she keeps on going till she's got it! And she's a pole lot of fun!

POWER: Enchantment

FABITAT: Zelfy-Land Amusement Park in Zelftopia

BIRTHDAY: Horses Birthday - August 1st




Miss Terri ~  Fortune Teller Zelf

{Would appreciate a scan of her bio, thanks}



Moon-Flight ~  Twilight Butterfly Zelf

MOTTO: "Dance the day away!"

BIO: When the sun goes down, this Zelf comes up! Dancing with her moonshadow partner under the luna beams, she's the highlight of the Twilight every night!

POWER: Dance

FABITAT: Butterfly Bay in Zelftopia

BIRTHDAY: Stay up all Night Day - May 10



Moon-Flight ~  Twilight Butterfly Zelf

MOTTO: "Dance the day away!"

BIO:  Her glowing light brightens the night guiding lost zelfs homes. She's a caring and scaring kinda zelf. But don't be afraid 'cause she'll glow out of her way to help ya!

POWER: Guiding Glow

FABITAT: Zelfy-Land Amusement park in Zelftopia

BIRTHDAY: Fright Day the 13th



Rein Doe ~  Reindeer  Zelf

MOTTO: "True strength comes form inside yourzelf!"




Royal Tia ~  Princess Zelf

MOTTO: "Glam yourzelf up 'n' feel like a Princess!"

{Would appreciate a scan of her bio, thanks}



Shimma ~  Mystic Mermaid Zelf

{Would appreciate a scan of her bio, thanks}



Skylanna ~  Sky Dragon Zelf

MOTTO: "I'm totes fun-beieveavle!"

BIO: With his head in the clouds this fun-loving dragon lets his hair down by making shapes in the sky. No Clouds? No Problem! This fire breather just streams out some steam!


FABITAT: The Cloud Castles of Zelftopia

BIRTHDAY: Appreciate a Dragon Day - January 16




Wishbeam  ~  Wishing Star Zelf

MOTTO: "A wish coming true is sometimes up to you!"

BIO: She stars when it comes to making her dreams come true. Her 'Yes I Can' attitude and beaming smile is forever shinin'. Wishbeam's motto: Reach for the Stars, no matter how far!

POWER: Wishful Thinking

FABITAT: Star Struck Gardens in Zelftopia

BIRTHDAY: World Wish Day - April 29





~ Other Zelfs & Zelf Fun! ~



Exclusive and limited Zelf for Green Antler Day (Only 1000 made) Would appreciate his name, thanks


Gorgeous Zelf pic!



Cute Zelf crossover by Flitter


Zelf crossover forum: http://love-yourzelf.freeforums.net/thread/288


Gorgeous Custom made Zelf by Princess Crystella

Here is her forum:  http://love-yourzelf.freeforums.net/thread/54/fakies-er-zakies


Here is Angel 99 Percent's gorgeous custom Zelf page:



Sadly, Zelfs are not being made any more and the cool official website is now down :*(

Hope it comes back up again.


Hope you enjoyed my Zelf page, a labour of love of cuteness!



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