Disclaimer: The Lord of the Rings trilogy was written by J. R. R. Tolkien.

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Summary: A lament for the Elves

Rating G



By Samwise Gamgee


With elegance and grace you caress the land, your feet barely touch the Earth as you move in silence. Your ancient, serene wisdom inspiring all those you encounter. Your song, gentle and beautiful. Although I know not the words, you sing of myth, legend and the lands. Never before have I heard such beautiful sounds. It fills my heart and soul with light.

Swift and vigilant, you protect the land. Many of us owe our very lives to the Elves. Some don't even know it, and you never want for anything. Never a trophy or a hero's welcome. Lasting peace and serenity is all you wish for. Like my people, your hearts truly lie in peace.

To meet an Elf was always my dream, so beautiful, so serene, elegant, so enchanting and magical. I remember my father telling me tales when I was but a babe, of valiant Elves who fought for the freedom of Middle Earth and tales of beautiful Elf maidens and elegant Elf lords.

And I did meet many Elves, on my journeys with Frodo, the Ringbearer and my best friend. Your beautiful song brought tears to my eyes.

I was privileged to reside in the elegant Rivendell, the immaculate Elf city. I slept under the golden trees in beautiful Lothlórien. Looked upon the beautiful Elf Queen, Lady Galadriel, Lady of the Light and she was indeed. The magical cloaks given to us by Lord Celeborn proved invaluable. The Elven rope given to us by Haldir saved both the lives of myself and Frodo, and I never even thanked him. I wonder how he and the Lórien Elves are faring now?

But where art thou Elves ... leaving our shores, journeying to the harbour beyond the White Towers ... to the Grey Havens ...

Must you leave us? Must your beauty diminish? Must your beautiful songs be swept away with the winds? Much has changed throughout the Ages, but never would I have thought that Middle Earth would lose its most beautiful people.

Will you all go? Will you all leave us? What will become of us?

Will the only movement in Rivendell be the rusted leaves blowing in the wind? Will the trees of Lórien wilt in despair as they crave your song and your light?

Aye, much of the magic of this land has been trodden underfoot by unspeakable evils. But can you not bring that magic back?

Will the magic return to our lands? And if it does, will the Elves return?

I take solace in knowing not all of you left our shores. Knowing that your enchanting song will never be truly gone, but then how could something that beautiful ever die?

I hope that you find peace and solace in the west, in Valinor. Its beauty is said to be indescribable.

Let us hope that peace will caress Middle Earth as well, for your powerful, yet gentle influence was never lost. I defy anyone not to be moved and inspired by your enchanting magic. Elves of the lands, you are dearly loved and truly missed and should you chose to return, you will always be welcome.

Let us hope that Rivendell will remain a safe haven. Let us hope that the trees of Lothlórien will stand tall.

Let us hope that the serene and beautiful songs of the Elves will forevermore echo throughout the lands and beyond.




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