These are nightly dreams I have had in the LotR Universe from 2002 until now. I will be updating it as soon as I have more LotR dreams! Please do not archive, though you may link directly to this page.

Dream dates are in the format day/month/year

Finally finished typing up all my dreams!!! :D

Most of these dreams I have at home, unless otherwise specified.




Frodo Baggins had set out on his journey to destroy the One Ring of Sauron. He was on his horse with Samwise, being chased by two Ringwraiths. Gandalf managed to hold off the other seven. The horses took to the air, the Ringwraiths were gaining. One of them, very close tried to grab hold of the Hobbits. Frodo swerved his horse, avoiding capture at the last moment. The Ringwraith lost balance and began to fall off his horse. Frodo somehow knew if the wraith fell to the ground it would die. He was angry with them for what they had done, but compassion overcame him.

"I can’t let him die ..."

Sam wasn’t so sure. Frodo dove his horse down, and just in time grabbed the Ringwraith’s hand. The wraith could not understand why Frodo had saved him. Slowly it felt the Hobbit’s compassion and it overwhelmed the wraith. Gandalf warded off the other wraith. It too was confused to Frodo’s action. Frodo landed, the wraith fell to his knees, Frodo’s act of kindness bringing the wraith’s humanity back to him. The black faded, the hood melted away, revealing a human in tears.

"Can you ever forgive me?"

Frodo gave a warm smile. "It is up to you to forgive yourself."

The wraith held his ring in his hand. "I wanted power ... and it destroyed me. Honourable Frodo Baggins, if you’ll have me I will assist you in your quest, and when we reach the Fires of Mount Doom, I will cast in my ring as well."

At first Sam was unsure, but Frodo seemed to trust the ex-Ringwraith.

"I will be honoured to have you."

"I will protect you with my life. I owe you that."

The ex-wraith stood and bowed before Gandalf. "I am at your service, honourable wizard."

Gandalf gave a respectable nod.

"The other wraiths will not take kindly to this."

"Let them come." The man drew his sword.

The other wraiths indeed did not take kindly to this. All considering it a betrayal and vowed to kill the deserter.

But he held true to his word and protected Frodo at the risk of his own life.

And he did cast his ring into the fire. He considered casting himself in, but Frodo stopped him.

"This is wehre our journey ends," said the Hobbit," and yours begins."

"It has been an honour. May our paths cross again."

Gandalf watched as the ex-wraith left to start his life anew and smiled warmly as he turned to Frodo. "Your compassion saved his soul."

Frodo gave a small smile.

"Do not underestimate yourself young Frodo," Gandalf said. "Now we must begin our journey back to the Shire. I believe a celebration awaits us."



Frodo went on a mission to save Gandalf from the darkness. He climbed down where Gandalf had fallen with the Balrog. He was afraid, but knew he had to help save Gandalf. Gandalf lay unconscious on the ground and woke up when Frodo came to him. Grateful to see a friendly face, the old Wizard smiled. Gandalf stood. The Balrog emerged once more. Gandalf slammed his staff o the ground, light emitting from it, keeping the monster at bay and lighting the area, whilst Frodo and Gandalf escaped and joined their friends and there was much rejoicing upon Middle Earth.



22/11/02  -  Had this dream in Queensland


Aslan sat in his little oasis of forest with the other creatures.  In the distance, he noticed a band of nine walking to another part of Narnia.  At once he realised this was the Fellowship of Nine, on a Quest to destroy the one Ring of Sauron in the fires of Mount Doom in the Land of Mordor.


The Nine did not notice Aslan's Oasis and all that went on there, though Gandalf the Grey, the Wizard sensed Aslan and bid him well.

It was many moons before the Fellowship returned back from their Quest and once again Gandalf paid Aslan heed.  The magical, majestic lion nodded and sounded a mighty roar across the lands.   Both Narnia and Middle Earth were safe.



Somehow the worlds of Dinotopia and Middle Earth had become one. Some of the more vicious dinosaurs were attacking people who entered Lothlórien. Celeborn, Lord of Lórien was very concerned and went to the boundaries of the forest and used his Elf magic to repel the attacking dinosaurs and also to separate the two worlds and save them.



Haldir had fallen in love with a mortal woman called Arna. She was very worried about him when he was called to go to Helm's Deep. She wanted to go with him, but he was adamant and refused, fearing for her safety. She was indignant, but Haldir was very firm. Arna reluctantly promised to stay behind, however she was to break her promise as she took some armor and a helmet, tied her long blonde hair up and joined the marching elves without Haldir's knowledge.

Haldir arrived at Helm's Deep to be hugged by Aragorn. Haldir was embarrassed at first, but returned the embrace. Humans were more open with their emotions, Haldir thought. After the Elves were welcomed into the Hornburg, Haldir noticed Arna and became furious. He did not want to lose his temper in front of the other Elves. But he was very angry none the less. Before the battle, he and Arna argued.

"I cannot believe you lied to me."

"Haldir, I-"

"I expressly told you to stay behind and you disobeyed me."

"Haldir I am not your child ..."

"I know that."

"I was worried about you and -"

"And was I not worried for you?"

"Oh, Haldir, I could not leave you at a time like this... I need to be by your side ... Please ... Haldir ..."

The Elf sighed and kissed her gently. "As you wish, but Arna, please be careful."

She nodded. "Promise me you will be as well."

"I promise you, my Love."

The intense grueling battle rages. Swords clashed, arrows cut the air.

After the battle, Arna and Haldir chased the retreating Uruk-Hai. They took a short cut to an abandoned house with a gas canister. Haldir placed it in the fire.

"That should get them, come we must hurry."

Haldir left the house with Arna, though they knew even if they ran they would not outrun the blast. Haldir saw a white horse and asked it to take them to safety - the horse refused to have men or Elves of his back, as he was a free horse. Haldir asked again. The horse refused. For the first time in his life Haldir begged, more so for Arna. Seeing the Elf's genuine love, the Horse obeyed, knowing neither the mortal or the Elf would treat him like a pet and he took them to safety.

Meanwhile when the Uruk-Hai and Orcs went past the house, it exploded, killing every single one of them.

Haldir and Arna escaped and spent the rest of their lives together in Lórien

This dream also had an alternate ending ...

Arna atop the Hornburg searched for Haldir ... She searched and searches and called out his name. She saw a felled blonde Elf and was sick to her stomach ... When she approached, a feeling of dread and intense cold came over her. Her worst fears came alive when she saw her beloved fallen, his eyes lifeless.

"No ... no ..." Arna fell to her knees beside him. "No ...." she wailed, unable to believe it. She touched him gently, but he did not respond Arna saw his fatal wounds and cried in despair. She lay against her beloved and cried, knowing full well how vulnerable she was to attack. She closed her eyes and held him close.

After the battle, Aragorn too searched for Haldir and his heart shattered when he found him. He saw Arna holding him her face wet with tears.

"Lady Arna..." Gently Aragorn turned her over, only to see her hand clasped around the dagger he had given her before the battle, the dagger driven deep into her heart. Aragorn sighed, a wave of despair washing over him. The battle was won, but at what cost?

Haldir stood before the Halls of Mandos, and sighed heavily. He saw someone approach through the mist.



"You did not have to ... you could have lived."

"To live without you would not be a life at all."

Gently she took his hand and they embraced and both of them were allowed to enter the Halls of Mandos together, together for all eternity.

They ended up together in both versions of the dream :)



Celeborn was trying to save Middle Earth and brig the peace back to the land and there were these things with sparkles ... Avon from Blake's Seven was in the dream before that ...



Haldir, Rúmil and Orophin were fighting Orcs near the borders of Lothlórien. The battle was fast and furious Orophin was wounded, an arrow had shot into his shoulder, but that was the only casualty. Celeborn was glad to have the Marchwardens back safely.



Merry and Pippin were trapped in a cave with a large rock partially blocking the entrance.  The cave was in danger of collapsing.  The two Hobbits were very afraid.  Gandalf rushed to their aid, moving the rock with the magic of his staff and the Hobbits scrambled to safety seconds before the cave collapsed.  They hugged Gandalf, thanking him and the wizard was relieved Merry and Pippin were safe.



Merry and Pippin were trapped in a cave with a large rock partially blocking the entrance.  The cave was in danger of collapsing.  The two Hobbits were very afraid.  Gandalf rushed to their aid, moving the rock with the magic of his staff and the Hobbits scrambled to safety seconds before the cave collapsed.  They hugged Gandalf, thanking him and the wizard was relieved Merry and Pippin were safe.




The Elves got word that an Evil, but beautiful Countess was meeting with the Orcs.  They asked me to pose as the countess to gather information.  The real Countess's party was attacked by men and Elves and she was killed.


It was well known that this countess had a fondness for cooked Elf meat.  And so the two Galadhrim came with me as 'captives.'  Haldir had gone on some days ahead of us.  When we arrived, the orcs seemed impressed that the other Galadhrim had been captured.


The Orcs suspected that I may not be the real countess as it was well known that I loved Haldir and the Galadhrim.  When they announced the appetiser was to be Haldir, I kept my cool and smiled.  I knew Haldir was safe.  The meat was brought out, though I sensed it was not Haldir, thank the Valar.  The two Elves feigned horror and Rúmil began to cry as if on cue.  Orophin did the best he could to hold his youngest brother in his shackles.  Perfect I thought.  We ate, the cooked meat was chicken, but the Orcs knew no better, never having eaten cooked chicken before.   When we had finished, I 'forced' the bound Galadhrim into the kitchen.

  "I think you'll do nicely for an entrée…" I told Rúmil, leading him towards the stove.

  "Please …" Orophin said.  "Take me.  You have already killed one of my brothers. Please do not take the other.  He is all I have now."

I turned to Orophin and smiled, tracing my finger down his bare midsection.  "My dear Orophin, you need not worry, for you are to be the main course."

Orophin's face darkened.  "You may be beautiful, Countess, but you are as filthy as any Orc."

The Orc in the kitchen raised his axe.  I stopped him.

  "I think we'll have this one live …"

   "You truly are evil," Orophin spat.

I smiled wickedly.  Acting was so much fun, but we had a serious job to do.

  "I think we'll boil this one in milk," I said, indicating Rúmil.

The Orc smiled.  "Sounds delicious."

  "Oh, it is…"

  "You will pay for this dearly," Orophin spat.  "All of you, if not in this life, then in the next."

The Orc laughed.

  "May I have that?" I indicated his axe.  "I need to prepare the meal."

He gave me the axe. In the next moment his head was on the floor.  Orophin looked impressed.  I hid the Orc's body and undid the shackles on the Galadhrim and gave them weapons.  We began to fight the Orcs until none were left standing.  It looked funny, two naked Elves fighting Orcs.  Haldir came to join us.

  "What kept you so long?" I asked.

  "I had Orcs of my own to kill," he said with a smile.


We finished killing the Orcs and headed back to Lothlórien, with a lot of Orc plans to tell Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn.

  "Let us get you some clothes," Haldir said to his brothers.

  "And let us get me out of this corset.  It's killing me."

Haldir smiled as he undid the royal blue dress.

  "Appetiser  indeed!" he scoffed.

  "You should have been dessert," I said with a smile.

Haldir grinned and we shared a long kiss.




Aragorn and I were on a bus, going to an important Lord of the Rings meeting in Cleveland, USA.  We were to meet with other members of the Fellowship and Elves there.  The bus stopped and the tour guide said we had fifteen minutes to stretch our legs.  Aragorn and I got off the bus and Aragorn went to get something to eat.  I got back onto the bus.  To my horror the bus took off in five minutes, without Aragorn.  I told the bus driver to stop, but he wouldn’t.  I had to do something, so I got off the bus st the next stop and went looking for Aragorn.  To my relief I found him. He was rather worried at how we were going to get to the meeting, but he thanked me as no one else on the bus seemed to care.  We hired a 4WD, fully intending on writing to the bus company to get our money back.


Fortunately we made it to the meeting room on time and were greeted by the other members of the Fellowship and the Elves.




?/9/05  (I had a similar dream with Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan)


Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli and I were fighting the many offspring of Shelob.  We fought and fought, slashed and hacked with our swords.  I was overrun by the large spiders and Aragorn felt torn, though he felt he could do nothing. For a while I thought I was on the next boat to Valinor as well.  After a monumentous effort. I fought the spiders off me and went to find Aragorn and the others who had moved on.  Aragorn was extremely delighted that I had survived.  He held me in h is arms and kissed me.





There was a city of stone, city of water, a city of air, a city of rock, a city of Earth and a city of Fire, formed out of nowhere. The Autobots and Decepticons from Transformers weren’t sure what to make of them. The Autobots vowed to protect them.  Autobot/Decepticon battles took place in some of them.  Gandalf and the fellowship took refuge in the City of Rock. The Autbots won the battle and hoped no more battles took place in these beautiful cities.  Bumblebee helped his friends. The Autobots played in the City of Water. Megatron blasted Bumblebee, but the Decepticons were seen off again, as Gandalf and the Fellowship moved on their quest.





Usagi (Sailor Moon) helped Celeborn escape execution by the Orcs and helped him back to Lothlórien, for which he was most grateful and gave her the some of the Light of Elendil to help in her plight against the Negaverse. He thought the idea of Moon Princesses was very beautiful and thanked her again. Galadriel also thanked Usagi very much for returning her husband to her and kissed her on the forehead. Usagi thought the Elf Queen was as beautiful as her mother Queen Serenity.





Aragorn and company were trapped by Orca.  Pippin called upon a dragon, the last dragon, who burst from the skies and saved them with Gandalf’s help. With a fire blast and a blast of light form Gandalf’s staff, they were free and safe, riding the dragon with glee and the wind in their hair. The dragon set them down safely and went on her way and asked them to speak to the peoples of middle Earth that the dragons wanted peace; they were not all like Smaug! And Smora took a liking to Pippin!



3/1/14 – First dream of 2014!


The Hobbits were captured by Haradhrim men, rescued by the Rohirrim and Galadhrim working together and the Hobbits proved valuable to protect the Rohirrim and Galadhrim too. Gandalf came to the rescue also and all was well.




We were all watching The Hobbit.  Bilbo threw a large rock at a glass wall, enraged at the injustice of Sauron.  The Elves, Dwarves and Men all came together to face the threat of Sauron. Thranduil and Thorin put aside their differences and together they all saw off the threat for the time being. The land was free of evil for mow and the Treasure of Erebor was shared. The Elves got their white gems back and the people of Lake Town were compensated to start their lives again and the treasure was evenly distributed amongst poorer folk of Middle Earth.



A new evil white wizard had come to Middle Earth and teamed up with Sauron, Saruman and the Orcs.  He killed some Elves in the forest.  Arwen and Neffy hid. The Elves were blending into nature but still being picked off. There were too many Orcs to fight.  Arwen was shocked that the Elves were being found so quickly and her fear kept her form blending in but it was her fear and Neffy’s fear that saved them as the wizard could find them easier if they blended in.  They escaped capture for a while.  I was also captured. The wizard had he sort through a box of cutlery to find a special piece with magical powers.  I separated the knives, hoping to use them on him.  He captured Elrond and was about to kill him.

            “Finish it!” Elrond demanded.

            At that moment, I threw knives into the evil wizard.  Gandalf arrived and I gave him a knife as well.  Celeborn arrives and fought the Orcs expertly and Neffy slit the evil wizard’s throat. That didn’t’ make her feel any better about killing somebody, despite how evil he was. Gandalf used his staff to disintegrate the body. Celeborn only looked up when all the enemies were defeated and he and Gandalf helped Elrond up and together we returned to Rivendell and I also accompanied Gandalf and Lord Celeborn (I thought he was beautiful) back to Lothlórien.




In this dream I was watching the behind the scenes commentary of the special edition of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring with Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens.  (Funny thing was I was just watching this before I went to sleep in real life!)




7/3/15 – Happy Sydney Mardi Gras!


In this dream, Haldir, Elrond, Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli were trying to unite the Elves against the forces of Sauron and Saruman. The Elves were divided and leaderless and most were unaware of the danger.  They spoke to the wood elves of Mirkwood, the Silvan Elves, the Elves of Rivendell, Lothlórien and the Ice Elves form the North. Most Elves became aware of the danger and agreed to fight Saruman’s forces at Helm’s Deep and beyond, however the aloof Ice Elves were not convinced of the danger and The Ice Elf princess Ica and her father spoke with Haldir.

            “What do we care of Saruman and Sauron? Never has evil reached us in our frozen kingdom.”

            Haldir grew irritated.  “Their reach grows long,” he said.  “How long of we remain divided do you think your kingdom will remain safe? Do you think Sauron will let your kingdom stand?”

            The king was taken aback at being spoken to so forcefully, though he did pause to think.

            “I refuse to believe we have anything to fear.” Though he wasn’t entirely sure.

            “Then you are a fool and your people will perish,” Haldir said, bluntly.  “If you do not help us, you would have played a hand in Middle Earth’s undoing.”

            “Bold words, Haldir of Lórien.” Ica said. “But my father is right in saying no evil has reaches us.” Ica’s words were cold. She wore a shimmering dark blue tunic, bearing her midriff. Cold did not affect Ice Elves.

            “That was the past,” Haldir said.  “This time it is different. Evil did not reach your kingdom as men and Elves fought together.  If we had not we all would have fallen against Sauron in the First Age.”

            “Life will go on as it has always done,” the King said, though troubled by Haldir’s words, he clung to the way things had always been.  “My daughter is of age and seeks a husband.  I believe you will make a fine one.”

            Haldir became incensed.  “How can you think of marriage and frivolity when the future of Middle Earth is at stake? No offence, Madam, he said to Ica, but I am not in the least interested in yourself or arranges marriages and even if I was to marry one I loved, I would set those feelings aside for the future safety of our world.  You can’t cling to the past. Please,” he said, a little more desperately than he would have liked, “we need to unite or all of Middle Earth will fall.”

            The Ice Elf king sighed, Haldir’s words beginning to sink in.

            “I see truth in your eyes, Haldir of Lórien. Forgive me.  The Ice Elves will join your quest.  We are not afraid to fight and as you say, the future of our world is at stake.”
            “Diola lle.” Haldir thanked the Ice King in his native tongue.

            Ica gave Haldir a nod and also looked apologetic.

            “I am sure you will find a handsome Ice Prince,” Haldir assured.

            She smiled, but looked disappointed.


            The Ice Elves left to prepare.   Elrond came to Haldir and congratulated him.

            “I must away to Helm’s Deep,” Haldir said, “and confront the emery.”

            “May the spirits of your Elven forbears protect you and all our kin,” Elrond said, taking Haldir’s hand.

            Haldir rode out on his chariot.


            The Elves were met with a sense of wonder and joy at Helm’s deep.  And the furious fight began.   Haldir was wounded, but survived, thanks to Aragorn, killing the Uruk that felled him.


            News of Saruman’s death at the hands of Grima Wormtongue spread quickly and was met with a sense of relief and justice. The Ice Elves fought the forces of Sauron advancing to the North.  Haldir was right. No kingdom was safe unless they united.  They managed to drive the forces back to Mordor.

            All the hope was now with Frodo and Sam and Gandalf warned the emery’s retribution would be great. Haldir said a prayer for his fallen kin and for the safety of Frodo, Sam and his friends to his forefathers and the Valar as he and Aragorn embraced, relieved the battle was over and they had defeated Saruman’s forces.


Haldir recovered and was welcomed home by his Lord Celeborn and his lady Galadriel.  Rúmil and Orophin, Haldir's brothers hovered over him, grateful be was still amongst them.Gently Celeborn kissed Haldir’s hand.

            “I am relieved you didn’t leave us,” Celeborn said.  “I have known you since you were but an Elfling. You’ve grown into a fine Elf and a fine warrior.”

            “It was not my time,” Haldir said, “but I grieve for those of our kin and the free people of Middle Earth whose time it was.”

            Celeborn lowered his head. “As do I.”


            And in the end, Frodo succeeded thanks to his Sam and funnily enough, Gollum. Haldir had a newfound respect for Hobbits as he greeted Frodo and Sam and knelt before them in respect. Humbly Frodo took his hand and bade him to rise. Haldir was ever grateful in the courage of such folks and the way in which the free folk of Middle Earth had united against a common for and defeated it forever. He would miss Middle Earth, especially Lothlórien as he traveled to the Undying lands.  He, Gandalf and Fordo shared the same ship, the last to venture to the Grey Havens. Haldir felt humbled to be in the presence of the Ringbearer and Frodo told him he was humbled to be in his presence also, the one who had united the Elves and the free people of Middle Earth as if he had not done so, all would have been lost. Each elf, man, woman and dwarf an intricate part of the tapestry of fate, each playing an intricate part in the freeing of Middle Earth and the ascending of Valinor.


7/3/15 – Two LotR dreams in one night, woo hoo!

My mother and I were going to the premiere of the extended versions of The Lord of The Rings and were escorted by Haldir. His brothers Rúmil and Orophin, Lords Celeborn and Elrond and a host of other Elves.



The Lord of the Rings cast were back in New Zealand to shoot some pick-up scenes.  My mother and I watched them.  We saw pick up scenes with Aragorn (Viggo), Legolas (Orlando) Merry & Pippin (Billy & Dominic), Frodo & Sam (Elijah & Sean) and  Gandalf (Ian) and also pick-ups with Théoden (Bernard) It was great fun to see the actors and the sets and to see what the design and post-production team were doing. It was also great to meet the actors, the post-production and design team and the team at Weta workshop.  It was sad when it was over, but a time we would never forget.





Gandalf and the fellowship were on their way to Mordor, just leaving Rivendell when they were confronted by curious onlookers and a Middle Earth reporter.  Gandalf started to introduce himself by all his names and titles, flame of Arnor, Orloin, Maia, The Grey Pilgrim, Mithrandir. The reporter got impatient and a woman told him that Gandalf would get upset if he wasn’t allowed to finish and so the reporter allowed him to, Gandalf’s ulterior motive was to distract the reporter form the Fellowship and for them to get on their way as not to alert the enemy what they were up to and they made it past without much ado.



Frodo was captured by Saruman on his airship, a blimp powered by fire, hot air and crystals.  Saruman had a horrible weapon he was going to drop on the people below. He told Frodo of its formidable and frightening power. It was much like a nuclear weapon on today’s power, powered by magic and explosives.  Frodo begged for the lives of the people and the trees.

            “No, please!” he begged desperately, tugging on Saruman’s robes.  He begged over and over his face full of shock and horror. 

“Tell me who has the ring!” Saruman demanded.

“It was lost on the Pass of Caradhras!” Frodo lied desperately – if he gave Saruman the Ring of Power, more countless innocents would die.

Frodo screamed as Saruman had the weapon dropped.  The evil wizard made Frodo watch and used his magic to make Frodo see close up, the people’s skin blistering and burning.  It happened so fast, they didn’t have time to scream.  Frodo screamed for them.  Hot, bitter tears coursed down his cheeks.  Saruman appeared as Gandalf, telling Frodo that he had switched sides and Frodo slipped into despair.

            “No…” he shook his head and tried to look away, but Saruman burned the images in his mind.  Frodo vomited.  Saruman looked disgusted and kicked him.

            Frodo’s eyes glistened with tears.  “What happened to you?” He spoke to Saruman, desperate for answers.  “Is there no goodness left?   Don’t answer that,” he said bitterly “you’ve been entirely corrupted by Sauron, who was corrupted by Melkor  ... such greed and evil …and Gandalf, oh why?”

            “He saw the way of Sauron would win,” Saruman lied.

            Frodo bit his lip and struggled not to scream.  He didn’t want to give Saruman any more satisfaction.

            A grey skinned Orc even took pity on Frodo and tended to his while Saruman wasn’t around.  “It was terrible what he did.”

Frodo was surprised to see compassion on the orc’s eyes.

He lowered the airship and dropped Frodo out.  The Orc went with him.  To ensure his failure. He told Saruman. Instead he meant to help him.

            “I spare you only to revel in your pain.”  Saruman said.  “And I may yet have further use for you.

            Frodo glared at him, hatred burning every cell in his body. “I hate you.”

            Frodo’s words burned into what was left of Saruman’s soul. He had no idea why they affected him so. Perhaps this innocent Hobbit had seen too much pain that he should not have and that it had changed him. Frodo had never hated anyone before.  Sam fond Frodo and they continues on their way to Mordor. Frodo would not speak of what he had seen. It was too awful for words and he did not want Sam to be tainted by it.


When the ring was destroyed, Frodo and the fellowship made their way to the 200 mile crater Saruman’s weapon had made. Frodo wanted to pay homage. He reacted with terror and rage when he saw Gandalf.  It took Gandalf a moment to realise what had happened and he calmed Frodo down.  To prove it, he changed his appearance to Saruman to show Frodo that he had been tricked, a tactic to further weaken him and Frodo felt ashamed.
            “I’m so sorry, Gandalf.” He was so convincing.

            The wizard placed his arms around the grieving Hobbit.  “No apology necessary.”

The armies of the once again free peoples middle Earth gathered in the crater also to pay homage at Frodo’s request.  Soldiers of Gondor, The Rohirrim, the Elves, Dwarves and men all reeling by the destruction Saruman had caused.  There lay a wasteland where there were forests, villages, streams, rivers and lakes, now a murky barren wasteland.  Only one small tree remained.

Frodo told Gandalf, Legolas and Aragorn what he’d seen and could not hold back the tears. Aragorn and Legolas held him gently.  Frodo did not want to tell his fellow hobbits what he had seen.  Merry and Pippin were pulling up a small tree for firewood.

            “No!” Frodo yelled, rushing to them.  “It’s the only tree left, you can’t!”

The two Hobbits felt guilty and Merry patted the tree.

            “Sorry, Tree,” Pippin said.

Frodo could feel the tree thanking him. “It’s all right,” he said, embracing the short tree.  “One day you’ll grow big and strong and form you a new forest will spring.”
            Legolas smiled, coming to him.  “Spoken like a true elf.  The spirits of all those trees, animals and people are with Mandos now.”

            Frodo took a deep breath. “He’s the Valar of Death, isn’t he?”

            Legolas nodded.  “Some will choose to return, others to journey on in spirit.”

            Frodo threw his arms around Legolas.  “You have no idea how comforting that is to hear.  I thought they were lost forever.”

Legolas returned Frodo’s embrace.  Gandalf and the Elves used their magic to help to start to regenerate the crater.  The Orc that had helped Frodo came, fully expecting to be killed – he felt he deserved it.  When Frodo saw him, he would not let anyone kill Oracgul. The only reason he had been spared is he was unarmed and had spread his arms in a peaceful gesture and had come alone, Haldir had said.  Because he helped them, Oracgul returned to his elven self, Mithralir and after 3000 years was welcomed home and welcomed with open arms by his brother Eralor. He felt uncomfortable at first and wept for what he had missed and lost and his evil deeds as an Orc and his pain. He had not heard his own name in over three millennia.  He thanked Frodo for his innocence returning his own.  Mithralir vowed to help this land regenerate.

            Galadriel held Frodo when he returned with the Fellowship to Lothlórien.

            “You have seen much that should never had seen,” she said.  “I can take those memories from you.”

            Frodo recalled a painful memory of a farmer throwing himself in front of his wife to no avail when they wave hit.  “No, My Lady.  I feel I must honour them by remembering them.”

            “Very well.”

            “You are brave, young Hobbit,” Lord Celeborn said, placing his hand ne the Hobbit’s shoulder.


Frodo was told the same thing when he returned to Rivendell by Elrond.  He was grateful his ordeal was over and the relief that those people Saruman and Sauron had killed by their weapons and by their wars had not died in vain, that they would either return or journey on as Legolas had told him.  Mandos himself spoke to Frodo gently, also telling him of his bravery and strength for seeing so much death, yet bringing s much life, hope and Freedom to Middle Earth.

Gandalf and the Elves used their magic and connection to nature to harmlessly destroy Saruman’s stash of these evil weapons and crashed his airship into Isengard, destroying them both.  Frodo and Sam rid Saruman from the Shire and helped to rebuild it.  Frodo finished his part in his book The Lord of the Rings before he gave it to Sam to finish, before he sailed to the Grey Havens with Gandalf and the Elf Lord and Lady upon the peaceful seas.




It started like a Choose your Own Adventure novel with all sorts of adventures you could take the Fellowship on. On one, Sauron used his power to make Arwen and Galadriel fight. They both wore red dresses in the fight.  Celeborn used his powers to restore them. They thanked him and apologised, though Galadriel said no apology was necessary.  Celeborn used his power to put Haldir and the Galadhrim on Middle Earth’s moon and saved the land from Sauron’s army which Sauron had used his powers to put up there.  Celeborn used his elf powers to save the moon.




I was moving house and away from a flatmate. My mother was helping me pack.  I saw one of my flat mate’s books, a beautiful making of The Lord of the Rings movie book.  Full colour and the pages were layered, layering pages of special effects, digital grading, actors and props. Each section had about five layered pages through the book. It was truly beautiful, but alas it was not mine although I was tempted to pack it with my things, I didn’t and made a note to get one of my own once I moved and have a good read through it, losing myself in Middle Earth.





My mother and I were on a cruise ship and one night they were playing all three Lord of the Rings movies back to back and we got really excited.  We got ready for the screening and we felt a rush of excitement when the lights went out and Lady Galadriel started to speak…



5/8/15 – 2 LotR dreams in one night – woo hoo!


Frodo and Sam rescued two turtles from Saruman and Sauron. They were chased through the forest. Gandalf had given Frodo another ring besides the One Ring and to write his name in the sky with it if they needed help.   As it turns out they did, Frodo wrote his name and Gandalf came with the Fellowship and the Elves and together they defeated Saruman and Sauron and freed the turtles to be taken to the shores of Valinor – they were magical turtles that Saruman and Sauron wanted to possess, though they were safe now in the hands of the Elves.




The Elves were on their journey through Middle Earth as were Frodo and Sam and the Fellowship.   The Elf Gwyndrohir was friend to the Hobbits and the Free Peoples of Middle Earth and was a formidable warrior and a fine specimen of Elf hood.  He met up with Legolas and the two journeyed for some time before they parted company. Gwyndrohir met with the Lady Galadriel, the Lord Celeborn, Haldir Rúmil, Orophin and the Galadhrim, before continuing on his journey. 

            He and his party were besieged by Orcs and they fought them off, however one Orc caught Gwyndrohir off guard and would have sent him to the halls of Mandos, had it not been form Frodo sneaking up behind him and impaling him upon Sting, the Elven blade Maegnas. Relieved, Gwyndrohir thanked Frodo.

            “I am in your debt.”

            “I will take no debt,” Frodo said, helping the Elf up.  “Happy to help an Elf-friend.”

            Gwyndrohir smiled. His party and the Hobbits went separate ways, but before they did, Gwyndrohir said “We shall meet again.”

            And that they did, when Frodo and Sam were besieged by Orcs and Gwyndrohir and his party of Elves saved them.

            “Thank you,” Frodo said, “for without you I would have failed in my quest.”

            Gwyndrohir smiled and said “We are even.”

            Frodo chuckled and again they went their separate ways.  Frodo completed his quest and once again met with his friends and Gwyndrohir’s party before they travelled the Silver Seas to the Grey Havens.




I was working on a large warehouse/office. Frodo worked there too.  Gandalf was the CEO.  I wondered what Galadriel had said about the quest for the ring costing his life.  Frodo had not perished upon his quest. I wondered if it had cost his life on other ways as he certainly changed, becoming more worldly and serious.  I slid in my socks on the wooden floor, past Frodo at his computer desk and the Hobbit smiled at me.  I slid past him and Orlando Bloom slid past me. We slapped hand and he smiled and yelled, “You Shall Not Pass!” jokingly.  From his vantage point atop the warehouse, Gandalf the Grey looked upon his workplace and smiled.



My mother and I were shipping for Lord of the rings robes and dresses.  She bought Arwen’s red velvet dress and I bought a grey Elven robe and fastened it with my Lórien leaf.



1/1/17 – Happy New Year! – First dream of the year!

I was out and about, sitting down, having lunch outside a café.  Marton Csokas (Celeborn) and Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn) came out and I was ecstatic and asked for their autographs and they signed a photo each. I was heartened that they were happy to see me.




I was in love with Haldir and Gandalf was my mentor.  I loved the wise old wizard like a father.  I worried about them in the War of the Ring and was grateful when they returned safely after Frodo and his dedicated Fellowship and their allies made safe the lands once more.  I was proud of Frodo and travelled to the Valinor, the Undying Lands to the West with him, Frodo and my beloved Haldir.



16/10/17 – 3 days before my 45th birthday!  :D

Aragorn, Boromir, Gandalf, Legolas, Gimli, Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin were helping me in the garden. We were making a memorial garden of peace to help usher peace into Middle Earth.





Gandalf was singing a song of adventure and triumphing over evil and oppression.  Frodo wrote it down and write it into his book.  The song became popular and began to be sung all around Middle Earth.  Even the Elves sung it in their beautiful languages, in beautiful Rivendell and amongst the trees in the glowing Golden Wood, Lothlórien. We wnet on a bushwalk with Gandalf, the Elves and the Fellowship.





My mother and I went on a bushwalk with Gandalf, Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin, Gimli, Aragorn and the Elves.  Gandalf and the Elves showed us how the trees were singing. The Hobbits brought second breakfast and lunch and the Elves brought Lembas. We had a lovely time and then we all went to a Lord of The Rings concert with the lovely, inspiring music from the movies and the Middle Earth folk who came with us were moved. The Elves, Gandalf and Frodo said it was a beautiful send-off, as they were to travel to Valinor on the morrow.




You were playing music from The Lord of The Rings movies in Lothlórien, which the Elves thought very beautiful and you were honoured to perform before Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel, the Galadhrim, Fellowship, including Gandalf




Gandalf went for a walk with us, the Free Folk of Middle Earth in the forest –  {recurring dream} and we all felt one with Arda and the Earth. I was a pixie in this dream, called Malaquelle {pronounced Mala-kelle – which was my Elf name I found on a Middle Earth name generator about 18 years ago}



Pippin made a good impression on the King Under the Mountain and he went for a ride on a dolphin and brought the king his ring, which he lost over the oceans. The King was so impressed, he made Pippin an honourary Dwarf and gave him a Mithril shirt and the Elves set aside their differences with the Dwarves and learned from each other an dthey both grew in wisdom.




We were playing a Middle Earth role playing cos play game, which had realistic sets. I was Lord Celeborn who helped Aragorn and the fellowship.





In this dream, I was worried about getting some blocks of specially made The Lord of the Rings chocolate.  I was worried, as when I saw the chocolates, I didn’t have any money until the next day and I was worried they’d sell out.  I had had this company’s ordinary chocolate before and it was delish – I liked the milk variety best. As Lady Fortune would have it, they still had the blocks or chocolate the next day.  A friend came with me to help me get them and he pointed out that all the different ones were there.  Instead of their logo, the company had etched pictures of different Lord of the Rings characters on each block, into the squares, one whole picture. There were ones with Gandalf, Aragorn, Merry & Pippin, Legolas & Gimli and Frodo & Sam, Haldir and his brothers, Rúmil & Orophin and one with Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn. I got two of each one to share with friends and family, happy that I did not miss out.





Frodo was wearing a veil to hide himself from the enemy.  When he saw Gandalf, he took it off, feeling safe.






I was helping save the Universe with Brent Spiner, Viggo Mortensen, Aragorn and Data and Lore from Star Trek: the Next Generation. And we did it!




Professor Snape and Dumbledore from Harry Potter met Gandalf and together they saved Middle Earth and the Wizarding world and the magickal world.



1/2/21 - Happy February!

Both myself and my mother are The Lord of The Rings fans in real life.  In this dream, we were both playing a fun LotR trivia game.





I was at a sci-fi and fantasy convention and I saw The Lord of The Rings, Red Dwarf, Doctor Who, Twilight, Transformers, Gundam Wing, Knight Rider, Harry Potter, Star Wars and various Star Treks and more.





Éowyn and Faramir were helping Aragorn and Gondor, mostly Osgiliath and Minis Tirith rebuild.   The men had invented wooden flying machines, which astounded all who saw them.  Many were nervous to ride in them, but soon they became a regular sight, though most people still traveled by horse and cart, more scenic.





Lady Galadriel was wearing brown tree leather sandals and helping some Hobbits with her husband, Lord Celeborn. The Hobbits were in awe of their beauty and power, but more so by their humility and loved them very much.





I went on an adventure with Aragorn and he kissed me!   Later, our adventure included Frodo, Sam, Gandalf, Merry, Pippin, Legolas and Gimli.



19/5/21 – Two LotR dreams in one night!  Woo hoo!


There were these people, men, Dwarves and Elves frozen underground by Sauron.  I helped the Fellowship free them.   I was scared.  Aragorn kissed my cheek.  It was not romantic, but reassuring.  Arwen was not jealous and together, we managed to unfreeze the people with our combined energies.





Aragorn helped Frodo defeat a snake, sent by Sauron.  Aragorn fought off Orcs, while Frodo and Sam went on to Mount Doom to destroy the Ring.






More dreams as I have them…






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