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Summary: Lord Celeborn holds a naming ceremony for the swords of the Galadhrim.

Rating PG


~~ Naming of the Sword ~~


At dusk, under a pink and blue sky, Celeborn knelt in the meditation alcove of Caras Galadhon with the Galadhrim, the Lórien Brothers he and Lady Galadriel had raised from Elflings when their parents had been slaughtered by Orcs.

"You fought bravely," he told the three Elven warriors. "You would have given your lives for Lórien. I am glad it did not come to that, as I honour you and care for you all very deeply."

"As we honour and care for you, My Lord," Orophin replied.

Celeborn smiled warmly. He stood and unsheathed his sword. The Lord of Lórien turned to the North, extending his sword in honour . "Homage to the Watchtowers of the North and the Element of Fire." The Regal Elf turned to the East. "Homage to the Watchtowers of the East and the Element of Air." The Elegant Lord turned to the South. "Homage to the Watchtowers of the South and the Element of Water." And lastly, he turned to the West. "Homage to the Watchtowers of the West and the Element of Earth ... The Scared Circle be cast. Let no evil enter. We be protected by the Lothlórien and the Great Earth Mother."

The Lord of Lórien knelt upon the Earth and placed his sword upon her. He turned his gaze to the Galadhrim. "Rúmil, please place your sworn atop Excalibrand."

The youngest Galadhrim did as he was asked, placing his sword over Celeborn's. "I am honoured to do so, My Lord."

The elder Elf indicated Haldir next, then Orophin.

"This eve, I will name your swords," he told them, "as you have forged them with great skill, power and enchantment. And you have wielded them with great courage and skill."

"We are deeply honoured, Lord Celeborn, " Orophin said, echoing the thoughts of his brothers as he knelt with them.

"Valiant Galadhrim of Lórien, I Celeborn, Lord of Lórien will name these fine Elven swords. May they be used in defence and defence alone. Never to attack. May they endeavour to bring peace to our world."

Gently, Celeborn picked up Orophin's slender sword and held it firm in his hand.

"Courageous Orophin of Lórien, I name your sword Amonrath. The name is that given to the ancient God of the Sun and Skies. He ruled with a firm but kind hand. He had tremendous power, though he never once abused it. I name your sword thus as you are the oldest of the Galadhrim and I trust you never to abuse your power."

"I will never, My Lord. You have my solemn promise as a Galadhrim."

Haldir noticed his older brother blink back a tear, which surprised him. He had only once seen his brother cry, about their parents, when he was an Elfling of four, but never once since then.

Celeborn handed Orophin his sword. "May you be Blessed."

"I am indeed ... Amonrath," Orophin said. "With you, I shall endeavour to bring peace to our lands, but never shall you be used in hate. You shall be used in defence alone."

Haldir and Rúmil knew Orophin loathed and despised Orcs with a passion, and to make such a promise, they knew how hard that was for their brother and they also knew he would never break it. They were heartened that he was beginning to let that hate go, for it was beginning to do him harm. Gently Haldir took his brother's hand and this time Orophin did not even attempt to stop the tears falling from his crystal blue eyes.

Celeborn smiled warmly as he waited for a few moments before he picked up Haldir's slightly wider sword.

"Valiant Haldir of Lórien, I name your sword Galadhdes. As you are the heart of the Galadhrim. And Hades, as that is certainly where you send our enemies, to the fires of Tartarus. May you be Blessed."

Haldir bowed his head, then took his sword from Lord Celeborn. "I am deeply honoured. My Lord. I too promise never to use my sword in hate."

Celeborn picked up the final sword. "Sensual Rúmil of Lórien, I name your sword Celdoweth, for she was a half Elven maiden who died wishing justice to be done. As you have a fierce heart for justice, no better name can there be."

" Diolla lle, Nîn Hîr." {Thank you, My Lord.} "I shall cherish her. My brothers have given their word that their swords will never be used in hate, as will I also. Justice will be done, My Lord and evil will be rid from this land once and for all."

"I am sure it will," Celeborn said. "With such valour."

He stood and picked up his own sword. "Thank you to the Watchtowers, the Directions and the Elements for your guidance and protection. May the circle be opened." He looked at Excalibrand in his hands and ran his hand down the blade, engraved with an exquisite Elvish design. "It is time for my weapon to retire."

The Galadhrim stood also, holding their swords. Rúmil looked concerned.

"My Lord? Are you certain you will not need-"

Celeborn smiled warmly. "Nay. I will no longer need my beautiful sword, but I sense that his task is not yet over." The Lord of Lórien began to walk toward the Nimrodel.

"For reasons unknown to me at this time, I must cast Excalibrand into the lake where the spirit of the Nimrodel will care for him."

The four Elves reached the riverbank.

"I Celeborn, Lord of Lórien cast Excalibrand into the river, where he will be kept safe by the Lady of the Nimrodel."

And he cast his sword into the waters. The Lady's hand extended, catching the sword and took Excalibrand beneath the waters, to rise again in future times.

Celeborn took a silent breath. He knew not what those future times held, but he knew they be of great importance.

The Elves returned to the heart of Lórien.

"We cannot thank you enough," Orophin said, "for the honour you have bestowed upon us."

"Aye," Haldir and Rúmil agreed.

Celeborn smiled warmly. "And you have all honoured me as well."

The Elves surrounded their Lord and cast their swords to the starlit sky, each saying their names ~

~ Amonrath. Galadhdes. Celdoweth ~

And the silver mithril blades glowed in the moonlight.





Pronunciations of the swords

Excalibrand (Ex-cal-i-brand) short i and a

Amonrath - (Ah-mon-rath) short a in rath

Galadhdes - (Galad-hay-deez) long a and e

Celdoweth - (Kel-dow-eth) short o and e




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