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Elven Brothers


Together, they protect the forest

Moving as one

Sensing the other's thoughts

And intentions

Like lightning they move

To rid evils from the land

To make the forests safe once more

The oldest,

Resolute, proud and swift

He trained his younger brothers

To fight and survive,

To meditate and honour the land

The middle brother,

Proud, elegant and brave

He leads his brothers

And teaches them customs from afar

The youngest brother

Quiet, confident and respectful,

Learning much from his elder brothers,

Teaching them serenity and

The wonders of youth

All three,

The epitome of elegance

And protective power

Gentle pointed ears

Long silver golden hair

Glowing in the moonlight

Shining in the sunlight.

They are inseparable

Three souls merge as one

And yet they are also individual

And unique

Loved by their people

And others who dwell upon the land

Afar they travel to learn

And to grow

And to gather information to protect their lands

Though they always return home

To the scared forest

The Golden Wood

Their very souls are connected to the land

To the trees

And the wildlife

And to their people

Together they sit in a circle

With their Elf friends

And their Lord and Lady

Holding hands gently

Their spirits high,





They sing in their beautiful, gentle tongue

They sing to the trees.



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