~ My Lord of the Rings ~



A friend's beautiful selenite crystal. I have a similar one. It's about 18 cm {7 inches} tall. It reminds me of Minis Tirith





Saw this lovely land on a bushwalk with a neighbour.  To us, it looked Amon Hen, where Boromir confronted Frodo.  

Now, all it needs that cool statue head ;}


Another nearby forest which reminded me on Amon Hen.  Spied on a bushwalk with my mother.


Wizard of Winkalot plaster I painted.  I made it night time.  Reminds me of wizards like Gandalf, Dumbledore & Merlin


Okay it's spelt with an 'e' but, still, it's cute! Saw it on my walks on the footpath near where I used to live


Graffiti on scaffolding near where I live. It's gone now. Glad I snapped this pic. Reminds me of the script on the one ring.




Celeborn and Haldir. my dieffenbachia plants - note the plant fairies!




Celeborn & Haldir wallpaper I made



Celeborn & Galadriel and Haldir and his brothers embossed.  Did these in photoshop with regular pictures


Elf for fish tanks. I used to have him. Got him at my local pet shop {which closed down a few years ago} - Is it just me, or does he look cranky!?


A plate I got at a local market - reminded me of the Elves



Gandalf staff like drawer handles


Parker pen.  Anything 'parker' reminds me of Craig Parker (Haldir, lol!) The girl on the pen looks Elvish too!


Delicious alcoholic ginger beer. The dwarf on it reminds me of Gimli!


Me cos playing Celeborn :)

{With thanks to mum for the pic and Lou for making the robe}


This reminds me of an old 'The Lord of The Rings' style ruin. These are the old Gladesville Hospital stairs, Sydney





A cute word game I play.  Ent and Rhun were not there! ;) Interesting that 'roach' and 'Orc' were in the same game. 

The ones in the Mines of Moria reminded me of cockroaches, and a behind the scenes LotR guy said as much erk!




Weaving on bootleg and scratched discs for the wonderful 'Weaving Bridges Project,' celebrating Aboriginal culture on Sydney's Northern Beaches.

In 2017, I was proud to be a part of it and wove 25 such discs and completed 14 more. The discs represented pathways. The last pic shows two of my discs

 on the bridge in Queenscliff, NSW, Australia.

I had so much fun weaving in special colours, with special discs and was honoured to be invited to do a speech on the day.



Me, wearing my 'Sparkle Like Stars' jumper just before the start of the screening of the extended versions of

'The Lord of The Rings' trilogy, 25 November, 2018.  I also have my sparkly and unicorn bags with me.

I caught up on NaNoWriMo {National Novel writing Month} the next day ~ did around 56,500 words that year!


NaNoWrimo!  {National Novel Writing Month} Where the challenge is to write 50,000 words during the month of November.

'The Lord of the Rings' is a great inspiration


An artwork I did rescuing old, falling apart 'The Lord of The Rings' books that the book exchange would have thrown out and I

made this artwork with my fave scenes and poems




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