Disclaimers: The Lord of the Rings was written by J. R. R Tolkien.

I make no monetary profit from my fanfic.


A candle for J. R. R. Tolkien, Christopher Tolkien, writers of 'The Lord of The Rings' and the history of Middle Earth books

and Christopher Lee who played Saruman





Lament  ~  Legolas mourns Gandalf and is comforted by Haldir - My very first LotR fic


Waters of Serenity  ~ Haldir goes for a moonlight swim - My second LotR fic.


Light of Lórien  ~ Aragorn mourns Haldir and is in for a surprise


Spirit of Lórien  ~ Rúmil and Orophin comfort one and other over Haldir's death. (Author's note:  I know he didn't die in the books.  This was a challenge fic)


Elf Magic  ~ Haldir and his brothers are captured by Orcs


Brothers Of Lórien  ~ Celeborn finds orphaned Elf babes in the woods


  ~ {Song of Lórien} - Celeborn is melancholy about Lady Galadriel's departure from Middle Earth. Haldir and the Lórien Elves desperately endeavour to lift his spirits


Tales Of Lothlórien  ~ Some incredibly valuable, sacred Elven artifacts and items go missing from Caras Galadhon. Rúmil is the only suspect. He proclaims innocence, but is hiding something and learns a valuable lesson


Immortal Love  ~ AU ~ Legolas is mortally wounded at Helm’s Deep and Haldir tries to save him


Lest We Forget   ~ You will have to read the story for this one. I don’t want to spoil it


Daughter Of The Earth  ~ Haldir finds an orphaned girl in the woods and cares for her


Whispers Of The Trees  ~ AU ~ Saruman is planning something dastardly and Haldir is sent to Isengard to stop him


A Lament For The Elves ~ By Samwise Gamgee  ~ Sam's lament to the Elves


The Naming Of The Sword  ~  Celeborn holds a naming ceremony to name the swords of the Galadhrim


The Aftermath  ~  Éomer finds Haldir after the battle of Helm's Deep


A Promise ~ A Hobbits Tale By Frodo Baggins  ~ Frodo's thoughts as he travels to the Grey Havens with Gandalf, Haldir and the Elves.


Lightly Sings The Wind  ~ An Elven Lament  ~  Winner of the Haldir Lovers  Fanfiction Competition, Rúmil's Choice Award, March, 2006. Yay!




 The Lord Of The Rings Dreams  ~ Dreams I have had about various LotR characters (My dreams read like stories and most of them are quite a good read!)


 More LotR fanfic to come!






Insidious Foe  ~ While in Lórien, the Fellowship are set upon by a horrible foe


The Lord Of The Arches  ~  Sauron's real plans for Middle Earth are uncovered.


Bathing In Lothlórien  ~ Haldir has a bath


150 + Reasons Showing You Be Obsessed With Haldir, His Brothers, Celeborn and/or The Actors Who Play Them ...


Elf Help Book


The Urge  ~ What shampoo *does* Haldir Use? ...


More Parodies to come!



THE LORD OF THE RINGS POETRY - {Please do not archive}


The Elf Lord   ~ A poem about Celeborn


The Elven Brothers  ~ A poem about Haldir, Rúmil and Orophin


The Golden Wood  ~ A poem about the Golden Wood


The Grey Wizard  ~ A poem about Gandalf


Dream Of The Archer  ~ A poem of the gallant Galadhrim




  ~ Haldir Groups ~


{Discussion about Haldir, his brothers, Rúmil and Orophin and the actors who portray them} -






The Proud to be a part of The Haldir Council of Denial. {Qui-Gon Jinn has one *Hugs Qui,* the Gods from Xena have one *Hugs Hades*} and now Haldir does too! *Hugs Hallie*




Lord of The Rings & The Hobbit Pix


Lord of the Rings Pix   stuff here!!


Elven Pix   stuff here!!


The Hobbit Pix      Some stuff here!!


LotR Funnies      Some stuff here!!


My Lord of the Rings Pix   stuff here!!




  Gandalf Sprites             Aragorn Sprite       Haldir Sprite     Orophin Sprite     Rúmil Sprite    



Celeborn & Galadriel Sprites

 Sprites Courtesy of:  http://www.members.shaw.ca/korinchan/adoptee/


Some cool Lord of the Rings sites













Apparently, Tolkien did begin to pen a sequel to 'The Lord Of The Rings,' but sadly, as far as we know, it was never finished. Would have loved

to have read it. ~ Here is a Youtube video about it:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNId0pPkX28



The Lord of the Rings Sound Files {Wav. Format}


 Gandalf sounds


   "A Wizard is never late ..."


   "Dragon Incident"




  Gandalf talks to Frodo about death and life


   "Even the wisest cannot see all ends"




   "A Far Green Country..."



    Legolas greets Haldir


  "A lament for Gandalf" {Legolas & Sam}


   "Elf cloaks ..." {Celeborn}


    "Le aphadar aen" {You are Being tracked - Celeborn to Aragorn}


Aragorn sounds


  "I would have gone with you to the end ... Into the very fires of Mordor ..." {Aragorn to Frodo}


  "Not idly do the leaves of Lorien fall..."


   Aragorn's moving "Stand, Men of the West" speech at the Black Gate


  "For Frodo...."




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