Disclaimer: The Lord of the Rings trilogy was written by J R R Tolkien.

I make no monetary profit from this story.

Summary: A vile foe wreaks havoc amongst the Fellowship.

Author's note: Set during "The Fellowship of the Ring."

Rating G - Humour





Legolas leapt to his feet as he heard a slight rustle on the ground of Lórien. No one in his company made such a sound. It was foreign, that was sure enough. Quick as lightning, he alerted the others. Frodo touched his chest lightly. The Ring was safe.

"It's moving fast," Aragorn said, looking around.

"Friend or foe?" Merry asked.

"I would speak the latter. Friends are hard coming upon our journey, but we must be sure."

Haldir joined them, alert as always and as ready as Legolas to draw his bows.

The creature reared its ugly head through the undergrowth. Frodo scrambled away as it ran helter skelter toward him.

Haldir pulled a face. "What is a vile creature such as this doing in the fair woods of Lórien?"

"Much is not what we would have it to be in this day," Aragorn said. "Frodo, lookout!"

The creature was almost on top of him when Sam pulled him away. The Ringbearer looked relieved. The creature ran for Merry and Pippin, who bashed into themselves trying to get away.

Legolas drew his bow and fired, but the creature was small and slipped away. Aragorn tried his sword, but the creature darted so, he could not get a hold.

The Dwarf's axe came down, though the creature was swift. Gimli's weapon stuck in the ground and the creature came for him. He pulled and tugged and with a great heave his axe came free and he was flat on his back. He rolled to one side and not a moment too soon.

The creature then flew at Boromir. The Gondorian warrior ducked its attack, fell on his rear and cursed, shaking his fist.

The vile assailant came about, making a beeline for the elf. Haldir gasped and jumped into Aragorn's arms.

"Haldir..." Aragorn complained.

The elf stood, feeling rather embarrassed. Aragorn swerved out of the beast's way. Haldir drew an arrow, but again the creature's size proved to its advantage. With a bold step, he pursued it, though it swerved so, Haldir found it difficult to keep track as the creature disappeared behind a rock.

"Where is it?" Frodo asked, his large eyes looking around frantically.

"There," Haldir said, pointing as he saw the small beast's head pop around the side of he rock.

A bird's cry was heard as it swooped down and grabbed the creature, struggling in its claws as it flew away.

The Fellowship seemed relieved. Aragorn sheathed his sword and Gimli placed down his axe.

Haldir turned to Aragorn. "I would appreciate if you kept silent about-"

"Not a word," Aragorn said in Elvish with a small smile.

Haldir sat down. "Cockroaches in Lórien ... " he muttered in disgust. "There'll be mosquitoes in Rivendell next..."





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