~ Land Before Time Dreams ~


These are dreams I have had about The Land Before Time.  I will be updating it as soon as I have more LBFT dreams. Please do not archive, though you may link directly to this page.

Dream Dates are written Australian/UK format as in Day/Month/Year.


Some of my dreams, I remember vividly, others not so. Finally finished typing up all my dreams!! :D


Most of these dreams I have at home, unless otherwise specified.




In this dream, Spike was eating some special leaves and sharing them with Ducky.  Littlefoot was playing with Cera and Petrie.  Spike and Ducky joined in the fun, splashing about in the shallows, Petrie flying above.  Littlefoot and Cera played chase. The tinysaurs joined in the fun and Littlefoot rubbed his head around them, showing affection. The adults regarded the young ones with affection and Littlefoot’s grandparents rubbed faces.  Even Cera’s dad chuckled and played Chase with Tria.  Cera’s little sister, Tricia, joined in on the fun and played with the tinysaurs.  All was well in the valley.




More as I have them





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