The Golden Wood


The Golden Wood she is oft called

But not because the trees

Are made of gold

She is named thus

Because of her glorious, exquisite beauty

The wood is serene

Forever Unspoiled

The leaves flutter ever so slightly

As the soft gentle winds enter the woods,

Caressing the trees


A gentle morning mist

Strokes the forest

Moving slowly along the Earth

The surroundings look surreal

In this cool, enchanting mist

Slowly as the sun rises,

The mist departs

To reveal the forest's stunning beauty


Birds awaken

Deer frolic

Coneys hop from one place to another


The day Elves awaken from their slumber

While the night Elves go to rest

After having stood vigilant

Protecting the forest throughout the night


The day Elves wash and groom themselves

And share a light meal of honeysuckle dew and waybread

Gathering nuts and berries for the day

And hunting if need be

Though the Elves would rather not have to kill

The serene beings meditate

At the break of day

For lasting peace in their world

The magick of the forest enchants them,

Protects them and nurtures them

As she has done for many ages

As she will for ages to come

The day Elves them go about their duties

Protecting their forest

And greeting travelers from afar


As the sun disappears beyond the horizon,

And the night Elves awaken

At sunset the all Elves meditate

For peace, serenity and a safe night

While the day Elves go to retire

They ascend the white spiral staircase,

Embracing the largest tree in their forest,

Where their people dwell

In serenity


The light of the full moon

Caresses the forest,

Giving her a beautiful

Luminescent glow

As the nocturnal animals venture out


A blanket of trees covers the enormous forest

You know you are safe here

If you respect the Golden Wood and her people

The beauty of the Golden Wood

Is renowned throughout the land

She is loved and cherished

Her beauty and serenity is unmatched

And she is looked upon with great love

And cared for by her people


Just before the break of day,

The day and the night Elves

Greet each other in peace and serenity,

Love and friendship

And they join in a short meditation

Before going about their sacred duties


The Golden Wood grows,

Her beautiful light and song

Inspiring all

Her magick enchants

Her natural beauty delights

Her serenity soothes

And brings peace and love to the hearts of all


She is the Golden Wood

She is Lothlórien





Disclaimer: Lord of the Rings was written by J. R. R. Tolkien


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