Disclaimer:  The Lord of the Rings trilogy was written by J R R Tolkien.


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Summary:   Frodo's thoughts about his journey as he journeys to the Grey Havens with Gandalf, Haldir and the Elves.


Author's notes:  Contains spoilers for RotK.



Rating PG











I made a promise, Samwise Gamgee, a promise!  To destroy the One Ring … and did I?  I ask you - am I a hero?  I know you would not hesitate to say yes.  There are many who would, but I say nay.  It was not I who destroyed the ring.  In the end, it consumed me as it did Gollum and Isildur before him. 


I wonder, would I have destroyed it?  I do not know.  I may never.  Am I a hero?  That is up to history to decide.


As I sail to the Grey Havens with Gandalf I grieve for all that I have left behind, I hold back tears when I think of my friends ... the Shire, but in my heart and Soul you will always be here and I hope I am with your hearts as well.


I look to see an Elf smiling warmly at me.  I recognise him as Haldir, who comforted me in Lothlórien after Gandalf fell in Moria.   I am told by Gandalf he almost lost his life at the battle of Helm’s Deep.

“You did what many could not,” the Wizard told me.  “Do not burden yourself with troubles, for they will soon be behind you.”

“Yes,” Haldir said.  “Soon we will reach Valinor where we will forever be at peace. You are brave, Frodo Baggins to have accomplished such a daunting task.”

I manage a smile, but I told him about Sam too.  Samwise the brave.   Peace forever, it seems too good to be true, but it must be, otherwise why would the Elves leave such wondrous places as fair Rivendell and beautiful Lothlórien?  It must be hard for them to leave their homes, all they have ever known in this physical life.  I told Haldir this.  It seems though he held back tears of his own when he thought of the Golden Wood, but he told me there was a Lórien in Valinor and that would greet his brothers Rúmil and Orophin there and will make a new home.  But like them, I miss the Shire and my friends. I miss you, Samwise Gamgee, Merry, Pippin, Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas, even you, Boromir … Although our Fellowship is broken in the physical, we forged a soul bond that can never be broken.


We arrive on the shores of the Grey Havens.  Oh Sam … My friends, I wish with all my heart and soul you could see this … The sand is as white as snow and the two trees glow … It truly is beautiful.  Many, many Elves roam freely, untroubled by the woes and cares of Middle Earth.


Gandalf takes my hand as we disembark upon the shores, ne’er an evil to set foot here he assures me.  Oh it is beauty, beyond imaginings.


Haldir is greeted his brothers and embraced lovingly and once again he smiles at me, a smile which I now fully return.  Even Gandalf has tears in his wise eyes. His sword Glamdring will only ever be used in ceremony and ritual now, as it has seen its last days in battle, never again to draw blood.


Yes, Sam, here I truly am Home.



*  *  *  *





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