Disclaimer: The Lord of the Rings trilogy was written by J R R Tolkien.

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Summary: Haldir takes a moonlight swim

Author’s note: Set during "The Fellowship of the Ring."

Rating PG






He took a breath, silent as the night. It had indeed been a long and trying day. The Elven warrior removed his bow and arrows and placed them on the ground as quietly as he could. He undid his green Lórien brooch and allowed his grey cloak to fall to the cool earth underneath him as he undressed by the shore of the lake.

When he was fully unclothed, he stepped into the cool waters and waded deeper and deeper, making no sound. It was as if he feared to wake the peaceful night.

The dark waters shimmered under the light of the full moon. Gentle ripples circled out where the water had been disturbed slightly by the Elf’s presence.

Haldir of the Golden Wood swam out to the middle if the lake in silence and submerged himself completely. The Elf reemerged in shallower waters, droplets of water glistening in the serene light. He wiped water from his face and waded deeper again. Once more, the elf submerged himself, swimming within the waters, until he could hold his breath no longer. He emerged on the other side of the tranquil lake. For a while, he sat upon the shore, appreciating the serenity of the night, though through the silence came the grief. It had pained him dearly to learn of Gandalf’s loss. The old Wizard was dear to many. Haldir sensed the grief of his companions, though he chose not to disturb them.

He found the Lothlórien waters refreshing and invigorating, but the grief lingered. The Elven warrior closed his eyes for a few moments. In silence he sang the lament for the lost Wizard. Haldir clasped his hands together and took a deep silent breath. In his heart he knew the Spirit of Gandalf the Grey could never be lost.

Again, Haldir stood and waded into the waters, though it took an extra effort for them to comfort him. He waded deeper, until only his head could be seen from the shore. The waters calmed him, easing his grief. Haldir ran his hands through his wet blonde hair and once again, submerged himself. His long hair seemed to take upon a life of its own within the waters, flowing with them as the elixir if life caressed and soothed him.

Haldir emerged, his hair wet against his body, shining in the moonlight. He swam to shore and walked where he had placed his belongings. He was momentarily startled by a snapping twig.

"Haldir ..."

It was Aragorn, also somewhat startled. "I am sorry to disturb you. I heard sounds by the waters. Forgive me."

"You have done nothing of offence," Haldir said quietly. "I come here often to refresh myself. You have good ears Aragorn, son of Arathorn, either that or I splashed a little too loudly," he added with a small smile.

"You were quiet as a marsh mouse, Haldir my friend. In my state of alertness I do not miss much."

"That will avail you greatly in the days ahead. Times of coming darkness bring worries to us all."

"Let us hope we are able to shine a light upon that darkness."

"Good journey, Aragorn."

"And to you as well."

"In the meantime, I suggest you discover the secrets of the lake," Haldir said.

"I could not ..."

The Elf smiled gently. "She will ease your woes and your grief. She will not take them away as that is part of your inner journey."

Aragorn nodded, listening to the wise words. Although his face was unreadable, Strider was in awe at how at ease Haldir was with his nakedness.

"I ... I ... " he began.

"Do not offer excuses," Haldir said. "I will have none. I will soon return to the wood and leave you be. There is no one to watch you but the night, Aragorn."

Haldir bent down and in a swift movement, he donned his grey cloak, the gentle material swirling around him. He picked up the rest of his things and left in silence.

Although he, nor another soul saw, the Elf sensed Aragorn’s tension ease as the Ranger explored the beauty of the lake.

Haldir smiled warmly as he laid to rest, his body at ease, refreshed and comforted by the cool night waters and deep in his heart he hoped the light Aragorn spoke of was not too far away.



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