Disclaimer: The Lord of the Rings trilogy was written by J R R Tolkien.

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Summary: Legolas mourns Gandalf and is comforted by Haldir.

Rating PG




He breathed slowly as he walked with a heavy heart. The mystical beauty of Lothlórien paled in comparison to one so dear. The serenity of this place comforted him not. He had come here many times and each time all his woes and troubles would vanish amongst the quiet serenity, but not this time. The silence was full of sadness. Grief carried on the wind. It was not a comforting sound. The air felt cold, not the usual brisk cool which invigorated him. The sounds of the mournful song filled the air. He took a deep silent breath as he walked, barely able to listen to the gentle, loving words, sung in his own tongue. In his hands, he held a silver carafe, containing crisp clear water. He walked slowly by the others.

"A lament for Gandalf," he said softly.

"What do they say about him?" Merry asked.

"I have not the heart to tell you. For me the grief is still too near."

Legolas walked away from the hobbits and the others, feeling the Earth beneath his feet, but it gave him no comfort. He took a deep breath, but found no solace. Slowly, he poured the water on the ground, paying his respects to the old Wizard. He set the silver vessel down beside the tree and walked away. He placed his face in his hands for a while, his long pale unkempt hair falling past his shoulders. The Elf was too sad to worry about his appearance. He began to walk back to the others, but decided against it. He wanted to be alone this night.

He climbed a thick tree and lay down in the hollow inside. His heart seemed to pull him down. It weighed as much as Lonely Mountain, but felt even lonelier. Legolas sat in the soft hollow, but again he found no comfort. He barely heard the other approach. He realised if it had been an Orc, he’d be dead now. Silently he cursed himself for his folly, though he did not know how he could go on when one so dear to him was lost. Legolas awaited his visitor, expecting it to be one of the hobbits, or perhaps Aragorn. The footfalls seemed too light to belong to the Dwarf or the feisty Boromir.

He spoke quietly. "If I am disturbing you, I will leave."

It was Haldir. His long blonde hair gave an enchanted glow in the magical night lights of Lothlórien.

Legolas turned his head. Some part of him welcomed the comfort.

"Nay," he said softly as the elder Elf entered the hollow and knelt beside him.

Gently, Haldir took his hand. "It is time for you to rest, Dear Legolas. You have a long, arduous journey ahead."

"You are wise, Haldir of the Golden Wood."

"As are you, Legolas and your wisdom will grow with the passage of time." Haldir paused before he continued. "Do not hold onto your grief. You must let it go."

The younger Elf took a deep breath. "I feel I have lost my father and my brother."

"I know your pain," Haldir said softly. "But you must know if you hold onto it, it will make you become angry and bitter."

Legolas’ heart heaved. His hand tightened its grip slightly around Haldir’s.

"Let it out, Legolas. This does not mean you are letting the memory of beloved Gandalf go, nor does it mean you are betraying what he meant to you. Gandalf the Grey was dear to me as well and you must remember, his Spirit will never cease."

Legolas closed his eyes. "I know ... But I miss him so ...Even his bushy beard."

Haldir’s eyes smiled. "But you must let it go, Legolas," he urged gently.

The young Elf could hold himself back no longer. As the tears welled in his eyes, he did nothing to stop them, though he cried in silence. Haldir held him gently and stroked him softly and wiped away his tears.

For many hours, Haldir held the younger Elf in his arms, gently comforting him, until Legolas’ tears subsided and the two Elves parted slightly.

"Thank you," the young Elf whispered.

"Your grief was like a beacon in the night. I had to come."

"You have made it a little easier for me, Haldir of Lórien. Gandalf’s loss still pains me greatly, and in the days ahead I will learn to bear the sorrow, but I am glad you are here."

Haldir smiled warmly and spoke in Elven tongue. "I will remain for as long as you need me."

Legolas’ eyes conveyed his gratitude. There was no need for words. He lay with his head in Haldir’s soft, comforting lap as the other Elf stroked him gently, further comforting the grieving one. It did not take long for Legolas to fall into a deep sleep to dream of Gandalf, and ever vigilant, Haldir watched him all through the night.




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