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Want that headdress!




Want that sword!





Gorgeous Elf-like Liv Tyler (Arwen)




GORGEOUS necklace! WANT!



Celeborn's necklace & robes from LotR Expo







Not sure who did this gorgeous Celeborn manip


Lovely Celeborn art, unknown artist


Gorgeous Celeborn sketch. I found a copy of this beyond beautiful gem at my local office shop a few years ago.

 A lovely surprise that brightened my otherwise depressing day. I don't know the talented artist. Lovely pic.



Marton Csokas {Lord Celeborn}





The Phial of Galadriel with the light of Earendil, the Elves most beloved star from the two trees of Valinor


Galadriel screencaps I look.  Anyone know of the statues she walked past is of any particular Elves?  They're lovely.




Nice Celeborn & Gladdy manip. Not sure who made it




Cate Blanchett {Lady Galadriel}



Beautiful. Saw the lady make this online.  Looks like Rivendell


Gorgeous Rivendell, so peaceful and natural




Second gorgeous pic is by Ivan Cavini


This lovely pagoda is very Rivendell-ish, methinx


Stunning Lothlrien, also beautiful, peaceful and natural.




     All so beautiful ... I wish human architecture was so lovely. 

It was in our ancient times with the ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman architecture.

  I love how instead of destroying nature

like horrible Saruman, the Orcs and Uruk-hai, the Elves lives in peace with her and built within and

around nature.  Us humans can re-learn the same connection.


Did you know the Elves once called Lothrien/Lorien 'Lauralindrenan?  Treebeard tells Merry and Pippin this

in the book of 'The Two Towers'  Interesting titbit.



I made a non-alcoholic version of this with lemon rind, elderflower cordial and honey - was SO delish and magical!




Gorgeous Luthien. The first one is by Ted Nasmith




Orlando Bloom {Legolas}


Not LotR but still very cool. Gorgeous ears!



Gorgeous gift packs



Cute Wizard, Witch and Elf emojis from my Samsung phone





Lovely Elven inspired patterns


A notepad I used to have - looks very elven


Bottle of Elf potion from Gaia online - cute!



Amazing LEGO(R) model made by Alice Finch. She also has a son called Thorin!

Understandably this model won the People's Choice Award at a LEGO(R) Expo. It is GORGEOUS!!!!





Bow and arrow stall at the St Ives Medieval Faire, Sydney, 2017


Cute toy bow & arrow sets






~ Elven inspired jewellery and accessories ~





Made by Pendragon I believe - GORGEOUS!!!!   WANT!!!!!



Also gorgeous



Remind me of Arwen's lovely headdress and Celeborn's gorgeous necklace. Not sure who makes them, sorry.


Loots like these are elf steps to a lovely treehouse

Elven-looking dress



Had SO much fun making these on New Year's Days 2019 and 2020!



What a cool last name!!!  He worked on 'Transformers: Rescue Bots'



~ Lovely ~


Enya looks very Elfin :)


This is an Elven Star {not LotR related}




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