~ Other Fantasy Fanfiction ~


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~ Other Fantasy Fanfic ~


ALL FOR LOVE - Disney's The 3 Musketeers.  Girard's sister falls in love with d'Artagnan.


A BEGINNING FROM AN END - Indiana Jones  - AU - Chattar Lal is given a new lease on life. Set after "The Temple of Doom."

    {Written long before Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull}


THE BALLAD OF WUNTVOR - Read and see!   Wuntvor~Ebenezum


CUTHBERT ~ A MAGIC SWORD'S TALE - Cuthbert's Tale - Wuntvor~Ebenezum


Fantasy Dreams  ~ Other Fantasy Dreams I have had

The Lion King Dreams ~ Temporarily here, until I complete my forthcoming 'Lion King' Page   

              {Mufasa & Sarabi .... aww...}


Land Before Time Dreams ~ Temporarily here ~ My 'Land Before Time' page still coming ...



       Cute Playmobil Brachiosauri


Nella ~ Princess Knight ~ Temporarily here ~ My Nella ~ Princess Knight ' page still coming ...



More Fantasy Fics/Dreams coming!


Planned: Myth Quest, Superman/Girl, Eragon, Golden Compass, Worst Witch, Elmo in Grouchland, Jack West, Warriors of Virtue, Care Bears, Aquamarine, Gabriel,  Batman, Animorphs, Firefly and more ... Sorry, cannot give a time of completion :(




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