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“In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight...


He Lives in you ... He Lives in me...”


*Hugs Mufasa*  J



These are nightly dreams I have had about The Lion King.  I will be updating as soon as I have more TLK dreams.

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Dream Dates are written Australian/UK format as in Day/Month/Year.

Some of my dreams, I remember vividly, others not so. Finally finished typing up all my dreams!! :D

Most of these dreams I have at home, unless otherwise specified.




Mufasa had to save Simba from Scar and banished Scar.  As a result, Mufasa never dies in the gorge.  It broke his heart to have to kill his brother when he later returned for a duel.  Mufasa killed him not out of anger, vengeance or ego, but for the safety of his family, the Pride and the Pride Lands.  With love, he watched his son grow up.  Mufasa died of old age and went up into the stars.



Mufasa, Sarabi, Nala, Simba, Rafiki and Zazu were all playing.  Mufasa was very careful not to hurt the youngsters and small Zazu, despite his formidable strength, he was kind and gentle.



This dream was similar to the one above and they were all playing.  Mufasa did not die in the gorge in this dream. He held onto Scar and banished him in disgrace. Despite warnings from the pother lions to kill him, as they feared he would return, Mufasa could not bring himself to kill his own brother.  Simba's friends from The Lion Guard were also playing, Ono, Beshtie and Fuli, who loved to pounce on patient Mufasa.  Scar did return, though his anger was tapered by Zira, who taught him to forgive and Scar slowly began to heal his angry heart.  He could barely contain his love when his daughter, Amani, meaning peace was born. He didn't shy away from showing her affection and rubbing his head against hers, but acted all cold toward her when anyone but Zira was around.  Mufasa never let on that he knew, as he'd seen his brother playing with his beloved daughter.  Scar hardly trusted anyone with Amani, except for Zira, though came to learn the pride would never harm her, specially Mufasa and Sarabi. Amani made friends with Simba, Kiara and Kion and taught her old dad that being kind did not make him weak. Scar gave his life to save his daughter and the children and as a result, regained his former name of Shado and redeemed himself in the eyes of Mufasa and the pride. Amani missed her father and Zira her love, though, slowly they learned to play again and loved to do so. Mufasa and Sarabi loved Amani as their own daughter.  She had no aspirations to be queen, though to find a mate and have cubs of her own.  Eventually, she mated a lone lion called Soroba and had a son, Sirili and a daughter Sonona.  Shado watched from the stars, happy he had learned to love and his family had not forgotten how to play and keep the pride Lands safe.

Am planning a fanfic on this dream - coming at a later stage, sorry cannot say when.



In this dream, I was downloading pictures of Mufasa, Simba and his family, from the 1994 original Lion King and the 2019 remake.  {Interesting, as I was just doing that two nights before in a row! :}




31/8/19 ~ {Re-watched The Lion King 2 ~ Simba’s Pride last night! And had this dream!}


Simba had accepted Kovu as Kiara’s mate and they were play fighting, having a grand old time.  Wise, loving Mufasa watched from the stars, happy that Kovu had found his peace and proud to welcome him ot the family.  Kiara and Nala joined in on the play fight and Timon and Pumbaa played together, as did the other animals.



More dreams as I have them ...



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